White Man

White man is a somewhat unsatisfactory term. It means Europeans and their descendants. One of the problems with it is that Jews can pass themselves off as white. It is a fact they abuse without compunction. In practice they are prone to regard us as enemy, to act as parasites who are willing to trade with us, to infiltrate our institutions, to use the Main Stream Media as Propaganda machines to destroy our pride in ourselves and our achievements. They are the self-appointed Invisible Enemy. See more on the point from Professor MacDonald at Whites Versus Anglo-Saxons.

The Wikipedia makes heavy weather of Caucasian; making the word seems pretty much worthless. They get a bit nearer to making sense with White Man.

White Man ex Wiki
White people, rather than being a straightforward description of skin color, is a term denoting a specific set of ethnic groups and functions as a color metaphor for race.

The definition of "white person" differs according to geographical and historical context. Various social constructions of whiteness have had implications in terms of national identity, consanguinity, public policy, religion, population statistics, racial segregation, affirmative action, eugenics, racial marginalization and racial quotas. The concept has been applied with varying degrees of formality and internal consistency in disciplines including sociology, politics, genetics, biology, medicine, biomedicine, language, culture and law.[citation needed]
Is evasive the right word to use about this one?


Caucasian Race ex Wiki
Caucasian race (also Caucasoid)[1] is the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia/Middle East, Asia Minor, Central Asia and South Asia.[2] Historically, the term was used for many people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone.[3]
Does this advance our understanding? Not really; perhaps that is the point.


White Lad Sues Racist Propaganda Machine For Defamation And $250 Million  [ 21 February 2019 ]
The teen from Covington, Kentucky has sued the Washington Post for defamation, claiming the newspaper falsely accused him of racist acts and instigating a confrontation with a Native American activist in a January videotaped incident at the Lincoln Memorial.  The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Kentucky by Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, 16, seeks $250 million in damages, the amount that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos paid for the Post in 2013.

The lawsuit claims that the newspaper 'wrongfully targeted and bullied' the teen to advance its bias against President Donald Trump because Sandmann is a white Catholic who wore a Make America Great Again souvenir cap on a school field trip to the March for Life pro-life rally in Washington, DC on January 18...........

The incident sparked outrage on social media. In early articles, the Post reported that the schoolboys 'surrounded' and 'taunted' 64-year-old Phillips. 

The newspaper claimed that a 'smirking' Sandmann had stood in Phillip's path, blocking him from moving.

More extensive video of the events told a radically different story, showing the boys were subjected to racist abuse by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites, before Phillips waded into the group of students and banged his drum directly in Sandmann's face.
The Mainstream Media are corrupt Propaganda machines run by Racists; they are anti-white racists but racists none the less. It is good to see someone taking the war to the enemy.


The Ongoing War Against White People   [ 27 February 2020 ]
On a routine visit to my doctor this week when the subject of White disempowerment arose. She laughed at the very idea but wore a more pensive expression after I cited some supporting evidence. Reflecting later I realised that I could have come up with some additional material. This is a vital subject and it's important to be able to deploy the key facts and memes should the opportunity for an elevator pitch arise.

I therefore humbly offer the following arrows for your quivers.
Affirmative action and quotas. This is quite blatant and open. Whites are discriminated against in admission to schools, colleges and various other institutions and suffer the same form of disadvantage when it comes to appointment to jobs as well as subsequent promotional opportunities.  Remember that this is a zero-sum game. Every non-White benefiting from AA or quotas means a corresponding number of Whites being disadvantaged.

Mass Third World immigration.   Not much to be added here other than it applies to White countries only (ever hear anyone say Africa or China should be flooded by Whites?), that it's clearly organised and enabled by an array of so-called human rights legislation and supported by just about every media outlet and international body.

Abuse, ridicule and marginalisation in "news" media and entertainment. The proverbial visitor from Mars today would assume that Western countries are about 50% non-White based on what he'd see in media and entertainment. In addition the heroes and Good Guys are invariably non-White with the dorks and Bad Guys invariably White. This has been accompanied by strong miscegenation propaganda especially of the White female/black male kind................

This War on Whites neither kills outright nor inflicts apparent physical harm, yet the extent of its destructive toll is already greater than that of any war, plague, famine, or natural calamity on record. And its potential damage to the quality of human life and the fabric of civilised society is beyond calculation.
Is the Irish Savant  right or wrong? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


White Slut Accused Pakistani Of Rape  [ 10 June 2020 ]
A prison worker is now behind bars herself after inventing rape claims against an Asian taxi driver. Victoria Hoynes' lies resulted in Rajiv Asghar and Abdul Rahim both having their reputations and work prospects damaged after they were grilled by police. She first said she was attacked by a man in his 20s, an account that led officers to arrest the completely innocent Mr Asghar. Police later quizzed Mr Rahm, who had in fact given her a lift that night but was able to provide dashcam footage that showed she was lying. 

Hoynes, who worked with sex offenders at HMP Frankland, County Durham, was also an aspiring model who entered Durham's Next Top Model in 2013 and the Miss Newcastle beauty pageant the following year............

Her offending was 'the unconscious management of a depressive illness' which had been caused by a traumatic break-up, her lawyer said.
She got off with 20 months so the judge was a softie. She is used to being in prison but now she doesn't get to go home after work. The Mail is censoring comments again, protecting us all from the truth.


The Belittling Of The White Working Class Has Become A Cultural Sport In Britain Says Russia Today   [ 17 October 2020 ]
A committee of MPs was told this week how white working-class people are held in contempt by many across Britain. This stigmatisation has to change, as it is stripping entire communities of their aspiration and self-respect. Parliamentarians investigating underachievement among white working-class pupils were informed by the University of Kent’s Professor Matthew Goodwin that their communities are suffering a “status deficit.” I hope that the Commons cross-party education committee listens to his words and does something that confronts this problem.

It is important to realise that the status deficit suffered by white working-class boys is not simply an outcome of their economic disadvantage. It is principally the result of a decades-long Culture War against white working-class identity. So, when you hear the words ‘football hooligan,’ ‘yob,’ ‘chav,’ ‘white van man’ or ‘Essex girl,’ you know that they refer to some of the unattractive features associated with white working-class identity. Coronation Street’s Sharon and Gary personify the culturally stigmatised life of ‘those people.’

At a time when identity politics has come into its own and when every identity group is celebrated in the media, the stigmatisation of white working-class identity stands out as a unique feature of British cultural life. Numerous commentators self-consciously contrast the positive traits of non-white people with the slothful behaviour of the white working-class. “The Big Brother house remains one of hate, divided between ugly, thick white Britain and one imperturbably dignified Indian woman,” noted [ stated/alleged/claimed ]Stuart Jeffries 13 years ago.

Today, the media regularly draws attention to the moral inferiority of the white working class. Unlike other expressions of hatred, that which is directed against the white working class is not considered to be ‘hate speech.’ So it is OK to describe football fans as “knuckle-dragging cretins.”..........

White working-class people are not only devalued, but also held responsible for oppressing other identity groups. They are said to be racist, misogynist, homophobic and xenophobic. As one commentator in The Guardian noted, white working-class communities are “paranoid, suspicious, mistrustful, misogynist and racist.”

Historically, class hatred towards working-class people used to be mainly expressed by right-wing, upper-class oligarchs. In more recent times the stigmatisation of working-class culture is often promoted by left-wing advocates of identity politics. This tendency was particularly evident during the period leading up to the Brexit referendum, when white working-class people were frequently depicted as a xenophobic mob. Sections of the Left responded to the vote for Brexit by lashing out at the white working class. Novara Media published a video which mocked the supposedly stupid racist white working-class voters who supported Brexit.
The professor is right. He might well agree with Comrade Lenin, whose Assessment was absolutely spot on, even prescient. His remarks are in full at Marxism and the British Labour Party:-
"Regarded from this, the only correct, point of view, the Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeois party, because, although made up of workers, it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the  bourgeosie. It is an organisation of the bourgeoisie, which exists to systematically dupe the workers........... Len wasn't beating about the bush. Of course that was then, circa 1920. It has become far worse under Blair, Brown & their henchmen; pandering to Zionist crazies for the money and Pakistani parasites for the wholesale Vote Rigging that keep them in power while they betray the working man. Emily Thornberry is a typically fat ugly specimen who has never done an honest day's work in her life. Notice that we have to go to Russia to find the truth.

Defending Yourself Against A Vicious Black Criminal Is Treated As Crime In America   [ 25 October 2021 ]
The gentle, soulful, indigenous people who inhabited the Americas before Christopher Columbus arrived had very demanding gods. What their gods most particularly demanded were human hearts and human blood.............

But in appeasing our gods, the Holy Trinity of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, we are more cruel than those aborigines. Having your heart ripped out with a stone knife hurts like a bitch, to be sure, but only for a minute or two if done with proper professional skill.

When we offer up our sacrifices, we take a member of the lowest, most despised class in our society—a working-class white male—and parade him before the mob. We tell them he has committed some grave offense against our gods, even though he has done nothing that would be thought wrong if a member of some more privileged class did it [ Black Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt reveals identity in NBC interview, says ‘I saved countless lives’ on Jan. 6, by Amy B Wang and Aaron C. Davis , Washington Post, August 27, 2021].

We stage a show trial modeled on the actual trials that used to be conducted before our justice system was taken over by ideological fanatics. The verdict is of course a foregone conclusion. Then we lock up our sacrificial victim for decades in a place of humiliation and despair, parted forever from his work, his home, and his family. This is far more cruel than anything the Aztecs would have contemplated.

We offered up one of these sacrifices a few months ago: Derek Chauvin, former Minneapolis police officer. An earlier case: Officer Michael Slager. It’s a pattern. Now the high priests have determined it is time for another.

This is a big one, with three victims being led up the temple steps. Their names are Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William Bryan. The show trial phase of the sacrifice commenced on Monday this week at the Glynn County courthouse in the town of Brunswick, Georgia. If you have the stomach for it you can follow the courtroom proceedings in detail from Law of Self Defense expert Andrew Branca’s daily reports at LegalInsurrection.com.

Under the pretense that this is a real trial, not just a show trial, the three defendants are accused of various degrees of murder and other felony charges in the death of Ahmaud Arbery in February last year. Everyone, including Andrew Branca, is calling it “the Arbery trial,” on the sensible grounds that that is easier to say than “the McMichael, McMichael, and Bryan trial.”

The McMichaels, father and son, and Bryan, their neighbor, were attempting a citizens’ arrest—legal in Georgia at the time—of Arbery, a young black man with felony convictions who was on probation at the time.

Citizens’ arrest, as a result of Arbery’s death resisting arrest, is now illegal in the State of Georgia [In Ahmaud Arbery’s Name, Georgia Repeals Citizen’s Arrest Law, by Emma Hurt, NPR, May 11, 2021].

That’s not all Arbery was on. Post mortem toxicology reports indicate he was stoned at the time of the encounter. And as well as being on something, he was also off something different: the drug Zyprexa, a psychiatric medication to control violent and aggressive behavior.

Arbery had been prescribed Zyprexa after his probation officer had recommended psychiatric evaluation. However, the toxicology report showed no trace of Zyprexa in his system. He was literally off his meds.

That’s from Branca’s report Ahmaud Arbery Case: Seven Facts the Jury Will (Probably) Never Hear, Legal Insurrection, October 17, 2021.

Here’s Branca’s complete list:

    Arbery Was a Convicted Thief
    Arbery Was Convicted Felon, Sentenced to 5 Years for Unlawful Gun Possession at a School
    Arbery Was On Felony Probation on the Date He Died

    Arbery Was High When He Charged Travis McMichael and Fought for Shotgun
    Arbery Was Literally “Off His Meds” When He Charged Travis McMichael
    Arbery Frequently Used “Jogging” As a Cover To Facilitate/Excuse Theft Activities
    Arbery Had Repeatedly Cased the 220 Satilla Drive Property For Weeks Prior to His Death

The first two District Attorneys to investigate the case concluded it was a killing in self-defense, which indeed is what it looks like.

James Fulford described the circumstances in May of 2020:

Ahmaud Arbery attracted suspicion by running through a burglary-plagued white Georgia neighborhood back in February, and when challenged by armed white residents apparently tried to grab a gun from one of them, which resulted in him being shot [New video emerges of fatal shooting of black jogger in Georgia, May 6, 2020]. As American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor points out in a devastating analysis [Ahmaud Arbery: The Next Trayvon Martin?, May 7, 2020], that’s consistent with what the recently released video shows.

Gregory McMichael, however, was retired from law enforcement and knew these DAs, so they scrupulously recused themselves.

By that time the incident had been slotted in to the Narrative of tobacco-chewing underclass whites being beastly to innocent blacks minding their own business. Celebrities were all over it; Trayvon Martin-style winsome pictures of Arbery the “jogger” clogged the internet;...................

The authorities in Georgia quickly folded of course. That third DA was replaced, on what grounds I don’t know, by one pliant enough, and black enough, to press murder charges and organize a show trial [Who Is Joyette Holmes, The New Prosecutor In The Ahmaud Arbery Case?, by Sarah Rose, GPB.org, May 11, 2020 ]. A new race hysteria was under way…to end, undoubtedly, with three new human sacrifices.

This week has been given over to juror selection; but that’s just part of the show. The jurors of course all know that failure to return a guilty verdict will result in them being fired from their jobs, their kids being beaten up at school, and Antifa and BLM showing up to torch their houses while the police, with Derek Chauvin's fate in mind, stand by and watch.

This is the U.S.A. today.
Yes, Ahmaud Arbery was a vicious career criminal who didn't take his tranquilizers. Yes, the Mainstream Media are doing a hatchet job on these people because they are White Men

Yes, CNN is lying about Arbery's track record or Andrew Branca, a lawyer has got it completely wrong. Read Ahmaud Arbery Case: Seven Facts the Jury Will (Probably) Never Hear, think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
PS There is no mention here of a Black Murderer's Conviction Overturned By Minnesota Supreme Court. A trigger happy Somali was given a job as a policeman and killed an innocent woman. But he was a Diversity Hire, fast tracked even though he was known to be unsuitable.