Homosexuality is being marketed, very successfully because it is a perversion being used by subversives to undermine the Family, the bedrock of civilization. Thus it is weaponised, made into a tool of Cultural Marxism, just like Feminism and Western Guilt. The objective is the destruction of Western civilization through Cultural Genocide. Here are some sources. The Family Research Institute opposes homosexual claims; it comes in for malicious abuse as a result. Some/lots of Homosexuals take the position that Paedophiles are different from them.


Homosexuals Are Lunatics  [ 13 June 2022 ]
So says , more or less. He may feel like putting his point more strongly but that is the direction he points in. I am happy to go along with him on that. One comment, coming from Kim tells us that homosexuals, who are just 1% – 3% of the population, make up one third of those charged with sex crimes against children. His source is https://theinquiry.ca/the-diocese/homosexuality-and-child-sexual-abuse/


Homosexuality ex LifeSite
Is unenthusiastic about this alternative life style.


Same Sex Marriage - The Truth
Getting the Facts: Same-Sex Marriage
Society has a vested interest in prohibiting behavior that endangers the health or safety of the community. Because of this, homosexual liaisons have historically been forbidden by law. Homosexuals also do a poor job of raising healthy, well socialized children.
Doctor Cameron of the #Family Research Institute is on the right lines which is why he is hated.


Family Research Council
Does research proving that Homosexuals are more likely to be Paedophiles than honest men.


Homosexuality Is Curable - Maybe
A good idea? Perhaps. It is an odd aberration which would seem to be against survival.


Family Research Institute ex Wiki
The Family Research Institute (FRI), originally known as the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality (ISIS), is an American non-profit right-wing organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado which states that it has "...one overriding mission: to generate empirical research on issues that threaten the traditional family, particularly homosexuality, AIDS, sexual social policy, and drug abuse".[2] The FRI is part of a movement of organizations, often faith-based (sometimes called the Christian right), which seek to influence the political debate in the United States. They seek "...to restore a world where marriage is upheld and honored, where children are nurtured and protected, and where homosexuality is not taught and accepted, but instead is discouraged and rejected at every level."[2] The Boston Globe reported that the FRI's 2005 budget was less than $200,000.[3]

The FRI is run by #Paul Cameron, who earned a doctorate in psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1966. Cameron founded the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality in 1982, and this institute later became the FRI.[3]

The Family Research Institute is designated an anti-gay hate group[4] by the Southern Poverty Law Center[5][6] because of Cameron's discredited research and claims about LGBT people.[7][8][9][10]


Paul Cameron PhD ex Wiki
Paul Drummond Cameron
(born November 9, 1939) is an American psychologist and sex researcher. While employed at various institutions, including the University of Nebraska, he conducted research on passive smoking, but he is best known today for his claims [ sic ] about homosexuality. After a successful 1982 campaign against a gay rights proposal in Lincoln, Nebraska, he established the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality (ISIS), now known as the Family Research Institute (FRI). As FRI's chairman, Cameron has written papers stating associations between homosexuality and the perpetration of child sexual abuse and reduced life expectancy.

In 1983, the American Psychological Association expelled Cameron for non-cooperation with an ethics investigation. Position statements issued by the American Sociological Association, Canadian Psychological Association, and the Nebraska Psychological Association have each accused Cameron of misrepresenting social science research.[1]


Wolfenden Report ex Wiki
Disregarding the conventional ideas of the day, the committee recommended that "homosexual behaviour between consenting adults in private should no longer be a criminal offence". All but James Adair were in favour of this and, contrary to some medical and psychiatric witnesses' evidence at that time, found that "homosexuality cannot legitimately be regarded as a disease, because in many cases it is the only symptom and is compatible with full mental health in other respects." The report added, "The law's function is to preserve public order and decency, to protect the citizen from what is offensive or injurious, and to provide sufficient safeguards against exploitation and corruption of others ... It is not, in our view, the function of the law to intervene in the private life of citizens, or to seek to enforce any particular pattern of behaviour." The recommended age of consent was 21 (the age of majority in the UK then).

The report also discussed the rise in street prostitution at the time, which it associated with "community instability" and "weakening of the family". As a result there was a police crackdown on street prostitution following the report.
This reads as a fair one even if it failed to amuse at the time. Whether Wolfie, a public school man had a personal interest is unknown to the toiling peasant masses but his son is one of them. Sadly it has been used as a stepping stone to perverting children. See Homosexuals Are Destroying Society. The report was spot on regarding family breakdown even then.


Current News Reports On Homosexual Incitement
It come from a Christian source and it is honest.


Child Molestation and Homosexuals
Yes it does happen. I knew one perpetrator. The evidence is out there. But not many are talking. Doctor Cameron also sources:-
Getting the Facts: Same-Sex Marriage
The Psychology of Homosexuality
Born WHAT Way?
Violence and Homosexuality
Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do
Child Molestation and Homosexuality
What Causes Homosexual Desire and Can It Be Changed?
How Long Do Homosexuals Live?
How Much Child Molestation is Homosexual?
Saving Society From Demographic Suicide
Do Homosexual Teachers Pose A Risk?
Are Homosexuality and Violence Linked?
How Many Homosexuals Are There?
Prop 8 Decision — Triumph of 'Scientifically Proven Sameness'
Press Release, Mar 2010 — Post Office Bars FRI Mailing


Family Research Institute
Has reasonable views based on research about homosexuals and family life. It is run by Paul Cameron, a doctor who is hated by Homosexuals. He has been systematically libelled by them. However he got a decent apology from a respectable journal See the next one.


Libel Revoked
As you may be aware, the homosexual movement has made me one of its prime targets. It has sold academia on the notion that “Your sexuality is so important that it is the ‘core’ of who you are. Therefore, everyone should be supported — as a Constitutional right — in his choice of sexual activities.” The U.S. Supreme Court has bought into this notion. Consequently, not only do I have great difficulty publishing in scientific journals, but I am often criticized in scientific journals as well as on the Internet. Some of these criticisms have consequences. I have lost expert witnessing placements and speaking engagements because of these lies. Indeed, those supposedly on ‘our side’ often attack me with the same lies and exaggerations, even though they were perpetrated by homosexuals in the first place.
It was all resolved in a civilized manner.


Homosexuals Are Destroying Society
Historian Paul Johnson admitted in The Quest for God (1996) that:
“There were a great many of us, in the 1960s, who felt that there were grave practical and moral objections to the criminalization of homosexuality, and therefore supported, as happened in most Western countries, changes in the law which meant that certain forms of homosexual behaviour ceased to be unlawful. Homosexuality itself was still to be publicly regarded by society, let alone by its churches, as a great moral evil, but men who engaged in it, within strictly defined limits, would no longer be sent to prison. We believed this to be the maximum homosexuals deserved or could reasonably expect.”.......

“We were proven totally mistaken. Decriminalization made it possible for homosexuals to organize openly into a powerful lobby, and it thus became a mere platform from which further demands were launched. Next followed demands for equality, in which homosexuality was officially placed on the same moral level as standard forms of sexuality, and dismissal of identified homosexuals from sensitive positions, for instance schools, children’s homes, etc., became progressively more difficult.

“This was followed in turn by demands not merely for equality but privilege: the appointment, for instance, of homosexual quotas in local government, the excision from school textbooks and curricula, and university courses, passages or books or authors they found objectionable, special rights to proselytize, and not least the privilege of special programmes to put forward their views — including the elimination of the remaining legal restraints — on radio and television.”

“Thus we began by attempting to right what was felt an ancient injustice and we ended with a monster in our midst, powerful and clamoring, flexing its muscles, threatening, vengeful and vindictive towards anyone who challenges its outrageous claims, and bent on making fundamental — and to most of us horrifying — changes to civilized patterns of sexual behaviour.”
After Wolfenden the age of consent dropped from 21 to 18 to 16 and they want it reduced to 0 [ zero ] or thereabouts because they are Paedophiles as well as homosexual.


Homosexuality Incited by Jews
No one cares less about Gays, Mormons, Russians, dogs, cats, or birds. It's when the Mormons, or Gays, get exploited as a voting bloc, or as the rallying cry of Hate Laws. That's when they get shown it a negative spotlight. Take a look who is really behind the Gay agenda, and how a few despicable deceivers use the group for their own goals.
Judicial fingers Larry Kramer [ Jew ], Alan Klein [ Jew ], Arnie Kantrowitz [ Jew ], Jonathan D. Katz [ Jew - see Stormfront ], Harvey Fierstein [ Jew ], Moisés Kaufman [ Jew ], Israel Fishman [ Jew ], Bella Abzug [ Jew and feminist ], Ed Koch [ Jew and sympathizer rather than activist(?) ], Winnie Stachelberg [ Jew ], Michael S. Aronowitz [  Jew ],....... It goes on but you can see what he is getting at. The Radical Homosexual Movement Is Run By Jews makes the same point.


Marketing Homosexuality
Yes, it is being marketed by the media [ the BBC has a very personal interest here ] and the Education industry. It is one front in a war of subversion; destroying our moral standards and our culture. In fact it is Cultural GenocideAntonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party would have loved it.


Paedophilia and Male Homosexuality
Homosexuals have claimed for some time that they are no more apt than heterosexuals to molest children. Over the past three decades, professional associations have chimed in to support their claim. For instance, in Romer v. Evans, a 1994 brief by the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the American Psychiatric Association told the U.S. Supreme Court “there is no evidence of any positive correlation between homosexual orientation and child molestation” (pp. 23, 24)...............

The state of knowledge was historically very different. In pre-Christian Greece, Aristophanes observed that men taken with homosexual relations “when they grow to be men, they become lovers of boys, and it requires the compulsion of convention to overcome their natural disinclination to marriage and procreation.” More recently, a 1970s survey conducted by the Kinsey Institute reported that while aged 21 or older, 23% of 671 gays said they had sex with boys aged 16 or younger. And of 4,329 gays sampled by Jay and Young — both open homosexuals — about 22% reported sex with boys and over 30% openness to, or approval of, sex with boys.
The evidence is out there. So is a disinclination to tell the truth. See Roger Casement for a good example.


Homosexuals Are The Principal Child Molesters [ 28 June 2008 ] - broken link
Three kinds of scientific evidence point to the proportion of homosexual molestation: 1) survey reports of molestation in the general population, 2) surveys of those caught and convicted of molestation, and 3) what homosexuals themselves have reported. These three lines of evidence suggest that the 1%-to-3% of adults who practice homosexuality account for between a fifth and a third of all child molestation.......... In 1983, a probability survey of the sexual experiences of 4,340 adults in 5 U.S. cities found that about 3% of men and 7% of women reported sexual involvement with a man before the age of 13 (i.e., 30% was homosexual)................
Goals of the Gay Movement
The gay movement is forthright about seeking to legitimize child-adult homosexual sex.
The BBC will not tell us this but then the BBC is heavily infiltrated by Homosexuals and Zionist crazies. The latter use Feminists and other subversives to destroy civilization.


Homosexuals are much more likely to be pedophiles - Craig's List has decided to delete this one.
"But this number is low," Baldwin says, "due to the fact that many reporters will not report if a child molester is a homosexual, ..."


Homosexual Health
The bottom line is that homosexual behavior is unhealthy. All sexual behaviors are not equally beneficial, and some of them can have negative public consequences. Innocent people can and do get hurt. Due to the devastating health effects of male homosexuality, most of the research into gay health issues has been concentrated on homosexual men. However, the research that has been conducted with respect to lesbians does not yield good news.
Sticking your willy into odd places does not sound like a good idea or a healthy one either.


Steps to Protecting Our Children from the Homosexual Agenda on TV
"Hold on: you're saying that homosexuals are 40% of the child molesters in the world. So doesn't that make the other 60% heterosexual? ..."


Fighting 69th Sodomites or Rump Rangers
In a potentially controversial move, the Pentagon will announce the formation of a new all-gay, all male company named the "Fighting 69th Sodomites."  Sources credit the creation of the 69th to House member Barney Frank, who has reportedly been working "very, very closely" with gay Pentagon officials.



Perpetrators: They are not all Jews.

Allen Klein Jew
Was an accountant and financial manager with very light fingers. He cheated the Stones and the Beatles.


Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Is a propaganda operation.


Jonathan David Katz


Larry Kramer Jew
Jew and propagandist, died of AIDS, a victim of his own perversion.


Homosexual And Lesbian Jews
There are 200 in this list from the Wiki, a propaganda operation with an agenda.


Homosexual Activist Is A Paedophile [ 29 October 2009 ]


EU Incitement Of Homosexual Agenda Opposed [ 4 January 2011 ]
BRUSSELS - Seventy-nine countries from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific islands sent a letter to the European Parliament that is notable for its strong demand that the EU stop pushing its homosexual agenda on developing countries.

The treaty in question is an economic development pact between the developing countries—- acting as the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP)—- and the European Union that allows for the sides to revise the agreement every five years. Earlier this year, during treaty revision negotiations, the EU tried to insert language on “sexual orientation” as a category of non-discrimination.  This was repeatedly rejected by the developing nations and was struck from the final version of the revised agreement.
Brussels did not quite threaten to cut off subsidies - in public that is. No doubt they have thought of it. The American government is pushing this one too.
PS Did the Main Steam Media tell you that the EU is using our money to leverage blacks into going along with this? Thought not.


Psychiatrist Claims He Was Wrong About Homosexuals After Being Leaned On [ 20 May 2012 ]
Dr Robert Spitzer apologises for 'fatally flawed' study, published in 2001, which claimed gay people could be 'cured' if properly motivated One of the most influential figures in modern psychiatry has apologised to America's gays for a scientific study which supported attempts to "cure" people of their homosexuality. The survey, published in 2001, looked at "reparative therapy" and was hailed by religious and social conservatives in America as proof that gay people could successfully become straight if they were motivated to do so.

But Dr Robert Spitzer has now apologised in the same academic journal that published his original study, calling it "fatally flawed". "I believe I owe the gay community an apology," his letter said. "I also apologise to any gay person who wasted time and energy undergoing some form of reparative therapy because they believed that I had proven that reparative therapy works."......

Spitzer's stance was notorious, because in 1973 he had been instrumental in getting the American Psychiatric Association to stop classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder in its diagnostic manual: a move seen at the time as a major victory for gay rights......

"In the history of psychiatry I don't know that I've ever seen a scientist write a letter saying that the data were all there but were totally misinterpreted. Who admitted that and who apologised to his readers. That's something, don't you think?" Spitzer told the newspaper.
The idea that a psychiatrist is a scientist is one to treat with contemptuous indifference. See inter alia Psychiatry Is A Boondoggle. Freud set the tone of the whole thing, using the witterings of neurotic women about their sexual fantasies. Freud was a Jew. Freud was a charlatan.


Jew Stabbed Six Homosexuals In Jerusalem - Jew Is A Repeat Offender [ 31 July 2015 ]
Police say the haredi [ Jew with silly hat ] ] who allegedly stabbed 6 people at today's Jerusalem gay pride parade is Yishai Shlissel, the same person who committed the stabbing attack on the Jerusalem gay pride parade 10 years ago.
He has only just got out from doing it last time. To be fair, he is consistent - and incompetent.


Lord Montagu of Beaulieu Legalized Homosexuality [ 1 September 2015 ]
His name became more widely known, , through his involvement in what became known as “The Montagu Case”. In 1953 Montagu, although engaged to be married, was arrested on a charge of sexually assaulting a boy scout at his beach-hut on the shores of the Solent. The charges were thrown out, but shortly after his acquittal the young peer was re-arrested, together with his cousin, the Dorset landowner Michael Pitt-Rivers, and the diplomatic correspondent of the Daily Mail, Peter Wildeblood.

This time the charges involved homosexual activities with two aircraftmen who had turned Queen’s Evidence and were prepared to testify against the accused. In a lurid and highly publicised trial at Winchester Assizes, Montagu vigorously protested his innocence. He was, found guilty, albeit on lesser charges than those against his co-defendants..............

 Unlike the discredited boy scouts in the earlier case the aircraftmen were adults and at no time complained that they had been forced to commit any acts without their willing agreement. As a direct result of the case a committee of enquiry was set up under the chairmanship of Sir John Wolfenden and, after a lengthy delay, the law on homosexuality was eventually reformed.
Having the Law of England changed for your personal convenience means that you are Establishment, that your face fits big time. It didn't work for Oscar Wilde but it did for John Aspinall. Aspers got away with running gambling Hells until his mother forgot to bribe the police. He beat the rap in court then had the law changed. He got away with killing keepers in his zoo. Little people wouldn't of course but then they didn't go to Eton. The Wiki does not even bother to tell us how many were sacrificed to his arrogance.


Cameron Will Import Millions Of Islamic Hostiles Who Hate Homosexuals - His Lies Notwithstanding [ 13 June 2016 ]
The Sunday Times has a great scoop: leaked cables reveal UK diplomats have discussed visa liberalisation for Turks coming to Britain, despite David Cameron’s pledge that “we won’t be offering visa-free access to Turks”. And there’s more…

Guido has been passed the cache of diplomatic cables. The telegram below is marked “Official – sensitive” and was sent by British diplomats in Kosovo to the Foreign Office. It reveals the European Commission plotted to “slipstream” visa liberalisation for Kosovo “behind Turkey”, because “1.8 million Kosovars” are “a drop in that larger ocean” by comparison. A stunning admission of the huge scale of potential new immigration – and collusion to play down the impact…

The cable also admits the obvious, that “some will… abuse the system”. Privately British diplomats are talking about 1.8 million Kosovars as a “drop in the ocean” compared to potential Turkish immigration. Yet they are planning visa-free access for Turks – and Dave wants you to believe this isn’t an issue in the referendum…
Cameron is an unscrupulous liar, a Traitor with an agenda. Ethnic Fouling In England is policy, practice & Genocide.


Homosexuals Of The World Unite - You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Lives [ 13 June 2016 ]
Cameron is importing Islamic thugs full of hatred for the Gay Community. Cameron wants us in Europe. Vote for him in the Referendum? Perhaps you should think first.


National Trust Marketing Homosexuality  [ 5 August 2017 ]
The order to their volunteer workers backfired. Decent people would not wear "Gay Pride" badges. The Trust was infiltrated some years ago by the Hard Left using the techniques of Entryism. It is part of the Long March Through The Institutions, the system worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communist party in order to destroy Western Civilization. NB Their most recent magazine marketed various weirdoes of this sort.


Homosexual Murdered Adopted Baby Girl  [ 6 November 2017 ]
Homosexuals want to pretend that they are married. Her Majesty's Government panders to them. Now a pretty little baby is dead because of government meddling. NB The Daily Mail pretends that he was the father. It is another part of the problem.


Gay Times Editor Is Racist, Anti Fatties, Bus Drivers, Jews, Whatever  [ 16 November 2017 ]
The editor of Gay Times has been suspended just weeks after his appointment over a string of offensive tweets - including some aimed at members of the LGBTQ community.

Jews, lesbians, straight women, Egyptians, Asians, Chinese, transgender people, obese people, mothers and bus drivers are among the groups of people that Josh Rivers took aim at between 2010 and 2015.  Within hours of the posts being discovered, Mr Rivers had been suspended by Gay Times, and he subsequently issued a grovelling apology over Twitter
Our Homosexual friends are so sweet, so inclusive, so Morally superior to the rest of us, aren't they?


Homosexual Branded Baby Child The Devil Before Murdering Her Two Weeks After Adoption [ 9 October 2017 ]
A DAD [ sic ] brutally murdered his adopted toddler daughter after calling her "Satan dressed up in a baby grow", a jury heard today.

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, was allegedly heard yelling "shut up you little f***ing brat" in the months before 18-month-old Elsie died of a brain haemorrhage.

The part-time fitness instructor and his husband had been caring for Elsie for eight months and had formally adopted her just two weeks before she suffered fatal head injuries, a court was told.

Scully-Hicks had suggested to friends he was "struggling to cope", it was said.

In one text message he said Elsie was "having a proper diva strop about it all, which is annoying", and in another he said she had "another diva strop at teatime".

He also wrote: "I'm going through hell with Elsie! Mealtimes and bedtimes are like my worst nightmare at the minute.
A fortnight after formal adoption she was dead, murdered by a Homosexual pretending to be a mother.


Bermuda Repeals Same Sex Marriage Law After Referendum   [ 10 February 2018 ]
So Bermuda has Democracy, unlike England, unlike most countries. The Mail's reader are on side albeit there are hostile comments from the Homosexual lobby. This law was on the books since May and only 6 pairs of them have done it. The point of marketing perversions like this one is the destruction of Western Civilization. The Culture Wars are being inflicted on us by the Invisible Enemy. NB The Mail does not bother to enlighten us on the referendum. 68% against was a convincing majority. But then of course they are merely ignorant blacks.


Lesbian Pair Starve 2 Year Old Girl To Death   [ 25 December 2018 ]
Relatives of a two-year-old girl who was starved today in a filthy flat in Scotland have blasted the sick parents, saying they should 'rot in hell'.  Speaking out in court, they also said a zoo has better conditions to what the two-year-old was kept in.  Margaret Wade, 38, and Marie Sweeney, 37, left Lauren Wade without proper food or care for months before the youngster died in hospital in March 2015.

The pair now face life in jail for the deplorable lack of care of the youngster. 
Are Lesbians mad, bad and dangerous to know? These two are.


Islamics Object To Schools Inciting Homosexuality   [ 2 June May 2019 ]
There are only two reasons why someone who is not invited to a fancy-dress party would put on a Scream-type mask. One is to avoid being recognised, the other is to intimidate and terrorise. The sinister figures who descended on Dennis Road on the outskirts of Birmingham city centre, wearing just such a disguise, achieved both aims. Behind the masks — and hoodies — were militant Muslims. 'The Boys', as one sympathiser casually referred to them.........

At Anderton, this means teaching children about families with, say, 'two mummies or two daddies', to foster tolerance and respect for everyone and prepare them for life in modern Britain. 

But almost all of Anderton's 800 pupils are Muslims, and for Muslims, homosexuality is sinful.
Islamics are getting it right for once. The Mail is siding with the Sodomites, the perverts. The readers seem more in favour of the Homosexuals. The Puppet Masters have their Useful Idiots importing foreign parasites giving rise to conflict between opposing ideologies, Islam versus useful idiots, read that as Marxists or just Left Wing agitators. They hate Jews too; Zionist crazies make sure of that by murdering people in Palestine, the Stolen Land and in Gaza.
PS Of course Muhammad was a Paedophile. See e.g. Muhammad the Child Abuser. His adherents do not seem to mind.


Undercover Footage Shows Child Rape is Rampant within Homosexual Community  [ 10 July 2019 ]
The Mainstream Media wants us to have a perception of homosexuals (and other perverts) that they are wholesome and lovable, but many are abusers.
The BBC markets Homosexuality and protects Paedophiles like Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith, Janner the Jew etc. as a matter of policy. It is all part of the Culture War being waged against us. Watch the video. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


FBI Finds Paedophile Pornography In Jeffrey Epstein's Home  [ 10 July 2019 ]
Amateur cell phone video filmed by a passerby in New York City shows the dramatic moment law enforcement officials raided the Upper East Side home of Jeffrey Epstein on Saturday................  as officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York Police Department force their way into the billionaire’s house, where they allegedly uncovered a large cache of child pornography..............

The raid turned up thousands of graphic photos which included images of underage girls and a safe filled with compact discs labeled as 'nude girls'. Agents also found Epstein's massage room set up just as victims described it from up to 17 years ago, with a table and assortment of sex toys.
Jeffery Epstein is a nasty bit of work and a Jew on the make.


Parliament Forcing Homosexuality Onto Northern Ireland  [ 11 July 2019 ]
MPs tonight voted to make same-sex marriage and abortion legal in Northern Ireland - despite fury that they are 'driving a coach and horses' through the devolution settlement. By a margin of 383 to 73 the Commons backed an amendment demanding the province be brought into line with the rest of the UK by October 21 - unless Stormont returns and decides otherwise. The House also endorsed a move to liberalise abortion laws by 352 to 99 in another crucial vote. The dramatic results came after MPs 'hijacked' a government Bill in a bid to force the changes in Northern Ireland.

But the DUP has accused them of abusing the impasse at Stormont to impose Westminster's will............

After the success of the amendment pushed by Labour MP Conor McGinn, ministers will be obliged to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland by October 21 if a new Stormont Executive has not been formed.
The DUP is being screwed after having their fun as power brokers, using their chance to hassle May. Did the Church of England notice? Does it care? Is it a church? Sodomites have them on the run. Paedophiles are gloating. This comes in "Gay Pride Month".


Homosexuals Marketing Sexual Abuse Of Children  [ 17 September 2019 ]
Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to legitimise paedophilia. The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), was a British-based pro-paedophile activist group, founded in 1974.

The group campaigned for the age of consent to be lowered to the age of four, while receiving significant funding from the Home Office and was affiliated with the National Council for Civil Liberties.

Such groups still exist internationally. In a letter to the Guardian in 1997, Peter Tatchell stated that friends as young as nine had sexual experiences which gave them “great joy.” Tatchell inferred that while he was unable to condone paedophilia, he claimed that not all sex involving children was “unwanted, abusive or harmful.”............

They dismissed the fact that the perpetrators who abused me were all white and British, displayed zero interest in CSE perpetrated by white offenders, who are by far the vast majority of all sexual offenders, or expressed outrage at such offences being committed within their own ranks.
The Morning Star [ ex Daily Worker ] does not approve of Paedophile Perversion, which is as it should be. The PIE mob was run by Homosexuals for paedophiles. Most of them are homosexual in the first place. Recall that the BBC markets homosexuals while protecting Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith, Greville Janner, Mark Trotter   & hundreds of  Paedophile Jews
especially rabbis [ see Failed Messiah Paedophiles for more and better details ]. It seems that Miss Dillon, the writer of this piece also has her peculiar habits. She is NOT a doctor, her PhD is not real.
PS The BBC will start pushing Bestiality when it thinks it can get away with it.


Homosexual Is A Paedophile As Well     [ 14 November 2019 ]
A floating hospital charity worker has avoided jail after paedophile hunters caught him arranging to meet a '13-year-old boy' at a theme park. Ships navigator Matthew Parker, 41, has twice helped pilot the Africa Mercy, the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship.

Run by international Christian charity 'Mercy Ships', it sails to African countries where its team of volunteer medics perform life-changing surgeries free of charge.
They get in everywhere. The BBC protects them; think e.g. of Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith & Mark Trotter. The Mainstream Media covers up for Paedophile Jews, hundreds of them, especially rabbis - see Failed Messiah Paedophiles for more and better details.


Third World Homosexual Rapist Gets 30 Years   [ 7 January 2020 ]
An 18-year-old rugby player has revealed how he helped to stop the world's most prolific serial rapist after he woke up while being molested and fought him off - before giving police a phone filled with sickening footage of the man's attacks.  Reynhard Sinaga, 36, is believed to have attacked at least 195 men and was convicted of drugging 48 of them and filming himself sexually violating them while they were unconscious in his Manchester flat. 

The gay Christian student was jailed for 60 years and must serve a minimum of 30 years in custody before he can be considered for parole.

He was finally caught when one of his victims regained consciousness on the bathroom floor and fought him off before he went to the police and crucially handed in Sinaga's phone. 

The six-foot tall, 13-stone teenager told the court how he woke up with his trousers around his ankles with Sinaga molesting him. He battered the rapist, beating him so badly he suffered a bleed on the brain and had to be taken to hospital. 

Initially the 18-year-old victim was mistakenly arrested for assault, but Sinaga left an  iPhone 4 in his back pocket which contained sickening videos of him raping drugged men. 
Deeply nasty, imported by a deeply corrupt government. Sinaga is an Indonesian chancer. Her Majesty's Government panders to enemy aliens.


My Journey to the Homosexual Question  [


Nearly Half Of Brits Believe Ethnic Minorities & LGBT "Communities" Are Over-Represented On TV  [ 2 March 2023 ]
The rest are stupid or lying - Editor.
Almost half of Brits believe ethnic minorities and LGBT communities are over-represented on television, a survey has found. Some 45 per cent of people in the UK think ethnic minorities are over-represented, while just 26 per cent say they are under-represented, according to the new YouGov poll.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent of Britons believe gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender people are over-represented on their TV screens. However, there are no reliable figures to show if Britons' perceptions about representation on television are correct.

It comes just weeks after a report by the Campaign for Common Sense suggested the BBC's programmes portrayed a version of Britain unrecognisable to most viewers - as it accused the broadcaster of 'over-representing minorities'. 
We all know that the BBC systematically protects Paedophiles like Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris et al ad nauseam. It was marketing Marxism during the last war. It still incites perverted variants.

Errors & omissions, broken links, cock ups, over-emphasis, malice [ real or imaginary ] or whatever; if you find any I am open to comment.
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