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As you look through these sites, if you look through them, you might get the feeling that they are not of a left wing persuasion. You will be right and I hope that you are right or become right. If the views expressed seem outrageous, it could be unfamiliarity that is the cause. Some writers take a position and leave you to take it on its merits or  leave it, if you choose. Life is like that.

My current favourite site is - it is run by Ron Unz, a Jew with an MSc in theoretical physics & real intelligence. He publishes articles written by people a range of writers, who are not employed by press barons in the Mainstream Media. It means they can write what they want, not what they are told.

Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

BTW, if you think that the newspapers and media generally are there to keep you informed, you really do need the Internet - and a good psychiatrist. Here they are fairly loosely classified:-


Criminal State
It is of course Israel.


Ed Steele [ RIP ]
Ed is an American, lawyer and writer living in Idaho with worthwhile things to say, which is why they put him in prison on a murder rap. The fact that his alleged victim is his wife and most passionate supporter tells us something about being fitted up.


EU Times
Or European Union Times is rather sound.


I Am An Englishman
An honest patriot puts a case and backs it up with facts. That is as good as it gets.


Inconvenient History
Is the best sort of history especially if it is true. It tells us who has an agenda and who is lying to us.


Can Jews be Fascists? You had better believe it. Is a good title with some good stuff on it. Well worth a look.


The Occidental Quarterly
Comes from men who know who our enemies are. Would you believe they are governments and other wonderful people? I would! I do!


Is for white men and a rival to the Wikipedia, needed to counter the bias.
An Englishman writes.


Redress Information & Analysis
Exposing injustice, disinformation and bigotry 
They have some excellent pieces.


Sean Bryson
Sean is a sound sort of chap and an Englishman to boot.


Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel
This website and the associated organization of the same name have the mission of providing Jews and non-Jews with the intellectual tools to stand up to Zionist intimidation and manipulation.
It sounds good to me and if you don't think you are being manipulated by aliens just look at how many of them are in Her Majesty's Government [ Straw, Miliband, Hodge, Miliband at least ] and the White House [ dozens ]


The numbers by some sites are the Alexa ratings. The lower the number the higher the traffic.


Stephen M. Walt's blog | Stephen M. Walt
Professor Walt runs a blog with sensible views. Well worth a look.


Bilderberg And World Government - Breaking the Silence
They have their secret conferences and the media say nothing. What are they all about?


BNP                                                25,323
The British National Party is a party taking a position against unlimited immigration. It is detested by the two and a half main parties and has the best Alexa rating of the lot. They have been at the receiving end of espionage and malicious prosecution for their pains.


Birdman   [ Broken link sadly ]
AKA John Bryant [ RIP ] takes a position on the major problem of this era; giving reasons and sources for everything that he says. Start with facts and build up a case. That is what The Birdman does. Here is John Bryant on Liberals, which is American for the left.
PS his Alexa rating has dropped from around 70,000. I seriously doubt that is a lack of traffic. Manipulation is highly likely.
PPS John is no longer with us, sad to say. His site lives on as a memorial to his work.


Enemies Of The People
Somebody has them bang to rights.


Griffe du Lion                                  13,311
Is the pseudonym of an American academic with a good background in sociology. He looks at intelligence and how it relates to race. His results are interesting, solidly based and dispassionate. It seems that his use of maths is dubious but his sociology is still spot on.


Hal Turner Show                              87,124
A sound man who has the courage to say what he thinks even though it makes him unpopular with Zionists and the left. He has views about who is running America and indeed the West.
PS Hal is now in prison for his pains in telling the truth. It shows that American politicians hate democracy and the Constitution, the one they are sworn to uphold.


JR Books
Offers rare books for free. JR sympathizes with the Germans, being rather more indulgent toward naughty little Adolf than most people. None the less there are two sides to every story which is why the Jews are so keen to hide the other.


Migration Watch UK                  1,051,127
Does precisely what the name implies and is not liked by the establishment. It is run by an ex-diplomat which makes it harder to discredit so they ignore it. They would love to accuse them of racism but they can't; another reason for suppressing the truth.


Most Wanted
You might be surprised to learn that the majority of the perpetrators on the run are foreigners. It might even make you think that the Main Stream Media have been lying to you.


New Nation News                           68,171
This is a news operation that does not skate round the issues that matter like the colour of crime. Political Correctness is not their way. Well worth a look.


Sean Bryson's Anti-PC Site
Sean asks the right questions and comes through with the right answers.


Has been started to be a source of information, which is honest and does not have the anti-white bias of the Wikipedia. It has not got the huge number of articles yet but the bias is sorted. It have dealt with the malicious attacks from mainly left wing sources. Telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Sadly the White Wiki is down pro tempore [ August 2006 ]. The Metapedia is still on line. There are other similar names being used by communist subversives in order to deceive us.
September 26, 2009 - The number of articles in
The English section of Metapedia amounts to 5000.
January 12, 2009 - The number of articles in
The English section of Metapedia amounts to 4000.
May 24, 2008 - The number of articles in
The English section of Metapedia amounts to 3000.
January 9, 2008 - The number of articles in
The English section of Metapedia amounts to 2000.
October 2, 2007 – The number of articles in
The English section of Metapedia amounts to 1000
May 15, 2007 –
The English section of Metapedia is launched
October 26, 2006 –
The Swedish section of Metapedia is launched
August 9, 2006 – A limited group of people start laying the
groundwork for the Swedish Metapedia
It is a European operation fanning out from Sweden.



Failed Messiah RIP
Is run by a Jew telling us about Jews. The New York Times tells us that he is a muckraker. Of course they report news. The difference is too subtle for me to distinguish. Mr. Rosenberg is not alleged to be lying. Since he uses main stream media reports & court reports that would be a difficult claim to get away with. It is not at all bad. See especially Failed Messiah On Paedophiles.


Israel Shamir
Takes a position on Jewish evil. This makes him unpopular with Zionists. They claim that his track record as stated is implausible at best. But much of it is checkable. They do not seem have proof against him.


A look at the facts of their expulsion from various countries, with sources and a bit on why.


Is exactly what the name suggests. Jew Watcher was a librarian and now he displays what he wants, where he wants, how he wants. He gives us Jewish sources and they hate him for it. If you want to know about their track record of political manipulation, bribery, drug dealing, espionage, slaving, pandering, brothel keeping, treason and subversion this makes a very good start. Well worth a look. His sources are dated.


Belongs to Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. They are a rather better bunch than some. They seem to believe that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution means what it says and that they are entitled to keep and bear arms. They are right.


Norman Finkelstein
Is Norman Finkelstein's site to say the obvious. He is a Jew who has written in depth about the Holocaust as a major boondoggle which has made billions for Jews. He is not very popular in Zion. If he were wrong they would have been delighted to tell us all about it. They have not. They just pretend that he does not exist or lie about him.


The Babylonian Talmud
This is the Soncino Edition and it is in English.


The Israeli List
Look at their track record and wonder just how crooked they are.


The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
Is from Israel Shahak, a Jew who tells us like it is from the inside and it is not even new.



Propaganda Matrix
Has a view about what is going on. THEY are at it. They have some good theories.


Is a left wing subversive in New York with views that made him unpopular with the authorities. Worth a look.
Is what the name implies; a rather low key look at what Muslims are doing in the West.
Why? Because the West is facing a concerted effort by radical Muslims, most of whom are ignored by the Western media, to destroy the West and bring it forcibly into the Islamic world. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad.

Jihad is a central duty of every Muslim. Modern Muslim theologians have spoken of many things as jihads: defending the faith from critics, supporting its growth and defence financially.


Middle East Realities
Marwen is short for Mark and Wendy. They give us some essays from people who know the Middle East. This tends to mean people with axes to grind. These are not fans of Jewish evil and there is plenty of it to feed their disgruntlement.


Igor Alexander's Sites
Some good sites are out there. Igor has found some.


Islam - the Religion of Peace
Or death. Pandering to Islamics is not going to make them stop murdering people. Quite the reverse. Blair claimed that he was shocked on 7/7 when it was home grown Islamics. Shipping more in is not a solution. Here is a calm look at their kill count. The invasion of Palestine by Jews has annoyed them. Ditto for Iraq. Who caused these problems? They are prone to blame Zionists.
How many babies have the Americans killed in Iraq? The American establishment doesn't know. At all events it doesn't want you to know or care. They are fairly honest but someone thinks that they have an anti-American agenda. See IraqBodyCount.con?


Is short for Rodney Hylton-Potts who was a solicitor until he got five years for fraud. He was on a television show about running for Parliament. He won because he was against immigration. ITV are so pleased that they are going to cancel the show or would they rejig it so that they can cheat on the phone in votes? They were not set up to do it this time though and the truth came through.
Is named after Virginia Dare, the first child born in America. Alexa classifies vdare as a hate site but fails to explain where the hate is. It does not even try. There is none. Peter Brimelow explains what illegal immigration is doing to America and what your wonderful government is doing about it. [ Hint; encouraging it. ]


The secret Downing Street memo
This is the smoking gun, the proof that we were lied to big time as an excuse to make war. Men died for an agenda and a foreign power. It was not what I enlisted for. Invading Iraq had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden or 9/11. It had a lot to do with taking over Middle East oil for Israel.


The 9/11 Job
It happened and that is all that we really know; that and the fact that we have been lied to big time.


9/11 And  The Aftermath
The follow on was major. 9/11 was all the excuse that various comedians needed to get their agenda on the move. It was an excuse to impose a police state. Adolf used the Reichstag fire in precisely the same way.


Chinese Threat Level
They are making noises. They have the numbers. They have the money. They have the inclination. They have the internal stresses that make world conquest worth considering. Overrunning Australia would be a start. Is this paranoia? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Yggdrasil University
Reading, thinking, deciding what is worthwhile, deciding and making progress. That makes a life better. Gunji Koizumi, who brought judo to England departed this life at 79 because he was no longer making progress.


Leads to Yggdrasilfilm and new media approach.


La Griffe du Lion
Intelligence matters. It is the reason that we have the life style that we do. La Griffe analyses intelligence and gives us reason to believe  that he is right. Why do psychologists claim that IQ is irrelevant? It does not fit their politics. Read and learn. Racism does not come into it. He puts an intelligent view of intelligence. He is anonymous, calm and right; maths apart that is.


United Nations
Force for good or a big time boondoggle? I will settle for the latter.


Islam - the Religion of Peace
Or death. Pandering to Islamics is not going to make them stop murdering people. Quite the reverse. Blair claimed that he was shocked on 7/7/2005 when  home grown Islamics attacked England. Shipping more in is not a solution. Here is a calm look at their kill count. The invasion of Palestine by Jews has annoyed them. Ditto for Iraq. Who caused these problems? They are prone to blame the Jews.


Is the great evil of our time, or so we are told. A few centuries ago the same kind of self-righteous twerp was telling us that we should burn witches.


Colour of Crime
Not many black men get done for major fraud but when it comes narcotics and robbery they are in the forefront.


Criminal Of The Day
See the mug shots. See the criminals and wonder why they are not locked up on sight.


Australia and Aboriginals
There is no problem so bad that politics can't make it worse. It did but perhaps the pendulum is swinging back a bit.


Election results
Blair won with a majority of  66. England lost.


Voting in May 2005?
Is it a waste of time? The main parties are the enemies of England. Labour is merely less dishonest about it. Sean Gabb on the bigger issues.


The Purpose and Limits of Government
Before you vote, think about why we have a government and whether they have any intention of doing what they should be doing and then leaving us alone. By Roger Pilon.


The left wanted decolonization in Africa. The left got decolonization. Politicians were warned that the consequences would be horrendous. The results are just that. Africa is one of the worst areas. There are others as foul. No wonder blacks want out. It also turns out that it is our fault - according to the left.


Civil War II or
Civil War in America? Again? It is on the cards. The conditions have been set up to make matters bad, worse and then intolerable. At which point there will be a take over by the enemy within. A better approach is to screw the peasants to the maximum minus a bit. Then the golden goose keeps laying.


Exposing Israeli Apartheid
If you think it is bad, it is worse. Here is some of the reality. Apartheid was bad in South Africa - we told incessantly by Jews. In Palestine, the Stolen Land it doesn't matter according to the same Jews.


Data Sources

Control of internet information or whether you should trust the Wikipedia
Hint: No. It is like the rest of the media - controlled by people with an agenda.


Information Sources
These are government sources and have their uses.


101 Internet Sources
This selection from the Daily Telegraph ranges wide. It worth a look.


Other  Things Some interesting things and some that were interesting or at least topical. Look for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Ashkenazi Jews and Intelligence


Aviation News
The emphasis is on military aircraft.


Black invention myths
Are wishful thinking from people who know nothing about science and care less but do have a political agenda.


Banjo Patterson
He wrote Waltzing Matilda which is Australia's unofficial anthem.


To a book worm there are never enough books. These are worth a look too.


Book of the Week
Reading can be a voyage of discovery. Sometimes books confirm your views. Others change them or add to them. They can be just a pleasure.


Civil Contingencies Bill
This awful Bill is progressing through the system on a wave of ignorance and indifference, driven by a lust for power. It cannot just be Blair who is keeping his mouth shut about this one. Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition are keeping stumm too. The media are helping to keep us ignorant too. Read and despair.


Defence News
A new feature with updates as and when they come to hand.


Ed Swank
Programmer and libertarian, worked on PGP, the encryption programme for the rest of us. He thereby helped make the world less bad than it would have been otherwise. He has some worthwhile links. See also American Cryonics Society. If you want to live on in a deep freeze in order to be brought back to a better world this is the way to go. Ed is the president. Now it has been superseded by GPG otherwise known as  GNU Privacy Guard. It uses the same mathematical advances, the code is open source and checkable. It is the way to go.


Election results
Blair won with a majority of  66. England lost.


How do you find out? How do you get justice? Here are some pointers.


Fox Hunting
The banning of hunting is an object lesson in the abuse of power. Fortunately the Bill that Blair put through was such a pig's ear that hunting has carried on pretty much as normal. That points to another important aspect of Her Majesty's Government. It is incompetent as well as corrupt and malicious.


Freakonomics by Steven Landsburg
Comes very highly recommended. This is economics being used to get results. Proving fraud in Chicago schools and costing twelve teachers their jobs is just one example.


Fred on Everything
Fred writes about what he wants to write about, when he wants to, if he wants to and does it very well. Learn about the reality of American ghettoes and thank God that you have never been in one.


Fred On Everything - Links
Fred's links are an interesting selection. Some I knew and liked. Well worth an hour of your time.


Fun Page
Some things are funnier than others. This is not for politically correct kill joys.


Impeaching Blair
The Issue of the Day - Sadly it has gone off the boil. Some MPs have decided to impeach Blair; that is to charge him with misconduct in order to get him dismissed. To see the case against him and find out how to help by contacting your MP go to:- Impeach Blair

This one is being backed by a tiny number of MPs; the no hopers, the past its, the aren't going to get promoteds. Too many of them are doing too nicely out of it. That must be said to include Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. The directorships come afterwards.


Liberty Unites
See the horrors of war for real. This is genuine footage, I think. Look for yourself but have your sick bag at the ready.


Media Power and Media Control
The media are deeply political. They tell us what they want us to know and ruthlessly suppress what they do not want to come out. Thus they control our knowledge and our views. The other aspect of politics is influencing politicians. How is it done and by whom? The starting point has to be knowing who they are. Most of us do not even know that. To find out more about how go to Media Power and Media Control and to find out how much  New Labour control them go to Blair and New Labour


Mother Teresa Criticized
She is holy and beyond criticism, or is she? Christopher Hitchens is not a believer. He is a Jew and quite probably an atheist but he uncovers the truth and uses the truth, more or less.


National Journal: Kampf um die Weltherrschaft
That decodes as Struggle for world leadership. Well worth a look.
The National Journal will escort you through the turbulent times ahead of us with knowledgeable armour when the struggle for world dominance begins to rage.
As a bonus it will do so in German in case your English is not up to speed.


Odd Facts
When they are difficult to classify they wind up in this file. You might care to spend a few minutes with them.
Gives us news and views. Rather sound. Now [ April 2006 ] it seems to have gone the way of all flesh. RIP.


Resistance to Interrogation
Being beaten up by the police is not a lot of fun. Being mentally prepared means not signing the confession that is going to put you in prison. 
Pictures like you have never seen before; rather good and if you want a personal one off just ask.


Pharmaceutical Industry
People are prone to dark suspicions about big Pharma. There is a degree of justification. Here is a bit of evidence.


Picture of the Day
Life has its moments; some more amusing than others.


Police Theory, Police Practice
They are dangerous, arrogant criminals. If you disagree it is because you have not had dealings with them.


Some books that have influenced my world view and others which have not.


Software Sources
There are some good ones out there. Not all cost money.


The Story of Non-Secret Encryption
The name sounds like a contradiction. It does make sense. Public key encryption is important and thought to be an American invention.  It was but an Englishman was there first. Sadly he didn't get the follow through or the recognition until much later. If you use PGP that is what you have.


Things Are Better than We Think
The title is clear enough. Perhaps you don't quite believe. Prophets of gloom have agendas. Read and the truth shall set ye free.


US Army
Would you join up? Should you join up? Ask questions first. Ask Fred. He was there, in Vietnam for real. He reports on matters military. This is just one of his pieces. Look for the rest. It is YOUR life at risk. Then look at Women In Combat


There are two main kinds of economists; Austrian economists and the rubbish. Ludwig von Mises is the right sort and his institute gives papers on various aspects of the economy. It is not always a fun read but the ideas are there.


Culture Wars
When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 we thought that we had won the Cold War. We had but post Marxists, followers of Antonio Gramsci carried on and won. This was because the ruling classes lost their belief in England and Englishmen and they now constitute our main enemy. Gramsci's idea was to destroy civilization from the top down using the management rather than Marx's approach from the bottom up. Destroy the culture and destroy the country.


Google Search Techniques
How to find good things on the Net.


These were suggested by Ivan K************, a Russian(?)   



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