Blair and Payments for Honours

Buying peerages is crime ever since Lloyd George did it. Maundy Gregory took a dive, pleaded guilty so that no evidence had to be given in court, did his time, emigrated and got a pension for just as long he kept his mouth shut. Are Blair's goings on any different? Not really.

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Over the past two months, the work of the police and CPS has come under intense scrutiny from an independent counsel, David Perry QC, a leading criminal barrister..... A fortnight ago, he concluded there was no case to answer. If it went to trial, there was little or no chance of any conviction, he advised.
Given that these loans did not go through the Labour Party books there is fraud in the case at a bare minimum. Bush let his little mate, Libby get away with it. Mandelson went clear too.


No 10 honours plot. Four new names
Police seized evidence No 10 plotted to hand peerages to eight businessmen who bankrolled Labourís 2005 election campaign
The Times is taking a reasonable line. The Telegraph is snivelling to Blair's mob. It will not do them much good. The Great Escape Police chief feels heat over inquiry's ending


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