Judas Goats

This book is by Michael Piper, a man who has been over the ground many a time and oft. Given that he wrote it and his publisher was game to publish they cannot have been too worried about being done for libel. This indicates that they are on the right lines. The fact that Amazon are selling it helps too. The enemy have options; suing is one. A publicity blackout is another. That is what they did when Bill Clinton was at it with Monica Lewinsky until Matt Drudge let the cat out of the bag. BTW, a Judas Goat is one that leads its fellows to destruction.

It is what they are doing now [ November 2008 ] with Obama. He is not eligible to be the President of America because he was not born in America. Corruption, thy name is the media. Of course infiltration has been on a very broad front; not just politics and media but Education, Religion, Law and every other part of the establishment. It is the Long March Through The Institutions

The Judas Goats - The Shocking Story of the Infiltration and Subversion of the American Nationalist Movement
For those who have followed patriotic and nationalist movements and leaders in the U.S. and have been disturbed by the turn events have taken, this book unveils an enormous of amount of information about the various individuals who have acted as Judas Goats in the opinion of the author. These people have in a variety of ways been co-opted by what Piper calls the "Enemy Within." Actually, Piper usually refers to the Judas Goats themselves as the "Enemy Within."

I have to say Piper is right on the money, pretty much all the time. The degree to which the Judas Goats are culpable individually is difficult to gauge. In most cases he cites I would say they are quite guilty.

I have seen before my very eyes the Neocons seize control of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. It's astonishing that this group which represents the antithesis of conservatism has somehow inveigled itself in groups and institutions where it has no legitimate place. Midge Decter heading the Philadelphia Society, for example.

This book, however, reveals the deep corruption of the Right has been going on long before the Neocons ever dreamed of "leaving" Trotskyism and socialism. Robert Welch is a most interesting example of a conservative who appears to have been bought off by this lobby. In some cases, I am not very certain if the movement leaders were co-opted with financial enticements or whether something else was involved, such as just plain blindness to the situation, a real possibility considering how concentrated media power is here in the U.S., not to mention huge parts of the rest of the Western world.

This should be required reading by all patriotic Americans, especially those in positions of power and influence, such as journalists, Army, Navy, and Air Force brass and police officers who love their own country and its Constitution more than they fear the infiltrating enemy (the one that attacked the USS Liberty and didn't warn us about the likely attacks on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, not to mention one that intervenes in our politics to such an extent that it dominates our foreign policy in the Middle East). After all, America belongs to Americans, not Israelis and Israeli loyalists, as much as the latter two groups seem to think otherwise.

This book is a cornucopia of information and should be of great use to anyone who sees the struggle now is between basically the Zionist and Zionist-oriented international elites, their pathetic fellow travellers, and the poor folks who have been fooled into doing their bidding (people who are actually fighting against their own interests) and the rest of us who get to suffer from the Zionist and Zionist-oriented elites' unending quest for ever greater wealth, power, and "status." 


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