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Blair is a war criminal, a shameless liar who has done more to destroy freedom in England than any other prime minister. So bringing him before the courts to answer for his crimes would do justice. He is surrounded by police and strong arm men of various sorts. They are protecting him from attacks and from arrest. In other words they are helping to pervert the course of justice. They are complicit in his evil. Of course they might say they were only obeying orders. It did not work at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials. It should not work in England either. They also have wages, life styles, families and bills to pay which hold them back even if they take the point regarding crime. Police do understand. Men of the SAS might not. Sorting Blair would be a first and happy step to cleaning the Augean stables that are politics in this foul year of Our Lord.


Blair, The War Criminal Has A Price On His Head [ 27 January 2010 ]
The only question that counts is the one that the Chilcot inquiry won't address: was the war with Iraq illegal? If the answer is yes, everything changes. The war is no longer a political matter, but a criminal one, and those who commissioned it should be committed for trial for what the Nuremberg tribunal called "the supreme international crime": the crime of aggression...........

Others have explored it, however. Two weeks ago a Dutch inquiry, led by a former supreme court judge, found that the invasion had "no sound mandate in international law". Last month Lord Steyn, a former law lord, said that "in the absence of a second UN resolution authorizing invasion, it was illegal". In November Lord Bingham, the former lord chief justice, stated that, without the blessing of the UN, the Iraq war was "a serious violation of international law and the rule of law".......... We also know that the UK government was aware that the war it intended to launch was illegal......

There are two problems. The first is that neither the government nor the opposition has any interest in pursuing these crimes, for the obvious reason that in doing so they would expose themselves to prosecution. The second is that the required legal mechanisms don't yet exist. The governments that ratified the Rome statute have been filibustering furiously to delay the point at which the crime can be prosecuted by the ICC: after eight years of discussions, the necessary provision still has not been adopted........ So today I am launching a website – – whose purpose is to raise money as a reward for people attempting a peaceful citizen's arrest of the former prime minister. I have put up the first £100, and I encourage you to match it.
I doubt that I have ever agreed with Mr Monbiot before. This time he is spot on. Of course Blair is far from being the only war criminal.  Brown, Bush and Obama are just three of the more obvious. Then there  are Wolfowitz, Perle, Cohen, Kagan, Ledeen, Kristol, Podhoretz, Stelzer, Jews all. The list could be much longer.
PS See for more and better details.


Blair, The War Criminal Evades Arrest - His Bodyguards Collude In Crime [ 24 March 2010 ]
A reporter in Brussels has tried to place Tony Blair under citizen's arrest over his role in the Iraq war, it has emerged. Irish reporter David Cronin, a freelance journalist, put his hand on Mr Blair's arm during the former premier's visit to the European Parliament to discuss the Middle East conflict on Monday....

The former Prime Minister's bodyguards quickly pushed Cronin, 38, away. 'You are charged with war crimes,' he said as the bodyguards stepped in, the said. Cronin, who works for Inter-Press news agency in Brussels, had intended to ask Mr Blair to go with him to a police station to be charged with committing a 'war of aggression'......... It is the second time that Mr Blair's bodyguards have had [ Had to??? They collude in evil - Editor ] to step in to protect him in six months.
An honest man tried to help justice. Of course the mob that run the system are just much criminals as Blair. They are just as guilty as him. Realistically his body guards are accessories after the fact but they are slaves of the system. They need their wages. Other men higher could and should sort the little swine out.


Blair Convicted In Absentia. Blair Is A War Criminal [ 25 November 2011 ]
Those who lobbied to have George W. Bush and Tony Blair tried for their role in the Iraq War have finally got their wish. Though the verdict of the court carries no legal weight, its supporters believe its symbolic value is beyond doubt. The court in Malaysia where the trial took place may not have the power to convict, but the verdict against the former British and American leaders was unanimous.

“War criminals have to be dealt with – convict Bush and Blair as charged. A guilty verdict will serve as a notice to the world that war criminals may run but can never ultimately hide from truth and justice,” 
the statement from the Perdana Global Peace Foundation read.

The foundation was set up by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad [ a rather sound sort of chap - Editor ], who was always a staunch opponent of the war against the regime of Saddam Hussain in 2003. He previously branded Blair and Bush “child-killers”..........

“The evidence showed that the drums of war were being beaten long before the invasion. The accused in their own memoirs have admitted their intention to invade Iraq regardless of international law,” said the tribunal..... Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld, the US Secretary of Defence during the Iraq War, is next on the list to have his case heard by the mock court.
The court convicted. It cannot sentence sad to say. The Main Stream Media do what they so often do, hide the truth. Given that Doctor Mohamad is a lawyer it is entirely likely that they acted properly in considering the evidence.


Barman Tries To Arrest Blair, The War Criminal [ 21 January 2014 ]
The lad bottled out, which is a pity; some muscle would have helped but his heart is in the right place. How do YOU do it if the chance arises? See

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