Zionism is a movement which sought a separate home land for the Jews as a refuge from what they call Anti-Semitism. A very influential member of the movement was Theodor Herzl, a Jew and journalist who covered the Dreyfus Affair. Captain Dreyfus was given an unfair trial, convicted in November 1894 and sent to Devil's Island for his pains in being a Jew. This convinced Herzl that Jews were hated. He might have wondered why they were hated and suggested that they clean up their act. There is no reason to suppose that it happened. His answer was to write Der Judenstaat [ The Jewish State ] recommending  separation.

This led to their theft of Palestine, the Stolen Land, which they call the Promised Land and getting themselves hated all over again. They are keen on abusing the Nazis who are much nicer people.
NB The main source used is the Wikipedia which is promoted it as an unbiased source. It is reliable until the agenda cuts  which makes it useful as long as the bias is understood.

Jews do tell the truth from time to time to time but usually in private when no one can hear them.
PS Begin, the prime minister of Israel got a Nobel PEACE prize with murder warrants outstanding.

Anti-Zionist Jews  
Zionism is a great evil. Even Jews don't like it. Here are some.


Israel Shahak
Was an honest Jew; this is not a contradiction in terms. Professor Shahak was in concentration camps, the Jews' army in Palestine. He believed that Arabs have human rights too, a very dissident view in Tel Aviv. It is why Jews censor him.


Ten Zionist Lies & Ten Honest Answers
Yes, of course Jews lie. Abusing our ignorance is one technique; the Big Lie is another.


Zionist Fools
They push their luck, they get away with it so they push more. They murder, rape, torture, steal, lie. Then they make war using other countries' armies. They get hated then whine about Anti-Semitism. Complaining is what they do best. Here are some examples.


Carlos Latuff
A Brazilian cartoonist comments. His work is on a par with that of James Gillray but more pungent.


Jew Versus Jew
Religious Jews versus secular Jews, Theodor Herzl's band of crazies make for interesting times.


Chronicle of a Suicide Foretold - read it in conjunction with Zionist Empire Rotting From Within
A good over view of where the Zionist bandits are heading.

Fair comment?


Rabbis Explain Zionism More Or Less
Every so often we come across a secular Jewish �anti� Zionist�  who argues that Zionism is not Judaism and vice versa. Interestingly enough, I have just come across an invaluable text that illuminates this question from a rabbinical perspective. Apparently back in 1942, 757 American Rabbis added their names to a public pronouncement titled �Zionism an Affirmation of Judaism�. This Rabbinical rally for Zionism was declared at the time �the largest public pronouncement in all Jewish history.�...........

Seemingly, already then, the peak of World War two, the overwhelming majority of American Rabbis regarded Zionism, not only as fully consistent with Judaism, but as a �logical expression and implementation of it.�

In spite of the fact that early Zionist leaders were largely secular and the East European Jewish settler waves were driven by Jewish socialist ideology, the rabbis contend that �Zionism is not a secularist movement. It has its origins and roots in the authoritative religious texts of Judaism.

Those rabbis were not a bunch of ignoramuses. They were patriotic and nationalistic and they grasped that �universalism is not a contradiction of nationalism.�.........

But there was one thing the American rabbis failed to mention � the Palestinian people. For some reason, those rabbis who knew much about �universalism� and in particular Jewish �universalism� showed very little concern to the people of the land. I guess that after all, chosenness is a form of blindness and rabbis probably know more about this than anyone else.
Racism is a Marxist construct. Racism is a Propaganda tool. Racism was invented by Jews as a weapon to use against us. Jews are deeply, sincerely Racist. Their Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine proves that.


Jonathan Sacks
Is a slimy rogue, a front man for the paranoid thugs who run the bandit state, of Israel


The Fraud of Zionism
A real historian knows the truth. a real historian tells it like it is.       


Zionism Criticized
A Jew gets stuck in. He is making a difference or, at the very least annoying the vicious.


Abraham Burg is not a Zionist
He was big in the racket. Then he went the other way. He must have a conscience or something of the sort.


Another Jew Against Zionism
A Jew tells us that he wants no part of Zionism. Whether he is sincere or looking for a way out is a question.


BBC Front Man Asks The Difference Between Zionism And Racism - No More Bar Mitzvahs For Him
Will this YouTube offering stay on line? Somehow I doubt it. Don't change the truth; hide it is the approach Jews use. It went sometime before March 2020.


Carter Demonized by Israel Lobby
The media directed a lot of venom at Jimmy Carter for telling us that Israel is a criminal state. It is important to know who is right. Jim is wrong or the media are crooks. It is that straightforward. Most newspapers are owned or controlled by Zionist Jews. They pervert the truth about evil. This write up is from Wayne Madsen, a man of the left.


Christian Zionism = Christian Crazies
Christian Zionism is a belief among some Christians that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, is in accordance with Biblical prophecy. It overlaps with, but is distinct from, the nineteenth century movement for the Restoration of the Jews to the Holy Land, which had both religiously and politically motivated supporters........

In United States politics, Christian Zionism is important because it mobilises an important Republican constituency: fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants who support Israel. The Democratic Party, which has the support of most American Jews, is also generally pro-Israel, but with less intensity and fewer theological underpinnings.
That reads as a fair assessment from the Wiki which is not a neutral source. Various Churches including the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Catholic), the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land say these people are wrong.


Einstein On Palestine And Zionism
Bert was against Zionism. They offered to make him the president. He refused. Einstein, Sidney Hook, Hannah Arendt and twenty five other prominent Jews, in a letter to The New York Times (December 4, 1948), condemned Menachem Begin's and Yitzhak Shamir's Likud party as fascist, espousing an admixture of ultranationalism, religious mysticism and racial superiority.

Once Bert was safely dead the New York Times, owned by Jews chose to claim that he was in favour of Israel. They lied, deliberately, blatantly.


Michael Gove - Politician & Zionist
 The Algemeiner, a Propaganda machine run by Jews choses to allege that Gove is a keen Zionist. He does not appear to be a Jew.


Theodor Herzl
Was the front man of the Zionism racket, a Jew who was perfectly prepared to steal Cyprus from the Cypriots. Ditto for other places. Human rights are for Jews, not Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for subhumans ].


If Americans Knew
Tells the truth about Zionist evil. It is run by Alison Weir, not her English namesake. The Englishwoman rates a Wikipedia write up. The American activist does not. The Wiki was set up by Jews.


Holocaust Story
Thus, according to the most credible Jew and Christian sources in the world, there were 89,993,458 FEWER Christians after the war, and 438,648 MORE Jews after the war, than there were before. But, at the historic growth rate of the Christian population of 1.5% per year, the 682,400,000 Christians in the world in 1933 would have been 853,158,362 by 1948. Instead, mostly due to WWII, the actual population was 592,406,542, 260,751,820 fewer Christians than there would have been without WWII. Even at a more conservative growth rate of Christians of 1% per year, there were 199,838,673 fewer Christians in 1948 than there would have been without WWII.
Selling the Holocaust� story is a major growth industry, a very profitable, tax free industry at that. Of course not much of the proceeds get anywhere near the victims, real or alleged. You might think that with $80 billion and rising there would be enough to go round. If you do then you do not understand Brer Jew.


The Jewish State
Der Judenstaat is another of those books written in German like Mein Kampf. It came from Theodor Herzl, the Jew who was highly influential in the theft of Palestine from its rightful owners.


Jewish Supremacism
Is a book by David Duke which tells us about Zionism and is solidly based on Jewish sources. It is all checkable and unchallenged as to fact. Zionists were so pleased that they had him put in prison.

Zionist human rights policy in action.


Jews Against Racist Zionism
There are Jews who tell the truth about evil. Here are some. There will be more seeing the light when the criminals who control America have succeeded in starting World War III


Jews Are Perverted By Zionist Lies
Paul J. Balles charts the journey of Richard Forer, an American Jew brought up on Israeli propaganda, who had his early beliefs challenged by friends and, consequently, embarked on an honest study of the facts of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. As a result, he underwent a monumental transformation.......... Richard Forer joined the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for the same reason that most Jews joined this Israel lobby. He refers to what he calls �the primal fear of many Jews around the world -- the fear of another holocaust.� He felt strong support for Israel at the time of Israel�s invasion of Lebanon and the capture of Israeli Gilad Shalit. However, some of his friends disagreed.
The truth has its uses. So do lies. In this case truth won. The book that resulted is Breakthrough - Transforming Fear Into Compassion


Jews Not Zionists
Zionists decided to steal Palestine and call it Israel. Jews do not approve, not all of them anyway.


The Role of Zionism in the Holocaust
Leaving their own to get on with it and the Devil take the hindmost does not sound good to me. Nor is it the party line. It may well be the truth though.


The Talmud Incites Hate And Racism
Racism is very awful, isn't it? Not when Jews are the perpetrators it seems.


Ten Questions For The Zionists
Would they really have left their fellow Jew to Adolf for refusing to go to Palestine? Yes, it seems.


World Zionist Organization [ 1897 -  ]
The Zionist leaders always saw Britain as a key potential ally in the struggle for a Jewish homeland... In his meetings with the British Prime Minister Lloyd George and the First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill, Weitzman, the leader of the Zionist movement since 1904, was able to advance the Zionist cause for which the war had created new prospects.

This hope was realised in 1917, when the British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, made his famous Declaration in favour of "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people". The Declaration used the word "home" rather than "state," and specified that its establishment must not "prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine."
UNQUOTE ex Wikipedia
The bit about treating the natives decently was treated with contemptuous indifference.


Zionism - an Honest Man Explains
Ethnic cleansing was just part of it. The political manipulation used to steal Palestine from the rightful owners came first. Then there was and still is the terrorism, the nukes.


Zionism Explained
This comes to us by courtesy of Radio Islam who is not a fan but it knows that the Truth Is A Weapon. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Zionism Is Fascism
That sounds about right to me. There are Jews who would agree too.


Zionism - the Wikipedia explains
It was coined as a term for Jewish nationalism by Austrian Jewish publisher Nathan Birnbaum, founder of the first nationalist Jewish students' movement Kadimah, in his journal Selbstemanzipation (Self Emancipation) in 1890. (Birnbaum eventually turned against political Zionism and became the first secretary-general of the anti-Zionist Haredi movement Agudat Israel

It was coined as a term for Jewish nationalism by Austrian Jewish publisher Nathan Birnbaum, founder of the first nationalist Jewish students' movement Kadimah, in his journal Selbstemanzipation (Self Emancipation) in 1890. (Birnbaum eventually turned against political Zionism and became the first secretary-general of the anti-Zionist Haredi movement Agudat Israel.)


Zionism's Master Plan For World Power
Were the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion wrong? Probably not.


Zionist Empire Rotting From Within
Too many people know too much. Buying the media, controlling the media, intimidating the media worked once but now the Internet bypasses the propaganda. Even Jews are wondering whether they want anything to do with the swine.


Zionist Exploitation Of Blacks
They used the Black Panthers, Nelson Mandela  and The Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King as front men to incite hatred among blacks. Their techniques worked well.


Zionist Propaganda Failing
The Internet is a truth machine and beating Zionist lies. The truth of their massacre in Gaza are too obvious to hide. Even Jews are asking whether they want to be with this bunch of hooligans.


Zionists, The Destroyers In America
There Is A Reason Zionists Are Called Nation-Wreckers
What no one grasps is the time frame they work under. Their plans span from generation to generation. They have known for a 1,000 years that multiculturalism is their best friend. They have had 400 years to wreck America. Here are some of the major events in just in the one country of America.
Judicial is not always right on details but he is sound on the big picture. The Zionist assault on civilization is very real.


Zionism - The Real Enemy of Jews
The title is very much to the point. Is it right? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


ZOG or Zionist Occupation Government
Governments do get taken over. There are shadowy groups in the background and they tend to use the same synagogues.


Haredi Judaism
Haredi Jews, like other Orthodox Jews, consider their belief system and religious practices to extend in an unbroken chain back to Moses and the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. As a result, they consider non-Orthodox denominations to be unjustifiable deviations from authentic Judaism, both because of other denominations' doubts concerning the divine revelation of Written and Oral Torah, and because of their rejection of halakhic (or Jewish legal) precedent as binding.


Neturei Karta
Neturei Karta: Guardians of the City") is a small group of Haredi Jews who oppose Zionism and call for a peaceful dismantling of the State of Israel, in the belief that Jews are forbidden to have their own state until the coming of the Messiah.


Zionism - The Real Enemy of Jews
Zionism is not Judaism. Zionists are not always Jews. Many are Christians with strange ideas about the Second Coming and Armageddon. Zionist operations are murderous and too much like those of the Nazis. They create enemies for Jews and in fact for every one. Alan Hart explains
The book that mainstream publishers were too frightened to publish out of fear of offending Zionism is now published.

The true story ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS tells is thrilling, chilling and ultimately inspirational; but this epic, two-volume work is much more than a good read - a "page-turner" according to Jewish, Gentile and Arab/Moslem test readers. It is written in plain, everyday language to assist concerned and caring citizens everywhere, of all faiths and none, to understand how, really, the Palestine problem was created and became the cancer at the heart of international affairs; why a political solution has remained beyond the reach of diplomacy; and why, as a consequence, unending conflict in the Middle East is producing more and more deadly global fallout - 9/11 in America, terrorist bombs in Madrid and London and so on.

"Balanced, objective and beautifully crafted, there has never been a work which sheds such light, so comprehensively, on the difference between Judaism and Zionism and thus why it is perfectly possibly to be passionately anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic or anti-Israel inside its 1967 borders; on how Zionism grew and the Zionist state of Israel functions with complete contempt for international law and the moral principles of Judaism; and on why Zionism must now be challenged and called to account - if the Palestinians are to have an acceptable minimum justice, if the twin monsters of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are to be stopped from going on the rampage and if a catastrophe for us all is to be averted."

Says author Alan Hart: "There are awesomely powerful vested interests on both sides of the conflict, including governments, which would prefer the citizens of nations not to be aware of the documented truth contained in this book. And in their time-honoured tradition, supporters of Zionism right or wrong will use their influence to seek to minimise sales of this book and suppress the informed and honest debate it was written to make possible. But this Zionist veto on truth-telling and free thought and speech can easily be overridden - by concerned and caring citizens everywhere demanding the book."

This book was written to provide the information needed for a Great Debate which must happen if the very last chance for peace is to be grasped, and, important of all, to empower citizens everywhere to participate in it. The author himself is committed to speaking on public platforms of all kinds around the world and to playing his part in the debate.


Zionism - The Real Enemy of Jews - see the film
Zionism - The Real Enemy of Jews - buy the book
Zionism - The Real Enemy of Jews - contact the author.


Alan Hart - the Wikipedia suppresses the truth
Alan Hart was a British television executive, who from 1981 to 1984 was the Controller of BBC One..... His tenure is not generally regarded as one of the most successful in the broadcaster’s history....... But when Michael Grade expressed a desire to return from working in the US to work for the BBC, Hart was shifted aside to allow Grade to succeed him in 1984.
The Wikipedia does not bother to mention his books on the evil that is Zionism. Mr Hart is very clear about the determination of the media to suppress the truth.


Alan-Hart, Author of  Zionism - The Real Enemy of the Jews
Alan Hart, author of 'Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews', is indicting mainstream media complicity in suppression of truth!


Former ITN and BBC Panorama reporter, Alan Hart, author of the now published book ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS, is indicting the BBC and the mainstream media in general (excluding only ITV's Channel Four 4 News) for complicity, out of fear of offending Zionism, in the suppression of the truth of history; truth without which there cannot be the informed and honest debate about who must do what and why if there's to be a peaceful resolution of the Palestine problem. (In the view of many, a solution to the Palestine problem, the cancer at the heart of international affairs, is the prerequisite for preventing the twin monsters of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia going on the rampage and averting a Clash of Civilisations, Judeo-Christian v Islamic).

In his demand for truth-telling, Alan is drawing on his own experience and the research work done by Glasgow University's world-renowned Media Group, which carried out the largest and most comprehensive study of how television news covers conflict in the Middle East. and the impact of the coverage on public opinion. (This exemplary study was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council - a government body; and was written up in book form, BAD NEWS FROM ISRAEL, by Greg Philo, the Media Group's Director of Research, and Mike Berry).

Alan's detailed Indictment will be part of his submission to the Independent Panel which has been set up by the BBC's Board of Governors

"To assess the impartiality of BBC news and current affairs coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with particular regard to accuracy, fairness, context, balance and bias, actual or perceived."



Amazon Reviews Zionism; the Real Enemy of the Jews
I do not blame the Zionist lobby for exercising its influence, now in shocking and awesome alliance with America’s born-again Christian fundamentalists and the neo cons, in association with oil interests and the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). The Zionist lobby, I say, has merely played the game, ruthlessly to be sure, according to The System’s rules. I blame most of all America’s pork-barrel politics. I say that American politicians, including presidents, always had a choice. They did not have to do the Zionist lobby’s bidding when doing so was putting America’s own longer term and best interests at great risk. They chose to do the lobby’s bidding to serve their own short-term (personal and party) interests. And I say in passing that with American politicians as friends, the Jews do not need enemies.
Winston S. Churchill, published in 1976, historian Martin Gilbert [ Jew - probability > 99% ] relates the working relationship that existed during the 1930s between Churchill and the South African economist and gold mining executive Sir Henry Strakosch.

Winston S. Churchill       Sir Henry Strakosch.

Churchill was not an anti-Semite - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews - saved

Another Group Of Sources;-

109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250
With sources.


A History of the Jews, a list of expulsions for 2000 years 
This is from a Jew and shorter than the Christian offering. Odd. The bias is going to be in one direction. Trust the excuses if you please.


A litany of Jewish suffering
With sources.


A Rabbi's Ten Questions To The Zionists
Zionists use religion as their excuse for the unspeakable; torture, murder, extortion, slaving etc. A rabbi looks at their basic fraud.


Anthrax Special
What is it? Why does it matter? For that matter, why is Gurnard still out of bounds all these years later.


Ashkenazi Jews and Intelligence
Are they more intelligent than the average? Yes says The Economist confirming what we know already. Does it matter? It certainly does.


Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars
Most, indeed almost all Jews are Ashkenazis who originated from Southern Russia and have no claim whatsoever to Palestine, the Stolen Land which they call Israel. That is why they are so keen to deny the fact.


Benjamin Freedman Speech
Kennedy offered to make war for Israel, for Zionists, when he wanted votes in 1961. He got them, got to be President  and got killed but that was in 1963 when various people were wondering if he would stay bought.


B'nai B'rith/ADL Does Not Represent Jews
So saith Henry Makow, a Jew. He should know. I am not sure that the Jews really are carrying the can for the Free Masons though.


Count Folke Bernadotte
Was a Swedish Prince who was demoted. He was big in various humanitarian operations until he was murdered by the Stern Gang who were Jewish terrorists operating in Palestine because he was trying to make peace between the rightful owners of Palestine and the Zionist incomers. The Wikipedia's entry has a  fair tone unlike some of their others.


Crime in Israel - some sources
The boot goes in. The guilty get named. So do the sources. The information is out there. It is just drowning in the irrelevancies and distractions.


The Dirty Work Of Zionism is Unfinished
This is true. Establishing a refuge for Jews sounds reasonable. Stealing someone else's land does not. Holding it by murder, fraud and ethnic cleansing puts them on the same level of evil as Adolf, Joe and Mao. Taking over the world might make them safe. So would cleaning up their act but that is not on their agenda.


The Herzliya Conference
Who runs America? Politicians know which is why they are so interested in the Herzliya Conference in Israel and so keen to confess their undying loyalty to Israel.


Paul Eisen considers two crimes against humanity: the Holocaust, committed by the Nazis against the Jews, and the Deir Yassin massacre, committed by Jews against Palestinians. He says that, although the Jewish and Palestinian histories of suffering share many similarities, these conceal important differences, not least the fact that, while the perpetrators of the Holocaust have been roundly condemned and punished for their crimes, the perpetrators of the massacre at Deir Yassin "have been honoured for their crimes, continue to take pride in them, and live on in their ideology and in their deeds".


Israel, Judaism & Zionism
Rabbi Ahron Cohen explains at Birmingham University. A rabbi just has to know that his religion has been hijacked by crooks on the make.


Israeli Politicians Explain Their Policy
Mass murder, ethnic cleansing and racism are the main features with world conquest if they can get away with it. Adolf, Joe and Mao would have understood perfectly.


Israeli Pullout
This time they are being thrown out by their very own. They are going kicking and screaming in spite of a US$500,000 a head bribe paid by the American tax payers.


Israel Shamir
Is a Jew with a view. He knows the inside story and he is talking. This makes him enemies.


Israel Shahak
Is a Jew with a view too. He is also a decent man who went public. He told us that Zionists in Israel are deeply racist.


Jew Watch
Is run by Jew Watcher. He was a librarian and now he has assembled some of the evidence. It is on line and pretty damning it is. By their fruits shall Ye know them. Treason, espionage, mass murder, political manipulation, extortion........ But you get the idea. With this kind of evidence the prosecution case is overwhelming..


Jewish Expulsions
With sources.


Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders
They are at it all over the place. Blair doesn't get  mention which is odd. American presidents are there of course.


Jews in the News
They keep on popping up. Murder, money laundering, major fraud, slave trading, you name it.


Jews Manufacture MLK Quotes In Support of Zionism
Lying and cheating are in the nature of the beast, aren't they? Perhaps it just looks that way. They controlled Martin Luther King. They used to him to incite hatred against white men in America so why not make up a few quotes to back their own evil in the Stolen Land of Palestine. It is [ January 2007 ] also at Fraud Fit for a King


Jews not Zionists
Zionism is heresy, one which has been the excuse for much evil. They are worse than Adolf and his nasty little friends. They have used and abused the Nazis. Extorting billions was only part of it.


Jews Versus Zionists
Jews are not all evil. Some do not approve of murder and ethnic cleansing in Palestine, the Stolen Land that thieves call Israel. Here are sources.


Is run by The Skunk who is critical of Jews and Zionists and so well informed that the Wikipedia is worried about him.
He also runs and writes Judicial-Inc.biz which is one of the most influential anti-judaistic sites on the internet, and one of the most reliable. His comments are so shockingly accurate that one wonders if he is a zionist-jewish insider with a grudge or agenda?!
That kind of endorsement from his enemies [ see  The Wikipedia  ] is highly convincing. I thought he was  good anyway.

PS Now [ 2006 ] I am less confident, sad to say. His links are missing and some of his photos are just wrong. His articles have some interesting suggestions though.


King Abdullah I on Zionism
King Abdullah ruled Jordan and had Jews as neighbours during a turbulent period. He explains that the Jewish claim to Palestine is wrong. He reads as an honest man who knows what he is talking about.


Khiam Prison - Israel's Torture Den
Israel invaded South Lebanon and used Khiam as a prison specializing in torture. They had mine fields round it to keep people out and in but they didn't stop the screams being heard by the UN's men. They had the experts to send to Abu Ghraib and show the Americans how to do it. http://www.inminds.co.uk/ is their home page.


And too Zionist for England. The Tories have got worse if anything.


Neo-conservatism is a Zionist Front
Most NeoCons are Jews. That is merely obvious fact. They have a rhetoric which is plausible to quasi intellectuals who are not Jews but their agenda is solidly Zionist. They use front men who are not Jews like Rumsfeld and Bush but that is to deceive people.


Neturei Karta
Is a group of ultra religious Jews who tell us that Israel should not exist. They are a major embarrassment to Zionists because they under cut Zion's claim to the Stolen Land which is Palestine. Rense has something to say about them at Neturei Karta versus Zionism


Norman Finkelstein
Is a Jew who talks about The Holocaust� Industry; in fact that is the name of his book. One has to believe that he  knows where the skeletons are hidden. Having gone very public, irritated a lot of Zionists but not been called a liar it is entirely likely that he is absolutely right.


Norman Finkelstein & Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami Discuss Palestinians
A discussion of the ripping off of the Palestinians by the Zionists in Israel. Rather long and sympathetic toward the victims.


The father and son in their different ways have been very influential. They younger man is more obvious in his prejudices which makes him that much less dangerous. They both have the access to the media that the rest of us can only dream about.


Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust
He has been accused by liars on the make of being almost complicit in the Holocaust. Money and reputation ride on these things.


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Is a book describing the Jewish take over of the world. Jews and Zionists in particular denounce it as a forgery. It is far too near the truth for their taste.


Real News 24/7
They do not beat about the bush. They have views about Zionism, who owns the media and controls the banks.


Goings on in Israel and by Israelis. Just how many does it take before we decide that there is a pattern of conduct there? The sources are reputable which makes this listing  that much more credible.


UN Resolutions Against Israel
And Resolutions vetoed by the American government. You can see from the latter why Arabs in particular think that America is controlled by Zionists.


Victor Ostrovsky
He was a colonel in Mossad. He knows what went on and it isn't pretty. They are a bunch of thugs, expert thugs with an agenda.


White Slaving
It is not an exclusively Jewish business but they have the rock solid connections in poor countries where young women are desperate. The have the connections at the other end where the men and money are. The profit margins may be less than those of the narcotics industry but not much. Both businesses require a talent for operating outside the law which in practice means dealing with the guardians of the law at political, legal and enforcement levels.


We Look After Our Own No Matter What
Beat his girl friend to death and smashed her skull? No problem. Drug dealer? No problem. They want to extradite him? Do whatever it takes. The jury couldn't see the funny side of mummifying his girl friend. Jews are too important to be subject to justice.


What Is Zionism
Ted Pike puts a thoroughly sensible view. Being against Zionism is nothing to do with being against Jews. Zionism is purely political [ and evil ]. Judaism is religious.


Who Runs the Media? The Full Story
The world's biggest and most dangerous propaganda machine is out there feeding you the party line 24/7/365. Have you ever wondered who controls it and why? Here are some sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Why The Middle East Conflict Continues To Exist
If outsiders stepped back the whole problem would die down. They would get along with each other because they had to. But Jews controlling America can make trouble and they do, so it gets worse. The author, being a Jew i.e. an unscrupulous liar with an agenda doesn't quite make that point. He blames foreign elites and the need for oil.


Zionism and Herzl
Herzl was the man who got the whole thing up and running. He has a death toll of millions to his discredit.


Zionism In Practice
See what it means to be at the receiving end of Zionism. You might need a sick bag when you see what they did to children in Lebanon.


Zionism Is Nobody's Friend
A Jew talks about how America is duped and controlled by Israel. They control the average Jew by lies and fairy stories too.
Jews have played an important role in this duping drama and yet, the average Jew remains ignorant of what is transpiring. The average Jew has been effectively brainwashed by cries of anti-Semitism and pictures of the Jewish Holocaust The average Jew lives in a state of fear and anxiety and feels a part of the victim class. No matter how much power is amassed, the average Jew feels one step away from extinction. There is always a threat hanging over his head. Another swastika appears on a Synagogue. Another "suicide bomber" manages to get through the labyrinth of checkpoints in Israel. (if you know anything about the checkpoints, you will find this a bit difficult to believe ) Well placed occurrences keep the average Jew vulnerable to this "power." And what is this power? ZIONISM.
Controlling the media and the education industry are major weapons of Zionists and any totalitarian mob.


Zionist Power in America
Who owns what. Basic intelligence that tells us what they control.


Zionist Puppets
They control important politicians, men who can send armies to do their dirty work for them at cost of other men's lives and other men's treasure.


Zionism Sources
I have not read them but they  look interesting.


Zionist War Crimes is  online for free
Amateur footage has short comings especially if the camera man is being shot at. Genuine footage can be like that. Have a sick bag at the ready when you see what Zionist Jews do when they can get away with it. They wanted Lebensraum, just like Adolf.


Here are some of the goodies

Is for orthodox Jews who are against Zionism.


Jewish Religious Opposition To Zionism
Edward C. Corrigan explains.


Jews Against Zionism
Jews are not all evil. Some do not approve of robbing the Palestinians of Palestine for example.


We, The People Versus Zionism
"International politics are conducted by the media in today’s world. Israel must win this war."

-- Statement made by American University professor, and leading Zionist intellectual, Amos Perlmutter, in "False hopes along fast track to war, " Washington Times, May 22, 2001
Is this why Jews dominate the media, buying newspapers and television, infiltrating them, doing the writing, deciding what is shown, how it is shown and what is not shown? It just might be. 


London Court Repudiates Zionist Try On [ 4 June 2013 ]
Tribunal blow to Israel's advocates
Taunting and tainting opponents with the charge of Anti-Semitism is a long-standing Zionist ploy, familiar to everyone involved in the Israel-Palestine issue. As their support weakens in the face of evidence-based argument, Israel's advocates have stepped up their use of the accusation as a means to close down debate, particularly on proposals for boycott, divestment and sanctions.

A key component in their armoury is what's been called "lawfare": attempts to use the courts to stifle opponents. This strategy, which has been employed in the US, France and Britain, suffered a significant reverse at the end of March, when an Employment Tribunal in London comprehensively rejected a claim made by Ronnie Fraser, of Academics for Israel, against his union, the University and College Union.
[Mike Marqusee is the author of If I Am Not for Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew (Verso).]
An all Jew cast tried it on & failed. Julius worked for Princess Diana. He doesn't come cheap but this one will likely have been a freebie, or given that the Holocaust® Industry has raked in billions [ see Jews Took Germany For $63.2 Billion ] from German mugs alone, maybe not.


Jews Turn Off Electricity To Palestinians In Depths Of Winter [ 25 February 2015 ]
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are cashed strapped this winter because Israel is withholding $240 million in tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority as punishment for joining the ICC [ International Criminal Court ]. This is radical, though it�s not unusual and something we�ve come to expect. But turning off the electricity in the middle of winter as blizzards sweep across the Middle East is nothing short of sadistic. The Los Angeles Times reports Israel cut the power to more than 700,000 Palestinians in two of Palestine�s largest urban areas, Nablus and Jenin, for more than 45 minutes �and warned that more outages are coming if Palestinian officials don�t pay millions of dollars in outstanding debt.� - See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/02/hundreds-thousands-palestinians#sthash.Z4KhBoiY.dpuf 
Jews are very good at whining about their problems then they prove that they deserve as bad as they get. This is just another example of psychopaths doing what they enjoy doing.


Zionist Crazies Use Terrorism Against Palestinians [ 11 September 2015 ]
Settlers are even more vicious than the thugs that run the Stolen Land that they call Israel.


Zionist Murderer Killed Germans [ 16 April 2016 ]
Chaim Miller, 94, member of Kibbutz Kfar Menachem outside Kiryat Malachi in south-central Israel, was chosen to receive the Kibbutz Industries Beloved Award for 2015............. During World War II Miller was drafted into the German platoon of the Palmach, the Haganah underground�s shock troops, which was eventually sent to Europe to join the Nokmim-Avengers unit that dealt with the elimination of Nazi soldiers.............

They were 60 Jews altogether, who arrived in Germany after the war with the ultimate purpose of carrying out an operation so terrible it would cause international response as a warning to anyone conspiring to harm Jews again. According to at least one source, in 1946 the group planned to kill six million Germans by poisoning the drinking water of Munich, Berlin, Weimar, Nuremberg and Hamburg. After that plan had failed, Nakam members painted about 3,000 loaves of bread with diluted arsenic, and the loaves were served 12,000 German POWs in a US Army internment camp near Nuremberg. According to the AP, 1900 German POWs were poisoned and all of them became "seriously ill." According to then Nakam leader Joseph Harmatz, 300 to 400 Germans died. He said this "was nothing compared with what we really wanted to do."
Of course they 'liquidated' Nazis, so that's all right. Then they went back to Palestine, the Stolen Land to 'Ethnic Cleanse' it i.e. to murder Palestinians. But Pals are Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for underman, sub-man, subhuman; plural: Untermenschen ], so that's all right. More of them were vicious thugs operating in London - see The 43 Group - Untold Story of Their Fight Against Fascism


Zionist Crazies Are Paranoid Psychopaths Fearing Vengeance For Their Victims  [ 16 May 2016 ]
The Israeli fear of being thrown into the sea is  a projection. 

The Israelis are afraid of being pushed into the sea because they themselves pushed the Palestinians into the sea (picture above). The Israelis tend to attribute their own genocidal inclinations  to  Arabs (in particular)  and Goyim (in  general).   

�Jewish fear,� as such, is self-inflicted -- the more brutal the Israelis are, the more fearful they become of the  possibility that the Palestinians may be equally murderous. Similarly, the more the Jew hates the 'goy,' the more the Jew is mortified by the possibility that the goy may also express some animosity in return.   

Jewish fear better be grasped  as a war against terror within. Jews are too often tormented and haunted by their own racism and supremacy which they attribute to others by means of projection.
Gilad Atzmon, a Jew explains his own; Paranoid, corrupt, vicious psychopaths. Was naughty Adolf wrong about them? John Beaty definitely had them to rights.


United Nations Said Zionism Is Racism [ 9 September 2016 ]
United Nations
General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10, 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), "determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination". The vote took place approximately one year after UNGA 3237 granted the PLO "observer status", following Yasser Arafat's "olive branch" speech to the General Assembly in November 1974. The resolution was passed with the support of the Soviet bloc and other then Soviet-aligned nations, in addition to the Arab and Islamic majority countries. They revoked in 1991 with UN General Assembly Resolution 46/86, thus proving that votes are political not honest. They were right first time. Zionist crazies are vicious Psychopaths.

United Nations
General Assembly Resolution 46/86
, adopted on 16 December 1991, revoked the determination in Resolution 3379, which had called Zionism a form of racism.[1] Israel had made revocation of Resolution 3379 a condition of its participation in the Madrid Peace Conference, in progress in the last quarter of 1991.[14]

The resolution was raised under pressure from the administration of US President George H.W. Bush.[15] The text of the revocation was simply:

"The General Assembly Decides to revoke the determination contained in its resolution 3379 (XXX) of 10 November 1975."

The motion was supported by 111 (including the 90 nations who sponsored the resolution), opposed by 25 nations and abstained by 13 nations.


UN Security Council Says Zionist Crazies Are Vicious Mass Murderers [ 27 December 2016 ]
Did the community organizer from Harvard Law just deliver some personal payback to the IDF commando? So it would seem.

By abstaining on that Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal and invalid, raged Bibi Netanyahu, President Obama "failed to protect Israel in this gang-up at the UN, and colluded with it"......... White House aide Ben Rhodes calls the charges "falsehoods."

Hence, we have an Israeli leader all but castigating an American president as a backstabber and betrayer, while the White House calls Bibi a liar. This is not an unserious matter.
Benjamin Netanyahu has abused Obama but then Netanyahu is a compulsive liar, War Criminal, mass murderer etc. albeit he beat the fraud raps. While the U.S. pulled its punches Her Majesty's Government voted for it, so did France, New Zealand, Egypt, China, Ukraine and Senegal. Vladimir Putin is onside too. This is good news. Real people know that Jews are evil; so do politicians but their support is fading. Perhaps the Holocaust� Story is played out. More likely the bribes aren't big enough. Whatever, it is a good finish to what has turned out to be good year, one when the people could not be ignored. Brexit is happening(?) Donald Trump is on his way to the White House or being murdered. Marine le Pen is in with a chance. Renzi is finished.


Jews Attack Deputy Foreign Secretary [ 8 January 2017 ]
Astonishing undercover video captures diplomat conspiring with rival MP's aide to smear Deputy Foreign Secretary  The Israeli Embassy made a shocking vow to �take down� Boris Johnson's Foreign Office deputy, a secret film reveals today.

The bombshell footage, covertly filmed in a London restaurant and obtained by The Mail on Sunday [ i.e. given to it by Al Jazeera ], shows a senior diplomat making the astonishing threat to target Sir Alan Duncan.

Extraordinarily, he is egged on by a senior aide to another Conservative Minister, [ the Jew ] Robert Halfon. The video comes in a film claiming to expose the way that the Israeli government has "infiltrated"� [ the 'Mail' is pretending it does not believe the 'truth' - Ed. ] ] both the Conservative and Labour parties via its embassy in the UK, using secret cash and covert support.

Further footage shows the Israeli diplomat, intelligence expert Shai Masot, telling senior Labour MP [ & spendthrift ] Joan Ryan that he has obtained "more than" 1 million" to pay for  sympathetic Labour MPs to visit Israel.

Mr Masot also mocks "crazy" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his "weirdo" supporters [ Fair one ]. Footage shows pro-Israel Labour activists discussing the Jerusalem government's secret role in backing their activities.

Last night it emerged that Israeli ambassador Mark Regev had made a full apology to Sir Alan for Mr Masot's �completely unacceptable� comments.

And a spokesman for Boris Johnson said: "The Israeli ambassador has apologised and made it clear to us that these comments do not represent the views of the Israeli Embassy or government. [ He lied in his teeth - Editor ]"..........

Senior Tory MPs have condemned the apparent threat to "take down" Sir Alan � who has been critical of Israel and who is described in the secret footage as causing �problems� � and called for a Downing Street inquiry...........

 But [ the Jew ] 'Lord' Stuart Polak, senior director, of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), said last night: "It is utter nonsense to assert that any UK political party is taken over by any organisation [ He lies but then he is a Jew - Editor ].

"The Friends Of Israel groups do their job of educating their members about the complicated issues in the Middle East. The Israeli Embassy represents Israel in a professional manner. �To suggest they are involved in anything sinister is poppycock".....................

An undercover reporter and hidden cameras tracked Mr Masot across Britain as he held secret talks with figures from CFI and its Labour counterpart (LFI).

His apparent threat to "take down" Sir Alan was made a month later at the Aubaine restaurant, directly opposite the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, West London, where Masot is based. Also present was Maria Strizzolo, senior aide to [ the Jew ] Education Minister Robert Halfon, former political director of CFI..............

Behind this inconsistent and concerning attitude lies a serious and troubling problem. British foreign policy is in hock to Israeli influence at the heart of our politics, and those in authority have ignored what is going on.
Congratulations to Al Jazeera for doing some real investigating. See their report at Israel's Parliamentary Plot Against UK Politicians. The Daily Mail's version is a mealy mouthed offering, one hedging round the truth - see  Jews Attack Deputy Foreign Secretary. For Zionist crazies it is business as usual. Recall that they attacked Brexit because they like meddling in our affairs. See e.g. Jew Used Third World Alien To Front Attack On Brexit And Democracy. It is also the case that Lloyd George 'gave' Palestine to Zionist crazies as a bribe to get America into the First World War. The damage he did is destroying world peace, causing wars that Jews wanted, killing thousands etc.

One small pay off is the proof that Alan Duncan is not a Traitor; it is not something we can say about many politicians. The enemies include:
Maria Strizzolo [ a traitor, enemy alien or both? ] was on Twitter - see Maria Strizzolo (@MariaStrizzolo) | Twitter Now it is gone, like her. She might well be hiding in Palestine.
Robert Halfon - Jew and traitor
Stuart Polak - Jew
Mark Regev
- Jew
 Boris Johnson - cross breed - panders to Jews 
Theresa May
panders to the chief rabbi of England

Haaretz, a paper run by Jews in Palestine, the Stolen Land admits the truth - Israeli embassy official caught on camera discussing 'taking down' British lawmakers
PS You can see Al Jazeera's series on line starting at 22.30 on 15 January, http://www.aljazeera.com/investigations/


Zionist Crazies Complain About Being Hated [ 11 March 2017 ]
In Britain, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) , a ultra Zionist body, is crudely interfering with elementary human rights. It seems as if the campaign that was formed to fight Jew-hatred, has achieved the complete opposite. These developments can only hurt British Jews...
Gilad Atzmon, an honest Jew comments on his brethren, on God's Chosen People, they who are a Light Unto Nations.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism claims that a mere 45% of Brits believe at least one anti-Semitic stereotype to be true, 1 in 4 people believe at least two stereotypes and 17% believe at least three stereotypes. What are these stereotypes? The Jews are not saying; that would expose their lies.


Jews Want To Shut Down Film About Zionist Occupation Of Palestine  [ 7 November 2017 ]

Some good news. Three women at a Unitarian church outside Boston insist on showing a movie critical of Israel, even when the Jewish community tries to censor them. This story can only embarrass the organized Jewish community in the end, on free speech grounds, and serve the cause of Palestinians human rights.

The "Occupation of the American Mind" is a documentary about how and why Americans have such an uninformed view of the conflict. It features Noam Chomsky [ Jew ], Norman Finkelstein [ Jew ], Yousef Munayyer, Rula Jebreal, Amira Hass [ Jew ], Rashid Khalidi and Steve Walt [ co-author of the Israel Lobby ], among others, and has been endorsed by Deepa Kumar, Avi Shlaim, Neve Gordon, Medea Benjamin, etc. Doug Rushkoff says:

�A stunning expos� on how propaganda drives public opinion and, in turn, our understanding of reality. Here's the story of how American perceptions of the Middle East � as well as resulting legislation and military strategy � are engineered: from focus group to talking points to mortar fire.�

The film is scheduled to be screened Sunday afternoon at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead and there�s a ton of resistance. A couple of rabbis along with people who work at a foundation dedicated to enhancing Jewish identity by creating connections to Israel have led a drive to have the screening cancelled. They got 158 signatures, mostly from the Jewish community, in opposition to the Occupation doc.

The three women from the church�s social action committee who booked the film are standing tall. But the resistance to the film has demonstrated the film�s theme. You try to speak fairly about the conflict in the U.S., and people get very angry, and do what they can to shut you down.
This is about the Culture Wars being waged against America and the rest of Western Civilization by Psychopaths, Zionist crazies. This article comes from Mondoweiss, which is run by two Jews, Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz.


Donald Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem Is Good News For Ultra-Right Zionists  [ 25 December 2017 ]
But weren't the Nazis extremists, Far Right mass murderers? Well, perhaps; does that make them different from God's Chosen People, those who are a Light Unto Nations. Not really, Jews have screwing the world since Moses was a boy.


Singer Aborts Tel Aviv Concert After Fans Protest Against Zionist Racism  [ 25 December 2017 ]
Lorde didn't know that Nazis are nicer. Now she has taken the point. The truth is getting through to the peasant masses. Main Stream Media have been lying to us, feeding us Fake News. Now the Internet is giving us access to the truth. That is why The Internet Is Under Threat.


Zionist Crazies Winning Or Are They?  [ 15 May 2018 ]
Pat Buchanan, a decent man asks the right questions.  Yes, they control the American Congress and Senate. Yes they have the NBC [ Nuclear, Biological & Chemical weapons ] but.............   Recall that naughty little Adolf talked about his Thousand Year Reich; it fell 988 years short, in 1945. Of course the Nazis were far less brutal than Jews in Palestine.


Western Governments Pander To Zionist Crazies Allowing Mass Murder        [ 17 May 2018 ]
Jews carry out mass murder of people in Gaza, while this day other Jews celebrate in Tel Aviv. Western governments weep a few crocodile tears then forget the whole thing. It is business as usual. These are the same politicians that imposed sanctions on South Africa because Jews of the South African Communist Party wanted it, because they use the Main Stream Media and the Education Industry to incite hate. Jews are the Puppet Masters, with their Useful Idiots. They manipulate  politicians using flattery, bribery and blackmail.


Zionist Crazies Want More Military Aid From America Despite $38 Billion Bung  [ 26 May 2018 ]
Israeli members of parliament have demanded that the US government “renegotiate” the $38 billion armaments aid deal given to the Jewish ethnostate—because not all of the money will be spent in Israel, even though it will get all the weapons.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, Knesset members have urged the Israeli government to “reopen negotiations” with the US on the deal signed in 2016 by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama.

The aid package—the biggest of its kind in US history—will give Israel $38 billion in “military assistance” over the next ten years, starting from 2019.

One clause of that deal specifies the gradual phasing out of a practice that has enabled Israel to use 26.3 percent of the cash on its own defense industries. By 2028, all of that money will have to be spent on US-made military hardware.

This is, the Jews claim, unacceptable because it means that Israeli manufacturers “could lose over $2 billion a year,” the Times of Israel said.
A Jew claims that the "Israel-US aid accord could deal massive blow to local defense industry." Zionist crazies are murderous, greed driven parasites. The Israel Lobby controls America.


Foul Mouthed Jews Complain About Prayers For Victims Of Israeli Murderers  [ 26 May 2018 ]
JTA — Martin Hizer was driving his taxi through London when he learned that a group of Jews were saying a public mourning prayer for Palestinians killed in Gaza.

“Frankly, I was fuming,” Hizer, who is Jewish, said in an interview on YouTube for a pro-Israel channel. The video shows him confronting the 50 Jewish protesters in Parliament Square on May 16 as they said Kaddish for the 61 Palestinians killed that week in clashes [ sic ] with Israeli troops............

The comment section of a YouTube video of the event features an outpouring of hatred and incitement to violence toward the young men and women who attended...........

Hundreds of comments, some apparently breaking laws against threats and incitement to violence, were directed at organizers and participants of the event and left-leaning organizations — including Zionist ones — with whom some of the people in attendance were affiliated.
Inciting racial hatred, Hate Speech is a criminal offence but only for Englishmen. Jews are allowed to do it because it is Her Majesty's Government's policy. NB The Crown Prosecution Service is corrupt too. Selective Prosecution is the name of their game.


Jews Running Israel Are Racists Keeping Black Jews Out   [ 3 June 2018 ]
The Israeli Interior Ministry has ruled that Africans from the Abayudaya community in Uganda who have converted to Judaism are not actually Jews and have no “right of return” to the Jewish ethnostate—unlike the racially-based claim of “Russian” oligarch Roman Abramovich who has just been granted citizenship of that state.
Are Zionist crazies, the thugs running Palestine, the Stolen Land a bunch of murderous Racists? Yes!


Jews Are The Master Race Says Zionist Crazy       [ 16 June 2018 ]
A lawmaker from the ruling Likud party said Wednesday that the “Jewish race” is the smartest in the world and possessing of the “highest human capital,” which is why, he said, the Israeli public did not buy into the allegations of wrongdoing by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to a report in the Jerusalem-based Times of Israel, Knesset Member Miki Zohar made the comments during a radio debate with veteran political journalist Dan Margalit about the corruption investigations in which Netanyahu is either a suspect or has given testimony.

Citing recent opinion polls that show Netanyahu enjoying strong support despite being a suspect in three graft investigations, Zohar argued that the media focus on the probes has not convinced the Israeli public that the prime minister is unsuited to lead the country.

“I can tell you something very basic,” Zohar said during the Radio 103FM debate. “You can’t fool the Jews, no matter what is the media writes. The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending. The public knows what the prime minister is doing for the country and how excellent he is at his job.”

In a follow-up interview with Hadashot TV news, Zohar at first denied that he had spoken about the supremacy of the “Jewish race,” but, presented with a recording of his earlier comments, doubled down and reiterated: “The Jewish people and the Jewish race are of the highest human capital that exists.”

“What can you do? We were blessed by God… and I will continue to say that at every opportunity,” he said. “I don’t have to be ashamed about the Jewish people being the Chosen People; the smartest, most special people in the world.”
If Zionist Crazies do believe that Netanyahu is not a thief they are fools for their pains.


Jew Escapes From Extreme Zionist Cult   [ 9 December 2018 ]
From the outside at least, it’s an ordinary Victorian family home, part of an unassuming network of residential streets in a North London suburb...........

Miriam, it emerged, had fled the home and the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community in Stamford Hill where she grew up, taking nothing but the clothes she was wearing. It was a rejection of the abuse, she says, that she and women like her suffer routinely..............

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Miriam provides a troubling insight into the conservative sect. She reveals she often went hungry while living in distressing levels of poverty. She was effectively forced into marriage with a husband who, according to the tenets of their faith, had to devote himself to religious study rather than work while she provided for their family.

Miriam endured a rigidly controlled existence policed by influential rabbis peddling ideologies which, in her view, bordered on brainwashing. This was a world in which she had to ask for permission to sit GCSE exams, let alone use the internet.

She was even, she says, coerced into fraud. Deputy judge Murray Rosen QC heard that the couple’s home was bought in the name of Miriam’s brother, Mordechai Schmerler, so the family could claim housing benefit.

This led Rosen to conclude that tax evasion and housing benefit fraud were ‘on the evidence, common practice’ within the community and a ‘disgraceful illegality’.
The story rings true:-
Dole fraud? Check.
Refusal to do honest work? Check.
Women used as sex slaves? Check.
Hasidic Jews like these in Palestine, the Stolen Land refuse to join the Israeli army, somewhat to their credit. They are also keen on buggering boys, on Sodomy. See Failed Messiah Explains Paedophiles or Mikva Abuse for thousands [ 1000s ] of sourced references. The fact that the Mail has chosen to expose Jews' evil is remarkable. See The Uphill Battle To Expose Haredi Pedophiles on the point. They are arrogant liars. See e.g. the next one.


Jews Want An Apology From Truth Telling Judge    [ 9 December 2018 ]
Jewish leaders have asked a High Court QC to withdraw his comments about benefit fraud and tax evasion within Stamford Hill’s Haredi community – and issue an apology. Miriam Kliers alleged in court that a house she and her husband Shlomo bought in Kyverdale Road had been put in the name of her younger brother Mordechai Schmerler so they could claim housing benefit.

She also claimed some of the money used to buy the £418,000 home was purported charitable donations but was in fact her wages, which had been disguised to avoid paying tax...................

Now the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations – an umbrella group headquartered in Stamford Hill that has more than 6,000 members from Haredi communities – has hit back. The group said in a statement: “We are disappointed to read of Mr Rosen’s reported remarks about our community, which are based on a single testimony.

“The Rabbinate places the utmost importance on upholding the law of the land and does not condone any activity which runs contrary to it.
Jews are shameless liars and thieves, who invented words to cover their behaviour; Chutzpah for arrogance & insolence. Mesirah is their code of silence. It is just like the Mafia's code of silence, the one they call Omerta. Lawyers call it Perjury
PS Of course these rabbis do not bother tell us that the judge accusing them is also a Jew. Search World Jewish Relief's Annual Report for confirmation. Murray Rosen QC however seems to honest.


Zionist Crazies Run American Politics [ 25 October 2019 ]
Israel’s interference in U.S. politics is highly organized, generously funded and ongoing at every level of government to obscure what Israel actually represents. Why won’t Bacevich and the Soros-Koch funded institute talk about it? All about the Benjamins…
By Philip Giraldi
reposted from American Herald Tribune

I have written frequently about how the overwhelming deference to Israeli perceptions not only distorts U.S. foreign policy, it also corrupts discourse regarding genuine national interests at all levels. The mainstream media, where Zionist journalists and editors exist in grossly disproportionate numbers, has long been a source of fake news about the Middle East, successfully obscuring Israel’s abominable record of war crimes and ethnic cleansing.

The media lies overlap and often become self-propagating, with one lie from the likes of Rachel Maddow on MSNBC being employed to confirm the veracity of another similar lie being floated by someone like Jake Tapper on CNN.

So, the media, which is part of the Establishment and has a vested interest in promoting the status quo, is part of the “intellectual” underpinning of the government policies that it prefers. And it is joined by a more powerful and secretive ally in the form of the numerous think tanks that have sprung up in Washington like diseased mushrooms over the past twenty years.

It is the think tanks that send ideologically driven “experts” to testify in front of congressional committees regarding policy, that draft legislation for lazy legislators, and that host well-funded panel discussions in which they air their biased views on the state of the nation.

Soros-Koch’s Quincy Institute: new kid on the block

I have written several times about the new think tank kid on the block the Quincy Institute, which is currently planning on “launching” during the month of November. Quincy, which claims to represent “Responsible Statecraft,” is largely funded by George Soros and the Charles Koch, both of whom have considerable negative baggage, and one is scarcely ever wrong when positing that compromising one’s views in exchange for money and celebrity is what Washington is all about.

My most recent rant on Quincy involved an article by the organization’s president, Professor Andrew Bacevich, whose books I have previously admired. His piece was entitled “President Trump, Please End the American Era in the Middle East.” The article appeared as one of Bacevich’s regular weekly contributions to The American Conservative (TAC) website under the rubric “Realism and Restraint.” I cited it as a good example of how self-censorship by authors works.

The article particularly focused on the foreign policy pronouncements of Bret Stephens, the resident Jewish neocon who writes for The New York Times. Stephens, per Bacevich, has been urging constant war in the Middle East and worrying lest “we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the American era in the Middle East.”

Ridiculous Bacevich article covers for Israel

Bacevich wrote the article without once mentioning Israel in spite of the fact that Stephens is an arch-propagandist for the Jewish state, a clearly deliberate omission that was noted not only by me but also by a number of comments from other readers. As the TAC site where the article appeared is heavily moderated, one suspects that additional, more vitriolic comments were not allowed to appear.

Bacevich is clearly on a roll. He followed up the piece on TAC with a stunningly ridiculous propaganda piece entitled “Foreign governments are messing with our elections the old-fashioned way” that appeared last week in the Boston Globe.

The article begins: “President Trump’s record as a unifier is spotty at best. Yet on at least one issue, he has helped forge a solid consensus: Americans are not going to tolerate further outside meddling in their politics. In discussing next year’s elections, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell recently put it this way: ‘Any foreign country that messes with us is going to have a serious problem in return.’ The integrity of our electoral system is sacrosanct. Consider yourself warned, Mr. Putin. The Mueller report showed conclusively that in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election Russian hackers had done plenty of messing. Republicans and Democrats alike (if not President Trump himself) are now intent on preventing any recurrence of such interference, whether by Russia or other mischief-making interlopers such as Iran or China. Patriotic citizens must hope that those efforts will succeed.”

Let’s pause right there. Any article that pretends to be a serious discussion of America’s relationship with foreign powers should avoid quoting Mitch McConnell, who is possibly one of the slimiest politicians currently on display in the Senate. All his judgments are conditioned not by the national interest but rather by political considerations that relate to advancing his own personal agenda as well as the agenda of establishment Republicans. If the “integrity” of the U.S. electoral system is truly threatened, nearly all of the damage comes from inside the system, where corruption is rampant at all levels.

Russian efforts on social media were insignificant

And, one might also note that the Mueller report may have demonstrated that in 2016 there were certain intrusions and manipulations by entities that may or may not have been connected to the Russian government, but it never revealed any plan by the Kremlin to influence voters in any serious way or change the results.

It has not even been conclusively demonstrated that the Russians hacked anyone as the FBI has never been able to examine the Democratic National Committee computers. In fact, it is widely recognized that the Russian click-bait efforts on social media were insignificant and had no influence on the outcome. Overturning election results is called “regime change” and it is something that the United States does regularly, not the Russians.

Bacevich continues, “Yet those same citizens would do well to consider the other ways in which foreign governments, many of them ostensible friends, have habitually interfered in our politics. To do so, those governments do not employ the latest innovations in information warfare, waged via social media. No, they mess with our politics the old-fashioned way, distributing vast sums of money to buy influence.”

The professor makes a good point, that money in politics can create access and buy influence, but he then goes on to cite Saudi Arabia as a prime example of that specific form of corruption. He claims that the Saudis spent in 2018 alone “$33 million in their attempts to influence US policy” and wonders “…why the pervasive use of Saudi money to influence U.S. policy is any more tolerable than Moscow’s campaign to tilt the outcome of a presidential election in favor of its preferred candidate.”

Bacevich concludes with “Interested in salvaging the remnants of integrity that survive in American democracy? Well, it won’t be enough to stop the hackers employed by Moscow or Beijing or Tehran (even assuming that it’s possible to do so). To prevent foreign governments from mucking around where they are not wanted will require a concerted effort to get outside money out of American politics altogether. The moneychangers need to be ousted from the temple.”

Saudi lobbying money chump change compared to Israel’s

With this recent series of somewhat related articles Professor Bacevich unfortunately defines himself as just another run-of-the-mill American hack propagandist. The enemies list includes Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia but it deliberately avoids mentioning the country that more than any other interferes in U.S. politics. That country is, of course, Israel.

The $33 million that the Saudis allegedly spend on lobbying the U.S. is little more than chump change for the Israel Lobby, which is awash with money donated by Jewish oligarchs like casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who came up with three times that much and more in 2016 to insure that America would have a solidly pro-Israel foreign policy. The Lobby plays with hundreds of millions of dollars annually, costs the U.S. taxpayer billions in various free rides for the Jewish state and has hundreds of full-time employees in groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

Why does Bacevich not tell the truth? All about the Benjamins

Andrew Bacevich is a smart man and he knows well that what I have written about above is correct. He knows first-hand that Israel’s interference in U.S. politics is highly organized, generously funded and ongoing at every level of government to obscure what Israel actually represents while also inter alia making it illegal to criticize the Jewish state in any way. Professor Bacevich fully well knows those things even as he pontificates about Americans not tolerating foreign influence in our politics, so why doesn’t he tell the truth for a change? Is it all about the Quincy Institute’s Benjamins?

Philip M. Giraldi is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He was the CIA Chief of Base for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in December 2001. Phil is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a Washington-based advocacy group that seeks to encourage and promote a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistent with American values and interests.
Jews dominate America, Jews use their army to wage war. Is it any different with Her Majesty's Government? Hint NO!


Zionist Crazies Run American Politics [ 29 October 2019 ]
I have written frequently about how the overwhelming deference to Israeli perceptions not only distorts U.S. foreign policy, it also corrupts discourse regarding genuine national interests at all levels. The mainstream media, where Zionist journalists and editors exist in grossly disproportionate numbers, has long been a source of fake news about the Middle East, successfully obscuring Israel's abominable record of war crimes and ethnic cleansing.............

So, the media, which is part of the Establishment and has a vested interest in promoting the status quo, is part of the “intellectual” underpinning of the government policies that it prefers. And it is joined by a more powerful and secretive ally in the form of the numerous think tanks that have sprung up in Washington like diseased mushrooms over the past twenty years...........

I have written several times about the new think tank kid on the block the Quincy Institute, which is currently planning on “launching” during the month of November. Quincy, which claims to represent “Responsible Statecraft,” is largely funded by George Soros and the Charles Koch, both of whom have considerable negative baggage, and one is scarcely ever wrong when positing that compromising one’s views in exchange for money and celebrity is what Washington is all about.
By Philip Giraldi; he goes on to give chapter and verse albeit without mention of Brainwashing.


Zionist Crazies Inciting War On Iran At Holocaust® Remembrance  [ 25 January 2020 ]
Jerusalem (AFP) — Israel will lobby key leaders at this week’s 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on what it considers one of the gravest modern threats to the Jewish people: Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron of France and top US officials before Thursday’s event at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial centre in Jerusalem, where dozens of dignitaries are expected.

Speaking earlier this week, Netanyahu drew a direct link between the Nazi effort to exterminate Europe’s Jews and what he described as the existential threat Israel faces from Iran.
Do Jews believe fairy tales? They certainly market them. Benjamin Netanyahu is a Psychopathic liar and War Monger trying to stay out of prison for thieving.


On The Fourth Day Of  Christmas, In The Season Of Goodwill    [ 29 December 2022 ]
 It is just another day in Fascist, Racist, Marxist Israel

And God damn the rest.


Jews Committed 3,532 Human Rights Violations Against Palestinians In January  [ 6 February 2023 ]
Israeli violence made January 2023 the bloodiest month for West Bank Palestinians in 8 years – including murders, injuries, land theft, building demolitions, and more. 7 Israelis have also been killed.

Israeli occupation settlers and forces have committed 3,532 violations against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in January, the Palestine National Information Centre revealed. The Information Centre disclosed in a report that January was the bloodiest month in the occupied West Bank since 2015, citing the Israeli killings of 35 Palestinians, including eight children and a 61-year-old woman – with 20 killed in Jenin alone. In addition, the report also pointed out that the Israeli occupation settlers and forces wounded 342 Palestinians...........

The Information Centre also documented the Israeli demolition of 40 Palestinian homes and issued 154 demolition notices...............

Thanks to the pro-Israel lobby in the US, Congress disburses over $20 million per day of Americans’ tax money directly to and/or on behalf of Israel.
That includes 35 murders. They seem to have missed out on Rape this time. Genocide is policy in Occupied Palestine but then they are God's Chosen People, even a Light Unto Nations.



Ten Questions For The Zionists

Letting Jews go to their deaths because they didn't want to go to Palestine does sound rather extreme but that's Jews for you. This story is not flooding the main stream media but that is Jews again.


From http://www.jewsnotzionists.org/tenquestions.htm

Ten questions to the Zionists
by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L
Dean of Nitra Yeshiva

  1. IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France; on condition that:
    a) none of the deportees travel from Spain to Palestine; and
    b) all the deportees be transported from Spain to the USA or British colonies, and there to remain; with entry visas to be arranged by the Jews living there; and
    c) $1000.00 ransom for each family to be furnished by the Agency, payable upon the arrival of the family at the Spanish border at the rate of 1000 families daily.

  2. IS IT TRUE that the Zionist leaders in Switzerland and Turkey received this offer with the clear understanding that the exclusion of Palestine as a destination for the deportees was based on an agreement between the Gestapo and the Mufti.

  3. IS IT TRUE that the answer of the Zionist leaders was negative, with the following comments:
    a) ONLY Palestine would be considered as a destination for the deportees.
    b) The European Jews must accede to suffering and death greater in measure than the other nations, in order that the victorious allies agree to a "Jewish State" at the end of the war.
    c) No ransom will be paid

  4. IS IT TRUE that this response to the Gestapo's offer was made with the full knowledge that the alternative to this offer was the gas chamber.

  5. IS IT TRUE that in 1944, at the time of the Hungarian deportations, a similar offer was made, whereby all Hungarian Jewry could be saved.

  6. IS IT TRUE that the same Zionist hierarchy again refused this offer (after the gas chambers had already taken a toll of millions).

  7. IS IT TRUE that during the height of the killings in the war, 270 Members of the British Parliament proposed to evacuate 500,000 Jews from Europe, and resettle them in British colonies, as a part of diplomatic negotiations with Germany.

  8. IS IT TRUE that this offer was rejected by the Zionist leaders with the observation "Only to Palestine!"

  9. IS IT TRUE that the British government granted visas to 300 rabbis and their families to the Colony of Mauritius, with passage for the evacuees through Turkey. The "Jewish Agency" leaders sabotaged this plan with the observation that the plan was disloyal to Palestine, and the 300 rabbis and their families should be gassed.

  10. IS IT TRUE that during the course of the negotiations mentioned above, Chaim Weitzman, the first "Jewish statesman" stated: "The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important". Weitzman's cohort, Greenbaum, amplified this statement with the observation "One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe".


There are additional similar questions to be asked of these atheist degenerates known as "Jewish statesmen", but for the time being let them respond to the ten questions.

These Zionist "statesmen" with their great foresight, sought to bring an end two two-thousand years of Divinely ordained Jewish subservience and political tractability. With their offensive militancy, they fanned the fires of anti-Semitism in Europe, and succeeded in forging a bond of Jew-hatred between Nazi-Germany and the surrounding countries.

These are the "statesmen" who organized the irresponsible boycott against Germany in 1933. This boycott hurt Germany like a fly attacking an elephant - but it brought calamity upon the Jews of Europe. At a time when America and England were at peace with the mad-dog Hitler, the Zionist "statesmen" forsook the only plausible method of political amenability; and with their boycott incensed the leader of Germany to a frenzy. And then, after the bitterest episode in Jewish history, these Zionist "statesmen" lured the broken refugees in the DP camps to remain in hunger and deprivation, and to refuse relocation to any place but Palestine; only for the purpose of building their State.

The Zionist "statesmen" have incited and continue to incite an embittered Jewish youth to futile wars against world powers like England, and against masses of hundreds of millions of Arabs.


What may befall the Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, of the Arab crescent, Europe, or the USA; is of no concern to these Zionist leaders. The rising anti-Semitism in the Western World is the product of their "statesmanship".

Under the guise of "love of Israel", the Zionist "statesmen" seduced many Jews to replace devotion to the Torah and its Sages with devotion to the scoundrel who founded Zionism. It is of no little significance that Herzl originally sought conversion of the Jews as a solution to the problems of the Diaspora. When he realized that this was not acceptable to the Jewish masses, he contrived Zionism as a satisfactory alternative!

A look into history reveals that this very same type of "statesmen" opposed the call of Jeremiah the prophet to yield to the minions of Nebuchadnezzar at the destruction of the first Temple. Five centuries later, Rabbi Yochonon Ben Zakai appealed to the people to surrender to Titus the Roman to avoid bloodshed. The "statesmen" rejected this appeal, and the second Temple was destroyed by the Romans. --- And now for the past fifty years, the Zionist "statesmen" rebuff the leadership of our Sages; and continue in their policy of fomenting anti-Semitism. When will they stop?? Must every Jew in America also suffer?? - Even the Nazi monsters had more sense, and gave up their war before all Germany was destroyed. The Zionist "statesmen" ridicule the sacred oath which the Creator placed upon the Jews in the Diaspora. Our Torah, in Tractate Ksubos, folio 111, specifies that the Creator, blessed be He, swore the Jews not to occupy the Holy Land by force, even if it appears that they have the force to do so; and not rebel against the Nations. And the Creator warned that if His oath be desecrated, Jewish flesh would be "open property", like the animals in the forest!! These are words of our Torah; and these concepts have been cited in Maimonides' "Igeres Teimon", "Be'er HaGola", "Ahavas Yehonosson", and in "Toras Moshe" of the Chasam Sofer.


Yidden - merciful sons of merciful fathers - how much longer must holy Jewish blood continue to be shed??

The only solution is:

  1. The Jewish people must reject, outright, a "Jewish State".

  2. The Jewish people should accept the US compromise.

  3. We must depose the atheist-Zionist "statesmen" from their role as Jewish leaders, and return to the faithful leadership of our sages.

  4. We beseech the Nations to open all doors to immigration - not only the doors of Palestine.

  5. Peaceful, non-Zionist religious personalities in Palestine, (particularly from the native population) and their counterparts in the Diaspora, should engage in responsible, face-to face negotiations on behalf of the Jewish people, with the British and the Arabs; with an aim of amicable settlement of the Palestine issue.


Every Jew is obliged to pray to the Blessed creator, for in Him lies all our strength. Let us bear in mind that our prayers be forthright. One should not entreat the Creator to provide a banquet on Yom Kippur, and one can not perform a ritual ablution with a dead bug in his hand. Similarly, we should avoid the untenable position of the robber who prays for Divine help in carrying out his crime. We should pray that Zionism and its fruits vanish from the Earth, and that we be redeemed by the Messiah with dispatch.

A prisoner is released only when he has served his time, or if he is pardoned by the President for good behavior. If he attempts escape and is apprehended, his term is lengthened, besides the beating he receives when he is caught.

Faithful Jews- for over three and one-half thousand years, in all parts of the world, through all trials, our grandfathers and grandmothers marched through seas of blood and tears in order to keep the Faith of the Torah unswervingly. If we have compassion for ourselves, for our women and children, and for the Jewish people, we will maintain our golden legacy today. We have been sentenced to exile by the King of Kings because of our sins. The eternal blessed be He, has decreed that we accept the exile with humble gratitude until the time comes, or until we merit His pardon through repentance if we seek to end the exile with force, G-d will catch us, as our sages have forewarned, and our sentence becomes longer and more difficult.

Many times in the past have segments of our people been defrauded by false messiahs - but none of the false messiahs has been as fallacious and delusory as the lie of Zionism. With our historical experience as our guide, no retribution has been or will be greater than the retribution for giving credence to Zionism. If we wish our exile-sentence commuted, we must appeal through repentance; and through total physical and spiritual observance of the Sabbath, laws of family purity, and study of Torah.

Let it be clearly understood that never in Jewish history (even in the time of Jeroboam or Achav) have such hostile atheists stood at the helm of the Jewish people as today.

How can we plead to the Almighty for mercy while we tolerate these vile, "wicked" leaders as spokesmen! Beloved brothers - let us cleanse our ranks and cleanse our midst; let us entreat the Almighty through prayer, repentance, and fulfillment of mitzvos that He alone redeem us, immediately.

Read Excerpt from his book MinHametzar


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