Blair's Ten Big Issues

Blair has a web site called 10 Downing Street as his direct propaganda outlet to  the Internet. It tells us about QUOTE the big issues UNQUOTE. His top ten do NOT include Iraq. Men are dying there. He weeps crocodile tears at photo opportunities but that is about the end of it.

His big ten are:-
Northern Ireland          A nausea that seems to have gone quiet.
Energy                        Invading Iraq has made matters worse.
International                A rag bag of opportunities to meddle with other people.
Education                    Dumbing down schools but not those his children use.
Respect                       For everyone unless they are English or white.
Health                         His big fix is seriously expensive, doesn't work and irrelevant.
                      Government pensions are mediocre. They will get worse.
Africa                          Curing Africa plays well in some quarters. It will not happen.
Climate Change           Is a boondoggle and his excuse for higher tax. He chooses to believe a bean counter who knows nothing about it either. 

So there you have it. The Big Ten. Illegal immigration does not rate a mention. He is inciting it. Invading Iraq at the behest of a hostile foreign power then making a pig's ear of it does not either.

 Do these things make you want to vote for him or against him?

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Updated  on Thursday, 30 June 2022 20:05:57