Paedophiles exist. This much is fact. There are stories and there are undeniable facts. The idea that powerful men; it is men in the main, would indulge in these things and use their positions to cover things up is also in the realms of the undeniable. Something like this happened in the Orkneys. At the time of writing [ March 2008 ] the evidence of sadistic perversion is coming to light in Jersey. People get very worried about these things and can overreact; seeing denials as evidence of guilt.

Attempts to establish evidence by questioning young children can lead to words being put into their mouths. When courts do not convict it is seen as evidence of judicial corruption. In the Marc Dutroux case the worst suspicions may well have been true. Then there is the reality that Greville Janner, a Jew was accused in court on oath. He beat the rap but his accuser was not charged with perjury. No smoke without fire? Janner got promoted as a result though. The Labour Party moved him from the House of Commons to the House of Lords where people couldn't vote against him. The whole of the Labour Party was complicit in covering up for Mark Trotter, the known paedo.  There are facts and there are sources. Here are some. More are at Blood Libel. Murdering children to steal their blood is not quite the same as paedophilia but it is just as nasty.

Notice the difference when the Catholic Church comes in for abuse. It is loud and long. Jews [ see Awareness Centre & Failed Messiah on Paedophiles ] and Homosexuals [ see Child Molestation and Homosexuals ] get a pass. But then they run the media. That is why they run the media.
PS More evidence is at Sources
PPS Perpetrators include:-
Jimmy Savile   
Rolf Harris
Ted Heath
Stuart Hall
Barry Bennell    
Gary Glitter
Peter Jaconelli  
Cyril Smith
Greville Janner
[ got away with it because he was  a Jew ]
Mark Trotter 
Paedophile Jews, hundreds of them, especially rabbis - see Failed Messiah Paedophiles for more and better details.

Another source of information is at  Camelot Daily on Pedophilia - See e.g.
Hollywood Superstar Bella Thorne Claims Victim of Pedophilia, Molested While Working For Disney as a Child



Paedophile Propaganda     
Various perverts, subversives and other undesirables are marketing paedophilia for various reasons. The destruction of public Morals is one. Ditto for Western Civilization. Then there is personal advantage.


Paedophile Jews
Perhaps not all Jews are paedophiles. A lot are victims, the reason for their evil?


Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses
Half of the boys get buggered. The rest run faster. Then the Main Stream Media complain about Catholic priests alleged to be doing the same.


Greville Janner
He was accused on oath of being a Paedophile pervert who had abused a boy over a two year period. He came out smelling of roses after the DPP, another crooked Jew called Allan Green chose to allege that there was not enough evidence.


Family Research Council
Does research proving that Homosexuals are more likely to be Paedophiles than honest men.


Paedophile Tories
These are merely the known, publicly known. There are plenty more. Heath, a Marxist paedophile is just one.


BBC Paedophiles
The BBC is a den of iniquity, a nest of vipers, a whited sepulchre, pandering to Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith et cetera while marketing Cultural Marxism.


Paedophile Perverts In Her Majesty's Government
A list of some but only some of them.


Paedophile Information Exchange
Was connected with Comrade Corbyn & Hodge.


Labour Party Paedophiles
Those fingered are mainly local rather than big names. The fix doesn't go in for them so easily.


Jews Molest Children, Jews Get No Media Coverage, Paedophile Perverted Jews Are Undisturbed
Rather good.


Paedophile Jews
You do not hear much about them because rabbis are very actively suppressing the truth. Failed Messiah was a Jew. Failed Messiah knows where the dirt is.  Failed Messiah explains all.


Paedophilia Rampant In Orthodox Jewry
Ted Pike says so. Ted Pike is right.


Richard Webster And Mass Hysteria
We do get driven along by the mob. A rumour is started and there is no smoke without fire. Or is there? Isaac Newton looked for a way to change lead into gold because other men made claims. He failed. Are things different today when we deal with the unknown? Not really. Look in particular at We have not a shred of evidence . . . '


Satanic Panic
Satanic abuse of children is distinctly unproven, some silly old woman notwithstanding. Abuse by 'carers' who are allegedly religious and normally not family is proven. One family was white. The other perpetrators were not. At all events Private Eye is not saying. One white is code for the rest are efnicks. See page 28 Private Eye 1166

That is how they think in Poland - see under.

Awareness Centre
Is run by a Jew in America and tells us a about perversion carried out by an all-Jew cast. Of course the main stream media does not bother to tell us what she does.


Blair's Protection of Elite Paedophile Rings Spells the End For His Career
Mike James' prediction did not come to pass, sad to say. His accusation is still [ March 2010 ] out there on the Net for anyone who wants to read it. Blair is a lawyer and perfectly capable of suing for libel if he wants. It seems clear that he has not. More sources on this one are at Brown Accused Of Being A Paedophile


Roger Casement
Was an Irish nationalist who was hanged for his pains. He was also homosexual and a paedophile.


Homosexuals Die Younger, Much Younger
The evidence is out there. I am not shedding  a tear about it. There are unfortunate exceptions but an average of thirty years or less is impressive.


Israel And Incest - 5,000 Cases Reported 
In last decade 5,000 children reported sexual abuse, incest [ in Israel ]. Some 5,000 children age 14 or under have reported being sexually abused by a parent or other relative over the last decade, according to data released by the Social Affairs Ministry yesterday. However, the ministry believes that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and that most such cases are not reported. The accepted estimate worldwide is that one out of every 11 men and one out of every seven women were victims of incest as children.
Slaving in Israel is a big industry run by pimps and makes lotsa money tax free. Doing it to children is cheaper.


Jews In Jersey
Not all Jews are paedophiles and not all paedophiles are Jews. One of the nastier ones was Wilfred Kritchevski. He colluded with other powerful men in Jersey.


Beast of Jersey paedophile, Edward Paisnel visited the children's home 
Police are to review the case of a notorious paedophile known as the Beast of Jersey who regularly visited a care home on the island where the bones of a child were found at the weekend. 
For 11 years Edward Paisnel, a building contractor, stalked the island wearing a rubber mask and nail-studded wristlets, attacking women and children with apparent impunity. His visits in the 1960s to Haut de la Garenne, when he was often dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, were first revealed in a book written by his wife, Joan, in 1972, after he had been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Paisnel, who asked children to call him Uncle Ted, died in 1994.................

As police moved in specialist equipment to search a rubble-filled cellar at the Haut de la Garenne care home where they fear more bodies may be buried, more details emerged of the alleged “systemic” physical and sexual abuse at the home.
A few murders happened. So did other things. The local government is not amused at things coming to light.


Jersey Paedophiles Have Been Known About For Fifteen Years
The award-winning journalist who exposed terrible abuse in Islington children's homes now reveals horrifying links to sinister discoveries at Jersey's Haut de la Garenne........

Detective Constable Peter Cook..... uncovered a vicious child sex ring, with victims in both Britain and the Channel Islands, and he wanted me to get his information to police abuse specialists in London........... Incredibly, he claimed that his superiors had barred him from alerting them. He feared a cover-up: many ring members were powerful and wealthy. But I did not think him paranoid: I specialised in exposing child abuse scandals and knew, from separate sources, of men apparently linked to this ring.

They included an aristocrat, clerics and a social services chief. Their friends included senior police officers........ I duly met trusted contacts at the National Criminal-Intelligence Squad. That was more than 12 years ago, and little happened - until now.................

Disturbing allegations about the murder of children in care have characterised other scandals I investigated in Britain, but today I can reveal for the first time the links between the abuse I uncovered at care homes in Islington, North London, and the horrifying discoveries on Jersey. I have never before written that 14-year-old Jason Swift, killed in 1985 by a paedophile gang, is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street home.

Two sources claimed this when I investigated Islington's 12 care homes for The Mail on Sunday's sister paper, the London Evening Standard, in the early Nineties. But hundreds of children's files mysteriously disappeared in Islington and, without documentation, this was not evidence enough.  We did, however, prove that every home included staff who were paedophiles, child pornographers or pimps. Concerned police secretly confirmed that several Islington workers were believed "networkers", major operators in the supply of children for abuse and pornography...........  What we did report prompted the sort of vehement official denials that have come to characterise child abuse claims. Margaret Hodge [ a Jew ], then council leader, denounced us as Right-wing "gutter journalists" who supposedly bribed children to lie.

Islington's appalling mishandling of vital records was highlighted by the independent White inquiry into the abuse in Islington children's homes, which found that "at assistant director level . . . many confidential files were destroyed by mistake, although there is no evidence of conspiracy."
Blair lived in Islington and knew Hodge. Pandering to Jews was his forte. He is entirely likely to have known about the ugly bits of her track record, not that he would have cared. Jewish money mattered more. It still does.


Nonce Watch Names The Convicted
Actually it only names some. There are no big names but then that is when the Establishment closes ranks. The little people can be thrown to the wolves.


Timeline: Margaret Hodge row | Society | Society Guardian
"Tash Shifrin outlines key dates in the row over how the children's minister dealt with reports of child abuse at a London council that surfaced when she was ..." but doesn't mention Blair lived in Islington and panders to Jews or that Hodge [ ex Oppenheimer ] is a Jew too.
PS Hodge's track record has a lot to do with greed. See Hodge. You go along to get along.


Marketing Homosexuality
Yes, it is being marketed by the media [ the BBC has a very personal interest here ] and the education industry. It is one front in a war of subversion; destroying our moral standards and our culture. In fact it is Cultural GenocideAntonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party would have loved it.


Paedophile Documentary Sparks Anger
Channel 4 was last night under attack by children's rights campaigners for a controversial documentary on paedophiles due to be screened tonight. The Devil Amongst Us contains interviews with a number of paedophiles who try to justify their actions and campaign for a change in public opinion. It also examines society's response to the dangers paedophiles pose to children. The programme comes the day after the publication of the Barratt report into Hackney Councils handling of the Mark Trotter affair.
Making excuses or making money?


Paedophilia and Male Homosexuality
Homosexuals have claimed for some time that they are no more apt than heterosexuals to molest children. Over the past three decades, professional associations have chimed in to support their claim. For instance, in Romer v. Evans, a 1994 brief by the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the American Psychiatric Association told the U.S. Supreme Court "there is no evidence of any positive correlation between homosexual orientation and child molestation" (pp. 23, 24)...............

The state of knowledge was historically very different. In pre-Christian Greece, Aristophanes observed that men taken with homosexual relations "when they grow to be men, they become lovers of boys, and it requires the compulsion of convention to overcome their natural disinclination to marriage and procreation." More recently, a 1970s survey conducted by the Kinsey Institute reported that while aged 21 or older, 23% of 671 gays said they had sex with boys aged 16 or younger. And of 4,329 gays sampled by Jay and Young" both open homosexuals "about 22% reported sex with boys and over 30% openness to, or approval of, sex with boys.
The evidence is out there. So is a disinclination to tell the truth. See Roger Casement for a good example.


Pro-Homosexual Bias In Study Of Paedophilia
Homosexuals are considerably more apt to involve themselves sexually with the underage. Anyone actually in contact with the phenomenon has to acknowledge this fact, perhaps most strongly explicated by the chairman of FRI in 1985.1 While homosexual spokesmen have disputed his conclusion, in a paper published in 2000 by Blanchard, Barbareee, Bogaert, Dicky, Klassen, Kuban, and Zucker2 the authors noted that the best epidemiological evidence indicates that only 2-4% of men attracted to adults prefer men..; in contrast, around 25-40% of men attracted to children prefer boys". Thus the rate of homosexual attraction is 6-20 times higher among paedophiles" (p. 464). These figures are quite similar to those we at FRI have used since the early 1980s "figures that for which gay activists have roundly criticized us. So how do Blanchard, et al., most of whom are from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, handle this fact that seems so damaging to the homosexual cause? By telling people not to notice, or if they do, not to draw the obvious conclusions.
Homosexuals say sometime they are queers. They are right. They are also deviants, odd, strange, different, peculiar so the idea that they interfere with children more than the rest of us seems quite reasonable. Homosexuality is a political issue, just like Feminism and illegal Immigration which are being used by Subversives to attack Christendom. Whence the media enthusiasm for hiding the truth.


Paedophiles In Wales
Things happened in North Wales, in children's homes. Bryn Estyn was one. There was an inquiry then things went quiet. Was justice done? A copper was thrown to the wolves. The rest? They are not saying.


Mark Trotter
Was one of them and got away with it because he was big in the Labour Party.


Fred West 
Fred West was one of Britain’s most notorious mass killers. Quite literally he seemed the embodiment of evil; yet as the following reveals there may well have been far more to his campaign of terror than was revealed by the mainstream media. And it would be a mistake to assume that this is a unique or isolated occurrence. In fact it may be but one example of a more widespread phenomenon; in which black magical covens are routinely sacrificing innocent lives with the help of the likes of Fred West and Pietro Pacciani, the so-called “Monster of Florence.” And then concealing their abhorrent practices with the collusion of those in positions of power: in the courts, in the media and in the police. 
Was he supplying young women to a coven, people with the power to make things happen? The evidence given here is slight and, for me unconfirmed.


United Kingdom football sexual abuse scandal
This one passed me by, completely unnoticed. Did the Mainstream Media keep quiet because too many readers enjoy Football? Quite possibly.



Sinn Fein Boss's Brother Is A Paedophile [  20 December 2009 ]  
Gerry Adams is facing questions about his younger brother who is wanted over a string of sex abuse offences. The Sinn Fein president's brother Liam is accused of assaulting his daughter Aine Tyrell when she was a child. Mrs Tyrell, now 36, waived her right to anonymity to make the allegations during a television documentary shown in Northern Ireland on Friday night. Gerry Adams, 61, was also interviewed on the show, where he appealed for his brother to hand himself in and claimed he had not seen him for 15 years until 2003....... Yesterday Sinn Fein spokesman Richard McAuley admitted Gerry Adams had seen his brother in a series of meetings before he disappeared.
Adams is a liar of course. He would doubtless claim he is not a murderer too. He would still be lying. But he is political so he gets away with things, just like Blair.


Outreach Rabbi Resigns Amid Cloud Of Scandal [ 18 December 2009 ]
An influential ultra-Orthodox rabbi who supervises conversions has stepped down abruptly from the organization he has led for about five years.......... Rabbi Tropper's resignation comes amid reports that he was involved in sexual improprieties with a woman whose conversion he was supervising, according to Shmarya Rosenberg of the blog
At least it was not little boys. Read the full article and wonder if they are mad as well as bad.


Sex Offender Registry And It Is An All Jew Cast [ 18 December 2009 ]
Sampling of Individuals on The Awareness Centre's Sex Offender Registry
The Awareness Centre is providing the documentary " Unorthodox Conduct" in the memory of Daniel Levin. The documentary was created by Canadian Broadcast Company in 1994 regarding the case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks .

Our hopes is that it will be used as a way to educate the public on the devastating ramifications a case can have on an individual, family and in Jewish communities around the world. It's important to know what happens when a case of "alleged" childhood sexual abuse in the Jewish community is not dealt with properly from the beginning (bringing the case to law enforcement who is trained and educated in dealing with these cases).
They want more money to add more criminals to their list.


Sex Offender Registry II Gives Us Another 400 Of Them [ 18 December 2009 ]
Cases of Clergy Abuse and Other Trusted Officials

  1. Case of Rabbi Yoram Aberjil (Netivot, Israel)   (Accused of cult like practices and sexual harassment of young women and threatening the lives of the survivors and those who support them.)

  2. Case of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner (Beit El, Israel)  (Two women accused the rabbi of creating emotionally intimate relationships with them. These relationships included his expressions of his love for them during regular late-night phone conversations, extracting details from them of their sexuality and promoting an unhealthy emotional dependence on him).

  3. Case of Rabbi Aryeh Blaut (AKA: Louis Blaut, Louis Steven Blaut, Louis A. Blaut, Louis S. Blaut) (Seattle, WA) (Convicted sex offender on federal charges of possession of child pornography.  According to the United States Department of Probation, Louis Blaut is not allowed contact with anyone under the age of eighteen on the internet or in person).

  4. Case of Rabbi Jerry Brauner (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY)   (Convicted on the charges of Sexual Abuse-1st Degree and Sexual Abuse-3rd:Subject Another Person to Sex Contact Without Consent. He was sentenced to 11 years probation, with the condition he must participate in a sex offender treatment program. Brauner has been on probation since 2002 for the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy.  On December 27, 2006, Jerry Brauner was arrested on charges of stealing a half-million-dollar home from a cancer-stricken woman, using a forged power of attorney to sell it and pocket the profits. Brauner is being held in lieu of $85,000 bail for lying about prior sex-abuse convictions when he applied for his notary's license.)

  5. Case of Rabbi Lewis Brenner (AKA: Lippa Brenner) (Brooklyn, NY)   (Convicted of child molestation.  The original charges included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.  He agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree, a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years' probation.)

There are some 400 convicts and suspects on this list and it an all Jew line up. I'll bet your wonderful newspaper didn't tell you the half of it.


Homosexuals Are The Principal Child Molesters [ 28 June 2008 ]
Three kinds of scientific evidence point to the proportion of homosexual molestation: 1) survey reports of molestation in the general population, 2) surveys of those caught and convicted of molestation, and 3) what homosexuals themselves have reported. These three lines of evidence suggest that the 1%-to-3% of adults who practice homosexuality account for between a fifth and a third of all child molestation.......... In 1983, a probability survey of the sexual experiences of 4,340 adults in 5 U.S. cities found that about 3% of men and 7% of women reported sexual involvement with a man before the age of 13 (i.e., 30% was homosexual)................
Goals of the Gay Movement
The gay movement is forthright about seeking to legitimize child-adult homosexual sex.
The BBC will not tell us this but then the BBC is heavily infiltrated by homosexuals and Jews. The latter use feminists and other subversives to destroy civilization.


Hackney Council condemned regarding Mark Trotter
Incompetence not corruption allowed a social worker to put children at risk of abuse for more than a decade. An independent inquiry said a `climate of fear' allowed Mark Trotter, who died of an Aids-related illness, to carry on working with children in care. Glenda Cooper, Social Affairs Correspondent reports.

Hackney Council knew of four complaints of sexual abuse against Mark Trotter by the late Eighties but failed to suspend him because of his powerful position as a trade unionist.

But John Barratt, who carried out the independent inquiry into the Mark Trotter affair, said that the way the latter was dealt with amounted to "impropriety" rather than corruption. "I criticised the failure to suspend {Trotter}, not because of . . . influence by councillors but by the fact that he had quite an influential position in the trade union in a council where trade unions have a lot of power," Mr Barratt said. Trotter, who had worked for Hackney Council since 1981, was about to be arrested over allegations of sexual abuse when he died of an Aids-related illness in 1995. Four complaints of sexual abuse of children in Hackney and Liverpool had been made against him over the years. The independent inquiry was set up by the council in 1996 after serious concerns about the activities and management of Trotter, who worked for the authority from 1981 to 1993. Newspaper revelations about the scandal brought the authority under attack for its handling of the affair and allegations of a cover up. It was claimed that Trotter, who was openly gay, had strong links with the then- ruling Labour group and stayed in his job despite being suspected of child abuse. A separate investigation by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, also commissioned by Hackney Council, concluded last year that Trotter had abused at least six children and teenagers in his care. Mr Barratt, a former director of Cambridgeshire social services, said that there was no evidence of a cover-up: "My conclusion is that inadequacies in dealing with the Trotter affair are best explained by reference to overall organisational incompetence rather than to corrupt political conspiracies." But he was "highly critical" of the way Hackney conducted its internal inquiry and said that there was a "poor quality" workforce, "mismanagement" and "uncontrolled power exercised . . . in the managerial chaos of the 1980s". The atmosphere at Hackney, where defamatory rumour was used as a "standard political weapon" and was combined with organisational incompetence meant that it was not difficult for people to believe in favouritism and undue influence. The report calls on the council to review its childcare policy, including improving record-keeping for children, which it describes as appalling. It also recommends a multi-agency approach to looking after those in care. Mr Barratt called for national guidelines to help prevent child abuse rather than leaving it to individual police forces and social services. "The Government should be looking at the results of a number of inquiries. Is it right to be leaving it to some ad hoc inquiries? . . . There is a possibility, almost more a probability, that widespread abuse did occur in residential care in the 1980s which may need looking at more thoroughly with common standards of co-operation rather than leaving it to individual police forces and individual social services." John McCafferty, Labour group leader on Hackney Council, where no party has overall control, said: "I am pleased the independent report has concluded there was no cover up. Hackney Labour was wrongly accused. This accusation has been completely rebutted by this independent inquiry." But the Liberal Democrats said that while the report was good in places questions must be answered by the Labour Party about its handling of the affair.

Copyright 1998 Newspaper Publishing PLC
Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved.


Is ritual child abuse just a hoax?
According to the reports from the US Department of Justice 797,500 children (18 and younger) were reported missing in a one year period studied, resulting in an average of 2,185 being reported missing each day. National Enter for Missing & Exploited Children This is an shockingly high number, considering those numbers only represent the United States and only the children that are reported missing, not the throwaway kids that exist in every town and city across America. So where are all these children going?

It seems in the 1980s we received a few clues from the mainstream media about what may be happening, but the stories were called hoaxes and disappeared from view, dismissed and supposedly debunked. Where this sordid tale begins and ends is still a mystery for me, but I will start with the disappearance of Johnny Gosch on Sept. 5, 1982, the country's first milk carton kid. Johnny was a good-looking 12 year-old boy when he disappeared from his route delivering the Des Moines Register Sunday paper. At the time of his disappearance police did not immediately begin searching for him and waited a 72-hour window before considering him officially missing.
Victoria Hardy wrote this. She thinks there is something badly wrong and gives us sources. Defining children as under 18 years old is not very satisfactory in matters of this sort.


Franklin child abuse allegations
The Franklin child abuse allegations refers to allegations of a child prostitution ring serving high level U.S. politicians. "Franklin" refers to the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, a Nebraska financial institution. The relationship with Franklin was indirect via charges of involvement by a former Franklin officer, Lawrence E. King, in the alleged child sex ring. The allegations of the child sex ring made national news on June 29, 1989 when the front page of the Washington Times bore the adline Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush. The Washington Times article by journalists Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald alleged that key officials of the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations were connected to an elaborate Washington, D.C male prostitution ring, and reported that two of these prostitutes even entered the White House late at night. The allegations included, among other things, "abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion."
This reads to me as an admission of the undeniable facts but no more.


Wikipedia on Paul and Shirley Eberle
In the 1970s, the Eberles published a pornography publication called Finger, and in the 1980s, they edited the soft-core pornography magazine L.A. Star. Finger promoted the radical left "underground" libertarian or utopian philosophy of free sexuality.....

They published The Politics of Child Abuse (1986), on false allegation of child sexual abuse in the day care sex abuse hysteria in progress in the USA at the time, and in 1993, The Abuse of Innocence, covering the McMartin preschool trial. Alan Dershowitz called the book, The Abuse of Innocence, "... a wake-up call to those who believe that prosecutors and their experts can be trusted to do justice in the emotional context of child abuse." In 2006, Paul Eberle published a book on the phenomenon of road rage.
This is another Wikipedia article that reads as a begrudging admission of undeniable facts. The Wiki is run a by a Jew and pornographer.


DeCamp, John
John W. DeCamp (born July 6, 1941), a Republican, is a former member of the Nebraska Legislature and author of the book The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska.

Born in Neligh, Nebraska, DeCamp joined the United States Army during the Vietnam War. He was later assigned to serve as an aide to former CIA director William Colby, who was Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam at the time. Beginning his campaign for election while still stationed in Vietnam, DeCamp was elected and served four terms as a Nebraska state senator, from 1971 to 1987. In the May 2006 election, he was rebuffed in his attempt to return to the Legislature. He is currently a practising attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska.
This is a Wiki offering which has the feel of we can't ignore him so we will tell you the minimum. The Wiki is run a by a Jew and pornographer.


Conspiracy of Silence
This is the best quality version of Conspiracy of Silence available on the Internet. The sound is greatly improved over the earlier version. This is a video made which delves deeply into the Franklin Cover Up and reveals what Congress basically had banned from you ever seeing. You will see how Congress tried to ban this video in the opening of the video.
Systematic sexual perversion of children and blackmail of prominent politicians. That is the charge. John DeCamp is the man making it. Who controls it? Pass but it is seriously nasty.


Inquiry board member 'sat' on critical Kincora file
A MEMBER of the Catholic Church sex abuse inquiry previously 'sat' on a critical file in another major paedophile investigation.- 23/10/2002,

Church's authority damaged by failure to confront evil abusers [64%]

ABOUT 20 years ago I was involved in setting up an inquiry into the mistreatment of boys at Kincora Boys Home in Belfast.- 27/10/2005, Migration

Macabre murder of 10-year-old boy will be re-opened [89%]


A TEAM of detectives is to examine a claim that a man confessed to killing his 10-year-old brother in one of the most macabre killings during the Troubles in Belfast.

- 27/01/2008, National News

Barnardo's home workers found guilty of sex abuse [89%]

TWO former carers at a Barnardo's home were convicted yesterday of a string of sex abuse charges against young children.- 24/06/2004, National News

Church's authority damaged by failure to confront evil abusers [67%]

A BOUT 20 years ago I was involved in setting up an inquiry into the mistreatment of boys at Kincora Boys Home in Belfast.- 27/10/2005, Migration

Fitt: more loner than leader but a truly great politician [55%]

ON January 2, 1974, I was summoned to the office of the Deputy First Minister of the new power-sharing Executive to whom I had been allocated as a sort of Civil Service minder. I k- 29/08/2005, Analysis


Sources:- cases from December 2004 until July 2005 cases from May 2006 until July 2006 archives from January 2005 until January 2009 archives from November 2006 to the present day [ i.e. March 2012 ] is off line. Operated from 2001 until 2011. It seems to have used anonymous reports, which are dubious evidence.


Homosexual Activist Is A Paedophile & Homosexual Activist Is A Paedophile Gay rights campaigner James Rennie jailed for life over paedophile ring


Polish Political Party Registers Anti-Homosexual Symbol [ 26 November 2011 ]
Gay rights campaigners in Poland yesterday condemned a court ruling allowing a far-right group to formally register a 'no gay sex' symbol as its official logo. A judge allowed the small National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) party to register the homophobic symbol in a little noticed decision at the end of October. The symbol - a stylised representation of gay sex with a red line crossing it - has provoked horror among gay rights campaigners in the country.

'Such symbols tap directly into fascist, neo-fascist and xenophobic traditions, and intolerance,' said Robert Biedron, Poland's first openly gay MP, told reporters, according to AFP. Mr Biedron, who is one of Poland's most prominent gay rights campaigners and newly elected as part of the country's left-wing opposition, urged the justice ministry to step in...........

Opinion polls in the country - where over 90 per cent of the population is Roman Catholic - show two out of three Poles oppose gay rights demonstrations.
The Mail is a bit shy about this one but happily Storm Front is sufficiently self confident to let us see the truth. Of course the "gay community" is not amused. Only two out of three Poles approve this allegedly extreme position. We need something like this in England to get a grip of the Labour Party.


Homosexual Paedophile With HIV Gets Away With Just Four Years [ 27 November 2011 ]
A paedophile with HIV who arranged online to have sex with three young children has been jailed after not realising he was talking to an undercover policeman. Steven King, who worked in the accounts department in a solicitors' office, made the two hour journey from his home thinking he was going to abuse the children aged five, six and 10. The sick 30-year-old also bragged to the undercover officer that he had already raped a young boy aged just 13 years.

In a twisted message he told the policeman: 'Any age, younger the better.' King was jailed for four years after admitting arranging the commission of child sex offences and two further counts of possessing indecent images. The judge, sitting at Southwark Crown Court, was told how King began talking to the undercover officers in July this year when the officer claimed to have three young children.
They are out there. The Daily Mail does not say that he is a homosexual but that pretty much has to be why he got HIV.


Rapist Rabbi Is Paedophile Pervert Protected By Senior Rabbi [ 2 June 2013 ]
On December 10, 2012 a jury convicted Rabbi Nechemya Weberman on 59 charges of sexually abusing a girl........

Expectations were high that the OU would behave differently if this issue arose again. However, it is now over two weeks since the high-profile child sex abuse conviction of Lakewood's Rabbi Yosef Kolko and neither the RCA nor the OU has issued any statement.........

Yet the RCA/OU is paralyzed into silence because the greatest public defender of Kolko is Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, a senior posek (Jewish law authority) for OU Kosher. Belsky doesn't buy the RCA-OU Modern Orthodox approach of going straight to the police with any reasonable suspicion. He comes from the ultra orthodox world where the policy is �Ask a rabbi� which usually turns into �Don't talk to the authorities.� In the ultra orthodox world, going to the police turns victims and their families into snitches (mosrim) who are excoriated, scourged and evicted.........

Belsky is not a man who is deflected by mere facts. He still maintains Yosef Kolko is innocent, but then he also insists that Rabbi Yehuda (Joel) Kolko is innocent even though he also pleaded guilty. In fact Belsky has been covering up for the Kolko family for over forty years.
Jews are perverts, Jews are criminals, Jews like it that way.


Paedophile Jew Is Rapist Rabbi Walking Free [  27 February 2014  ]

You can see what he is laughing about.


Paedophile Jew Gets Five Years And A Media Cover Up [  27 February 2014  ]


Rabbi Arrested For Child Pornography Carries On Teaching Children [ 7 March 2014 ]


Jew Being Sued For Paedophile Perversion In Australia [ 3 May 2014 ]
This one wasn't a rapist rabbi, like so many others.


Jew Is A Paedophile Pervert [ 3 May 2014 ]
He has three known victims.


Max Clifford Is Moving To A Soft Prison Just Like Huhne  [ 10 May 2014]
got moved to a luxury prison then released very early because he is too important to be punished. Clifford matters too. He is not one of the little people. Being a nonce is all right for the in-crowd. That is why Heath, a fat Marxist was never charged.

Perpetrators include:-
Jimmy Savile  
Ted Heath
Stuart Hall
Cyril Smith
Greville Janner
[ accused on oath but walked ]


Seven Paedophiles Are Not Pakistani [ 11 September 2015 ]
But they are exceptionally nasty. Four of them have previous. If they had been Jews they would have gotten away with crime because the tribe would have used Mesirah to protect them; it is the same as the Mafia's code of silence, the one they call Omerta. There are occasional exceptions - see Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses.


Rapist Rabbi Video Goes Public & Gets A Main Stream Media Blackout [ 9 October 2015 ]
The Main Stream Media doesn't tells us about Jews or Zionist crazies because they are God's Chosen People, even one might say a Light Unto Nations. That's their story at all events. They are vicious liars without a conscience.


Rapist Rabbi Gets 22 Years [  19 October 2015 ]
Rabbi Frederick �Ephraim � Karp was sentenced to 35 years in prison (with 13 of those years suspended, leaving a total of 22 years to be served) to be followed by five years of supervised probation for sexually abusing two children and one teenage adult over the course of several years, the Cleveland Jewish News reported.

All three victims are females........ Baltimore County Prosecutor Lisa Dever didn't think Karp's sentence was harsh enough.
Another Jew, another rabbi, another pervert. Are they all bent? Read Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Perverted Jew Gets Very Light Sentence [  19 October 2015 ]
In open state court, convicted child rapist Andrew Goodman called out to one of his victims that he �loved� him and wanted to spend his life with him, causing onlookers and court officials to gasp in horror.

But Goodman still inexplicably got a slap-on-the-wrist 2-year sentence from Brooklyn, New York state court Justice Martin Murphy when he was sentenced. And with time already served, Goodman only had several months left to actually serve..........

After his federal sentence is served, Goodman will be on supervised release for 10 years. He will also have to register as a sex offender and is prohibited from contacting the victim. The abuse started when the two victims were 12- and 13-years old
A friend in need is a friend indeed, especially if he is a corrupt judge. Fortunately a federal judge saw the light.


Paedophile Jew Beats Extradition Attempt [ 2 November 2015 ]
Roman Polanski is due in a Polish court on Friday at a hearing to consider a US extradition request over his child sex crime conviction.

The Oscar-winning director pleaded guilty in 1977 to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl during a photo shoot in Los Angeles fuelled by champagne and drugs.

He served 42 days in jail as part of a 90-day plea bargain, but fled the country for France the following year, [ allegedly ] believing that the judge hearing his case could overrule the deal and impose a longer prison sentence........

The leader of Poland's newly elected Law and Justice party, Jarosław Kaczyński, recently suggested that there will be no leniency for the director. �There was open talk that he should not be made responsible for his deeds because he is an outstanding, world-famous film-maker. We will totally reject this attitude,� he said.

Polanski previously appeared in Polish court in February. The judge presiding over that case said the court could not make a ruling because it still had to consider extra documents submitted by Polanski's lawyers.
The Guardian does not mention that Polanski is a Jew. The Guardian is a Propaganda machine guarding its agenda, hiding the truth.


Rapist Rabbi Is A Paedophile Pervert [ 19 November 2015 ]
Forty-eight-year-old Chabad Rabbi Aryeh "Larry" Dudovitz was convicted today on child sex abuse charges in a bench trial, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Dudovitz, a Chabad messianist from Chicago's West Rogers Park neighborhood, sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy nine years ago. In October 2006, Dudovitz went to the boy's family home for Sukkot and got the boy drunk. The boy became ill and fell asleep, only to wake up to find Dudovitz performing a sex act on him.

Dudovitz reportedly confessed to the beit din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council after the boy reported the assault to his mother, and several prominent rabbis testified today that Dudovitz admitted sexually assaulting the boy. None of those rabbis, however, reported the crime to police.

Police were notified nine years ago shortly after the assault took place, but Chabad appears to have successfully interceded at that time to block the criminal investigation.
Another Jew, another Paedophile pervert. Notice that several rabbis suppressed the truth in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice & that the police colluded with them.


'Celebrity' Threesome Exposed After High Court Ban  [ 8 April 2016 ]
I detest the lot of them. It seems that there are four involved rather three; presumably all being Homosexual. They are odd, strange, peculiar, deviant, perverted, queer. They do unwholesome things to small furry animals and children, which is why they are so much more likely to be  Paedophile perverts than the rest of us. See Paedophilia and Male Homosexuality on the point. Of course the BBC was never going to tell us the truth. It is too busy protecting Jimmy Savile, 'Lord' Janner and the like. 


Paedophile Gets 26 Years Because He Is An Englishman [ 10 September 2016 ]
 Pakistani Perverts get a pass because of their major contribution to Democracy around Rotherham, which is large scale Vote Rigging on behalf of the Labour Party.


Paedophile Jew Trying To Beat Rape Conviction Four Decades Later [ 17 February 2017 ]
Roman Polanski, the well known Paedophile Jew is facing 50 years if he goes back to Hollywood. He paid his victim $500,000  eventually, reluctantly but then he is a Jew. He got away with Paedophile perversion so he should just be grateful.


Convicted Killer Who Shot Wife Is A Paedophile Pervert As Well [ 14 March 2017 ]
A convicted killer, who shot his wife dead, has been jailed for 15 years after threatening to murder two young girls he was sexually abusing. Maurice Wells, 73, from Clacton in Essex, told the youngster that they would suffer the same fate as his wife if they told anyone about what he was doing to them.

Wells was 33 when he shot and killed his wife, Suzanne, in the front garden of their Colchester home in 1976 after she claimed one of their children was not his. He was jailed for 10 years but after being released Wells, now 73, began to groom his first victim during the 1990s............

Wells already had 15 convictions for 19 offences before he admitted the six sex assaults on the two child victims.
The Mail tells all because he is not black. The Mail is an anti-White racist rag and one of the Enemy Within.


Jonathan King Charged With 18 More Paedophile Offences  [ 26 May 2017 ]
It was all a long time ago. The Wiki tells us something about his track record.


Council Employees Protected Paedophile Politician  [ 21 July 2017 ]
Officials put the brakes on investigating a Labour councillor who was accused of being a paedophile in order to help the party during the 2015 General Election campaign, an independent inquiry has concluded. A child protection expert's report � seen by the Manchester Evening News � finds that two Bury Council officers acted under either �direct political influence� to downplay the allegations against the councillor, or �the mistaken belief by senior officers that they needed to be seen to be doing their best to protect members of the Labour group from any political embarrassment at a sensitive time�. After the election the councillor, Simon Carter, was convicted of downloading sexual images of children�

The report is one of a number of probes into the scandal which has engulfed Labour in Manchester. Last month the Council's Chief Executive Mike Owen resigned before a disciplinary could be completed; it is alleged he admitted stalling child protection procedures in �a favour� for Labour (he has denied this). The council's director of children's services Mark Carrilin also resigned after being found guilty of serious misconduct. Just last night it emerged that Labour has suspended Mike Connolly, the elected former leader of Bury Council, from the party. This Labour scandal continues to unravel�
More Lefties, more corruption albeit there is no mention of any Pakistanis


Gypsy Paedophile Get Six Years  [ 10 October 2017 ]
A 25-year-old Romanian has been jailed after raping his pregnant 'wife' who he had moved to Britain with. The man, of Romany gypsy background, illegally married the girl in their native country before settling in Essex. He was imprisoned for six years after admitting having sex with a child under the age of 13.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has said he wants to 'reignite' the relationship when he has served his prison sentence. 
It is called Statutory Rape in various jurisdictions. The Mail's readers do not approve.


Third World Paedophile Pervert Get Off With Fifteen Months [ 29 October 2017 ]
A banker who was snared by paedophile hunters trying to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex has been jailed for 15 months.

Citibank business manager Balachandran Kavungalparambath travelled over 100 miles to meet the teen in Birmingham, warning 'the first time is always painful' after grooming her online. 

But the 38-year-old was met by the Internet Interceptors group, who had been posing as the underage girl and live streamed the confrontation for more than 130,000 viewers on Facebook
The judge was a softie - or another of them.


Paedophile Perverts Were Illegal Immigrants, They Got 33 Years   [ 4 November 2017 ]
A sex and drugs gang of four Kurdish illegal immigrants who groomed and abused five girls as young as 13 were jailed for 33 years today.

Young and 'naive' victims were lured to parties in Newcastle and gatherings at houses and flats, where alcohol and drugs were freely available, and they were expected to provide sexual favours and services in return. The victims were 'forced' at other times or were so intoxicated they were unable to consent to what happened to them. The five girls, aged between 13 and 16, were treated as 'commodities', passed around various men and sometimes believed they were in relationships with their abusers.

The men, who all entered the UK illegally before claiming asylum hid behind code names such as 'Star' 'Pablo' and 'Shark Tooth' while targeting the vulnerable girls. 
More Third World aliens, more parasites, bribed to come here by Her Majesty's Government as cheap labour, to drive wages down for the Working Class. It enriches Capitalist Swine.


Black Paedophile Sorted Out  [ 12 December 2017 ]
They killed his daughter too. Are you all broke up?

Rabbi In Salt Lake City Says He Was Abused As A Child      [ 6 February 2019 ]
It seems that the perpetrator was a woman, not a Jew but lotsa rabbis are Paedophile Perverts. See e.g. Mikva Abuse for more and better details.

Paedophile Perverts Publicly Executed In The Yemen After Murdering A 12 Year Old Boy  [ 11 February 2019 ]
Yemen has executed two men for abducting, raping and murdering a 12-year-old boy by shooting them in public. Wadah Refat, 28, and Mohamed Khaled, 31, had been convicted of raping and murdering a boy named Mohamed Saad in May last year.

Hundreds had gathered in the port city of Aden on Thursday to watch the men get shot dead in front of the baying crowd. 
The Mail is censoring comments but the readers are strongly on side. It is a great way to brighten up your Friday afternoon.


Let's Play Spot The English Paedophile    [ 23 June May 2019 ]


Paedophile Abuser Who Ran Psychiatric Hospital Has 120 Victims  [ 16 August 2019 ]
More than 120 former child patients at a psychiatric hospital who suffered horrific sexual and physical abuse are set to receive a payout of millions of pounds.  

Dozens of vulnerable children were taken to Aston Hall, Derbyshire, where they were stripped naked, put in straightjackets and injected with a 'truth serum' before many were raped and sexually abused, detectives have been told. Most of the sickening abuse was carried out by former hospital boss Dr Kenneth Milner in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Now it can be revealed an agreement has been made with the victims and the Secretary of State for Health which means the compensation will run into millions of pounds...........

They will receive a payout of at least £8,000 as a starting point if they were 'experimented on' with Dr Milner's 'treatment'.
They waited until Milner was long dead before doing anything about the matter. Recall that politicians and police did a long term cover up of Pakistani Rapists in Rotherham. The  2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is STILL going on, making lawyers rich and doing nothing for the victims. The perpetrators have been given every opportunity to destroy the evidence & flee the country. There is a report on line which tip toes round the edge of matters - Aston Hall Assurance Report. It means it will not happen again - until the next time.


Ugly Black On Trial For Paedophile Abuses  [ 12 September 2019 ]
A maths teacher plied a pupil with booze and persuaded her to perform a sex act on him after offering to 'teach her what to do' on a school trip, a court heard.......... He encouraged the teenagers to play spin the bottle and truth or dare, getting one of them to kiss his leg and quizzing them on their sexual experiences, it is claimed.

He then massaged his alleged victim as she lay half naked on his hotel bed before convincing her to carry out a sex act on him, the jury heard. Mr Buckle, from Shrivenham, Wiltshire, denies the charges.
Did he have the brain to teach maths, let alone keep the boys off the girls?


Homosexuals Marketing Sexual Abuse Of Children  [ 17 September 2019 ]
Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to legitimise paedophilia. The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), was a British-based pro-paedophile activist group, founded in 1974.

The group campaigned for the age of consent to be lowered to the age of four, while receiving significant funding from the Home Office and was affiliated with the National Council for Civil Liberties.

Such groups still exist internationally. In a letter to the Guardian in 1997, Peter Tatchell stated that friends as young as nine had sexual experiences which gave them “great joy.” Tatchell inferred that while he was unable to condone paedophilia, he claimed that not all sex involving children was “unwanted, abusive or harmful.”............

They dismissed the fact that the perpetrators who abused me were all white and British, displayed zero interest in CSE perpetrated by white offenders, who are by far the vast majority of all sexual offenders, or expressed outrage at such offences being committed within their own ranks.
The Morning Star [ ex Daily Worker ] does not approve of Paedophile Perversion, which is as it should be. The PIE mob was run by Homosexuals for paedophiles. Most of them are homosexual in the first place. Recall that the BBC markets homosexuals while protecting Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith, Greville Janner, Mark Trotter   & hundreds of  Paedophile Jews especially rabbis [ see Failed Messiah Paedophiles for more and better details ]. It seems that Miss Dillon, the writer of this piece also has her peculiar habits. She is NOT a doctor, her PhD is not real.
PS The BBC will start pushing Bestiality when it thinks it can get away with it.


Jews Use Paedophilia for Profit and to Own, Control, and Destroy the Powerful    [ 28 November 2019 ]
PEDOPHILIA IS perhaps the single biggest methodology by which the Jews corrupt Gentile politicians. Although fiduciary corruption is also a very common cause for Jewish blackmail leverage against American and European holders of public office, the Jews prefer to use pedophilia, when they can, because it is an unforgivable sin in the minds of the voting public.

Children have been enslaved for the purpose of prostitution since ancient times. And throughout recorded history, the Jews have been the tribe most willing to use the dirty business to gain the political conveniences that it offers.

Few novice seekers of public office understand what awaits them, if they succeed in a big way. Someone will approach a new Member of Congress, say, and invite him to a party. He’ll go. At the party, he’ll meet some faces newly familiar to him from the Capitol Building. These will be men already suborned by the Jews, and most of them will leave the party early. They were there, to begin with, merely to put the new Congressman at his ease. As the party thins out, the person who invited him will suggest that he remain for “the party after the party.”

That’s when the underage sex-slaves appear. If the rookie Congressman bows to pressure, or to temptation, then he’ll be caught in a snare from which there is no escape. The Jews will be making a video record of his molestation of a child, which they will use to keep that political figure under their thumb, forever.
Blackmail is cheaper than Bribery. In these days of tiny cameras there is no hiding from spies. The BBC is busily proving that by screwing Prince Andrew Again. Of course it protects Paedophiles like Jimmy Savile, like Rolf Harris etc. ad nauseam but that is a different part of the corruption that is the Establishment.


18 Thousand Children Abused This Year - Home Office Will Leave NO Stone Unturned - Allegedly  [ 29 December 2019 ]
The Home Office has said it will 'leave no stone unturned' in its bid to tackle child sexual grooming after it was reported that nearly 19,000 minors in England were exploited in the past year. Latest figures show a sharp increase in the number of child grooming victims over the last five years, according to The Independent. Areas including Birmingham, Lancashire and Bradford had some of the highest rates of child grooming victims in Britain.

Local authorities identified around 18,700 suspected victims in 2018-19, up from 3,300 five years ago, the website reported.

A spokesman for the Home Office said the department 'is committed to tackling child sexual abuse and will leave no stone unturned in tackling this abhorrent behaviour'. [ He lied in his teeth - Editor ]............

Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, which has been targeted by grooming gangs, told The Independent the figures show this type of exploitation 'remains one of the largest forms of child abuse in the country'................

The Home Office spokesman added that the department launched the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse [ in 2014 ] 'to get to the truth, expose what has gone wrong and learn lessons for the future'.............

'The inquiry is investigating institutional responses to child sexual exploitation by organised criminal networks with public hearings set for the spring of 2020.'
This is about 18,000 known victims. Then there are the rest. The purposes of the inquiry is to generate delay, hide the truth, give the perpetrators time to destroy the evidence, go back to Pakistan or whatever while making lawyers richer. There is no mention of the fact that a large majority of the perpetrators are Pakistani Perverts who are encouraged to rape girls by police and politicians. Why do our wonderful politicians Bribe them with Immunity to Prosecution? Because they want votes; they use Pakistanis for Vote Rigging. Rape and the dole are quid pro quo.
The Mail's readers are not stupid enough to believe the Home Office but its 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is still making lawyers rich in 2020.


Paedophile Pervert Burned Alive By Mob In Mexico After Murdering Six Year Old    [ 15 January 2020 ]    
It is quick, cheap effective but it does not make lawyers richer.


French Paedophile Abused As Many As 349 Children  [ 14 March 2020 ]
A retired surgeon suspected of raping or sexually abusing as many as 349 children over nearly three decades has today gone on trial behind closed doors in France in what could be the country's biggest-ever paedophilia scandal.

The trial in the western town of Saintes is the first of hundreds of legal complaints against defendant Joel Le Scouarnec to come to court. It is due to run until March 17.

Le Scouarnec, 69, is charged in this opening case with raping and sexually abusing four children between 1989 and 2017. 
Not all criminals are Third World invaders. The French have a couple of very nasty skeletons in their cupboard.


Paedophile Pervert Teaching At Oxford Gets Off With Seven Months     [ 20 March 2020 ]
An Oxford university professor who wrote an essay on the Ethics of Child Pornography while working at the prestigious campus, has today been jailed for accessing indecent images of children. Philosophy lecturer Peter King had previously been cautioned by police for looking up search terms like 'schoolgirl' on his computer, a court heard, but he had claimed he was only doing it as research for his academic paper.

The 63-year-old had written an essay titled No Plaything: Ethical Issues Concerning Child-pornography, which was accepted into a prestigious [ sic ] academic journal in 2007, prosecutors said.

A summary of the piece he published 12 years ago reads: 'I look at the question of harm to the children involved, the consumers, and society in general, at the question of blame, and at the possibility of a morally acceptable form of child-pornography.' He had been a lecturer working for Pembroke College, Oxford which suspended King after he admitted making indecent images of children, a judge was told. The college said that it had only been made aware of the charges against King the day before his court appearance where he entered a guilty plea in February.

A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said: 'Almost 3,000 indecent images of children and more than 300 prohibited images were found on his computer.......... Analysis of his computer and hard drives showed regular access to indecent sites and his search history included "schoolgirl".' 

Judge Maria Lamb, sitting at Oxford Crown Court, told King his offending was so serious that the only appropriate punishment would be an immediate custodial term. The judge jailed King for seven months and made him subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order...........

'The law is in place to protect young children and we are dedicated to bringing perpetrators of this crime to justice.'
The Judge went easy on him. King is a Subversive, a Moral Cretin, a dangerous fool, or one of Lenin's Useful Idiots. Recall that in 1555 AD England's leading intellectuals at Oxford burnt the Archbishop of Canterbury at the stake for some reason; even throwing in a pair of bishops for emphasis. Now the current crop of arrogant fools, deceived by the rogues marketing Marx are inciting Moral Relativism as well as Paedophilia and Male Homosexuality as Legitimising Ideologies with the enthusiastic help of the BBC, the wonderful organisation that protects Jimmy Savile and his peculiar Paedophile friends. When they have succeeded in the acceptance of Paedophilia as well as homosexuality they will start marketing Bestiality.


Church Of England Panders To Homosexuals And Paedophiles     [ 29 March 2020 ]
The Church of England’s first LGBTI chaplaincy service has been launched in a bid to make Christianity a “safe space for everyone [ except children - Editor ]”. The chaplaincy service, based in the Diocese of Oxford, features eight voluntary chaplains offering support to members of the LGBTI community in the form of a cup of coffee, a walk, or just someone to confide in so as to “ serve people who have not been well-served by the church”.

The scheme, backed by the Bishop of Oxford, was launched two months ago and also offers special monthly services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender congregants at Christchurch Cathedral...................

The chaplaincy service - which volunteers claim provides a “lifeline” for some congregants - marks the first scheme of its kind and its pioneers hope that it will be rolled out across the Church of England’s 41 other dioceses. It also comes at a time when divisions within the Anglican church about how it deals with LGBT issues have come to a head. 

Many LGBT Christians say they have been made to feel unwelcome and ostracised within the Church of England, which has embarked on a study of human sexuality, called ‘Living in Love and Faith’, due to be completed later this year................

 “I think every church hopes that it’s great but sometimes that hope is not the reality of LGBTI people and so we want the church to be a safe place for everyone.
The Bishop of Oxford has decided to ignore one of the Ten Commandments, the one that tells us Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery; it includes Homosexuality as well as Paedophilia. Recall that in 1555 AD England's leading intellectuals at Oxford tried the Archbishop of Canterbury as a heretic then burnt him at the stake. Now Oxford's intellectuals are still Useful Idiots, indeed dangerous idiots, part of  The Paedophile Rights Project. They are Moral Cretins having swallowed a mish mash of Marxist gobbledegook.

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. So said The Lord but if a modern priest does it call the police.


Black Paedophile Rapist Gets Knocked About In Prison    [ 30 April 2021 ]
Decent criminals are prone to have standards. Nonces are not popular. This "life changing" event sounds far less than he deserved.


Ugly Transgender Paedophile Gets Twenty Months For Bestiality  [ 24 December 2021 ]
A paedophile, who now identifies as a woman, who was jailed for having group sex with an Alsatian has been sent to a men's prison because she is not legally female.

Claire Goodier - who was previously known as John and convicted of child abuse images as a man in the past - was sentenced for 20 months yesterday...............

But MailOnline has learnt the defendant - twice convicted of possessing indecent images of children in 2006 and 2009 - has been sent to HMP Altcourse. It is a Category B men's private prison and Young Offender Institution situated in Liverpool.
You can quite see why he had to settle for a dog with a face like that.


Russia Proposes Life In Arctic Penal Colonies For Repeat Paedophiles  [ 7 January 2022 ]
Russia is to toughen its child sex laws this month to automatically jail repeat paedophiles for life in harsh polar prisons.

Monsters who sexually abuse children should serve their sentences in hard labour penal colonies in the Arctic, where they could be forced to work in Siberian mines, the country's parliamentary speaker said.

The new legislation is being pushed through after a horrific case this week of a girl, five, who was abducted by a recidivist paedophile and his lover, then raped and stabbed to death.

Veronika Nikolayeva had been playing near her mother's workplace in Kostroma, and a video showed how she was snatched before being abused.

The helpless girl 'struggled and fought back' but passersby did not pay attention to her distress - and the men took her to their hostel.

Her corpse was later found in a duffle bag as the suspects, named Denis Gerasimov, 44, and Vadim Belyakov, 24, planned to dispose of her body.
It sounds good to me and the Mail's readers. But why wait for a second offence? NB The GULAG was seriously nasty. See The Gulag In Pictures to know just how bad it was.


Pakistani Paedophile Perverts On Trial For Rape Et Cetera  [ 12 January 2022 ]
A gang of six men sexually exploited and abused vulnerable young girls after luring them over Facebook with the promise of drink and drugs, a court heard.

The group are accused of forcing the underage victims - aged between 12 and 15 - to engage in sexual activity between 2013 and 2017.

A court heard the men committed the offences against eight girls under the age of 16 in the Redditch area of Worcestershire.

Abdul Hussain, 21, Usmaan Asghar, 22, Arslan Tazarab, 25, Ethashan Tazarab, 21, Usman Ali, 28 and Numan Mohammed, 23, went on trial at Worcester Crown Court.

They are charged with a total of 24 sex offences going back almost ten years - including sexual assault and sexual activity with a child.
Police & politicians protected Pakistani Perverts, in Rotherham, allowing 1,400 English girls to be raped, abused, degraded. After their collusion in multiple major crime was exposed they were allowed to get away with it. Did the Rotherham Report make any difference? Believe it if you want. Labour Party politicians use these shenanigans as a quid pro quo for the Vote Rigging they need to stay in power.


Virtually All Paedophiles Who Impregnate 10 Year Olds Are Hispanic Immigrants   [ 15 July 2022 ]
Earlier, by James Fulford: Yes, Virginia (DARE), There IS Hispanic “Ethnic Specialization” In Child Rape. The Totalitarian Left Just Doesn’t Want You To Know.

Recently, an abortionist in Indiana made the rather shocking, in Culture War terms, accusation that a pregnant 10-year-old had had to flee Ohio, a state with abortion laws—now that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed American states to have abortion laws—to less restrictive Indiana [Patients head to Indiana for abortion services as other states restrict care, by Shari Rudavsky  and Rachel Fradette, Indianapolis Star, July 1, 2022].

Republicans and pro-lifers didn’t believe it, pointing out that anyone who impregnated a 10-year-old girl would be committing a very serious crime, and a police investigation should and would be launched [Ohio Attorney General Throws Cold Water on ‘10-Year-Old Rape Victim‘ Story: ‘There Is No Case,‘ by Megan Fox, PJMedia, July 11, 2022]. Also, none of the abortion laws in any state would prevent an abortion in such a case, because pregnancies at that age are ipso facto life-threatening.

Well, it turns out the 10-year-old does exist—and was a victim of a Guatemalan illegal alien, a fact that may have influenced whether the rape was reported to police:

A Columbus man has been charged with impregnating a 10-year-old Ohio girl, whose travel to Indiana to seek an abortion led to international attention  following the Supreme Court‘s decision to overturn Roe v Wade and activation of Ohio‘s abortion law.

Gershon Fuentes, 27, whose last known address was an apartment on Columbus‘ Northwest Side, was arrested Tuesday after police say he confessed to raping the child on at least two occasions. He‘s since been charged with rape, a felony of the first degree in Ohio.

Columbus police were made aware of the girl‘s pregnancy through a referral by Franklin County Children Services that was made by her mother on June 22, Det. Jeffrey Huhn testified Wednesday morning at Fuentes‘ arraignment. On June 30, the girl underwent a medical abortion in Indianapolis, Huhn said.

Huhn also testified that DNA from the clinic in Indianapolis is being tested against samples from Fuentes, as well as the child‘s siblings, to confirm contribution to the aborted fetus.

Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Cynthia Ebner [pictured right] said the case did not warrant Fuentes — who is believed to be undocumented — to be held without bond.

Ebner said a high bond was necessary, however, due to Fuentes being a possible flight risk and for the safety of the child involved. Before being arrested, Huhn and Det. David Phillips collected a saliva sample from Fuentes, according to a probable cause statement.

Ebner set a $2 million bond for Fuentes, who is being held in the Franklin County jail. [links in original, emphases added]............

When 10-year-olds are found to be pregnant you ask yourself: “What kind of man would do such a thing?” Well, in the U.S. it’s usually a Hispanic immigrant, and except for Hispanic immigrants, cases of children being pregnant are almost always found to be south of the Mexican border.........

We don’t know if the victim was Hispanic, white, or black—the MSM properly conceals the names of rape victims and improperly refuses to say if this was an interracial rape or not. Mostly in these cases the victim is a family member, or near neighbor, i. e., also Hispanic.

The thing is, this is supposed to be a secret, kept from you by the Main Stream Media, which likes to call people like Gershon Fuentes a “Columbus man.”
When Rape Happens In Sweden it is normally Islamic criminals imported with Malice Aforethought by the Lunatic Fringe. The Mainstream Media are in the business of hiding the truth about them as well as Mexicans.
ADDENDUM:- The child's mother denies the guilt of the suspect, implying that it was domestic. The Attorney General Has Stopped Claiming It Never Happened.


Ugly Black Paedophile Gets Three Years  [ 19 February 2023 ]
A former squaddie shot by the Taliban in Afghanistan has been unmasked as a depraved paedophile who hoarded sickening images of child torture and bestiality. Godfred Sarpong [ Ashanti tribesman ], 33, was found with a stash of 'grotesque' photos, including a person performing a sex act with a frog and films of others having intercourse with a live snake and a dog. Father-of-one Sarpong shared a string of revolting images with up to 36 users via WhatsApp.

Of those showing children being sexually exploited in horrific ways, a court heard one included a newborn being 'horrendously abused'.

Sarpong also had deleted images of dead bodies and mutilation when his mobile was seized at his then-home in Folkestone, Kent, in September 2018.
It's a pity that the Afghans can't shoot straight; it's quicker and cheaper than hanging. The Mail is censoring comments because he is black. What are they doing with his co-conspirators? We are not told.


Thirteen Brits Charged With 50 Paedophile Crimes
Thirteen men have appeared in court charged with more than 50 child grooming sex offences including raping girls as young as 14. 

The men are accused of numerous offences against multiple girls, aged between 14 and 17, over a two-year period between 2016 and 2018 - mainly in the Blackrod and Adlington areas of Bolton, Greater Manchester. They were brought into court today in groups of three or four for brief hearings at Bolton Magistrates' Court. No pleas were entered and all 13 were bailed until May 10. 
This is an unwelcome surprise. Paedophile rapists in Bolton are normally Blacks or Pakistani Perverts. Presumably the cases against them are not strong; they are all out on bail.


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