Mandelson is a crooked Jew with major political influence. He is also a homosexual.

Brown and Mandelson
Brown is reputed to have an unhealthy interest in small boys, just like Heath. It seems that he will settle for those who are not as other men as well, Mandelson being one. Politics and corruption go hand in hand. The interesting bit is down at the bottom in red and censored by MI5 which is suggestive. The author was not sued for libel which is also suggestive.


Peter Mandelson ex Wiki
... in 1971 left the Labour Party Young Socialists (LPYS) to join the Young Communist League, then the youth wing of the Communist Party of Great Britain.
Jew, queer and communist with light fingers.


Mandelson Quoted More Or Less
The aim was simple. Get rid of all the old left-wing policies like unilateral disarmament, high taxation and nationalisation, reform the party machine and its red-flag image and make Labour less scary to middle England - and never mind annoying the core voters who had nowhere else to go.


Mandelson Hates England, Mandelson Imported Enemy Aliens, Mandelson Is A Jew [ 23 October 2014 ]
In a stunning confirmation that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration, the former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers.

He also conceded that the influx of arrivals meant the party’s traditional supporters are now unable to find work.
Mandelson told the truth because he knows that he has gotten away with it. Proving that Blair & Brown are liars is, perhaps just for the fun of it. They are Enemies Of The People & Traitors to boot.

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Labour immigration policy.



Mandelson, A Jew Alleges That He Is A Patriot  [ 31 July 2018 ]  
Brexiteers are "nationalists" who "hate foreigners" and are not "patriots" like those campaigning for a second referendum, Lord Mandelson has said.

The former Labour Cabinet minister and European trade commissioner described leading Eurosceptics as "Brextremists". Lord Mandelson claimed that the Eurosceptic backlash against the Prime Minister's Chequer's compromise proved the need for a second referendum. He told LBC Radio: "Patriotism is love of your country. Wanting to stand up for your country, wanting to serve the best interests of your country.
Mandelson is a crooked Jew, a homosexual with an agenda. You doubt it? See e.g. Mandelson Hates England, Mandelson Imported Enemy Aliens, Mandelson Is A Jew



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