Blair and the Army

Blair sends them on fool's errands, fighting for foreign interests, promises them what they need and then doesn't deliver.

Blair under fire as General brands mission to Afghanistan 'cuckoo'  [ 30 October 2006 ]
Blair faced a devastating attack as one of his most trusted military commanders described Britain's mission in Afghanistan as 'cuckoo'. General the Lord Guthrie poured scorn on his pledge to give army chiefs in Afghanistan 'anything' they needed...
Lord Guthrie was the Chief of the Defence Staff so he knows what he is talking about. Blair's lie about giving the men everything they need is treated with the contempt it deserves.


Blair devastated as Army chief savages his approach to Iraq [ 15 October 2006 ]
Other serving soldiers were also quick to voice their relief at the general's intervention. One senior officer said: It has been decades since someone senior actually stood up for us, the soldiers and their families.

"People need to take him seriously. This is not a man who is thinking about his career. This is a man who passionately and clearly believes he should tell the truth and represent all of us."
It is not before time that someone told the truth. MoD procurement is deeply corrupt. So are the politicians. The men should be fighting for England not Israel.
PS Count the number of politicians who have served. Ditto for their sons AND their daughters. You won't run out of  fingers. Contrast them with Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince William and Prince Harry. Three of them served for real.


MoD forced to hire civilian helicopters in Afghanistan [ 15 October 2006 ]
Britain is so short of helicopters in Afghanistan that military chiefs are being forced to scour the world for civilian aircraft to support its troops after the US rejected a plea to help plug the shortfall.
Blair claimed that the men would get whatever they need. Blair lied. See Army condemns Blair  and British hire anti-Taliban mercenaries


Army condemns Blair [8 October 2006]
Blair claimed that he will give the Army whatever it needs to win in Afghanistan even though he hasn't got anything to give. More tanks might sound nice but they are more nuisance than they are worth in mountainous territory. He hasn't offered more men which the Army does want. But it made a good head line for Blair. See the next one.


British hire anti-Taliban mercenaries [ 8 October 2006 ]
Forces in isolated outposts of Helmand province in Afghanistan are to be replaced by a tribal police, after NATO outbid the Taliban for their services
3 PARA have been taking the brunt of it and they might be wondering just what the point of it is. A lot of people are. It is a way of annoying Islamics worldwide. Zionists like the idea of getting other people to fight each other so that they can profit from the ruins. They did it with the Bolshevik Revolution. Using Nelson Mandela and the ANC to overthrow the government of South Africa is another example. And who could forget that they sent the American army to ruin Iraq?


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