Gaza Special

Gaza is somewhere far away that we do not know very much about. It has been besieged by the the Jews running Israel since Hamas was elected there. Policy is to starve them but not quite to death. That is evil done with the support of the politicians who run America. Then the Jews decided to invade Gaza on 27 December 2008 and wage war, a very one sided war, in fact it was declared not to be a war at all, just a plain massacre. It was very effective too. The Jews killed over 1300 Palestinians for a loss of 13 Jews. That is a ratio of 100 to one. Some background is at Gaza History. Some of the perpetrators are named at 200 Jews, 200 War Criminals
PS Gaza Massacre I was the precursor to Gaza Massacre II & Gaza Massacre III but not, as I write Gaza Massacre IV. [ UPDATE: That happened in 2021 ]

“Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach”
Albert Einstein, a Jew.
What do Jews teach about murder?
Too much!

There were Jews who did not approve, some who tell the truth. Gideon Levy is one such.  In fact he is telling some of the truth, some of the time - see Gaza Gas Murder and Robbery for something he skated over.

A major source on the massacre is the Goldstone Report. It comes from Richard Goldstone, a distinguished judge,  Jew, and Zionist. It has annoyed the perpetrators even though he went soft on them; saying that the Palestinians committed crimes too.

Ilan Pappé is hated by Zionist Jews; that is certain. He is accused of being a liar; in fact he is not entirely reliable and found it expedient to leave Israel. He might be regarded as a political refugee. He has his own web site, at Ilan Pappé. There you can read for yourself, think for yourself and decide for yourself.

Meanwhile the blood is being spilt and children are dying, the elections in Israel come soon. Dead Palestinians are worth lots of Jews' votes.
PS Holocaust Memorial Day 2009 is on 27 January. We can tell them that we feel their pain.


Carlos Latuff
A Brazilian cartoonist comments. His work is on a par with that of James Gillray but more pungent.


Gaza Massacre I
The Wiki takes a position, calling it the Gaza War (2008-09) Trust it as far as you see fit.


Gaza Massacre II
They enjoyed the first one so much that they did an action replay; another one to spoil Christmas in Gaza.


Gaza Massacre III
Killing people is fun - for Zionist crazies, for psychopaths so now they are doing it all over again.


Gaza Massacre IV
The fourth assault on the weak, the women, the children has not happened yet, in July 2015 but it will. Zionist crazies know they can do it & get away with it because Western governments are Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOGs ].


Dugard Report
A South African tells the truth about evil.


200 Jews, 200 War Criminals
These are just the military criminals. The political criminals cried havoc and let loose the dogs of war.


Gaza For Beginners
See it in picture form. It is quick and easy.


Gaza 2009 We Will Never Forget by courtesy of We are Change Vancouver

Gerald Kaufman, a Jew says:- They are not simply war criminals, they are fools.


Gaza Special Background
Did the main stream media tell you about the American government's support for mass murder? The supply of five million pounds of explosive? Thought not.

The eternal perpetrator victim explains all.


Satanic State
See for yourself what a White Phosphorus round can do to a United Nation school. One pay off for the Jews is that is an American round and they got it for free, funded by the American tax payer.


This Time We Went Too Far
Norman Finkelstein, Jew and professor of political science wrote his book about the Gaza Massacre. It is ugly. It is truth. It was a war crime. The evidence is incontrovertible and Norm has it. He quotes; Jews who are prone to tell the truth about evil.


White Phosphorus
Find out what it is and how it does it.

Hint:- It took over where napalm left off when it was banned.


After The Qana Massacre The Brave Jew Slaughters Children
Decoding that bit of French is fairly easy. Do not look at the pictures if you are feeling delicate. LE MASSACRE DE CANA is from 2006.


Gaza Gas Murder and Robbery
It turns out that it is even worse; that mass murder is not just a vote buying gimmick. The major objective is stealing gas fields from Gaza with the collusion of Blair, the little swine who lied us into war with Iraq.


Israel And Gaza
Fred explains all. Israel depends utterly on its control of Congress and the White House. Can it last? It will for a while but I would want more than the power of bribing American politicians to guarantee my survival.


Israeli Attack On Gaza - Norman Finkelstein Explains
We host a debate on the situation in Gaza with Norman Finkelstein, a professor of political science at DePaul University in Chicago and author of "Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History" and Josh Block, the Director of Media Affairs for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)...........

NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: Yes. Administrative detainees who are being held without any charges or trial. And the other 8,000 are being held after military courts have convicted them, almost always on the basis of confessions which were extracted by torture. So if we're going to look simply at the numbers, we have one hostage on the Palestinian side, and effectively we have about 9,000 on the Israeli side............

Let's look at casualties. In the last six months, approximately 80 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza due to Israel artillery firing. Now, on the Israeli side, we hear all of these terrible things about these Kassams. Even Shlomo Ben-Ami, yesterday on your program, who I respect, he said what's Israel to do about these Kassams? What does the record show? I mentioned a moment ago, 80 Palestinians killed in six months. There have been exactly eight Israelis killed in the last five years from the Kassam missiles. Again, we have a huge disproportion, a huge discrepancy.
This debate was about an earlier invasion of Gaza. The 2008 Massacre came later. Unrepentant evil is the name of the game.


For God's Sake

And the saddest thing is that all those quotes are historically accurate… Good God!


Gaza Police Passing Out Parade Terminated By Jews

And another view-


Norman Finkelstein - Israel's Disgrace in Gaza
Professor Finkelstein tells us that the Jews lied in their teeth repeatedly. They are mass murderers without justification. Further that Goldstone went soft on the Jews.


Egypt Breaking Siege Of Gaza [ 1 May 2011 ]
Egypt's foreign minister said in an interview with Al-Jazeera on Thursday that preparations were underway to open the Rafah border crossing with Gaza on a permanent basis. Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi told Al-Jazeera that within seven to 10 days, steps will be taken in order to alleviate the "blockade and suffering of the Palestinian nation." The announcement indicates a significant change in the policy on Gaza, which before Egypt's uprising, was operated in conjunction with Israel. The opening of Rafah will allow the flow of people and goods in and out of Gaza without Israeli permission or supervision, which has not been the case up until now.

Israel's blockade on Gaza has been a policy used in conjunction with Egyptian police to weaken Hamas, which has ruled over the strip since 2007. The policy also aims to reduce Hamas' popularity among Gazans by creating economic hardship in the Strip.
Starving people reduces popularity - of the perpetrators [ See Blockade 'eased' as Gaza starves more slowly ]. Dear old Uncle Joe knew that when he starved millions, or was it only thousands to death in the Ukraine  Massacres. But of course when they are dead they don't care any more. Uncle Joe was nicer than the Jews running Israel. They are doing it with malice aforethought.


Jews Ignore 490 Criminal Complaints About Their Gaza Massacre - [ 5 April 2011 ]
PCHR Highlight Key Issues Relating to Report of UN Fact-Finding Mission on Gaza Conflict (the ‘Goldstone Report) [ 76538 ] - The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
In light of the media debate and confusion triggered by Justice Richard Goldstone’s 1 April opinion piece in the Washington Post, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) wishes to highlight a few key issues regarding the current status of the UN Fact-Finding Mission’s Report, and the search for accountability in the aftermath of Israel’s 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip.

PCHR represent 1,046 victims of the offensive, and have submitted 490 criminal complaints to the Israeli authorities on behalf of these individuals.........

Appropriately, and consistent with the requirements of international law, the Fact-Finding Mission recommended that these allegations be investigated. The Mission noted that if domestic authorities failed to conduct effective investigations, the International Criminal Court became the most appropriate forum to investigate these serious charges. Responsibility would thus fall on the Security Council to activate the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, in accordance with Article 13(b) of the Court’s statute. According to the timeline established by the Mission, this referral should have taken place approximately one year ago. The Security Council took such action most recently with respect to the current situation in Libya.
The crimes are blatant. The cover up is blatant. The main stream media indifference is blatant. Jews do the crime. Jews do the cover up. Jews control the main stream media. QED.
PS The  fact that Goldstone J has revoked means he has been broken by the Jews.


Breaking The Siege Of Gaza [ 10 June 2010 ]
......... why doesn't the United States use its considerable power to lift the blockade of Gaza unilaterally? It's clear that the blockade of Gaza is causing enormous human suffering and making both the United States and Israel look terrible in the eyes of the rest of the world. It has also failed to achieve any positive political purpose, like defeating Hamas. So why doesn't the United States take the bull by the horns and organize a relief flotilla of its own, and use the U.S. Navy to escort the ships into Gaza?......... And somehow I don't think the IDF would try to stop us, or board any of the vessels.

The advantages of this course of action seem obvious. The United States has been looking both ineffective and hypocritical ever since the Cairo speech a year ago, and many people in the Arab and Islamic world are beginning to see Barack Obama as just a smooth-talking version of George W. Bush. By taking concrete steps to relieve Palestinian suffering, Obama would be showing the world that the United States was not in thrall to Israel or its hard-core lobbyists here in the United States............
The more that I think about it, the more attractive this approach looks. All it takes is an administration that is willing to take bold action to correct a situation that is both a humanitarian outrage and a simmering threat to regional peace. That probably means that it has zero chance of being adopted. And of course you all know why.
Murderous Jews control Obama so it will not happen. The puppet president does what he is told no matter how bad the consequences are. Professor Walt is a decent man. He told us how the Israel Lobby controls America. They complained bitterly.


Israel's Top Philosopher Says The Gaza Siege Is A Disaster [ 21 April 2010 ]
Prof. Avishai Margalit is considered to be the country’s foremost philosopher...... Known as a clear thinker, eloquent speaker and incisive writer, he is on the left of the political spectrum and advocates what he calls a return to “the little Israel” of 1948............... His specific appeal to the government as Israel marks  Independence Day is to lift the blockade on Gaza it imposed in June 2007 when Hamas took control of the territory. “To create this huge jail and believe that something good will emerge because now it’s quiet, that’s an illusion,” he says. “Actually, it’s moral bankruptcy and a terrible illusion.”...............

What is intolerable is the belief that you can put a million and a half people under siege and believe that something good will come out of it, and this will undermine the Hamas regime. This collective punishment is inhumane.
The world's biggest concentration camp, which is Gaza makes Auschwitz look trivial, a minor operation. Jews are murdering people on the cheap by starving them. Why bother with using gas chambers when you can do it for free?


Gaza Massacre Was An Own Goal [  18 October 2009 ]
"Operation Cast Lead [ the Gaza invasion ] was the most planned operation in the annals of Israel's wars," Aluf Benn wrote in these pages over the weekend ("The noose tightens," October 16). Heaven help us for such planning, which was technically sophisticated yet one-dimensional.........

Diplomatic thinking needs to be multidimensional. It must balance the need to deal a decisive blow to the enemy and the need to avoid damage to Israel's image that greatly exceeds the benefit of unleashing the blows. Operation Cast Lead did not meet this minimum demand.
Acting like Nazis lets people know that Jews are just as nasty. It does not help when they are using The Holocaust® Story to extort a few more billion.

A major perpetrator. He looks like a vicious thug.


Gideon Levy says Everyone Agrees - War in Gaza was a Failure [ 12 March 2009 ]
Suddenly we're all in consensus: The recent war in Gaza was a failure. The bon ton now is to list its flaws. Flip-floppers say its "achievements" were squandered; leftists say the war "should never have started" and rightists will say the war "should have lasted longer." But on this they all agree: It was a blunder. Because we consider the war to have been almost cost-free, with just 13 Israeli dead, it will be the first in 36 years without a Commission of Inquiry formed in its wake. Of course, the war's blunder was just as serious as its predecessors, but because we did more killing than being killed, because we caused more damage than we sustained, there's nothing deemed worthy of investigation.  
What did the war achieve? Jews showed themselves in their true light. Palestinians had their hatred refreshed by new blood. They lost 1,300; they don't matter. 13 Jews came unstuck. That is an acceptable loss. The American tax payer got screwed again. I think that's about it.


Gaza Peace Plan Foiled  [ 28 January 2009 ]
Early speculation on the motive behind Israel's slaughter in Gaza that began on 27 December 2008 and continued till 18 January 2009 centered on the upcoming elections in Israel. The jockeying for votes was no doubt a factor in this Sparta-like society consumed by "revenge and the thirst for blood," where killing Arabs is a sure crowd-pleaser. (Polls during the war showed that 80-90 percent of Israeli Jews supported it.)...........
Norman Finkelstein tells about cynical mass murderers and about the racketeering which is The Holocaust® Industry. You can see why they had Professor Finkelstein sacked.


Jews Censor Names Of Gaza War Criminals And Hound Nazis To The Grave [ 23 January 2009 ]
The [ Jewish ] Military Censor is applying strict restrictions preventing the media from identifying officers who participated in the Gaza Strip fighting and information about them that may be used in legal proceedings against them abroad. There is growing concern at the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Justice that Israeli officers will be singled out in a massive wave of suits for alleged human rights violations. The new instructions from the military censor to the media were prepared in consultation with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and his military counterpart, Brigadier General Avihai Mandelblit. Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi was also involved in the decisions on this matter.  
One law for Jews and another for honest men. That is how it works. Very soon the Jews will be selling us their Holocaust® story all over again complete with crocodile tears.


Dummy or Real by Ilan Pappe
In 2004, the Israeli army began building a dummy Arab city in the Negev desert. It’s the size of a real city, with streets (all of them given names), mosques, public buildings and cars. Built at a cost of $45 million, this phantom city became a dummy Gaza in the winter of 2006, after Hizbullah fought Israel to a draw in the north, so that the IDF could prepare to fight a ‘better war’ against Hamas in the south.

When the Israeli Chief of General Staff Dan Halutz visited the site after the Lebanon war, he told the press that soldiers ‘were preparing for the scenario that will unfold in the dense neighbourhood of Gaza City’. A week into the bombardment of Gaza, Ehud Barak attended a rehearsal for the ground war. Foreign television crews filmed him as he watched ground troops conquer the dummy city, storming the empty houses and no doubt killing the ‘terrorists’ hiding in them.

‘Gaza is the problem,’ Levy Eshkol, then prime minister of Israel, said in June 1967. ‘I was there in 1956 and saw venomous snakes walking in the street. We should settle some of them in the Sinai, and hopefully the others will immigrate.’ Eshkol was discussing the fate of the newly occupied territories: he and his cabinet wanted the Gaza Strip, but not the people living in it.

Israelis often refer to Gaza as ‘Me’arat Nachashim’, a snake pit. Before the first intifada, when the Strip provided Tel Aviv with people to wash their dishes and clean their streets, Gazans were depicted more humanely. The ‘honeymoon’ ended during their first intifada, after a series of incidents in which a few of these employees stabbed their employers. The religious fervour that was said to have inspired these isolated attacks generated a wave of Islamophobic feeling in Israel, which led to the first enclosure of Gaza and the construction of an electric fence around it. Even after the 1993 Oslo Accords, Gaza remained sealed off from Israel, and was used merely as a pool of cheap labour; throughout the 1990s, ‘peace’ for Gaza meant its gradual transformation into a ghetto.

In 2000, Doron Almog, then the chief of the southern command, began policing the boundaries of Gaza: ‘We established observation points equipped with the best technology and our troops were allowed to fire at anyone reaching the fence at a distance of six kilometres,’ he boasted, suggesting that a similar policy be adopted for the West Bank. In the last two years alone, a hundred Palestinians have been killed by soldiers merely for getting too close to the fences. From 2000 until the current war broke out, Israeli forces killed three thousand Palestinians (634 children among them) in Gaza.

Between 1967 and 2005, Gaza’s land and water were plundered by Jewish settlers in Gush Katif at the expense of the local population. The price of peace and security for the Palestinians there was to give themselves up to imprisonment and colonisation. Since 2000, Gazans have chosen instead to resist in greater numbers and with greater force. It was not the kind of resistance the West approves of: it was Islamic and military. Its hallmark was the use of primitive Qassam rockets, which at first were fired mainly at the settlers in Katif. The presence of the settlers, however, made it hard for the Israeli army to retaliate with the brutality it uses against purely Palestinian targets. So the settlers were removed, not as part of a unilateral peace process as many argued at the time (to the point of suggesting that Ariel Sharon be awarded the Nobel peace prize), but rather to facilitate any subsequent military action against the Gaza Strip and to consolidate control of the West Bank.

After the disengagement from Gaza, Hamas took over, first in democratic elections, then in a pre-emptive coup staged to avert an American-backed takeover by Fatah. Meanwhile, Israeli border guards continued to kill anyone who came too close, and an economic blockade was imposed on the Strip. Hamas retaliated by firing missiles at Sderot, giving Israel a pretext to use its air force, artillery and gun ships. Israel claimed to be shooting at ‘the launching areas of the missiles’, but in practice this meant anywhere and everywhere in Gaza. The casualties were high: in 2007 alone three hundred people were killed in Gaza, dozens of them children.

Israel justifies its conduct in Gaza as a part of the fight against terrorism, although it has itself violated every international law of war. Palestinians, it seems, can have no place inside historical Palestine unless they are willing to live without basic civil and human rights. They can be either second-class citizens inside the state of Israel, or inmates in the mega-prisons of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. If they resist they are likely to be imprisoned without trial, or killed. This is Israel’s message.

Resistance in Palestine has always been based in villages and towns; where else could it come from? That is why Palestinian cities, towns and villages, dummy or real, have been depicted ever since the 1936 Arab revolt as ‘enemy bases’ in military plans and orders. Any retaliation or punitive action is bound to target civilians, among whom there may be a handful of people who are involved in active resistance against Israel. Haifa was treated as an enemy base in 1948, as was Jenin in 2002; now Beit Hanoun, Rafah and Gaza are regarded that way. When you have the firepower, and no moral inhibitions against massacring civilians, you get the situation we are now witnessing in Gaza.

But it is not only in military discourse that Palestinians are dehumanised. A similar process is at work in Jewish civil society in Israel, and it explains the massive support there for the carnage in Gaza. Palestinians have been so dehumanised by Israeli Jews – whether politicians, soldiers or ordinary citizens – that killing them comes naturally, as did expelling them in 1948, or imprisoning them in the Occupied Territories. The current Western response indicates that its political leaders fail to see the direct connection between the Zionist dehumanisation of the Palestinians and Israel’s barbarous policies in Gaza. There is a grave danger that, at the conclusion of ‘Operation Cast Lead’, Gaza itself will resemble the ghost town in the Negev.

Ilan Pappe is chair of the history department at the University of Exeter and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine came out in 2007.
He is not entirely reliable on matters of fact even he is pointing in the right direction. See the Wiki on the point.

The head thug has an ugly mug. He never found out how to wear a beret.


Here are some good sources from Dan:-

Secret Israeli Database Reveals Full Extent Of Illegal Settlement
Just four years ago, the defence establishment decided to carry out a seemingly elementary task: establish a comprehensive database on the settlements. Brigadier General (res.) Baruch Spiegel, aide to then defence minister Shaul Mofaz, was put in charge of the project. For over two years, Spiegel and his staff, who all signed a special confidentiality agreement, went about systematically collecting data, primarily from the Civil Administration.

One of the main reasons for this effort was the need to have credible and accessible information at the ready to contend with legal actions brought by Palestinian residents, human rights organizations and leftist movements challenging the legality of construction in the settlements and the use of private lands to establish or expand them. The painstakingly amassed data was labelled political dynamite.
Click here to view the secret Defence Ministry database on illegal construction in the territories. It should be noted that the information is given in Hebrew
Israel is a criminal state.


Jews Attacked UN In Gaza. UN Is Not Amused
The UN secretary-general has announced an investigation into the attack on the main UN compound in the Gaza Strip during Israel's 22-day assault on the Palestinian territory. Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday that he was angered by the "unacceptable" Israeli attacks on civilians and UN relief agency (Unrwa) compounds.   "Over the past several weeks, unacceptable and terrible situations have taken place against the civilian people and against particularly the United Nations compounds, where many civilians were sheltered," he said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The UN chief's announcement came shortly after nine people, seven of them schoolchildren, were injured in an Israeli air raid on Khan Yunis, a city in the southern Gaza Strip.  
Mad, bad and dangerous to know. In fact dangerous to have anywhere near.


Palestinians Were Tied Up For Days
Seven Israeli human rights organizations urged Chief Military Advocate General Brig.-Gen. Avichai Mendelblit and Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Wednesday to launch an investigation into reports that Gaza detainees were held in "horrid conditions" and treated "inhumanely" during the IDF's operation in the Strip.........  the detainees suffered from hunger, were not allowed to relieve themselves, "and worse even – some of them were being held near tanks and in war zones in blatant violation of international humanitarian law."
Nazis are much nicer people than Jews.


Amnesty Accuses Israel Of War Crimes

IDF Rabbi - Extermination Of Palestinian Prisoners

Gaza Zoo And Its Animals Destroyed By Israelis

WAR From Vietnam To Gaza

IDF Killed Gaza Children Carrying White Flag

Intl Court For Israeli War Criminals

Israel Acts To Block War Crimes Charges

NGO Seeks Arrest Of 15 Israeli Leaders Over Gaza

Israel Launches New Attacks On Gaza

Israel Threatens To Kill Hamas PM

Israel Throwing Gaza Comdrs Under Bus

Arab Hater Lieberman To Hold Power In Israel

Zionists Launch New Attacks On Gaza

Netanyahu's Iron-Fisted Pursuit Of Power

IDF Does $280M Damage To Blair Project

IDF Atrocities Hit By 7 Israeli Rights Groups

IDF Killers Spray Racist Graffiti In Gaza

IDF Blocks All Gaza Crossings Over Missing Soldier

Obama And Israel's Plan For Ethnic Cleansing

Obama Accessory To War Crimes - Video

How Israel Created Hamas

Kawther - Burning Books To Protest Israeli Crimes

1.5 Million Palestinians Injured In Zionist Attack

IDF Soldiers Told - Avoid Capture 'At All Costs'

Iran Moves To Hold War Crimes Tribunal

Army Rabbi Gave 'Hate' Leaflets To Troops

Zionists Linked To BBC Gaza Relief Blackout

Israelis Display Grim Satisfaction

Gaza Faces Israeli-Caused Harvest Failure

Hamas Offers $52M To Hardest-Hit Palestinians

Will Obama Continue The Israeli Lie?

Israeli Boast - 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals'

Israel To Shield IDF War Criminals

Turkey Blasts Israel's Truce Violation

Gaza Soil Devastation Due To DU, Phosphorus

Names & Photos Of Israeli Gaza War Criminals

Breaking Gaza's Will - Israel's Morbid Fantasy

Israel War Crimes Tripled Anti-Jewish Acts

Israel's Shameful Assault On Gaza

Israel Turns Its Evil To Iran After Gaza

Israel Killed Everything But The Will To Resist

Suicide Bombers, Zionism, Neocons & War - Video

  4 AM - Israelis Capture, Jail Children

Girl 8, No Legs - 'What Did I Do To Israel?'

Lie After Lie - Newspeak Of Israeli Propaganda

Worshipping The Wrong God


Living area of Palestinians - entry forbidden - much what the Nazis would have written if they had not used:-
Arbeit macht frei = work makes free - this is true - death brings freedom and peace.


Jews Do Christmas Special Air Strikes On Gaza [  25 December 2013 ]
They allege that it is retaliation. They always have some excuse or other. It is not as bad as:-
Gaza Massacre I when they murdered 1400
Gaza Massacre II when they murdered dozens; there were about a thousand injured. Both massacres were cleverly arranged to spoil the Gaza Christmas.


Palestinians Starving As Jews Besiege Gaza [1 December 2014 ]
It is not just the siege; it is the airstrikes, the artillery bombardments, the invasions using main battle tanks. It is Genocide as policy. It is Genocide in practice. Nazis are much nicer than Zionist crazies. At least while they are doing it they stop whining about the Holocaust® Racket. Pretending to be victims while robbing people blind is what Jews do.


Jews Given American Resupplies To Murder People
Shatila camp, BEIRUT — The 72-hour ceasefire was supposed to get under way on August 1 starting at 8 a.m. local time—but no sooner had it begun than it appeared to collapse...........

For the invading Zionist forces, they are insured of plenty of munitions both during and after any ceasefire—because the Obama Administration is supporting Israel’s aggression in the Gaza Strip, and it is doing so, in part, by allowing it to tap into local US arms stockpiles. The Israelis will be able to resupply themselves with 40mm grenades and 120mm mortar rounds, stocks that the Pentagon claims “need to be refreshed,” this according to Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon’s press secretary, who rejected out of hand this week’s Amnesty International demand that “the US government immediately end its ongoing arms deliveries to Israel, which are providing the tools to commit further serious violations of international law in Gaza.” And not only that. Earlier, the US Senate, by a vote of 100 to 0, passed a resolution drafted by AIPAC expressing support for Israel’s attack on Gaza, a resolution reading in part, “The United States Senate reaffirms American support for Israel’s right to defend its citizens and ensure the survival of the State of Israel”—and which says not a single word about Palestinian deaths.
Jews put Obama into power for a reason.


Zionist Psychopaths Harass Gaza Massacre Investigators [ 4 February 2015 ]
The head of UN inquiry into the hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas has pledged to resign due to Israel allegations of pro-Palestinian bias. He described the criticisms as “malicious attacks.”William Schabas, a Canadian academic living in the UK, was appointed last August to head the UN Human Rights Council’s three-member team to probe the circumstances of the Operation Protective Edge and allegations of war crimes committed during it. Some 2,200 people, most of them Palestinian civilians, were killed in the conflict.

His candidacy however met fierce resistance from Israeli officials, who accused Schabas of being anti-Israel.

“If any other evidence of this was needed, appointing the committee’s chairman, whose biased opinions and positions against Israel are well known, proves beyond all doubt that Israel cannot expect justice and that the committee’s report has already been written,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said at the time.
This is to do with Gaza Massacre III. They murdered more than 2,000 this time but who cares? Not the average Jew in the street. This resignation came just after International Holocaust Remembrance Day when we celebrate the alleged 6 million that naughty Adolf killed. What do they say about the Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion and rising? Not a lot. Was this all over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance. Agenda first, truth a bad second.


Jews Had A Good Year - Murdering Most Palestinians Since 1967  [ 27 March 2015 ]
killed more Palestinian civilians in 2014 than in any other year since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip began in 1967, a UN report has said.

Israel’s activities in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem resulted in the deaths of 2,314 Palestinians and 17,125 injuries, compared with 39 deaths and 3,964 injuries in 2013, according to the annual report (pdf) by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The conflict in Gaza in July and August was largely responsible for the dramatic increase in fatalities. It claimed the lives of 2,220 Gazans, of whom 1,492 were civilians, 605 militants and 123 unverified.
Notice that the invasion of Gaza was merely a 'conflict' as distinct from being Gaza Massacre III. It was a follow on from the successes of Gaza Massacre & Gaza Massacre II. It is Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine. The intention is Genocide.


Jews Bomb Ambulances In Gaza - Oh What Fun  [ 23 May 2016 ]
Ambulances have big red crosses on them; great aiming marks. And you just know that targets scream when hit.

That is a real bulls eye.


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