Major Political Issues

Jefferson said it best: "When the government fears the
 people, you have liberty. When the people fear the
 government, you have tyranny."

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989  Erich Honecker waited for the phone to ring and tell him that the Red Army was on its way to get a grip. It stayed quiet. East Germans were surprised and happy. It seemed that we might get a quiet life too. But it was not to be. Various second line thugs moved in to fill the power vacuum left by the People's Dictatorship of the USSR. Now other and bigger players are making their moves. Behind it all we have the manipulators hiding in various places. Do we actually need conflict in the Middle East? Not really, just a nice steady flow of oil. But who controls it and who wants to control it? The Arabs for the moment and next the Jews or more properly the Zionists. They are just one of the problems emerging from the woodwork. There are others. First come parts of the solution rather than the problems.

This rationale is worth posting. It comes from J Orlin Grabbe, not me but it sums up a lot of what I believe that we should all know.

Acts Of War
Certain acts by the government would not merely be treason but definite acts of war against the people.


Stormfront's Ethnic Crime Report
And Condensed Headlines of the report, may be found here. Stormfront's report provides the most comprehensive account of ethnic crime in Britain over the last three years that can be found on the web...... Any English man who can pretend that any of the three main parties are on their side after checking out a tenth of this information is either a lemming, an ignoramus, insane or a bought-and-paid-for traitor to his tribe.
This series started in 2003 and runs to 287 pages at the time of writing in April 2008. The BBC aren't going to tell you this but then the BBC are a bunch of traitors carrying out  Cultural Genocide and the ethnic crime wave is part of it. See:-
THE FALLEN LIST - Murdered by blacks and ethnics imported by a corrupt government.


Political Sites
Some sites are obviously political. Others are too but it is not so obvious. Entertainment is what people watch with their guards down then adopt the hidden messages. Racists are evil, aren't they? It says so all over the media. Apartheid is awful, isn't it? Yes if it is happening in South Africa but it is different in Israel.


INDEX of the GOOD:-

INDEX of the BAD

Good News

Active Politics
Referendums are direct democracy. They are real democracy, not representative democracy. That is why politicians do not like it. It is why we should have it. It is not a party political issue. It is a them versus us issue. Does the BBC ever talk about it? It is another idea that they hate being Marxists and traitors.


Beer In England
Beer is good for you, Puritans and other busybodies notwithstanding. Better than gin at all events. Governments meddle because they have power and they are used by special interests. Read a little about the self righteous prigs and bores spoiling our fun.

Is a good idea, one whose time has come. If people want a referendum on something in Switzerland and they get enough signatures, a referendum is held and it has legal force. Representative democracy, the sort we have in England has been scientifically perverted. It is de facto dictatorship. Find out how to make England a better place.
Defensive Racism
Is not so much an answer to the problems as an analysis from which flow answers. If you think the problems cannot be that bad you should look at different sources. Depend on the main stream media not to tell you the truth. They are part of the problem. Have look at The Case Against the Jews A Documented Critique of Contemporary and Recent Historical Jewish Behavior then check the sources. Once you know they are on the right lines, you can think about the case being put. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
Is a term much used and much abused. It is also the best system of government in civilized countries. It is rare because politicians have a lust for power.


Is a cumbersome name for a decent system of politics. Think of workers' cooperatives. They are doing rather well.


Was perhaps more Social Engineering than anything. Was it good? Perhaps.


Is about breeding better which is just fine until politics get involved.


Final Solution to the Washington Question
No it is not about The Holocaust story. It is about getting a grip of traitorous politicians. It does not just apply to Washington either. Why do you think there are thirty armed thugs at the end of Downing Street?


Free Speech
It matters which is why it is hated by the BBC and other communist subversives.


Henry Ford And Jews
Henry was a much better man than I knew. Propaganda affects us all and Jews control most or all of it. They hate the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion too.


Home Schooling
Home schooling works much better than government schooling. That is a basic point. The other is that it blocks a major  government propaganda channel. It takes commitment but it is worth thinking about.


Leaderless Resistance
Government tyranny incites response. This is one. Cunning politicians tend to keep their evil in check just enough to keep the goose laying golden eggs. Picking off a few criminals discourages the rest.


The Libertarian
The libertarian wants to be left to get on with own life; to be left alone. It really does not mean people spying on his dustbin and telling how high his loo seat has got to be. It means lower taxes, much lower and therefore more prosperity.


Political Activism
If you want it done right do it yourself. If you want it done at all still do it yourself. Someone did just that and had a lot of fun while he was at it. Crooked politicians panicked when they thought he might win so they libelled him. It is going to cost them big time.
Political Collusion with Big Business
It is big time. The Labour Party Conference had hundreds or thousands of front men touting their wares. See Private Eye 1167 and 1168 on the point. Multi gigabuck contracts are worth a few favours.


Political Philosophy
It may not sound like fun but it is important and interesting, leading to an understanding of who is running our lives, how and why.

There are politicians that I approve of. This makes them a select band. The crooks, the chancers, the self righteous are what infest English politics this day. My favourites were revolutionaries and agitators. We need their like.


Rerum Novarum
Pope Leo takes a position on the welfare of the common working man.


Revolutionary Majorities
The American Revolution happened because people decided to do something about bad government. Their current rulers are far more oppressive and corrupt. Here is something about effective action.


Ron Paul For President
An honest man ran for President in America in 2008. He was beaten because he was honest. They used a worldwide news blackout to stop him. The same election featured a major cover up of  Obama's forged birth certificate. Cheating is how it is done.


Science and Technology
They are the reason why we live in comfort rather than hunting and gathering. Do engineers or scientists get gratitude? Not a chance.

V for Vendetta
This is a film review which makes it unusual for this site. Blowing up Parliament strikes millions of Brits as an idea whose time come. Independence Day had the same theme in America and struck a major chord with the rightfully disgruntled. Politicians and the men that control them are a class apart. Politicians are the enemy.
Voting in England
If you have lived in England  in the last fifteen [ 15 ] years you can vote there. Contribute to the right people or legitimize evil by joining in. The choice is yours.


Should it be a problem? There aren't any serious issues there that can't be sorted out by colonization but it is not fashionable to say this. Marxists don't approve of colonies unless they are running them.


Aliens From Outer Space Are Taking Over - Maybe
Improbable? Yes Impossible? No. An idea that explains why our governments are our worst enemy.

Anti British discrimination in the UK
It is government policy to discriminate against the British. Shocking perhaps. Disgraceful but above all true. Here are some examples.


Atlantic Charter
Was an agreement between  Roosevelt and Churchill about post war policies.

Blair is Her Majesty's Prime Minister and a very bad one. George MacDonald Fraser tells us in his book that he is even worse than Eighteenth Century politicians, a subject of which he knows. My little essay points in the same direction.
Is economists' short hand for Brazil, Russia, India and China, the great power houses of the coming millennium or not as the case maybe. Backing an economist's guess with your own money is a mug's game.
They should be a triviality but using them to incite Islamics and war is not trivial. It is evil. Politicians are evil. At all events those who want America and England to invade the Middle East for them are. They are the Zionists who control Israel.


Chinese Threat Level
China worries people. It is enormous, we are told and a sleeping giant that will be dangerous if it wakes. The Chinese have brains, energy and are prone to be organized. They  have major internal stresses. They are not one race and there are many languages but not much good land. They resent having been invaded by us too. They have the full NBC  [ nuclear, biological and chemical ] capability and a deep sea navy in the making. Aircraft carriers don't come cheap so they are getting them for a reason. Their network of Chinese take aways and spies is world wide. There is a potential for espionage there.


Civil War II
The coming break up of America is important especially to those who live their. Here it is explained by a soldier who fought in guerrilla wars.

Climate Change
Is a major boondoggle being inflicted on us. Their story changed to fit like this.
Global Cooling  >>> Global Warming  >>> Climate Change. Next we all worry about our carbon foot prints.
Communism Is Alive And Kicking In A Nation of Frogs
The title is a little odd but the analysis is excellent. Communists HAVE taken over the universities, churches, law, business and worst of all governments.


Conspiracy Theories
Some are good and some are bad. Some are meant to confuse us and draw us off the scent. They are disinformation. Good theories are like good science. They are specific and checkable. You need to do your own thinking sometimes.

Culture Wars
This is the connecting influence in several issues. Politicians making power grabs. Inciting illegal immigration creates rival cultures in a country. That is why our enemies do it. Take over politics. Take over the media, universities and religions then destroy them. Post Marxists, Antonio Gramsci's  followers are doing it now and they have won. Telling us what they were at would have given the game away. So they didn't. Nor did the BBC who are also our enemy. Do you know why they want to destroy England?
Demography And Death - The West Is Dying Out
We don't have enough babies. Islamics breed like flies. We lose and they win. Then the world will be one vast slum. Simple, isn't it?


Have been made illegal which distorts the market place and stimulated demand. They have created a multigigabuck industry which pays policing agencies, free traders and the American CIA


Economists can be a force for a good when they have something beyond the next pay cheque in mind. That lets most of them out.


Eight Stages of Genocide
Are interesting especially if you are a potential victim. The author tells us about Jews as victims but not as perpetrators.


Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed
Eliot tried to stop predatory lenders cheating blacks. That was the end of him.


England Betrayed
Her Majesty's Government and the whole of the ruling class have been infiltrated by Marxists, traitors and Jews.


We are becoming part of Europe whether we want to or not. But our Beloved Leader is going to allow us, the ignorant, toiling masses to have a referendum some time  i.e. when he thinks that he's going to get the answer that he wants. Here is a contribution to matters.
PS, no matter how bad you think  it is, it is worse.

False Flag Operations
Set up an attack on a school or a convent. Stoke up public outrage but make the evidence point to someone else. It has been done. It works. It needs initiative, finance and the morals of a sewer rat. That is where Mossad comes in.


Is a movement used to sabotage civilization by making women dissatisfied. The same people incite blacks in the same ways for the same reason.


High finance involves millions. In fact now it involves billions or even trillions which tells you something about inflation. The American dollar has been inflated and lost 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve Bank was founded. That is what central bankers have done to us using printing presses and fraud. Ed Steele explains it all in plain English.


Foreign Aid
It sounds worthy. It is not; it is a very profitable boondoggle.


Freedom in Peril
The National Rifle Association is publishing a graphic novel about the assault on American's freedom. It is on line and  worth a look.


George Bush
It is easy to make a case against George. It was even easier with Clinton but the media was keen to suppress the truth about his goings on. In retrospect he was less awful than George; merely corrupt, treasonous and  a fornicator. George is doing serious damage. Being under the control of the Zionists is how it gets that bad.


German Politics - The Reality
You might wonder why politicians in Germany pander to Zionist Jews and go along with the extortion. Mike James gives some background. He is not necessarily reliable but he is not subservient to the real rulers of the country, whose head office is in Tel Aviv.


Globalization Special
All of those peasants in China are making cheap knickers and toys. Shoddy they may be. They get bought. The Japs did the same with motor bikes. Remember what happened to Triumph, Norton, BSA and AJS. It isn't just manufacturing on the skids; it is brain work too. Programming in India. Indians programming here. Economists think it is great until new ones turn up called Patel or Wong, working for one bowl of rice. Antonio Gramsci's nasty little friends think it is the best thing since Marx got discredited.

Global Warming
Is immensely important according to activists. The Kyoto Treaty MUST be signed and so on. Do they know what they are talking about? No but they are determined to act. Boondoggles come and go. The people behind them are dangerous.

Government isn't the solution. Government is the problem. Thus quoth Ronnie Reagan. Ronnie  was right but sadly he did not follow through on this one. They are variously incompetent, corrupt, greedy, bossy, power hungry and idle. One of the better governments was the Portuguese operation in Mozambique. They were idle and incompetent so they left people to get on with their lives. They were  abused for being a colonialist oppressor but the next lot were vicious and definitely not an improvement.


Government Types
Some sorts of government are better in principle. In practice it depends on the people running things. The standard can be depressingly low except when it comes to active evil.


Gun Control
Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun. That is why politicians want control. It lets them rob people easily.


Honour Killings
Are not illegal in Scotland. They were  a non-issue until ethnics started doing it to their offspring. The Scottish Executive is getting a grip which seems odd. It can be done of course just as we sorted Thugee and suttee in India but there is the matter of having the backbone and morals which are alien concepts in modern politics.

  Identity Cards
Are being sold as a total necessity, one that will make us safe from criminals and prevent all fraud. We are being lied to yet again by a Fascist government which hates freedom and England.


Illegal Immigrants Import Diseases
You more or less knew this anyway but Doctor Douglass confirms it and even gives answers.


Iraq, Why It Happened
Oil is one obvious answer. A Jewish power play is another which combines nicely with it. The stated excuse, WMD is a gross lie. Telling lies is what politicians do.

Immigrants, mainly illegal are flooding into England in their  thousands bringing crime and disease with them. Overwhelming the social services is just another part of it. They get preferential treatment too which makes matters worse. Her Majesty's Government is inciting them and a pack of traitors to boot. Migration Watch UK explains. It is dreadful in America too. Bush is conniving with the illegals there. Her Majesty's Government's statistics and other claims regarding immigration are deeply flawed. This is a euphemism for "they are lying in their teeth". See Migration Watch UK  Achievements on the point.   Islam
The Prophet of Doom has a view. The Prophet has the knowledge. Quoting Mohammed is unfair? Twerps in silly hats use him as their excuse for barbarism. We need to know then do something about treasonous governments importing these comedians.   Israeli Nukes
It isn't just nukes. It is the full range of  NBC [ nuclear, biological, chemical ] options that they have. Even that wouldn't matter too much if they were not vicious, unprincipled rogues with every intention of using them.   Jews
They are the international race. Then they acquired Palestine. It was, we were told, a land with no people for a people with no land. We were lied to but they are energetic, intelligent, subtle [ cunning if you prefer ] and influential. This can be good or bad. See my piece on Zionism below for the bad and there is plenty of that.   THE JFK ASSASSINATION
Who did kill him? Oswald was the fall guy but he didn't do it because he couldn't have done it. Go this far and the field opens up. Mossad is just one candidate.


Is an alternative to Christmas for blacks. It all sounds harmless at first glance. Have a look at who invented it and who is pushing it then perhaps you will change your mind.


Labour Party Policy
Labour's paymasters are Jews. They control policy and send Englishmen to their deaths in Iraq. Blair pandered to the Jew, Levy and the Jew, Ecclestone. With Brown it is Mendelsohn also a Jew. The names change the agenda does not. Israel über alles.
Jews pull the strings and the puppets dance. Englishmen join the British Army to serve Queen and Country. Traitors send them to war and death for Israel.


The law is the political weapon that is used against us. It is used to exercise day to day control over more and more of our lives. How high is your loo seat. Who can you hire to do a job? Most law passed since 1900 is bad law. Pretty much everything that should have been illegal was. Now the system is controlled by zealots with agendas in politics and  silly hats. This piece makes some points.


The Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes
Even if it sounds surprising, it is the literal truth. Of course they are bright enough not to tell the truth. Cunning is used to do evil. It was ever thus.

Can spoil your day. They have and they have been used as deliberate acts of policy by politicians with too much power. Thinking that it couldn't happen here could be a very bad mistake.   McCarthyism
Senator McCarthy is hated by the left. Senator McCarthy is still abused by the left. Senator McCarthy has a virtue. Senator McCarthy was right. The left are wrong. The left are treasonous. That is why they hate him.   Media Power and Media Control
The overwhelming most of what we know about the world outside our own little circle of friends and family comes from the media, newspapers, books, magazines, television and wireless. The rest comes from the education industry. The men who control what we think we know, control what we think. That is why various power hungry politicians with agendas have bought up the media.


Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Adolf had views. What were they? Find out what he wrote. He had view about Jews and reasons for them. The translator's note gives useful background. Read for yourself. Then think for yourself and decide for yourself.


Milk and the Food Nazis
Milk is dangerous unless it has been pasteurized. So it must be treated in a food factory before we are allowed to get it. At all events the law demands treatment and disobedience is crime. However farmers are allowed to drink their own and they seem to be healthy enough. Is this another boondoggle that keeps self righteous apparatchiks employed? I don't know. Nor do the food Nazis in the main. I do know that real organic venison is not much different from factory farmed beef. Some one has a view about the issue and BTW, real milk is nicer.


MPs Get Their Snouts In The Trough

And their trotters too.


Is a major part of the political and propaganda effort used to make us accept foreign undesirables and to destroy Christendom. There is an agenda operating here and it is not intended to make England a better place.


Nationalism As A Political Force
Nationalism matters big time. Propagandists use racism as a weapon but only against white people. Kevin MacDonald explains.


Nationalist versus Internationalist
Left versus right in politics is a standard view. Nationalist versus internationalist may be better.   New Orleans Special
This is real news not space filler. The important stories are what people did rather than the hurricane did and the media black out. Lying about racism is  part of the bigger picture. The current events in France make the point again. See Racism and French Rioting Special


The New World Order
Are we being manipulated by powerful men? Do they really want one world government? Read what they have to say then decide for yourself.


He made it as President of America by fraud using a major cover up by the main stream media.


Oil matters. Food matters too. If supplies dry up it is seriously serious. Who controls the sources? Who is trying to control the sources? Just ask yourself why the Zionists sent the American army to war in Iraq and you will know. Controlling oil prices matters. Controlling public perceptions of the oil situation matters too but that is a standard political technique; lying to the peasants and another issue. See Control Media Power and Media Control for something on that.



They exist and they are in high places. Others are in low places too. Myra Hindley was one such. Lord Janner has been accused in court. He went clear but being a Jew with important friends helps. 


Political Analysis
Has one cheerful offering and a grimmer one. Malthus was not right about population dynamics but post Marxists, Antonio Gramsci's followers are. That is why they are causing illegal immigration on a huge scale.


Political Corruption
Big Business colludes with civil servants and politicians. Pay offs are post dated cheques and very useful.


 Political Manipulation
The stakes are high; they are enormous and they attract crooks like nothing else.   Political Correctness
Sounds fairly innocuous. It is a tool for controlling language and thought used by rogues.


Political Murders
Murder is a political tool, just like war. Think how much blood Blair and Bush have on their hands and wonder if they are going to hesitate at a bit more.


Politicians and Political Parties
Something on the parties and a few politicians.   Politics and Science
Claiming that the science proves you are right is attractive for politicians, liars, con men and special interest groups. Megabucks and gigabucks ride on their lies. Michael Crichton explains.   Politics and Politicians
Can politics be cleaned up? Yes. Can they be kept that way? Only with difficulty. Here is an approach to weeding out some of the more blatant evil.   Politicians are Controlled - Is Blackmail the Method?
raises four major questions:
1) Do people who seek political power have unusual sexual drives?
2) Are we being governed by an elite of paedophiles?
3) Are the captains of the New World Order [ NWO ] using paedophilia to ensnare politicians and other powerful people?
4) Could we stop the ensnarement by simply legalizing paedophilia?
Note that this article significantly confirms both John DeCamp's book Franklin Coverup and also Cathy O'Brien's Trance Formation of America.   Population Dynamics
This means immigration from foreign Hell-holes to civilized countries. It is a major issue and because it happens over years rather than days it is easy not to notice - at first. It starts with little things and accumulates. Chinese take aways are popular. Preferential treatment for illegal immigrants and race riots are  not. Charles Murray explains what is being done to us albeit not by whom. This all been confirmed by Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath. Rape, looting and murder in New Orleans were largely driven by black race hatred. See New Orleans Special. The media cover up was driven by hatred too. That is a function of Zionism.
  Power Tends to Corrupt - The Founders Too
The men who wrote the American Constitution and passed it into law did superbly  then they started misusing power. Even they were not immune. Now American politicians just ignore the Constitution.
Government interacts with business. Both get richer, much richer and everyone is happy except the tax payer who is being robbed blind again.

Progressivism   Propaganda
Propaganda is about controlling the people. It uses the media and  the education industry too. People with power are manipulated differently. It is more of a hands on, individual approach. Some of them want  money and women. Others just want flattery. It can all be arranged. The rest of us have to settle for the lies and fairy stories. Read how it is done.


Psychopaths As Politicians
Politicians, police and prison inmates are heavily over represented in the ranks of the psychopaths. Perhaps they should all be in prison.   Racism
Is the great sin we are told by post Marxists, communist subversives, Trotskyists, Jews on the make, left wing fools, left wing rogues, admirers of  Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party  and the BBC. Of course they are lying. Of course they have an agenda. They are infiltrating illegal immigrants, creating a demographic time bomb in order to destroy society is the name of the game and it is working.   Rationing in America during the war
Americans had it too and there was a fair amount of cheating. England had it worse. One egg a month was not a lot. Rationing went on for us until 1954. Given that the war ended in 1945 there were politicians who wanted control.   Religion
Religions have long been used to manipulate people and much evil has been done in their names. It still is. Notice that you are allowed to sneer at Christianity to your heart's content. Ditto for Islam. Don't try it with the Jews though or the Holocaust story.  



Right Means Right
Left means wrong. Here are some sources with views, facts and logic on their side.


Is an approach to destroying a country or slowing it down, making it less effective. It is being used by our enemies.


Is a very nasty little bunch of Jews, communist subversives, thieves, arsonists closely associated with the more vicious elements of the thugs who run the Stolen Land of Israel..


Has a death toll of 100 million to its credit [ see The Black Book of Communism ] and still people advocate it. One can only wonder why.   The Second World War and Its Causes
Millions died. Billions were wasted. Why did it happen? Was it worth it? Some men went away and never heard a shot fired in anger. Others had a lot of fun. Some were grateful if they merely survived. Here is my contribution to the whys and wherefores.   The secret Downing Street memo
This is the smoking gun, the proof that we were lied to big time as an excuse to make war. Men died for an agenda and a foreign power. It was not what I enlisted for. Invading Iraq had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden or 9/11. It had a lot to do with taking over Middle East oil for Israel.   Security
Security matters. It is also a weapon that can be used against us by corrupt politicians and apparatchiks. It is used against us. They claim that there is a problem but refuse to tell us what the evidence is. National security and official secrets are the excuses and often, even usually fraudulent.   Slavery
Slavery is an ugly fact of life past, present and future. We also have wage slavery and tax slavery but they are another issue. Slavery can be used as a propaganda weapon and it is NOW [ April 2007 ] in Liverpool. We are being told that we sent slave ships to Africa. We are not being told who the owners were. Cohen, Levy, Roosevelt and other names give clues. They were largely Jews.   Socialism in Action
Socialism is a technique which causes starvation. It was tried in America and found wanting. It was tried in Russia and found very effective as a way of causing mass murder. Joe Stalin did it. So did Mao later in China.   Spanish Practices
Perhaps they are more cultural differences than political issues but they do trickle down into reality. The dirty hand is standard operating procedure or at least it was for the last four mayors of Marbella, all of whom went to prison for their pains.  

It should be a dead issue in civilization. It isn't and America is leading the world into a moral cess pit under the command of an idiot president controlled by Zionist thugs.  

Was sorted out we thought but it is taking over civilization NOW. The evidence is out there and Professor Johnson knows what he is about.


Is rather a non-issue for most people in civilized countries. We turn on taps and water comes out. No big deal until a drought comes along. Then it is different. Some countries have water that is not fit to drink. Others will go to war to get enough.


Zimbabwe for Real
See something of the reality in cartoon form.   Zionism
Zionism was brought to us by Theodore Herzl, a Jew from Germany and nurtured in the Russian Empire. It might not have done as much evil as Communism which also came from a Jew out of Germany. It could overtake it though. It has created  humungous problems by taking over the American political system. Add in penetration of the American legal system, business, immigration policy [ multiculturalism is wonderful, isn't it? ],  the media worldwide and see how much power for evil that it has. See how many children it has had killed in Iraq and occupied Palestine. It isn't going to get better any time soon.




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