England gets a decent write up from the Wikipedia, which is not a  neutral source. It leaves scope to wonder just why it is that the subversives who have infiltrated Her Majesty's Government want to destroy it. They are Scots, Jews and Marxists. Evil is their trade. It is fair to say that they have a very cozy relationship with Big Business and they are robbing the tax payer blind. This is not to say that Her Majesty's Allegedly Loyal Opposition is any better. In fact now that they have power they are proving it; Kleptocracy is the order of the day. Then there are the Muslim Sex Gangs operating with impunity, with official connivance. Subversives, our Invisible Enemy have made it 'Racist' to prosecute Pakistani Perverts. It is a major theme of Her Majesty's Government policy and practice. It is about Eliminating The English, it is Ethnic Fouling In England. Another part of government policy is denying it. They did the same when it came to disarming us through the Firearms Act 1920. The real reasons were in the Blackwell Report which was classified SECRET.

Robert Henderson, a decent Englishman explains How England Became The Mother Of Modern Politics. He does it well and on the basis of deep knowledge. 

Is England's next door neighbour. 


Will There Always Be an England?
Pat Buchanan puts a view, asking Will There Always Be an England? It is the right question for the right reasons.


English Scenes   
England at its best is rather lovely. It needs a camera and an artistic eye to show it well.


Kings Of England
They could be good, bad or indifferent. Athelstan was the first; he was one of the best.


England And Independence
An Englishman, a libertarian says the Scots are enemies of England and dangerous to boot. Brown is just one of the nastier examples.


England and Treason
England is run by traitors, for traitors and Capitalist Swine. The tax payer is being robbed blind while foreign undesirables are being imported by the million to besmirch our fair land.


Who WILL Speak For England

The Mail
asks the right question but doesn't give an answer. Now, in February 2017 we have David Davis, lately of 21 SAS  dealing with European politicians. He could be all right


English and Ashamed?
Should you be ashamed of your country and your civilization? No way. Treat the BBC and the rest of the media with the contempt they deserve. Ditto for the education industry and the Church of England


England And The English
Two weeks before the election this year [ 2010 ], Sandy Walkington, a Liberal Democrat candidate for St Albans said, "We're all mongrels. I mean, this country is the most mongrel country in the world. In 200 years we'll all be coffee-coloured — and I've got no problem with that.” It is outrageous and deeply offensive that politicians, the media and left-wing celebrities have promoted the lie that we are somehow all basically from mixed breeding stock in order to legitimise the invasion by hordes of foreigners.
England is being destroyed from within, by traitors. It is that simple. Walkington is just one of them.


Is the de facto world language, the Lingua franca. Gwynne Dyer explains, in English of course.


English Scenes
England at its best.

English Scenes II   
Here are more.

English Scenes III    
And still more.

An English Country Garden
It is in Kent and beautiful. Sadly it is run by the National Trust, which was attacked by Marxists, by Entryists.


England ex Wiki
England became a unified state in the year 927 AD and takes its name from the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes who settled there during the 5th and 6th centuries. It has had a significant cultural and legal impact on the wider world being the place of origin of the English language, the Church of England and English law, which forms the basis of the common law legal systems of many countries around the world. In addition, England was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution being the first country in the world to become industrialized. It is home to the Royal Society, which laid the foundations of modern experimental science. England is the world's oldest parliamentary democracy and consequently many constitutional, governmental and legal innovations that had their origin in England have been widely adopted by other nations.

The Kingdom of England (including Wales) continued as a separate state until 1 May 1707, when the Acts of Union, putting into effect the terms agreed in the Treaty of Union the previous year, resulted in political union with the Kingdom of Scotland to create the united Kingdom of Great Britain.
Ex http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England


Israel's Agents in England
There are lots of them in Parliament, the Main Steam Media, Education, you name it. Names get named. They are there to advance Cultural Marxism.


Jews Infiltrate England or  Jewish Infiltration of England
They wormed their way in using Cromwell, the traitor. Now they are destroying us using Cameron, the traitor using Ethnic Fouling & Genocide.


Norman Conquest
William the Bastard arrived in 1066, won at Hastings, took over and robbed us blind. He imported Jews to do his Tax Farming for him. It may be that Jews put him up to the idea of invading then financed him. They certainly got their pound of flesh later. They were so effective in grinding us down that Parliament paid Edward II the monstrous sum of £116,346 in return for expelling two thousand Jews in 1290. The quoted source is  Mundill 1998, 249ff. - presumably from England's Jewish Solution : Experiment and Expulsion, 1262-1290 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series) (Paperback) by Robin R. Mundill. His book tells us that the Jewish Exchequer is referred to as an Engine of Extortion. He skates over this fact with blithe indifference. In fact he seems down right hostile to the mention in his PhD Thesis.


Political Subversion 
England is under attack from within. Here is something on the guilty.


Will There Always Be an England? [ 1 June 2016 ]
Not if Cameron has his way. Pat Buchanan explains all.


Population To Surge By Four Million Due To Mass Immigration That Will ‘Change The Face Of England Forever'  [ 27 May 2016 ]
Says The Telegraph. Does it care? It doesn't sound like it but then it is called The Quislinggraph for a reason. Decent Patriots  would ask why. They would even condemn it as Treason.
The population of England is set surge by more than four million in the next decade as parts of the south prepare to see the number of inhabitants swell by up to a quarter, official projections show..........

Immigration is set to account for almost half of the expected population expansion, which would also official rank London as one of the world’s megacities – passing the 10 million mark - for the first time.............

Chris Grayling, the eurosceptic Leader of the Commons, told The Telegraph that the levels of migration "will change the face of our country forever"
Changing the face of England forever and a day is the whole point. Using Third World immigration to cause Ethnic Fouling followed by Genocide is the approach of  Zionist crazies, with the connivance of many/most/virtually all  Jews intent on destroying Western Civilization. They are murderous psychopaths like Benjamin Netanyahu driven by Paranoia & greed. Karl Marx's techniques for destroying civilization were alleged to be good for people. Now it is Antonio Gramsci's methods being used to destroy from the top down, by Treason, by Sedition rather than bottom up i.e. Revolution. It is Trahison des Clercs.
PS Pat Buchanan has something very relevant to say about this matter at http://buchanan.org/blog/great-white-hope-125286


Eliminating The English
The true purpose for promoting multiculturalism in England – of achieving genocidal population change by stealth – is, of course, never admitted. It is the indigenous people (the native English) who are the victims of that process; whilst at the same an authoritarian political elite cynically manipulates the rapidly increasing immigrant/settler population. It is therefore the engineering of substantial demographic change, over the last sixty years, that has been used by ‘ progressives ’ to justify the effective destruction (or expropriation) by the political aristocracy of those social institutions created by the ordinary, native people. The principles of government by consent, and of the right to self - determination are contemptuously ignored. The UK State therefore no longer serves the people, but acts as local administrators to a global oligarchy whilst Asset Stripping the country. The ultimate intention is to be effectively rid of a disobedient, native population . Such behaviour is entirely consistent with a State that is a  servant of global finance, engages in warmongering and unlawful foreign wars, is institutionally corrupt, promotes degenerate and socio-pathological forms of behavior, and commits fundamental acts of betrayal (including High Treason) . This report describes and examines that (on - going) process.
PS Mr Shell's analysis is spot on.


Here are some Pakistani Perversion Hot Spots





More are at Muslim Grooming Paedophile Map:-
Latest Map Updates:   updated 8/10/2012 – added Birmingham & 3rd in Bradford,     updated 29/10/ 2012 – added new Rochdale grooming gang,     updated 14/11/2012 – added 2nd Blackburn,       updated 17/11/2012 – added Bradford, Nelson, 2nd Rotherham, Oldham, 2nd Manchester, Preston, Sheffield,  3rd/4th in Rochdale, 2nd Blackpool , 3rd/4th Blackburn         * thanks to Petra for tip,  updated 21/11/2012- added High Wycombe,        updated 26/11/2012- added Hayes, Barking, Swansea, 4th in Bradford,       updated 27/11/2012-added Darwen,      updated 28/11/2012 – added 2nd Telford,    updated15/12/ 2012 – added East London,    updated 13/1/2013- added Liverpool and Harrow,    updated 24/1/2013- added 2nd Keighley,       updated 26/1/2013- added Nottingham and new Oxford,     updated 7/2/2013- added 2nd Leicester , 2nd High Wycombe,    updated 17/2/2013- added 2nd Birmingham,     updated 16/3/2013- added Peterborough, Newcastle, South Shields ,   updated 22/3/2013- added 3rd Nelson, Lancaster,     updated  14/5/2013-added Manchester Gay Rape, updated 21/5/2013 – added 3rd Oldham,    updated 12/6/2013 – Birmingham Shop Worker, updated 17/7/2013 – Great Norton , updated 2/8/2013 – added Coventry,  updated 8/8/2013 – added Londonderry, Northern Ireland (H/T  #RapeJihad),  updated 8/9/2013 – added Bolton, Oldham    updated 28/9/2013 – added Torquay, Bristol, Manchester  updated 8/11/2013 – added Bristol, Bolton, Harlow, Peterborough   updated 8/2/2014 – added  Bury, Leigh, Peterborough, Leeds, Oxford,
Headington Teenage Boy Rape, Bradford  updated 17/3/2014 – added Middlebrough,  Stevenage  updated 1/6/2014 – Burton, Chesham, Sheffield/Bradford, Leeds  updated 14/2/2015 – Wycombe, Newcastle, Halifax, Aylesbury, Peterborough, Sheffield


Is the capital of England and the empire so it matters. The politics get ugly when that much power and money is involved.


Is in civilization but it has still been overrun by Third World scum. That is what our wonderful government has done to us.


Is another town infested by Pakistani Perverts.


Is infested with blacks & crime.


Bristol gets the benefits of ethnic enrichment. Lucky them.


Is the rather ordinary little seaside town whose people spoke for England, who voted against Cameron & the Tories; that is for Douglas Carswell, now of UKIP.


A town once occupied by honest English working men but now overwhelmed by Pakistani Paedophile Perverts.


Where the corruption is built in, just like the Pakistanis


Where the police collude with Pakistani Perverts because it is government policy.


Poor Huddersfield is just as much a victim of Pakistani Perverts as Rotherham, Rochdale & those of other largely northern towns. Some background is at Three Girls - the tip of the Islamic Grooming Iceberg.


Where the police collude in Pakistani Perversion


Has Pakistanis. Leeds has crime. Leeds has police pandering to Pakistani crime.


Has a Pakistani mayor. Aren't we lucky? NO! Sadiq Khan might be less Marxist than Livingstone He is being protected by the Main Stream Media so who knows?


Was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution. Now it is leading the way in decline.


Is full of Pakistanis. The rape and corruption follow as night follows day.


That's where Labour holds power by using Pakistanis for Vote Rigging. Naturally there is a price to pay. Bribery is how it works up there.


Oldham Riots ex Wiki
The Oldham Riots were the first major riots of the 2001 Summer of Violence ... 500 Asian Muslim [
i.e. Pakistani ] youths as they battled against lines of riot police
Useful Idiots trained by Racist rogues claim that calling them Pakis is racist. They lie. That is their trade, Subversion.


The city of dreaming spires, learning and vicious Pakistani Paedophile Perverts. See e.g. Paedophile Perverts In Oxford Convicted.


Is infested with Pakistanis & crime. See Rotherham Report for more and nastier details.


Is up north somewhere, a Hell Hole full of Pakistani criminals. It has not got so much armed crime as Detroit - not yet, but give it time.


Is up North, a town where men made steel and cutlery. Now it is another Hell Hole full of Pakistani criminals. Aren't they lucky? NO!


More Pakistanis, more Pakistani Perverts, more crime, more Main Stream Media indifference.


Is also infested with Pakistani Perverts. Whence Operation Sanctuary.


Let's Play Spot The English Criminal    [ 23 June May 2019 ]


Six Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Abuse In Redditch [ 9 October 2020 ]
Seven men have been charged after an inquiry into child sex offences involving girls aged between 12 and 16........... in Redditch, Worcestershire, against nine girls under the age of 16. Those charged include Abdul Hussain, 21, Arslan Tazarab, 24, Ethashan Tazarab, 20, Numan Mohammed, 22, Usmaan Asghar, 21, Usman Ali, 27, and Richard Jonathan Weaver, 27.

West Mercia Police said the men, from North Worcestershire and Staffordshire, will all appear at Kidderminster Magistrates' Court on November 3.
This is strange. It is political & police policy to allow Pakistani criminals to Rape English girls as a quid pro quo for their Vote Rigging operations in aid of the Labour Party

The Tories ignore their corruption because Capitalist Swine want cheap labour and, therefore more Illegal Immigration. Presumably the Englishman wanted to join in the fun as well.


English Boy Of 13 Is Our Youngest Convicted Terrorist  [ 2 February 2021 ]
A schoolboy has become the UK's youngest terrorist after admitting offences from as young as 13, including masterminding a British far-right extremist cell from his grandmother's cottage. The child - who told investigators he was just trying to 'look cool' - ran the UK branch of the Feuerkrieg Division [ Fire War Division ] until July 2019.

Counter-terror police learned of a British-based FKD 'unit' operating on the internet and launched a huge investigation to find out who was in the cell. Against the backdrop of Met assistant commissioner Neil Basu's [ Basu is a Pakistani infiltrator - Editor ] insisting far-right terror was Britain's fastest growing threat, they managed to dismantle the network............ He was a little older than the founder of the global group, who was just 14 and from Estonia.

At the Old Bailey today via video-link - alongside his supportive grandmother - he admitted 10 counts of possessing terrorist documents and two counts of distributing terrorist material.........

Judge Mark Dennis said: 'The facts of this case are of course extremely serious but I'm not dealing with an adult, I'm dealing with someone who was 14 at one stage, 13 during the time of the offending.
Will you sleep sounder at night knowing that this lad, now grown up to be 14 isn't allowed to use a computer and is going to prison next week? The Mail feeds us the shock, horror revelations but the readers are not swallowing them. Is there something wrong with being an Anti-Semite, with disliking the colonial Fascists who run Palestine, the Stolen Land they call Israel? The Judge reads as a Quasi-Intellectual fool of the sort who swallows the Party Line. The Education Industry churns them out in their thousands every year. See the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Oxford on the point.


Foreign Parts Infested By Vicious Aliens - Thank God For England   [ 2 April 2021 ]
So says Frederick Forsyth more or less. Once you get past Dover it is downhill all the way. Yes, we do have the trouble makers whining about imaginary problems. It would help if they were to go to these Third World paradises; the ones that the inmates are so eager to escape. It would be even better if Traitors like Johnson, BlairBrownCameronHeathJuncker, Merkel, PatelMay weren't eagerly importing thousands more of these parasites every week.


The Death Graph Of Britain   [ 5 June 2022 ]
As a former subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, one graph I keep returning to in anger and despair is the one that shows up at the Daily Mail website from time to time, the one headed “ Number of Migrants Crossing the Channel on Small Boats.”
Source: UK migrant arrivals last year were 95 times higher than in 2018: More than 28,500 crossed the Channel in small boats compared to just 299 in 2018 – as number of asylum applications climbs to the highest in 20 years, By Stewart Carr, February 24, 2022

That’s the English Channel, of course; and “migrants” is government-speak for “illegal entrants.”

Things have gotten so bad that even the worthless, useless British government, which would much rather just let the invasion happen, even these flabby impotent seat-warmers feel obliged to do something—or, more precisely, to look as though they’re doing something.

Their latest gesture in that direction has been a scheme to send the illegals to the African country of Rwanda to have their asylum claims processed. The first batch of illegals to be thus processed have been identified and notified for shipping out next month.
Is , now an ex-Englishman telling the truth? Yes! Is Her Majesty's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson a notorious liar and fornicator? Yes! Is he a traitor? Yes! Is Government Policy inciting Illegal Immigration, Ethnic Fouling & causing Genocide? Yes! The realities are that the Conservative Party aka Capitalist Swine want cheap labour & the Labour Party NEEDS Pakistanis to do their Vote Rigging to keep their hold on power. The Establishment is seriously corrupt.



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