“And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
"Socialism means slavery."
Lord Acton misquoted on Politics

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
Vladimir Lenin
which is why the communists put Brown into Parliament.


Gordon Brown [ Given The Job By Communists ] is the Chancellor of the Exchequer which means that he has his fingers firmly on the purse strings. He is a sanctimonious rogue with an enthusiasm for wasting other people's hard earned money. Given that he takes in well over £500 billion in taxes a year he can indulge in spending big time. Cutting the money supply to causes he dislikes is very effective. He is starving the Army in this way. Given that the Defence of the Realm is the primary duty of Her Majesty's Government this may amount to treason. Albeit he is not the only guilty one.

What he does favour is debt relief for Africa. This means letting them get away with repaying money lent to them for development. Most of it was stolen and the rest was wasted so you might wonder why they got it in the first place. One answer is that too many men in power swallowed the lies they were fed about Western guilt. Communist subversives infest our universities to this day. Brown let them stop repaying and gave himself a thrill of self-satisfaction. It did no good for Africans. They will be robbed by their own just the same. But there are lefties who believe that it was worthwhile. It is easier for them to feel this because it is not their money. It is only other people's. Here is something from one of the self righteous.


Brown, The Nappy And The Rocking Horse
There is not much detail on this but a lot of people think Brown is bent as nine bob note as in sexual perversion. That is over and above his appalling track record of treason and destroying England's economy. See Brown and Mandelson for more on his nasty habits and I don't just mean Picking His Nose In Parliament. See Paul Staines for the source of the rocking horse story.


At law, cheating is a specific criminal offence relating to property....... In most cases the codified statutory form of cheating and the original common law offence are very similar, however there can be differences. For example, under English law it was held in R. v. Sinclair [1968] 3 All 241 at 246 that "[t]o cheat and defraud is to act with deliberate dishonesty to the prejudice of another person's proprietary right." However at common law a great deal of authority suggested that there had to be contrivance, such that the public were likely to be deceived and that "common prudence and caution are not sufficient security against a person being defrauded thereby". Examples of cheating upheld by the courts have included fraudulently pretending to have power to discharge a soldier, using false weights or measures, and playing with false dice.
It may not have been held to include defrauding the tax payer by using false accounting especially with Private Finance Initiatives. Brown would have a view about that i.e. that he should get away with it.


Debt relief still has too many conditions
January 17, response : Gordon Brown's global poverty plans still fall short of what is needed, says Benedict Southworth.


02.01.06, Madeleine Bunting: Politics of global inequality finally comes of age
11.09.05: Jonathan Dimbleby: Our last chance
12.09.05: George Monbiot: And still he stays silent


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Is A Paedophile ex Mike James
Mike James tells us that Brown is a paedophile as well as a homosexual. Other articles out there tell us the same. They have been there for some considerable time without being attacked by Brown or his henchmen. This does not prove they are true but it is does prove that he has not sued for libel and won.


Brown And Jews
In a speech given to the Labour Friends of Israel in April 2007, Brown stated:-
"Many of you know my interest in Israel and in the Jewish community has been long-standing... My father was the chairman of the Church of Scotland's Israel Committee. Not only as I've described to some of you before did he make visits on almost two occasions a year for 20 years to Israel – but because of that, although Fife, where I grew up, was a long way from Israel with no TV pictures to link us together – I had a very clear view from household slides and projectors about the history of Israel, about the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people, about the enormous suffering and loss during the Holocaust, as well as the extraordinary struggle that he described to me of people to create this magnificent homeland."
Presumably the Jews took the point when they heard this tosh; the man wants something. Money or cooperation in applying his agenda? The quid pro quo? Sending the British Army to die for Israel in Iraq.


Brown and Mandelson
Brown is reputed to have an unhealthy interest in small boys, just like Heath. It seems that he will settle for those who are not as other men too. Politics and corruption go hand in hand. The interesting bit is down at the bottom in red and censored by MI5 which is suggestive. The author was not sued for libel which is also suggestive.


Taxes, Brown and the Budget
Grossly incompetent is the very kindest thing you can say about the swine.


Brown Writes About Wartime Courage   [ 31 August 2009 ]
"Wartime courage"? Interesting topic from the man who sent our soldiers to fight in Afghanistan without the equipment they need to do the job. Then again, courage per se is an interesting topic for a man who hasn't got the guts to call an election...

The man is a coward and a bully. This book is good for bog paper, nothing more.

Another Brown book on 'courage', you have to laugh. I wonder how much courage it takes to orchestrate vile smear campaigns against your political opponents?
Brown is a traitor intent on destroying England and grossly spendthrift except when it comes to looking after the men fighting an illegal war at his behest. To be fair Amazon comments have got the man bang to rights.


Brown Was Given His Job By The Communists [ 20 November 2009 ]
On the whole, however, the communist infiltration of the T&G is hardly a joking matter: its influence in the Labour party was substantial. The decision to give Gordon Brown his first and only safe seat, Dunfermline East, was made by two T&G officials: Hugh Wyper, the regional boss and a Communist Party member, and Alec Kitson. This is not exceptional. Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Margaret Beckett, Harriet Harman, John Reid — to name just a few — were all T&G people who made their Labour party careers thanks to the union’s backing. And at that time, of course, T&G political backing was within the gift of Alec Kitson. Chernyaev only saw part of the story however. Other documents, still secret, show Labour’s Soviet relationships ran still deeper.
What a surprise that it. Well, perhaps not. Pandering to anyone and everyone who will give him leg up is the mark of a real politician, an unprincipled politician, a greedy politicians, a man desperate for power to harass us about. See more at How the Kremlin Hijacked Labour


U.S. Federal Reserve Chief Blames Brown For Britain's Economic Woes [ 5 December 2009 ]
Brown's decision to strip the Bank of England of its supervisory role caused 'major problems' for the British economy, the head of the American Federal Reserve said yesterday. Ben Bernanke  -  regarded by many as the world's most powerful banker  -  claimed the UK was ill-prepared to deal with the crisis in the wake of decisions made by Mr Brown when he was chancellor. .....Bernanke said the Prime Minister's measures  -  which included stripping the BoE of its powers to regulate banks  -  had been responsible for the ' destructive run' on Northern Rock. 
Bernanke does not say whether Brown is a fool or a rogue. Given that he was put into Parliament by the communist party I settle for the latter.


Brown Bouncing Cheques for Decades [ 17 December 2009 ]
As Brown pushes the government’s overdraft to the point of absolute national penury it is relevant to note that he has been bouncing cheques for decades.  His landlord from his student days told the Telegraph, that when it bounced Brown claimed he must have used the wrong cheque book.

The interest on the national debt is some £1 billion a week…
Brown was put into Parliament with malice aforethought by the communist party. It is working. He is destroying England.


BBC Cares More About Pakistani Drug Dealer Than Three Englishmen Who Died For Queen And Country - Brown Ditto [ 31 December 2009 ]
The Chinese government has shown the world how to deal with drug pushers by ignoring liberal bleating and executing convicted drug-smuggler Akmal Shaikh..... Mr Shaikh, who the media quite falsely claim to be a “British” man, was born in Pakistan in 1956. He moved to Britain in the 1960s and when he married a Hindu Indian, he insisted she convert to Islam before the marriage could take place.

Mr Shaikh and his family then lived in America during the 1980s (astonishing how Pakistani nationals appear to be able to glibly move between First World countries with no apparent immigration problems) but moved back to Britain when his estate agency went into bankruptcy. He then started a minicab business in London but this also went insolvent. Mr Shaikh was accused of sexual harassment by a former employee at the company, although it is unknown if this contributed to the insolvency.

He then divorced and moved to Poland, where he was resident before travelling to China from where he was allegedly going on to perform at a nightclub in the neighbouring former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan. He was however arrested at Ürümqi Airport in September 2007 after a baggage search revealed he was carrying four kilograms (9 lb) of heroin. The Chinese criminal code provides the death penalty for smuggling heroin in quantities more than 50 grams (2 oz) and he was sentenced to death.

In his reaction, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he was “appalled” by Mr Shaikh’s execution — a position which contrasts strongly with his lack of empathy for the hundreds of British lives lost as a result of his and the Tory-supported illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...........

Mr Brown and the liberal elite seem more concerned however, about one drug-smuggling Pakistani in China then they do about the hundreds of British soldiers they have sent to die in their dirty wars, or even of the tens of thousands of British pensioners who have already died this winter because they are unable to pay their privatized and dramatically increased heating bills.

Once again, the Tory-Labour-Lib-Dem alliance and their media-cronies have demonstrated their total disregard for the interests of the indigenous population of Britain by placing more value on the life of a Third World criminal than on their own people.  The wheels of justice grind slowly, but grind they will, and one day this liberal elite will be called to account for their crimes against the British people.
The BBC, our favourite bunch of homosexuals, Marxists and traitors doesn't care about our Army any more than Brown. Corruption, Thy name is Labour - when it isn't Tory or Liberal. Shaikh is a crooked chancer who came unstuck. I will not be shedding any tears for him.


Brown goes into battle with billions for defence  and votes [ 1 February 2010 ]


Brown Denied Army The Kit It Needed While It Was Fighting In Afghanistan And Iraq [ 2 February 2010 ]


Recent Disasters [ 4 February 2010 ]
They start bad and get worse. Put a price on each and you have to think billions every time. Can you guess which is the worst?


Brown Is A Spendthrift Rogue Says European Union [ 16 March 2010 ]
Brown was dealt an embarrassing blow last night when Brussels gave warning that Britain must do more to curb its spiralling debt. The European Commission wants Labour to outline further spending cuts and spell out where the axe will fall. The intervention, a week before the Budget, will electrify the debate over the economy........

The Commission is due to release its latest assessment of Britain’s plans to reduce the deficit tomorrow, but a leaked draft makes uncomfortable reading for the Prime Minister and Alistair Darling, the Chancellor........... Figures on Thursday will show whether Britain has plunged farther into the red than the £178 billion Mr Darling forecast last December.
Brown is a war criminal appointed by the communists, a loud mouthed bully and homosexual. You can see him Picking His Nose In Parliament. Soon you will get the chance to vote for him and his. There will be people fool enough to do just that. Others will because they have been bribed. All of those worthless make work jobs keep people on the government pay roll and under pressure to vote for more of the same.


Brown Was Mad, Bad And Dangerous [ 14 July 2010 ]
The relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown became so hostile that Blair described his chancellor as "mad, bad, dangerous and beyond redemption" and likened Brown's behaviour to that of a "mafioso" in his dealings with him, Lord Mandelson has revealed.........

But plans to remove Brown from the Treasury and put him in the Foreign Office were twice considered and rejected by Blair because he feared Brown would resign and become an even greater threat. Blair's broken promise led to an almost complete breakdown in relations between the two men.......... Blair is quoted as saying that even Prescott was "scared" by Brown. "He knows there's something wrong with him,"........

Blair is quoted as saying: "He's like something out of the Mafiosi. He's aggressive, brutal ... there is no one to match Gordon for someone who articulates high principles while practising the lowest skullduggery."
Blair seems to have loathed  Brown even more than I do but then Blair knew him close up and personal. Mandelson does not mention any homosexual involvement with Brown.


Brown Was A Determined Spendthrift, Foul Mouthed Oaf And Bully [ 15 July 2010 ]
Gordon Brown "repeatedly and often angrily" rejected Treasury growth forecasts, leading his chancellor, Alistair Darling, to complain that the prime minister was being "ludicrously over-optimistic" about future tax receipts..............

In a major row at the time of the March 2009 budget, Darling told the prime minister "the foundations of the budget had to be realistic – if they were not the markets would not buy it, the pound would come under pressure and Britain's credit status might be downgraded", according to Mandelson.........He likens him to a short-tempered editor on deadline, shouting, cursing and barking orders.
Mandelson is a treacherous Jew but cunning enough to use the truth when it serves his purpose. Now he is going for the testicles. Blair is not amused. Brown will not see the funny side of it either. I will not be buying his book.


Brown Is Abysmal Say Americans [ 4 December 2010 ]
"The US embassy in London wrote off Gordon Brown within a year of his arrival in No 10 after concluding that an "abysmal track record" had left him lurching from "political disaster to disaster", according to cables released by WikiLeaks.  In a scathing assessment of the former prime minister, George Bush's last ambassador to London blamed Brown for presiding over a "post-Blair rudderlessness" which prompted senior Labour figures to complain of their despair to the embassy…The diplomatic cables confirm that Barack Obama's allies were irritated by Brown's intense manner: he interrupted a Thanksgiving call to the current president's ambassador to lobby for a Tobin tax on financial transactions in the face of US opposition."
Who am I to argue with the American ambassador? After all he met the swine. There is no mention of being a homosexual or paedophile.


Brown Ignored Economic Advice, Brown Squandered Billions [ 11 June 2011 ]
A confidential document presented to the Cabinet in January 2006 asks: "We've spent all this money, but what have we got for it?" It warns that the efficiency of the public sector needed to improve rapidly and insisted that "spending growth will slow". The document drafted by civil servants also says that "ineffective spending" must be "closed down".

However, Gordon Brown discarded the advice and embarked on a £90 billion increase in spending when he became prime minister. The expenditure meant that the economy was left facing a record deficit as the effects of the recession were felt.
Brown is a financial hooligan, an Asset stripper, a malevolent weirdo put into Parliament by Communist agents precisely for those reasons. Brown is a Traitor, an enemy of England.





Blair Said Brown Was Like Dental Treatment Without Anaesthetic [ [ 3 September 2011 ]
Alistair Darling will claim in his memoirs that Tony Blair found Gordon Brown so difficult to work with that Blair told him "dealing with GB is like having dental treatment with no anaesthetic". More details of Darling's attacks on Brown are contained in fresh leaks of his memoirs to the Guardian. Darling, who was chancellor of the exchequer under Gordon Brown as the financial crisis struck Britain, paints a picture of top officials and his senior colleagues as out of touch, aloof, with the upper echelons of government so dysfunctional one top official is accused of trying to undermine the prime minister.
There is no mention of Brown being a paedophile so perhaps the stories are wrong but the one about him picking his nose in public, in Parliament on television is. See it if you have the stomach at Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament


Brown Abuses Expenses, Brown Is Mean With Charity  [ 14 February 2014 ]
" Since 2010 Gordon Brown has submitted more Press Complaints Commission complaints than he has delivered speeches in the House, meaning you won’t read about the financial affairs of the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown in the papers. So Guido was pleased to have the opportunity to share the story with a wider audience on the Daily Politics this lunchtime."
is a malevolent weirdo. Brown alleges that he is working for Charity. Brown hammers the expenses. Brown was good at throwing humungous amounts to various dossers. But that was only our money. He had billions to waste and waste them he did.


Brown Was Grateful For The Chance To Serve - Allegedly [ 2 December 2014 ]
was put into Parliament by Communists. He was a great success from their point of view. He probably did the most damage as the Chancellor of the Exchequer. His greed was utterly unlimited. An income of £500 billion was not enough when he was trying to make England bankrupt. He probably did but he benefits from fraudulent accounting; it's crime when we do it. Governments do it all the time.


Former Save the Children worker slams ‘brutal bullying culture’ under disgraced bosses Justin Forsyth and Brendan Cox and claims female staff were sent texts ‘asking them for a drink at 2am’...........

 She says Cox was a ‘brazen philanderer’ who propositioned women on nights out. Ex-employee says older staff would have to ‘patrol dance floor’ on work outings. She says Forsyth brought ‘brutal bullying culture’ from Gordon Brown's office.
Surprised? Not me, not for a moment.



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