Fellow Travellers

This term has unfortunate connotations because it was used by early Bolsheviks and Communists. But it is a reasonable idea. We do not all agree totally but some of us have decent aims and a decent philosophy. Developing your ideas is a personal journey, forming a Legitimising Ideology because there are  competing world views out there. The most powerful, the Puppet Masters that is to say Zionist crazies control the Main Stream Media, Education, Governments and Religion. This makes it easy for them to suppress ideas that they do not like and the truths that they do not like. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Fortunately books have a long shelf life and the Internet  makes access to ideas much easier. The Irish Savant, a rather sound sort of chap tells us that we should not be hostile to the "Controlled opposition". He is right. War makes for strange bed-fellows and we are at war; it is Culture War and perfectly real. Here are some sources. There are #Others: worth ignoring but as ever: Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Robert Faurisson
Professor Faurisson comes first as a salute to courage. He tells the truth about the Holocaust® Racket, which is why Zionist crazies hate him. They beat him up too.


Nice movement you got there goyim. Mind if we join?
The Irish Savant warns us about Jews infiltrating the movement, to spy on us.


StoneToss ex Rational Wiki
StoneToss is a cartoonist with a sense of humour but somewhere to the Right. That is why the Rational Wiki hates him; there is no pretence of taking it down the middle.

Stone Toss asks what they are really advertising? He is a man of the Alt-Right. This is why he is hated by the Rationalwiki; it makes no pretence of being even handed. Its site, @StoneToss  makes it obvious. It gives samples of his work, complete with full size enlargements.


Is, to say the obvious a right wing grouping. The Wikipedia did a very sophisticated smear job on them; it worth comparing with How To Frame A Patriot.


Bit Chute     
Is in the business of hosting the allegedly Far Right.


Mark Collett ex Metapedia
Mark Adrian Collett (born 3 October 1980) is a British political activist. He is a former chairman of the Young BNP, the youth division of the British National Party. See Mark Collett Speaks

Mark Collett ex Wiki
Mark is an Englishman alleged by the Wiki to a Far Right extremist. He has been harassed by our wonderful police, spied on by the BBC and even kicked out of the British National Party. That will have been because Nick Griffin saw him as a threat. The Crown Prosecution Service chose to prosecute him, alleging that he was inciting Race hatred. Juries refused to convict. They were not deceived by the lies and Propaganda.

Charged with race hate offences - acquitted
CPS ran a retrial - a jury acquitted again
Malicious Prosecution? Just looks like it? The Crown Prosecution Service has no hesitation when it comes to letting Islamics rob & rape. If nothing else, it shows that Juries are worth every penny.


Daily Stormer
Is run by Andrew Anglin and rather Right Wing. It fails to amuse the
Wikipedia & has been censored by various domain name agents. It is now, in 2018 back up on line but under attack by Jews using legal nausea.


Jeremy Bedford-Turner
A patriotic Englishman is under attack by Jews, alleging that he is an Anti-Semite.


List Of  Patriotic Websites ex Metapedia
They have been over the ground. They know who our friends are.


National Policy Institute
A worthy outfit.


F. Roger Devlin ex Metapedia
Doctor Devlin is a writer & a sound chap who sees further into the darkness than most.


The New Observer RIP was resurrected in 2017
Arrived on line then in May 2016 departed, sad to say. They were upset about people republishing their work and not donating. It was not what some people thought, Merkel's thugs harassing them.


John Beaty
Doctor Beaty wrote The Iron Curtain Over America, explaining the Jews' infiltration of Western Civilization. It is a work of solid scholarship. Now it is online, on This Website and I Am The Witness.


The Last Ditch
Another Libertarian site.


National Policy Institute
Is another moderate outfit on the right lines.


The Irish Savant      
He has views and explains them rather well. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. Disagree? That's fine; tell him why. Abuse is an admission of failure, having nothing worthwhile to say.


Iron Wand  - http://ironwand.blogspot.co.uk/
Was called I Am An Englishman. It was good then. It is good now. It does not just tell us about Black crime and the Main Stream Media cover up; it gives us proof.


Alex Jones
Has his style and a large audience. He is not really on message but he is halfway to truth. He will not talk about the Jews who have infiltrated Western Civilization but he tells enough about what they have done to us to help anyone who can join the dots.


Frank Ellis
Doctor Ellis, lately of the Parachute Regiment and the SAS told the truth, knowing that he would get hostile reactions. A man of Moral Courage as well as physical.


The Right Stuff
Is on line now, telling it like it is.


Richard Spencer
Is an American writer, publisher, and activist. He is President of The National Policy Institute, a think-tank, and Washington Summit Publishers, an independent publishing firm. Both institutions have issued studies of culture, society, nationalism, eugenics, and the study of race and intelligence. Various Propaganda machines abuse him; a big point in his favour. One is the ADL. Being hated by Jews means being right.


Jez Turner
Jeremy Bedford-Turner
, also known as Jez Turner, is a patriotic activist in the United Kingdom, who is best known as the organiser of the IONA London Forum. This club was founded in August 2011 after he was pushed out of the London New Right by Troy Southgate.

He studied at the London School of Economics, before a spell of twelve years in British Army in the Royal Signals Corps (as part of this he learned Pashto). Bedford-Turner claims he was forced out of the military, due to attending a British People's Party meeting in 2008. He was a member of the National Front as a young man and while a student in 1992 stood for election for them in Twickenham. He is a member of the Friends of Oswald Mosley and has interests in the Historical Review Press.


Defence & The National Interest
Is very much on the right lines even though it is about American interests.


35 Most Popular White Websites
They are worth a look.


Kevin Lamb ex Wiki
Kevin Lamb
is an American freelance writer. He is the managing editor of The Social Contract, a public-affairs quarterly journal and briefly served as communications director of the National Policy Institute......

A graduate of Indiana University with degrees in journalism and political science, Lamb formerly worked as managing editor of Human Events (2002–2005).[1] However, he was criticized by the Southern Poverty Law Center for allegedly holding "racist" views and subsequently resigned.[2][3]........

Lamb was a founding editor of The Occidental Quarterly. In 2007, he resigned as editor in the wake of a purge of the editorial staff. Since his departure, Lamb has not had any involvement with TOQ...

He has written one book, entitled The Open-Borders Network: How a Web of Ethnic Activists, Journalists, Corporations, Politicians, Lawyers, and Clergy Undermine U.S. Border Security and National Sovereignty (2007).
The Open-Borders Network - Kevin Lamb's 2007 book on immigration
Works by Kevin Lamb
, at Unz.org
Kevin Lamb's articles for The Social Contract

Kevin Lamb's articles for The Occidental Observer
- well worth a look
Lamb Amongst Wolves


Paul Craig Roberts
Is an American economist who writes about politics after being part of it.


The Occidental Observer
Is run by Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology. He tells us about Zionist crazies and other Jews who appointed themselves our Invisible Enemy. Destroying us is their aim. Subversion, cunning, treachery & finance are their chosen weapons. You didn't know this? Hiding the truth is part of their attack. They use the Main Stream Media; they abuse them; they are Propaganda machines.


Russia Insider  
Is run by Americans living in Russia. It benefits from a hostile Wikipedia write up - Russia Insider ex Wiki


Roger Scruton
Professor Sir Roger Scruton RIP was a philosopher, specialising in aesthetics. He is also a man of the Right, who saw the reality of Socialism behind the Iron Curtain, in Czechoslovakia. It was ugly. He says so; he gets hated for his pains. His explanation of  Conservatism is really rather good.


Traditional Britain Group
Is run by real Tories and has some fairly eminent people. One is Roger Scruton, an important philosopher. He is hated by the Political Correct, a strong point in his favour.
PS See more at its website, http://traditionalbritain.org/about/


Mike Whitney
Is an American libertarian.


ADL Watch
The name tells us all. They keep a jaundiced eye on the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, a noisy front organization run by Jews, by Zionist crazies.


Agent Of Influence ex Wiki
An agent of influence is a person whose political actions and arguments are alleged to serve the interests of a foreign power, and to be directed or manipulated by the intelligence agency of that power. The term may be applied to an agent whose task is to spread propaganda or disinformation, to an intelligence agency contact who actively and consciously serves a foreign interest or foreign intelligence services on some matters while retaining his integrity on others, or to an unwitting contact that is manipulated to take actions that advanced foreign interests.

Particularly in the case of unwitting contacts, claims that an individual is an agent of influence, manipulated by a foreign power are easy to make in the context of disagreements over foreign policy, and virtually impossible to disprove. For example, it was alleged that UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson was a KGB agent of influence. Similar claims were made by CIA-head James J. Angleton about a variety of politicians including Willy Brandt, Olof Palme and Henry Kissinger.

Agents of Influence—from Soviet Active Measures in the "Post-Cold War Era" 1988–1991
This does not include Brown who was put into Parliament by communists or other Labour Party Apparatchiks.


Alan Hart
Is an Englishman that tells the truth about Jews, even though he worked for the BBC.


Alan Sabrosky
An American who served in the US Marine Corps. Jews hate him, a good sign.


Alison Weir
This comes from a hostile source. It might be factual. It might have been written by a Jew. She wrote about Israeli Organ Harvesting.


Andrew Joyce
Mr. Joyce writes for the Occidental Observer. His historical knowledge is great and wide-ranging, which is why he is a nationalist.


Anti-Zionist League
Its heart is in the right place. There are some well chosen books to be downloaded.


Andrew Bacevich
Professor Bacevich, lately a colonel of the American army accuses Jews of being War Mongers, using his country to attack Arabs states in the Middle East. He is right.


Armand Hammer said:-
Besides myself [ Armand Hammer ] there were two other Americans in our party: A.A. Heller, a wealthy socialist who had become active in the American Communist movement after the Russian Revolution and Miss Lucy Branum, a plucky little social worker and former suffragist who was much taken with the ideals of the Revolution. Both these people were typical of the Western visitors who later came to be known as fellow travellers - bemused idealists who had a great deal of emotional and intellectual difficulty squaring their romantic expectations of the Soviet Union with the exceedingly grim realities.
So that puts fellow travellers in their place. From pp 128-9 Hammer by Armand Hammer & Neil Lyndon


Antony Sutton tells us that the Bolshevik revolution was financed by Wall Street. He was persecuted but never prosecuted for his pains.


Arnold Leese told us that The Rothschilds are a force for evil - it is also at The Rothschilds. Arnold was put in prison for his pains.


British Democratic Party
The BDP is a break away from the British National Party, which went badly wrong under Nick Griffin. Andrew Brons is their leader. I wish them well.


Frank L Britton
Mr. Britton wrote Behind Communism which is a good introduction to the realities of politics, conspiracy and subversion. They are in fact much the same thing. He also published the American Nationalist.


David Duke
The Wiki hates him; a point in his favour. Get his book, read it, decide whether he is right. Thus you will beat the Propaganda machines of the Main Stream Media.


Giles Auty RIP
An artist in his own right explains Degenerate Art as well Cultural Marxism in the arts far better than I could.


Harold Covington
A worthy author.


Iron Bark Resources
Is for Australian nationalists.


James Edwards
Runs the Political Cesspool.


John Kaminski
Is an American writer. His heart is in the right place. BTW, the Wiki pretends he does not exist, a point in his favour.


Guillaume Faye


John Bryant comments on kindred souls in this Vale of Tears.


Pat Buchanan
Sound sort of chap. Real Republican, wrote speeches for Tricky Dicky.


Paul Gottfried
Sound sort of chap, recommended by Kevin MacDonald.


Robert Henderson
Mr. Henderson writes about many things. He has been persecuted by Blair so he must be on the right lines.


League of the South
South means the south of America, the rebel states where the American civil war is not forgotten.


Norman Lowell
Is a rather sound sort of chap who says what he means and means what he says about blacks and Jews. Recommended by the Occidental Observer


Clifford Shack
He is fairly evidently a Jew but one of the better ones. He tells us why things have happened and who made them happen. Worth a look.


SPLC Hate List
The enemy names some of our friends.


Antony Sutton
Tells us that the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Wall Street. He was persecuted but never prosecuted for his pains.


John Thames
Is an American academic with a deep knowledge of Zionism. He does not merely know the relevant books; he has them and quotes liberally. The fact that he uses a pseudonym is a comment on the vicious nature of Zionists.


Thilo Sarrazin ex Wiki
Is a German politician and economist but very much on message. His book, Deutschland schafft sich ab ("Germany abolishes itself"), the most popular book on politics by a German-language author in a decade, in which he denounces the failure of Germany's post-war immigration policy, sparking a nationwide controversy about the costs and benefits of Multiculturalism.


History Is A Weapon
Is an honest title from a left wing, anti-white site. Know what the enemy are thinking.


Greg Johnson
Is all right.


Can Jews be Fascists? You had better believe it. Is a good title with some good stuff on it. Well worth a look.


Alex Kurtagić
A writer.


Kevin MacDonald
A professor of psychology at California State University tells us that the Jews have a group survival strategy which involves destroying civilization, inter alia by infiltration. They hate him for saying so. They lie too.

Kev looks quite reasonable in this photo from the Southern Poverty Law Centre, an enemy source. Perhaps he is not used to acting but there is no blood dripping from his jaws.


Michael O’Meara
Another sound man.


Radio Islam
Is run in Sweden by a refugee from Morocco. They put him in prison from time to time for saying that Jews are evil.


Alan Sabrosky
An American who served in the US Marine Corps. Jews hate him, a good sign.


Sean Bryson
Objects to anti-English Racism. Mr. Bryson shows us the evidence of evil. An Englishman who was there early on. He has retired after getting major aggravation.


Stephen Sizer
The Reverend Dr Stephen Robert Sizer (born 1953) is the incumbent at Christ Church, Virginia Water, an Anglican parish in Surrey, England. In addition to his parish ministry, he has a number of external roles and is known internationally as an author and speaker specializing in topics relating to the land of Israel......... His views on Zionism and Christian Zionism have proved controversial, attracting both praise and condemnation.
This is one of the Wikipedia's better attempts at doing a knocking job while pretending it is neutral. Perhaps this because Doc Sizer is big enough to hit back.

He looks quite jovial.
PS He wrote:-
Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon?
Zion's Christian Soldiers?: The Bible, Israel and the Church
See Christian Zionism for more on this.


Richard Spencer 


Ron Unz 
Is a Jew that tells the truth. It is possible.


Western Spring
Is a new group, an English group, for my money a sound group.


Preston Wigington - From Russia, With Hate ex Southern Poverty Law Centre
He lives part of the year in a Moscow apartment that he sublets from former Klan boss David Duke. His best friends are Russian skinheads. He boasts of pumping $50,000 a year of his own money into the white nationalist movement. He's tight with the leader of the racist British National Party as well as ultra-right politicians and white supremacist academics in Russia, his adopted homeland.

His name is Preston Wiginton, and his newfound purpose in life is forging international connections between anti-immigration extremists and white supremacists to prevent the populations of "white nations" from becoming what he has termed "a homogenous muddle of sludge."

A 43-year-old native Texan and former owner of a shipping pallet manufacturing company, Wiginton declined to comment for this article when contacted by E-mail, calling himself "the wrong Goy" to ask for information. "You [the Southern Poverty Law Centre] have a political objective to destroy European and Slavic peoples and cultures," Wiginton wrote. "We can exist only if we live in the yoke of your Judaic system."

Wiginton first appeared on the white nationalist scene in October 2005, not long after he turned 40, when he attended Hammerfest, a neo-Nazi skinhead festival in Draketown, Ga. It's unclear from his prolific subsequent blog posts and essays whether he subscribed to white nationalist ideology relatively late in life or was a long-time believer who came out publicly in middle age. Either way, it's certain that in less than two years Wiginton became a major behind-the-scenes player in the white nationalist movement and the most dynamic American far-right extremist making waves abroad other than Duke, who Wiginton calls a good friend and claims to speak with twice a week.

Preston Wiginton

The accelerating trajectory of Wiginton's activism began in the fall of 2005, one month after Hammerfest, when he organized a lecture at Texas A&M University by anti-immigration extremist Frosty Wooldridge. When about 100 anti-racist protesters surrounded Wiginton and Wooldridge in a "free speech zone," Wiginton threatened to "bring in the Hammerskins," apparently a reference to members of Hammerskin Nation, a nationwide coalition of violent skinhead gangs [ as distinct from violent anti-racists - Editor ].
A fellow traveller by all means but his connections with Nick Griffin and David Duke [ ditto ] are not entirely in his favour. Being hated by the Southern Poverty Law Center is very much a point in his favour.


Tom Sunić
From Slovakia or thereabouts. Sound man.


Mark Weber
Is with the Institute of Historical Review.


Frosty Wooldridge
The author of hundreds of opinion columns, Frosty Wooldridge believes he knows a thing or two about immigration. It's not a pretty picture he paints.
Cock-fighting, animal sacrifice, Santeria sorcery, staged dog fights -- these are some of the nasty things illegal aliens bring us, Woolridge writes in his 2004 book Immigration's Unarmed Invasion: Deadly Consequences. There's genital mutilation -- clitorectomies -- that come to us courtesy of illegal non-European immigrants ("What if your daughter married a man who insisted your granddaughter undergo this operation?"). If you go to places like Wal-Mart or the movies, he warns, "you're breathing air that may be carrying hepatitis." Tuberculosis, head lice and hepatitis are showing up in our classrooms -- part of what Wooldridge calls immigrants' "disease jihad." Thanks to donations from illegals, blood supplies may be contaminated with a deadly parasite that will destroy your heart.
The Jews of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a rather nasty bunch of chancers on the make hate Frosty too. He is a rather good bloke. Notice that the SPLC does not actually say that he is wrong. That is because Libel actions are possible.


VDare dislikes the flood of Third World immigrants being inflicted on us by traitorous governments.


Some start on the way. Some stray. Old age takes its toll but a few are left. John Bryant is ill. Bill Pierce is dead. David Duke is out of prison. Kevin Strom is in. Fred is going to have major eye surgery so he will be out of action for months. We have our fair share of charlatans and rogues.

The Political Cesspool
Is an uncompromising title for a web site and radio show. His heart is in the right place if nothing else.


He does pictures, rather good ones.
132 Via Crucis
A follow-up on "Scooter": Mr. Libby was convicted on four of the five counts in the indictment and shortly after… President Bush commuted Libby's 30-month prison sentence because the punishment was too… harsh? Oh well.

He is not a man to beat about the bush.


Norman Finkelstein is a Jew and sometimes a  fellow traveller with some good pictures.
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Latuff: Gaza to face a holocaust 2. Israel¹s Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai has provoked outrage after threatening Palestinians with a ³holocaust,² but the same media who obsessed about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad¹s ³wipe Israel off the map² misquote are scurrying to defend Vilnai¹s disgraceful comments.


Latuff: White washing Israeli war crimes
'The U.S. vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution yesterday that sought to condemn an Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip and demand that Israeli troops pull out of the territory.'

Read article here: http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/World/2006/11/12/2326781-sun.html'


Majority Rights
Wants equal rights for us too.


Patrick Grimm
Is a bit of a ranter but sound.



Tommy Robinson ex Wiki
Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon (born 27 November 1982), better known as Tommy Robinson, is a British far-right, anti-Islam activist,[1][2] and convicted criminal.[3] He is the co-founder and former leader of the English Defence League,[4] and later served as a political advisor to former UKIP leader Gerard Batten.[5]

Robinson has been active in far-right politics for many years. He was a member of the neo-fascist and white nationalist British National Party (BNP) from 2004 to 2005.[6] For a short time in 2012, he was joint vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party (BFP). Robinson led the EDL from 2009 until 8 October 2013. He continued as an activist, and in 2015 became involved with the development of Pegida UK, a now defunct British chapter of the German-based far-right organisation Pegida.[7] From 2017 to 2018, Robinson wrote for and appeared in online videos for Rebel News, a Canadian far-right[13] political website.

The Wiki sounds hostile. Lennon is a fool at best. His legal moves are badly thought out, if thought at all.

Crime Bodge tells us about his track record of incompetence and greed, confirming my suspicions. Tommy Robinson’s Failed Lawsuit – Ignorance, Arrogance and Fakery ex CRIMEBODGE. He is no use to us.


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