Cherie Blair Competition Winners

There were only two entries but the standard was high. The winner is Richard P of Orpington. RB came second.

The Blair Competition
With Blair on the skids enter now = before 1 August 2007


From Richard P


From RB

"Of course I'll take it off all the way, Mr. Cheney, but please put the shotgun down".

Dick Cheney managed to shot a friend rather than quail. It is just as well that he didn't go to Vietnam and score some own goals.


Here are their other entries

From RB

"Lap dances only Mr. Murdoch; Tony does the lip dancing".


From Richard P


The pictures which were  on offer are at - Blair Picture Competition
Do you see a Borgia Pope embracing the walking dead or two politicians?

This one turned up late. It suggests evil more than mere ugliness. She keeps foul company. He didn't need anyone whispering in his ear at night.


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