David Kelly

Doctor Kelly was a microbiologist involved in military affairs at the time of Blair's illegal invasion of Iraq. He was murdered on the basis that dead men tell no tales about corrupt politicians.

Doctor Kelly was killed just as Parliament went off on its long summer holiday so they could not interfere. Blair was flying to Japan but managed to appoint Hutton to run an inquiry rather than a proper inquest while still airborne. This was very quick and very political. Hutton was recommended by  Falconer and Mandelson, an unsavoury rogue and prime bait for the gallows. Hutton has a track record of producing whatever result the government wanted. For example he put Lee Clegg of the Parachute Regiment in prison. His virtue for the politicians is that he let them get away with whatever they wanted. This inquiry was informal which gave witnesses the power to lie or not bother showing up. This is useful for politicians and other criminals
Page 71et seq The Strange Death of David Kelly

When somebody dies unexpectedly there is normally an inquest where a coroner takes evidence and delivers a verdict. There may be a post mortem examination before. But Her Majesty's Government granted itself power in Section 17A of the Coroners Act 1988 to by pass the coroner by having a public inquiry instead. This saved having multiple inquiries with major events. It had been used three times before David Kelly was murdered, in each case for several deaths. In this case Blair set it up to deal with a single death and chose not to give it a statutory basis. This made it easier to pervert the course of justice. The man who should have dealt with it was not amused.
Page 85 ibid

It is not compulsory to believe that Her Majesty's Government is a criminal organisation yet but it is true none the less. See The Secret Torture Evidence MI5 Tried To Hide on the point.

David Kelly Could Not Have Committed Suicide As Claimed By Government Tool 
1. Knife shown, if real, could not sever even the soft tissues. Same with Dr Kelly and his wrist. To sever tendons and nerves one needs a knife of scalpel sharpness. I know that in shechita, for instance, the knife is extremely sharp. (Personal communication - from Jewish butcher - I was on my way to Gaza via Tel Aviv.)
Beheading videos are fraud too.


Martin Birnstingl - an honest Jew who did not swallow the claim that David Kelly was not murdered
He was an eminent man in the field.


David Kelly Murder - Nine Medics Demand A Real Inquest [ 13 August 2010 ]
Nine of the country’s leading doctors today dramatically question the verdict that Dr David Kelly killed himself by slitting his wrist. The eminent medical experts say it is unlikely the weapons inspector could have bled to death in the way the authorities claim – raising fresh doubts that it was suicide. In an open letter to ministers, they also urge the Government to conduct a full coroner’s inquest to re-examine key medical evidence surrounding the case. The move heaps huge new pressure on the Coalition to reopen the investigation. The doctors are experts in the fields of forensic science, intensive care and law, and include Sir Barry Jackson, past president of the British Academy of Forensic Science.

Eight of the nine have never expressed their opinion on the Kelly affair publicly before. Their intervention shows the continuing deep disquiet among senior medics about the way Dr Kelly’s death was investigated by the Hutton Inquiry – dubbed a ‘whitewash’ by critics. They join a growing chorus of experts who have made their concerns public.........

Dr Powers told the Daily Mail: ‘The inquiry conducted by Lord Hutton into the cause of Dr Kelly’s death was inadequate and resulted in an implausible conclusion.

The opinions of the distinguished doctors in the letter to The Times are not given lightly. This reflects the widespread belief in the medical profession that his death was not due to haemorrhage.’ In January it emerged that Lord Hutton secretly classified all medical and scientific records relating to Dr Kelly – including the post-mortem examination report and photo of his body – for 70 years.......... Critics who believe Dr Kelly was murdered have claimed the suited figure mentioned in the accounts of volunteer searchers could have been from the security services.
The men saying there is something very fishy are in the business. They know what they are talking about. Blair set up the inquiry to make sure that witnesses did not have to give evidence on oath. He used a chairman who was going to give him the result he wanted. Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run. One more dead matters not to him. More and better details at David Kelly


David Kelly Was On A Hit List Says UN Weapons Expert [ 14 August 2010 ]
A leading UN weapons inspector last night added his voice to the growing clamour for a full inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly. Dr Richard Spertzel claimed Dr Kelly was on a 'hitlist' in the final years of his life.  The former head of the UN Biological Section, who worked closely with Dr Kelly in Iraq in the 1990s, has written to Attorney General Dominic Grieve about the 'mysterious circumstances' surrounding the death. The weapons inspector's body was found after he was unmasked as the source of a damaging BBC news report questioning the grounds for the Iraq war..........

Sir Barry Jackson, past president of the British Academy of Forensic Science and one of the doctors who wrote to ministers, said yesterday: 'In my experience from 30 years as a practising surgeon I find it difficult to agree with the cause of death as listed on his death certificate.'
The Strange Death of David Kelly tells us that it could not have been suicide. That leaves murder. Blair made sure there was no inquest and used a man who was going to give him the result he wanted.


David Kelly Murder - New Evidence [ 1 July 2010 ]
Dr Kelly 'couldn't have slit his wrist as he was too weak'
Dramatic new testimony has heaped pressure on ministers to reopen the investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly. A female colleague claims that the UN weapons inspector could not have committed suicide as claimed, as he was too weak to cut his own wrist. Mai Pedersen, a U.S. Air Force officer who served with Dr Kelly's inspection team in Iraq, said a hand and arm injury meant that the 59-year-old even 'had difficulty cutting his own steak'.
A female colleague claims Dr David Kelly could not have committed 
suicide as claimed, as he was too weak to cut his own wrist
Dr Kelly was found dead in woods near his home in 2003 after the Government exposed him as the source of a BBC report questioning Tony Blair's government's case for war in Iraq.
Revealed: Tony Blair's fury with law chief after being warned war in Iraq would be unlawful
In a letter to the new Attorney General Dominic Grieve through her lawyers, Miss Pedersen also said Dr Kelly had difficulty swallowing pills, casting serious doubt on the Hutton Inquiry conclusion that he swallowed 29 painkillers before slitting his left wrist.......

To further deepen the mystery, all evidence relating to the post-mortem has been classified for an incredible 70 years.
In 70 years Blair will be dead and in the clear. Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run. Blair appointed Hutton to do an inquiry without sworn testimony to stop a coroner doing the job. Hutton has a track record of giving the State the results it wants. This falls short of proving that Blair had him murdered for talking but it is suggestive.


David Kelly Post Mortem To Be Kept Secret For 70 Years [ 24 January 2010 ]
Vital evidence which could solve the mystery of the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept under wraps for up to 70 years. In a draconian – and highly unusual – order, Lord Hutton, the peer who chaired the controversial inquiry into the Dr Kelly scandal, has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence. The move, which will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death, comes just days before Tony Blair appears before the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War. It is also bound to revive claims of an establishment cover-up and fresh questions about the verdict that Dr Kelly killed himself.
Blair moved very fast to prevent a real coroner doing the inquest. See The Strange Death of David Kelly by Norman Baker MP on the point.  Hutton was useful because he gives the government the result it wants.
PS This does not prove that Blair had Doctor Kelly murdered but it is suggestive.


David Kelly WAS Murdered Say Six Top Doctors [ 5 December 2009 ]

Six doctors who believe government scientist David Kelly was murdered have launched a ground-breaking legal action to demand the inquest into his death is reopened. They are to publish a hard-hitting report which they claim proves the weapons expert did not commit suicide as the Hutton Report decided.......... The doctors are asking for permission to go to the High Court to reopen the inquest on the grounds that it was improperly suspended. If Baroness Scotland rejects that demand, or the court turns them down, their lawyers say they will have grounds to seek judicial review of the decision.
To be fair about this one, killing David Kelly did shut him up. That was rather the point. Blair decided to prevent an inquest very quickly so that his man would run things. Hutton was used because he could be depended on to give the verdict they wanted. More and better details in The Strange Death of David Kelly


Revealed - The Secret Torture Evidence MI5 Tried To Hide [ 8 July 2009 ]
The true depth of British involvement in the torture of terrorism suspects overseas and the manner in which that complicity is concealed behind a cloak of courtroom secrecy was laid bare last night when David Davis MP detailed the way in which one counter-terrorism operation led directly to a man suffering brutal mistreatment. In a dramatic intervention using the protection of parliamentary privilege, the former shadow home secretary revealed how MI5 and Greater Manchester police effectively sub-contracted the torture of Rangzieb Ahmed to a Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), whose routine use of torture has been widely documented..............

Davis also said there was a pressing need for an inquiry into Britain's involvement in torture. "The Americans have made a clean breast of their complicity, whilst explicitly not prosecuting the junior officers who were acting under instruction. We have done the opposite. As it stands, we are awaiting a police investigation which will presumably end in the prosecution of frontline officers. At the same time the government is fighting tooth and nail to use state secrecy to cover up both crimes and political embarrassments, to protect those who are the real villains of the piece, those who approved the policies in the first place."
David Davis served in 21 SAS so he has personal experience of interrogation and Resistance to Interrogation. He speaks with authority unlike malevolent rogues such as Blair and Brown who would doubtless claim that they didn't know. The Grauniad is keen to tell us because the alleged victim is a Pakistani. They incite importation of Islamic troublemakers like him, Had he been English they would have ignored the matter.


13 Doctors Demand Inquest Into Dr David Kelly's Death/Killing/Murder/Suicide/Assassination/Cover Up [ 12 July 2009 ]


David Kelly Massacre - Police Helicopter Mystery [ 15 May 2011]
A helicopter mysteriously landed at the scene of Dr David Kelly’s death shortly after the body was found. The aircraft only remained on the ground for five minutes before leaving, suggesting it either deposited or collected somebody or something. Details from its flight log, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show that the helicopter – hired by Thames Valley police – landed at Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire at 10.55am on July 18, 2003, 90 minutes after the body was discovered by volunteer search teams.

Significantly, the flight log has been heavily redacted, making it impossible to know who was on board or what its exact purpose was. The flight was not mentioned in oral evidence at the Hutton Inquiry, set up by Tony Blair to investigate Dr Kelly’s death.........Dr Watt, a clinical pharmacologist, said: ‘If the purpose of the helicopter flight was innocent, one has to ask why it was kept secret.’

It [ the riddle ] emerges in the same week that Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell were accused of lying to the Chilcot Inquiry into the lead-up to the Iraq war.
Blair arranged to prevent the inquest when he was flying. Blair was accused of lying to start a war. To be fair he blocked investigation of the Al Yamamah Job which meant that Maggie did not get fingered.


The Strange Death of David Kelly
Was written by Norman Baker, a Member of Parliament and does a very good job of looking at the evidence. The suicide verdict they used Hutton to produce is incredible, as in unbelievable. Blair was very eager to get it though which is good reason not to believe it. Amazon reviews follow.


40 of 41 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars A prime facie case., 23 Jan 2008


A. S. G. Blackmore (Devon, England, UK..) - See all my reviews

This book by Norman Baker is absolutely first-class. From the outset I had the gravest suspicions about the whole matter, and perhaps naively, I believed that the Hutton Enquiry would reveal all. Never was I more mistaken. For an eminent Judge to have produced such a conclusion as contained in his Report- absolutely beggars belief. If I had not heard it - I would never have believed it possible for such an incredibly narrow-minded view, with so many questions left unanswered - nor even examined.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this whole matter should be properly investigated, and an Inquest held, where witnesses would give evidence on oath and open to cross-examination. As it has been left, the whole scandalous affair is a complete travesty, - and I speak with thirty years experience on the Bench.



34 of 35 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars Compulsory reading for all U.K/U.S citizens., 11 Dec 2007


Amanda Talent (Brighton .U.K.) - See all my reviews

This is a fantastically brave and well researched book. Norman Baker lays out the evidence in a captivating and honest manner, leaving the reader flabbergasted by the inner workings of our government and how they manipulated the country into going into an illegal war in Iraq and poor David Kelly lost his life somewhere in the mix.
Its a `who dunnit`, only very real on a grand and horrifying scale. For all the people who were on the anti war march which was so ignored by our democratically elected government ,this is confirmation of the betrayal we all feel. This should be compulsory reading for all U.K citizens....


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