Colour of Crime

There is a correlation between race and crime. There is also a correlation between intelligence and crime. The second point is one that psychologists would dispute in public. Among their peers it is not quite the same. There they all have access to much the same body of data. Here are some sources that have surfaced. With blacks and low IQ it tends to be  low level thieving, narcotics, burglary and robbery. With Jews and high IQ it is likely to be big time fraud, big time smuggling, big time narcotics, big time slaving in the field of prostitution, big time political manipulation and big time whatever comes to hand. Ron Unz, an intelligent Jew tells us that Hispanics in America have much the same crime rates as White people but also, en passant that blacks are more criminal. See His-Panic or

The Colour Of Crime Is Black
Sometimes, less often it is brown, Hispanic.


Is major crime, which is normally reported. It is a fact that the perpetrators are usually black or brown. Saying so is not Politically Correct. It is true none the less. NB it is confirmed by the next one.


Murder In America
Most [ 53% ] are carried out by blacks. In Chicago it is three out of four i.e. 75%


Blacks and Crime
This is in South Africa which is leading the way in practical race relations - just the way the Jews want it.


The Colour of Crime
We are supposed to pretend that we didn't notice or that it isn't true but The Guardian has had a fit of honesty and told us that:-
.Three-quarters of those murdered or maimed in shootings in London are black, as are 80% of those who pull the triggers.
· Overall gun crimes recorded by the police rose by 6% in England and Wales during 2004/5. There were just under 11,000 incidents.


Crime and Hispanics
This is one day's cull from Hal Turner.


Crime and Blacks
This is one day's cull from Hal Turner.


Ethnic Crime Report (UK)
Comes to us courtesy of Stormfront. The BBC hates them for being patriotic and for telling the truth


FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
Are they all black? No. In fact most are Hispanics. The rest will be Americans apart from the Jew. He is of course the most effective of the lot.


Green Arrow
Is telling the truth that the Main Stream Media are hiding. The names tell a story. So do the mug shots.


Gun Violence in Britain
A Grauniad special.


Most Wanted
You might be surprised to learn that the majority of the perpetrators on the run are foreigners. It might even make you think that the media have been lying to you.


New Nation News
Is a first rate source. It gives us the mug shots and there are some very ugly mugs that ought to be shot out there.



Operation Sunfire
This shows East European rogues.


Rogues Gallery
Brown is importing them, just like the Tories. Will Cameron incite them to flood in then lie in his teeth about how lucky we are to have them foisted on us? Pray to God he never has the chance.


Scotland Yard Most Wanted
Twelve bad men and false. One or two are English. The rest are foreigners and their offspring imported by a traitors.


Takes a position on the colour of crime. Stormfront gives us sources. Stormfront gives us evidence. Stormfront tells the truth about evil.


Blacks with guns have their very own specialist police force acting against them.


 New Orleans Looting
Après le deluge  c'est noir. The free counters are  open folks on 31 August 2005 until they are  empty.


In 2000, 851 black juveniles committed murder, now it is 1,142 [ 30 December 2008 ]
In 2000,....... Nine years ago, 539 white and 851 African-American teens committed murder.....
In 2006-07, the number of homicides in which blacks ages 14 to 17 were victims rose to 927.
In 2007, the number for whites, 547, had barely changed, while it was 1,142, up 34 percent, for blacks.
Maybe ten percent of the population do two thirds of the murders. That is statistically significant and socially significant too. Hiding the truth is government policy and main stream media policy.


Woman shot dead after hooded gunmen storm party in south London [ 29 August 2005 ]
She was black and a victim. The perpetrators were also black.


Young, black, innocent: the gun law victims [ 28 August 2005 ]
The Graun is keen to tell us that the victims are black but less so with perpetrators who also black.


New Orleans: Even a cop joins in the looting  [ 28 August 2005 ]
Make that plural - cops. They stole the best of it too.


New Orleans Looting
For all of the pictures.


Woman kicked to death by blacks in Oakland, California   [ 28 August  2005 ]
Oh well, don't bother visiting there. BTW, the local police only found out about it from the Internet.


Black Rapist Murders 4 In Atlanta Court Breakout  [ 16 August 2005 ]
This ran a while ago but we were all too restrained to tell you, the delicate reader what colour he was in case it incited prejudice against our African friends. The Jewish Task Force has a different approach. They seem to think that Afro-Americans are stupid, idle, vicious and deserve what's coming to them. Isn't it awful?


Mikhail Khodorkovsky
He was a Jew in Russia who had the right connections and made the right moves when the USSR collapsed. He became a billionaire fast and hated fast. A lot of oligarchs in Russia were Jews who made it by fraud and cheated Russians out of some 85% of their assets. They also screwed Western banks big time. Khodorkovsky tried it on with Vladimir Putin and got off with a mere nine years. Vlad is a soft touch.


Jewish American Mobsters
The Wikipedia offers us 33 of them and they were some of the very big names in the crime industry. They had a combination of brains, brawn and evil that got them to the top.


Meyer Lansky Jew and crook
Jewish big time criminal but he was into gang operations like prostitution and extortion rather than white collar crime.


Bugsy Siegel Jew and crook
He was another big time Jewish mobster in America.


Robert Maxwell MC Jew, oaf, traitor and thief
Jew, bully, liar, traitor and thief. Big time fraud [ some £400 million ]. He beat the rap by getting murdered.  The Wikipedia is not very keen on telling us the enormity of his crime. Given its antecedents this is unsurprising.


Conrad Black
Is a Zionist although, it seems not Jew and accused of being a big time thief. The modus operandi is fraud.
Update:- Make that convicted of thieving and in for six and a half years.
Update again:- He is a Zionist but not a Jew.


La Griffe du Lion
Is an academic and a mathematician of sorts. He looks at statistics and tells us about the effects of intelligence and heredity. Psychologists started measuring it then decided that they did not like the results. Now they pretend that it is ummeasurable and that IQ is meaningless just as it becomes more important than ever. He also tells us about race and intelligence. You can dispute his sources and his maths if you want. Here are some of his offerings.


Aggressiveness, Criminality and Sex Drive by Race, Gender and Ethnicity
Certain human qualities share with each other the property of fuzziness. We call them fuzzy variables. Their meaning, though clear by standards of ordinary language, lack predictive precision. To make them quantitative, we introduce a technique we call the method of thresholds. With it, we compare aggressiveness, criminality and sex drive by race, gender and ethnicity.   Volume 2, Number 11, December 2000


The Colour of Death Row  
For those who desire a dispassionate view of death-row justice, let them know that no axe will be ground here, and lest there be any well-intentioned persons who do not perceive the difference between polemic and analysis, style and substance, pomposity and eloquence, let them know that it is always the latter to which we aspire, never the former. For those who endure the stringency of this essay, let them also know they will discover that justice depends on geography, that much of America is fair, and that bias on death row affects mostly whites.  Volume 2, Number 10, October 2000


The Politics of Mental Retardation: A Tail of the Bell Curve  
Political movements have victims, and the cause of diversity is no exception. Whites, Asians and males are all casualties of the diversicrat, but his most deplorable incivility makes victims of the hapless.  If anyone should deny the politicization of mental retardation, let him confront the data presented herein.  Volume 2, Number 9, September 2000


Racial Disparities in School Discipline
There are among us persons of so refined and delicate a nature that they cannot bear the guilt even of crimes they have not committed. Their shame is so great that they turn their considerable talents to serve the demagogues of bias. In this essay we analyze their efforts to document racial discrimination in school discipline, and humbly offer advice on how to improve their methods.   Volume 3, Number 3, June 2001


Blacks Achieve 97% Of Murders In New Orleans [ 21 May 2013 ]
In a grim irony, one of those injured in the New Orleans Mother’s Day shooting had lamented the violence committed by, in her words, “the men of my tribe.” Deborah Cotton is a “multimedia journalist and cultural advocate” who was one of 19 injured when a gunman opened fire on attendees at a Mother’s Day parade.

Last year, in filmed commentary, Cotton said, “As a black woman I have a particular investment in seeing the men of my tribe do better.” A picture, released by police, shows that the suspect is black.

A report funded by the Department of Justice shows an unexpected aspect of New Orleans crime. As U.S. cities go, New Orleans has a lower level of violent crime and property crime than U.S. cities of similar size. However, for the specific violent crime of murder, New Orleans stands out with the highest murder rate in the country.

Of New Orleans homicide victims, 86.5 percent were male, and 91.5 percent were black. Seventy-three percent of victims had a criminal history. 46 percent of the victims had “no gainful employment,” while 30 percent were of unknown employment, according to the DOJ report. Half of homicide victims were under the age of 27.

Of known homicide offenders, 97 percent are black, and 56 percent were not employed, with 27 percent of unknown employment. Eighty-three percent of known suspects had criminal histories.
New Orleans had a hurricane. It was the aftermath which proved how bad things can get. It was not quite an all black but pretty close. It is much the same in Chicago but worse in Detroit.



Black Murder Suspect Sought [ 4 March 2014 ]


Black Murdered Four Women From An Escort Site


Two Jews Got Married Says Daily Mail Propaganda Piece [ 4 March 2014 ]
The Daily Mail keeps very quiet about the Ultra-Orthodox Jews who are Paedophiles, attacking their own children; that is when they are not stealing, lying cheating. See e.g. what the Failed Messiah has to say about what were his own until he decided that he would not keep his mouth shut about evil.


East European Rapist Did It Again One Month After Getting To England [ 4 March 2014 ]
He got ten years for it in Lithuania. The Lord Chief Justice gave him life. Flogging and hanging would have been better but the law has been perverted by Socialists and their Useful Idiots.


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