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The Grauniad is well written. Its people are competent. They are also Left Wingers, thoroughly Socialist and, naturally Moral Cretins to boot. The truth is subordinate to the agenda. Their hypocrisy is gross. Their lies are tendentious. It is highly influential none the less. Their hatred of Rupert Murdoch is sincerely malicious. It turns out that his crimes are theirs too. Chickens are coming home to roost now [ 2011 ]. I will not shed a tear for it. I am happy to say that I have never bought it and never will. The online version has a satisfactory price, £0.00, one that I am happy to settle for. Ditto for The Daily Telegraph, the Quisling right which misleads a different set of people. The Wikipedia tells us that:-
The working-class Manchester and Salford Advertiser called the Manchester Guardian "the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners".
They were Capitalist Swine then. They still are. You doubt it? See e.g. why the Guardian set up the Scott Trust. It was tax evasion then; it is now.  They are in the business of marketing Homosexuality, just like their peculiar friends at the BBC; they got away with that one. Now they are marketing Paedophiles. You doubt it? See Paedophile Propaganda for the evidence.
Fun Facts:
The Manchester Guardian was set up John Edward Taylor, a rogue using cotton trade profits, made by exploiting Slaves in the Deep South. See #The Guardian Supported Slavery and vice versa.

Kath Viner, the editor of The Guardian upped her pay from £340,000 to a very adequate £509,850. See PE1600/10 "BEG TO DIFFER". She chooses not to mention this fact when the Grauniad publishes its daily plea to readers for money, no matter how little. It is owned by the Scott Trust, the ultimate overseer to ensure The Guardian survives "in perpetuity". The real point is evading tax. Only little people pay it.

They are also colluding with Bill Gates via the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation. Operating as a charity has significant tax advantages. Interested? Contact them via  

The Guardian Of Lies Versus The Truth 
guardian of lies
The first headline is at  - Fri 6 Feb 2015 08.43 GMT

The second is at  - Sun 27 Feb 2022 14.29 GMT

Ukraine's neo-Nazi problem -  - March 20, 201812:27 AM Updated 5 years ago
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a Ukrainian comedian-turned-president is embroiled in trump's impeachment mess -  - Sep 24, 2019, 5:10pm EDT

a Ukrainian president's rule becomes increasingly corrupt authoritarian -   -
Published 15:00 April 15, 2021

Ukrainians are giving two lessons in democracy that Americans have forgotten -  - Sun March 6, 2022

Washington Post
Zelenskyyy: the TV president turned war hero -  - Saturday, March 5, 2022



Pretentious Drivel
The leading exponent of tendentious waffle is The Guardian. They employ people with degrees in mediaeval Latin or similar areas who worm their way into the media and write turgid nonsense. Private Eye has been publishing their rubbish in Pseuds Corner for decades now. The supply shows no signs of drying up.


Martyr with a Machine-Gun - How Liberal Piety Facilitates Muslim Pathology
Tobias Langdon tells us that these quasi-intellectuals can not tell consistent stories or push a world view that makes sense. "Liberal" in this context means Left Wing.


Adam Levick
Is a Jew & propagandist specializing in allegations that The Grauniad is anti-Jew & pro-Palestinian. Believe him if you want; I do not.


The Guardian Alleges That Corporate Welfare Costs Tax Payer £93 Billion - It Lies
Perhaps their tame sociologist explaining Taxation is a fool, ignoramus or both rather than a liar but The Grauniad wants their Useful Idiots to believe it. But check out the Guardian's track record.


 The Gulag In Pictures
Read what the Graun has to say about pictures of the slave camps run by the NKVD. Notice how they snivel to evil. Then decide whether they are just as evil or not.


The Dangerous Cult of the Guardian, A Thought Police for the Internet Age [ 29 September 2011 ]
There could be no better proof of the revolution – care of the internet – occurring in the accessibility of information and informed commentary than the reaction of our mainstream, corporate media.

For the first time, Western publics – or at least those who can afford a computer – have a way to bypass the gatekeepers of our democracies. Data our leaders once kept tightly under wraps can now be easily searched for, as can the analyses of those not paid to turn a blind eye to the constant and compelling evidence of Western hypocrisy. Wikileaks, in particular, has rapidly eroded the traditional hierarchical systems of information dissemination.

The media – at least the supposedly leftwing component of it – should be cheering on this revolution, if not directly enabling it. And yet, mostly they are trying to co-opt, tame or subvert it. Indeed, progressive broadcasters and writers increasingly use their platforms in the mainstream to discredit and ridicule the harbingers of the new age. A good case study is the Guardian, considered the most leftwing newspaper in Britain and rapidly acquiring cult status in the United States, where many readers tend to assume they are getting access through its pages to unvarnished truth and the full range of critical thinking on the left.............

Rather than relish this competition, or resign itself to the emergence of real media pluralism, however, the Guardian reverted to type. It again became the left’s thought police. This time, however, it could not ensure that the “challenging left” would simply go unheard. The internet rules out the option of silencing by exclusion. So instead, it appears, it is using its pages to smear those writers who, through their own provocative ideas and analyses, suggest the Guardian’s tameness.
Jonathan Cook wrote for the Guardian so he understands them. It is not a pretty picture that he paints. The mob that run it are capitalist swine paying themselves very handsomely.

Shouts in the trough forever.


Triad Of Evil
The triad are Andrew Marr, Jackie Ashley and Alice Miles. All three are big in the main stream media, a nexus of perversion. All three are Subversives. They might be thought of as Lenin's Useful Idiots. They are too intelligent for that but they are followers of Antonio Gramsci, at the forefront of the  Long March Through The Institutions, attacking Christendom. They are Cultural imperialists whose objective is Cultural Genocide.
Marr is a BBC front man. Marr is evil. Ditto for Ashley.


The Black, The Guardian, The Lies, The Agenda
During the 50th anniversary celebrations of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks on June 22 1948, Vince Reid, who has died aged 66, featured prominently in radio and television interviews. For Vincent was, at 13, the youngest West Indian to make the Atlantic crossing on the Windrush. [ NB He was far from being the youngest but then he was a keen liar - Editor. ] In Britain, he was to become a pioneering teacher of Caribbean and African history, a fighter in the struggle against racism and injustice, and one of the two advisory lecturers who helped the former Inner London Education Authority inspectorate establish its multi-ethnic division............

Then in 1967, working as a market researcher, he met Elizabeth Evans, an Englishwoman who shared his hatred of injustice. Despite family opposition, they married...........

With Elizabeth's encouragement and support, he was accepted, at 35 years of age and without formal qualifications, to read history, and, in particular, the history of Africa, at Sussex University. Committed to the cause of Africa and people of African descent, he had been one of the few members of the UK branch of a new Jamaican party that followed the ideas of Marcus Garvey, the early 20th-century Pan-Africanist. Graduating in 1973, he went on to do a master's degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

In 1974, he joined Brixton College of Further Education (now part of Lambeth College) in south London. There he found his vocation. At Brixton he was a pioneering teacher of Caribbean and African history, a mentor to both black staff and students, and a founder of the black staff group. He also taught students with special needs and those on access courses for social work, and helped counsel students with problems........

He now had more time to listen to grand opera and jazz, to read and to follow racing, boxing, but especially Queen's Park Rangers and the West Indies cricket team. Even so, after 20 years he was deprived of what he had once told his son was his real hobby, teaching.
Reid was stupid, dirty and idle. It may be that he washed every year. I would not hazard a guess. He was also a racist full of hate for Englishmen. It was why he bullied his wife. Telling students - they had to be an all black class that Homosexuality is a disease imported to the West Indies by white men was an attempt to incite racial hatred, a criminal offence under the Race Relations Act 1976. Of course he was allowed to get away with it because the Act was passed by racists who also hate England. Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time. When the agenda cuts in they lie in their teeth when they do not  suppress the facts totally.

ex - He looks uglier in the mug shot.


Guardian Lies Too - Nomadic life of a confused killer with short fuse
The Grauniad lies because it has an agenda. The killers in question were blacks who decided to kill six white Americans every day for 30 days. The story was big in the media until the perpetrators were captured. Then the news black out started. The Graun is a propaganda machine which totally suppressed the fact that Obama was using a Forged Birth Certificate - background is at Hate Crimes


The Manchester Guardian ex Wiki [ 1821 - AD ]
Is otherwise know as the Grauniad or Graun. It is a left wing organ but has a few good articles. It is was altogether too friendly with Zionists in their early days but  sometimes sound on systematic murder and torture in Israel.

Private Eye rarely sneers at the Graun. It has to be their paper of choice but the halo slipped recently. The eXile, a little paper in Moscow got robbed by Luke Harding of the Graun. They were not amused. See Hack Watch - Did Guardian Journalist Hack Again?
PS The eXile's style owes something to the Eye.


The Guardian And Perverting The Truth
This website proves that the British political controversy of the 1990s, the so-called 'cash for questions' affair, was an invention. The evidence within these pages shows that the most influential newspaper in British society, the liberal Guardian, had dreamt up the story in a bid to oust from power the Conservative Government of Prime Minister John Major.
Two provincial journalists write, telling us that Mohamed Fayed is deeply corrupt, the Metropolitan Police ditto and the media have morals to match. It sounds right to me and makes Private Eye's coverage look timid. Backed up in c:/data 2/people


The Guardian, The Arrogance And The Agenda
In the late 1970s, when I was living in England, The Guardian was the most Soviet friendly of all British broadsheet newspapers, constantly trying to find excuses for Soviet behaviour by implying that the West was morally at least as evil as its adversaries. Apparently The Guardian has learned no lessons from the fall of Communism in 1989. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who is to guard the guards themselves?)...... This is a question one may ask now that Albert Scardino, a senior editor of British left-wing newspaper The Guardian, resigned after weblogger Scott Burgess revealed on The Daily Ablution that The Guardian had engaged Dilpazier Aslam, a member of Hizb ut Tahrir, an al-Qaeda related organization, as a trainee journalist and political commentator. On 13 July, Aslam wrote an op-ed piece in The Guardian, stating that the British could not pretend “that the [ 7/7 London ] bombings happened through no responsibility of [their] own.” Burgess’s revelation of Aslam’s membership of HuT that same 13 July was picked up by other bloggers and the mainstream media, which finally led to Aslam being sacked and the resignation of Scardino, who had known about the HuT membership of his trainee.

What possessed these people to think they could turn their paper into a platform for al-Qaeda and get away with it? The answer is arrogance. The same arrogance that characterized so many editors and journalists during the Cold War, when much of the Western press acted as a vehicle for Soviet policy. Journalists could be openly communist and that was accepted, while those who stood for freedom and democracy against the Soviets were regarded as intolerant or extreme. It was not done for the press in Western Europe to side with its own side. On the contrary, anyone who was anti-American was regarded as morally and intellectually superior. In the couple of decades since the Cold War the attitudes of the press have not changed. Their basic instinct is to side with whoever happens to be fighting against America. From worshippers of communism they have now become condoners of terrorism. To even dream of doing so in a country which has experienced terrorism first-hand throughout the war in Northern Ireland only indicates the extent of their arrogance. 
Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party is still the dominant force in the main stream media, politics, law, you name it. Do they ever apologize for the evil they do? Not a chance.


Chris McGreal
The Graun pushes its line but it does turn up trumps occasionally. Chris McGreal, is one of theirs that tells it like it is when they see fit.


How Does The Party Line Go Down In The Market Place?
Not that well. Other papers are also going down hill.


Guido Fawkes has a happy view of their failure.


Mandela Praises Anti-Apartheid Comrades
Nelson Mandela received rapturous applause in London yesterday as he unveiled a blue plaque at the former home of two eminent anti-apartheid activists, Joe Slovo and Ruth First. Hundreds gathered outside 13 Lyme Street, Camden, north London, as the former South African president paid a tribute to "great comrades" who had helped to achieve a democratic society in South Africa. He said: "It is a great honour to appear on this occasion, because we are honouring two eminent South Africans who, as young people, decided to join forces against those who suppressed millions of people in our country."......... Also present was the MP for Camden, Frank Dobson, who said Slovo and First were "two people who dedicated their lives to a free and democratic South Africa".
There is no mention of the fact that Slovo was a Jew and communist subversive. Mandela was a tool he used to break the South African government while keeping Jews like Oppenheimer in control of the diamonds & gold.


Winter in Moscow by Malcolm Muggeridge
Malcolm Muggeridge was better known in his latter days as a commentator and television personality. As a much younger man he was a reporter in Moscow when Russia was ruled by Joseph Stalin. Mr. Muggeridge went out into the countryside and saw peasants being rounded up by the Red Army to be deported or murdered. When the Manchester Guardian got his report they were so pleased that they suppressed it. This book was never reprinted but your library will have it in its reserve collection. A close up view of practical tyranny and the people who use it for their own advantage. The Wiki is surprisingly honest about this book but it is rather buried in other matters.

EXPOSED The Guardian newspaper's lies and anti-democratic power

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Help expose The Guardian's unscrupulous journalism and anti-democratic influence
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The Guardian's original 'cash for questions' article of 20 October 1994, accusing lobbyist Ian Greer of bribing MPs Tim Smith and Neil Hamilton.  When Greer and Hamilton sued for libel The Guardian colluded with Mohammed Al Fayed in a cover-up that duped the nation


This website proves that the British political controversy of the 1990s, the so-called 'cash for questions' affair, was an invention. 

The evidence within these pages shows that the most influential newspaper in British society, the liberal Guardian, had dreamt up the story in a bid to oust from power the Conservative Government of Prime Minister John Major.

Map of website &
Word documents

Introduction and guide to  Use this guide to prove, step by step, that The Guardian newspaper duped the British people into believing a false story

Website introduction
and guide

The British media's censorship of news of the Guardian's conspiracy; PLUS A warning to President George W. Bush and the American people

Section One:
The British media's censorship of Hunt & Keith-Hill's investigation

The true story of The Guardian's 'cash for questions' campaign against the Conservative government of John Major


This website does not promote conspiracy theory.  It promotes facts.  And the facts laid out within these pages demonstrate that The Guardian newspaper and its lawyers conspired in a conscienceless cover-up in league with the volatile owner of Harrods store, and father of Dodi, Mohamed Al Fayed.  

The Guardian had enacted its conspiracy to escape redress, when those whom the paper had accused as part of its political war against the Conservative Party sued the paper for libel to clear their names.  

That The Guardian succeeded in deceiving the British nation into believing evidence-less corruption allegations levelled against a Government Minister, hanging as they did on the word of a man whom The Guardian itself had castigated as a serial liar four years earlier, is testament to that newspaper's influence over the British media and, through the British media, British society itself. 

This website is the product of thousands of hours of research by two provincial English freelance journalists.  They had stumbled across the story entirely by accident.  When they uncovered evidence of The Guardian's conspiracy and requested interviews, the liberal Guardian remained silent, then threatened them, and then used its influence within the British media to destroy their journalistic careers with smears. 

This website is undoubtedly the first of its kind in the world.  It was constructed to overcome a news blackout enacted by the British media of the two freelances' investigation.  Confidence in their research and the evidence they uncovered, and a refusal to yield to the intimidation and the silence, were the driving forces behind its creation. 

As a case study in press corruption, political bias, and censorship within a modern free society, it serves as a warning of the dangers to democracy presented by a Guardian-driven, increasingly influential, British news media.

Section Two:
Cover-up at The Guardian

The evidence proving that The Guardian conspired with Mohamed Al Fayed and others to pervert the course of two libel actions and a major Parliamentary inquiry

Section Three:
The Guardian's liars and their lies

The means by which The Guardian succeeded in duping a democratic nation into accepting lies as the truth and condemning the truth as a lie

Section Four:
The Guardian's subversive influence within the British media

The untold true facts of former BBC reporter Martin Bell

Section Five:
Martin Bell:
The facts

The Web's principal resource for information about Mohamed Al Fayed

Section Six:
Mohamed 'Al' Fayed:
The facts

J B Hunt's book of his quest for the truth behind the 'cash for questions' affair

Section Seven:
Trial by Conspiracy

Another Guardian conspiracy exposed: How The Guardian acquired the Sunday newspaper The Observer though a covert smear campaign directed against The Observer's proprietor and journalists

Section Eight:
The Guardian's smearing of The Observer's editors and journalists

Section Nine:

Heroines of the Hive-Mind How Two Slush-Brained White Women Unconsciously Expose the Idiocies and Evils of Leftism, by Tobias Langdon ex Unz Review  [
It is another case of Mob Psychology in action.
PS The Grauniad, as Private Eye calls due to its track record of bad spelling is funded inter alia by Bill Gates & George Soros. See the Khmer Times on the point. They keep ugly company.













Guardian In Propaganda Mode [  3 February 2011 ]
His radio show drew millions of listeners. His global conspiracy theories outraged some, but drew many others to his paranoid rantings. He dubbed the American president a communist sympathiser and supported a grassroots conservative political movement aimed at overthrowing two-party politics. He made statements that horrified Jewish groups...........

It certainly sounds like the controversial Fox News star. After all, he lambasts Barack Obama as a dangerous Marxist; his pronouncements on Nazis have caused a coalition of 400 rabbis to advertise against him in the Wall Street Journal; and his penchant for anti-America conspiracy theories on everything from Fema to George Soros knows no bounds.

But it is not Beck. It is, in fact, a description of Father Charles Coughlin, the infamous rightwing "radio priest", whose broadcasts in the 1930s disturbingly echo those of Beck today. Indeed, some experts see Coughlin as a father figure to the extremist broadcasting Beck has honed so well. Many commentators on the left, including in Harper's Magazine and the Columbia Journalism Review, have drawn a parallel between our own troubled times with Beck and the tumultuous 1930s that saw the rise of fascism and Coughlin.
The Grauniad is the leader of the quasi-intellectual left. Their comments on  Father Coughlin are grossly biased. He would at least have been aware of Distributism, a decent approach to politics opposed to the evils of Capitalism and the greater evil that is Socialism. He was very much on the right lines regarding Roosevelt's track record of pandering to Jews. Roosevelt demonstrated his commitment to democracy and the rule of law and the United States Constitution, in particular the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to free speech by shutting down the good Father's radio broadcasts and his newspaper.


Guardian Gloats About Murdoch's Phone Hacking Crime Investigation [ 7 July 2011 ]
Nick's first story on the full extent of the phone-hacking scandal was published almost exactly two years ago – on 8 July 2009. It was – or should have been – explosive. It reported that a major global media company – News International – had paid out £1m secretly to settle legal cases which revealed criminality within their business.............. The Metropolitan police – led by Assistant Commissioner John Yates – announced an inquiry. And then, within the space of a few hours, he announced the inquiry was over and there was nothing to inquire into.......

One positive step yesterday was the announcement that there would be at least one public inquiry into what on earth was going on within the Metropolitan police.
Presumably Yates has got a story that will keep him out of prison. If not he will have very soon.


Guardian Used Same Hackers As The News of the World [ 9 August 2011 ]
A Guido co-conspirator, Jon Dell, spotted this line in an old copy of Campaign!: Selling of the Prime Minister by Rodney Tyler published back in 1987. Bugging Thatcher of course wouldn’t have bothered the Guardian, it would have been “in the public interest”. As they define it…

Currently The Guardian’s David Leigh is on his high horse with Guido, claiming we’re spreading malicious lies about him............ Instead he warns Guido by email “you’ll be sorry”, something we hear all the time. The Guardian has issued a statement,

‘The Guardian does not and has not authorised phone hacking.’

Are they claiming then that David Leigh is the lone rogue reporter, like news International said of Clive Goodman?.........

Data from the Information Commissioner’s “Operation Motorman” shows that the Guardian Media Group paid tens of thousands of pounds to private detectives to illegally procure private information. The very same private detectives employed by News International…
The Guardian is morally superior to the rest of us. It loathes English plebian swine who read The Sun while welcoming all those nice darkies from Jamaica/Sri Lanka/wherever as cheap servants - so good with the children/ doing the gardening my dear.
The net spreads. The Grauniad gloats.


Guardian Are Self Righteous Canting, Hacking Criminals [ 22 August 2011 ]
Regular readers will recall how Guido often wonders how it is the Guardian gets their hacking scoops. Well it turns out their rivals and the Met itself have been wondering the very same thing…

This recent exchange between the Times’ Sean O’Neill and the BBC’s Gaetan Portal, who both cover crime, reveals their suspicions:

Gaetan Portal

@ @ when The Guardian ran the story on yesterday's arrest the press bureau knew nothing of it. notverysubtle

Lo and behold today a 51 year old police officer, working on the phone-hacking inquiry named Operation Weeting, was arrested and suspended for leaking to the Guardian.  Given that David Leigh has already confessed to phone-hacking, the Guardian’s squeaky clean reputation is collapsing at a rapid speed. Was this blatant corruption of police integrity sanctioned?....... Guido looks forward to Rusbridger’s imminent statement on what he knew and when…
The Guardian was being very nasty about Rupert Murdoch and the News Of The World. Now it is getting coy about its own track record. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. More at Phone hacking investigation detective arrested 'for leaking information to the Guardian'


Quarter Of FTSE 100 Use Tax Havens Says Tax Abuser [ 12 October 2011 ]
The extent to which FTSE 100 companies use tax havens for their operations is revealed in a database of their subsidiaries compiled for the first time by the development charity ActionAid. The 100 largest groups registered on the London Stock Exchange have more than 34,000 subsidiaries and joint ventures between them. A quarter of these, over 8,000, are located in jurisdictions that offer low tax rates or require limited disclosure to other tax authorities.
The Guardian is a run by a bunch of lying, hypocritical left wing propagandists on the make. They are parasites fattening themselves off the tax payers with those adverts for worthless government jobs. Then there is the tax evasion, the offshore bank accounts, overseas subsidiaries. See Autonomous Mind which gives us pungent quotes from Guido Fawkes who actually does understand.


Guardian Employs Tory Jail Bird [ 26 November 2013 ]
Chris Huhne got out of a very soft nick & very early too. He is too important to pay for his crimes. Ditto for his old woman. The Media have gone very quiet about the judge that put Her Indoors up to it but then her face fits because she is black.


Guardian Advertises For Unpaid Interns [ 17 December 2013 ]
The Grauniad complains long and loud about firms hiring people to work for nothing in the hope of getting work experience. The Manchester and Salford Advertiser once called the Manchester Guardian "the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners". Some things don't change.
PS They moan about offshore tax havens then do it as well.


Guardian Lies About Mass Murdering Criminal Jew  [ 5 January 2014 ]
Lying is what the Guardian does when it wants, which is all too often. Making excuses for the Butcher of Sabra and Shatila is just another example. They suppressed the truth about Stalin's massacres although their reporter was there. He wrote Winter in Moscow to get the truth out.

The working-class Manchester and Salford Advertiser called the Manchester Guardian "the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners". Some things do not change. They were Capitalist Swine then. They still are.
PS The writer, one Jonathan Freedland is also a Jew.


Guardian Sells Autotrader Via Offshore Tax Evasion Vehicle For 1 Billion [ 22 January 2014 ]
The Guardian, the leading voice of Marxism in England, the one that tells the BBC what the party line is today is big on tax evasion. Naturally it is run by Capitalist Swine

Snouts in the trough forever.


Facts Are Sacred But Some Are More Sacred Than Others [ 14 March 2014 ]
The Guardian claims that the evil of 'zero hours' contract is on the rise. The Office of National Statistics says they are lying.
PS The Guardian uses these contracts because it run by Capitalist Swine.


The Guardian Does A Smear Job On Martin Heidegger [ 13 March 2014 ]
The Guardian, that foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners is at it again, doing a knocking job on Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher. Doctor Heidegger was a member of the Nazi party so he is hated by Left Wingers. Of course if you ask lefties for the differences between naughty Adolf and dear old Uncle Joe Stalin they will not be quite so full of themselves.


The Guardian Is An American Propaganda Machine   [ 1 April 2014 ]
But surely The Guardian is a 'Left Wing' propaganda machine? Well yes, up to a point but Jonathan Cook, who was one of theirs says that the Grauniad is anti-Russian, anti-Vladimir Putin & lying. The Graun does not usually go in for blatant lying. It prefers the subtle approach, suppressing the truth, throwing in the misdirection. How? Barry Krusch explains How To Frame A Patriot.


The Guardian Alleges That Islamic Terrorists Are British - It Lies  [ 6 April 2014 ]
Two Islamic crazies who admit financing terrorism want access to American classified papers. An American court is unlikely to be sympathetic. The Guardian is a Marxist propaganda machine colluding in a Trojan Horse deception to fill England with millions of enemy aliens. Giving them British passports is part of their Treason.


Guardian Fails In America  [ 2 June 2014 ]
The Guardian has ambitions on America, a much bigger market than England. It sees itself as morally superior to mere humans. It failed. Michael Wolff, one of their own explains rather well.


Guardian Perverts The Truth Again [ 11 August 2013 ]
This time they concealed the truth rather than telling the lie direct. A pig didn't investigate rapes. Aforesaid pig was ethnic so all becomes clear; agenda first, truth nowhere.


The Guardian Is Big On Tax Evasion  [ 15 October 2014 ]
The Guardian
is run by Capitalist Swine who are just as light fingered as Amazon. But they do like telling their Useful Idiots that tax evasion is immoral. The Grauniad was "the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners". It still is.


The Guardian Notices Third World Crime  [ 12 March 2015]
I got it wrong — the Guardian hadn’t forgotten after all. In “The Joys of Jihad,” I discussed a double murder in 2012 by an Afghan “asylum-seeker” called Ahmad Otak, who killed two young White women in an exceptionally violent and sadistic way. It was a textbook case of toxic “male entitlement,” but it was “now long forgotten by the BBC and the Guardian.”

Or so I said. I was wrong. Mr. Otak turned up in the Guardian in February this year. Even more surprisingly, he was accompanied by another vibrant offender, a Bangladeshi called Adbul Kadir. These two enrichers were the first of three “case studies” of male violence against women:
The perpetrators all happen to be Third World aliens. Coincidence or statistically valid? Try the latter.


BBC Is Right Wing Propaganda Machine Alleges The Guardian [ 18 March 2015 ]
For too long, the right has got away with weaving a fairytale of BBC leftwing bias. Until the left starts complaining – and loudly too – the BBC's agenda will be shaped by supporters of government, big business, the free market and western foreign policy. That does not just subvert honest journalism: it undermines our democracy.
Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. The smarmy little twat who wrote this looks as though he still has nappy rash. For a more robust view look at Gems of the Day courtesy of the Army Rumour Service [ ARRSE for short. ].


Guardian Complains About Nigel Farage Again [ 17 March 2015 ]
Cohen is an insolent Jew & an ugly one to boot. He doesn't have to approve of politicians. No doubt he has much friendlier view of Blair, Brown, Obama, Netanyahu, Stalin & other War Criminals.


BBC Is Right Wing Propaganda Machine Alleges The Guardian [ 18 March 2015 ]
For too long, the right has got away with weaving a fairytale of BBC leftwing bias. Until the left starts complaining – and loudly too – the BBC's agenda will be shaped by supporters of government, big business, the free market and western foreign policy. That does not just subvert honest journalism: it undermines our democracy.
Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. The smarmy little twat who wrote this looks as though he still has nappy rash. For a more robust view look at Gems of the Day courtesy of the Army Rumour Service [ ARRSE for short. ].


The Guardian Is Still Marketing Immigrants [ 24 March 2015 ]
What pushed them away from their first homes, what pulled them to these shores, what new lives are they making in Britain? The Guardian asked immigrants living in the UK to tell us about their experiences. These are their stories
The Guardian tells us that Immigration is wonderful. They have carefully chosen stories to make it look good but of course The Guardian's directors don't live near them. Nor do their journalists. Their remuneration packages are not being driven down, while Third World aliens undercut the wages of honest working men. The Guardian is a Marxist propaganda machine, just like the BBC. They want Ethnic Fouling In England, which is the early stage of Genocide as defined by the United Nations.
PS They ignore the reasons why blacks want out of Africa. The main one is that Marxists incited them to believe they would be better off without us. Decolonisation produced all of those Failed States


Labour Party Did Not Incite Third World Immigration As An Act Of Malice Alleges Guardian [ 25 March 2015 ]
As today’s generation of political leaders prepares to fight an election that is in part a contest about the mistakes, judgments and assumptions Labour made in government on immigration, it is easy to forget just how much immigration and asylum haunted Downing Street throughout New Labour’s time in office. Between 1997 and 2010, net annual immigration quadrupled, and the UK population was boosted by more than 2.2 million immigrants, more than twice the population of Birmingham. In Labour’s last term in government, 2005-2010, net migration reached on average 247,000 a year.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, has made capital out of his claim that the Labour government embarked on a deliberate policy to encourage immigration by stealth. UKIP often cites an article by Andrew Neather, a former No 10 and Home Office adviser, who wrote that the Labour government embarked on a deliberate policy from late 2000 to “open up the UK to mass migration”.
The Guardian alleges that Immigration was an accident, not mainline Labour policy - it lies.
The Guardian alleges that Immigration is good for England - it lies.
The Guardian  alleges that we are too stupid to know that Immigration is good for us - it lies.
The Guardian ignores the Pakistani contribution to the Rape industry in Rotherham - it lies by omission.
PS The Guardian wants us to vote Labour because it is a Marxist propaganda machine.


Guardian Thugs Abuse Nigel Farage [ 28 March 2015 ]
The news that UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his family were attacked in a pub this afternoon would be interesting enough at the best of times, but for BH readers there are many other angles that attract attention besides the thuggery.

If early reports are to be believed, the mob was organised by a guy called Dan Glass, a former leader of the Student Union at the University of Sussex, but who was also involved with the green group Plane Stupid. They too had a dubious relationship with the concept of law and order.

He is also a "Guardian Youth Climate Leader" and an occasional Guardian columnist. One can't help but wonder why so many writers at the Graun seem to be mixed up with violence and thuggery these days.....

 Eva Jasiewicz, who has written for the Graun here, was there too....... Jeez, and another one! Pennie Quinton's Guardian corpus is here, her involvement in the mob here.
The Guardian is run by supercilious rogues who despise the honest working man, if he is English. Rent A Mob is their kind of oaf.


The Guardian Ignored & Lied About Islamic Trojan Horse In Schools [ 27 April 2015 ]
There’s a lot of bad journalism about Muslims in this country, but not all of it is at the tabloid “Islamic-only toilets” end of the market. On the subject of the hardline takeover of Birmingham schools, I think The Guardian may be Britain’s most dishonest newspaper.

It’s a very good paper in some ways – but it has a complete blind spot about any story involving Islamists. Its coverage of Tower Hamlets has been spectacularly misleading. And the reporting on Trojan Horse by its education editor, Richard Adams, has been execrable.

Mr Adams now pronounces the entire saga a “crude witch-hunt” based on “not much evidence of anything,” claiming that “most” of the allegations of “segregated classes, compulsory prayers and incendiary preachers at school assemblies … have crumbled under examination.”............

Now I have no problem with taking a position on a story. I’ve taken a clear position on this one.......

But whatever you say has to be true to the best of your knowledge and belief. It has to be backed up by evidence. And it has to take proper account of any evidence against what you are reporting. You have to be sure that it does not outweigh the evidence in favour.
The Guardian is a Marxist propaganda machine, one that chose to conceal the truth about the Ukraine famine because it was set up by dear old uncle Joe Stalin. See Winter in Moscow on the point. Agenda first, truth later - maybe.


Champagne Socialist Has £135 Thousand Ferrari [ 30 June 2015 ]
Polly Toynbee
is a hypocrite but then she is at The Guardian where intellectual pretensions are a way of life.


The Guardian Markets Illegal Immigrationism [ 9 August 2015 ]
The Guardian is  run by public school men who want cheap servants as well as Jews who hate England.


Illegal Immigrants On Kos Are Victims Says The Guardian [ 16 August 2015 ]
Up to 2,500 mostly Syrian and Afghan refugees held in stadium on Greek island as police use sonic explosion to maintain order

Up to 2,500 refugees in Kos were locked in a stadium for nearly 24 hours, after riot police struggled to contain crowds of recent migrant arrivals rounded up from makeshift camps around the Greek island.

On Wednesday afternoon, after being locked inside for about 18 hours, the mostly Syrian and Afghan refugees were fainting at a rate of four each hour, aid workers said.

About 1,000 of the refugees were trapped inside a playground within the stadium complex, with no access to water or shade. A further 1,500 were housed in a separate section of the stadium, with some protection from the sun............

Tensions were also rising fast on several other eastern Greek islands, where more than 120,000 refugees have arrived since the start of the year – up from about 30,000 during the whole of 2014.........

Despite the situation on the islands, many of the 1.6 million Syrian refugees currently in limbo in Turkey are still planning to make the journey to Greece.
The Guardian is a Marxist propaganda machine inciting Illegal Immigration by using Western Guilt, the idea that the White Man victimized blacks. It fosters Pathological Altruism, an abuse of our better feelings.
PS Notice the pictures showing the intruders. Almost all are young, fit men, vigorous and vicious.


Racism Is Awful When Englishmen Are Accused Says Marxist Propaganda Machine [ 16 August 2015 ]
A 14-year-old boy was sentenced to 11 years in prison for stabbing his teacher in an apparently racially motivated attack in which be called his victim the N-word [ Would this be Nigger? - Editor ]. Laura Pidcock, of the charity Show Racism the Red Card, condemned members of the government for creating a climate of hatred by their use of language during the migrant “crisis”. This tragic incident demonstrates the work that needs to be done for schools to challenge a climate that allows racist language and behaviour. However, given the government’s attitude and policy agenda for schools, the prospects for change are slim.

For good reason much of the activism around racism and schooling has focused on levelling the attainment gap for certain ethnic minority groups [ Code for blacks - Editor ]. There have been some successes in this approach, for example Bangladeshi students now achieve above- average rates at GCSE level (5 A*-C, including English and maths), but there remains systemic disadvantage for certain groups.
The Guardian is in propaganda mode as usual. The Guardian wants England flooded with cheap servants who don't live near them. The Guardian swallowed the Western Guilt story then markets it to Lenin's Useful Idiots.
PS Show Racism the Red Card is registered as a Charity so it is not allowed to have political objectives. It is a criminal organisation with tax breaks - just like the Mafia.


Third World Murderer's Motives Not Known Alleges Marxist Mouthpiece [ 24 August 2015 ]
The Guardian
claims that the Islam thug who tried to murder people on a train is unknown. The Guardian lies. The Guardian wants more Third World thugs inflicted on us. The Guardian is run by enemies of England. They are not Lenin's Useful Idiots; they are too cunning for that albeit the attacker has a story that hangs together. His weapon handling is third rate.
PS The Americans did well.


Exporting Illegal Immigrants Is Very Bad Says Marxist Mouthpiece [ 24 August 2015 ]
This one is blatant Propaganda against American interests and Donald Trump.


Third World Murderer's Motives Not Known Alleges Marxist Mouthpiece [ 24 August 2015 ]
The Guardian
claims that the Islam thug who tried to murder people on a train is unknown. The Guardian lies. The Guardian wants more Third World thugs inflicted on us. The Guardian is run by enemies of England. They are not Lenin's Useful Idiots; they are too cunning for that albeit the attacker has a story that hangs together. His weapon handling is third rate.
PS The Americans did well.


Hungarian PM Says Europe's Response To Illegal Immigration Is Madness [ 6 September 2015 ]
Hungary’s nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán has claimed Europe is in the grip of madness over immigration and refugees, and argued that he was defending European Christianity against a Muslim influx.

Orbán’s incendiary remarks came as he arrived in Brussels for a confrontation with EU leaders over his hardline policies in Europe’s biggest migration emergency since the second world war.

“Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe,” Orbán wrote in Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “Europe’s response is madness. We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation.
The Guardian claims that Mr Orbán has claimed........ Do you see a bias there? The Guardian knows that Words are Propaganda Tools. I claim that The Guardian is a Propaganda machine, a Marxist propaganda machine; an enemy of Western Civilization to boot. Its claims, its allegations should be treated with suspicion if not contempt. It is part of a major Main Stream Media onslaught being used to inflict Third World aliens on us; one designed by Jews to abuse our better feelings, our compassion. It is Pathological Altruism at work.


The Guardian Tells Truth About Third World Violence Against Women [ 17 November 2015 ]
I got it wrong — the Guardian hadn’t forgotten after all. In “The Joys of Jihad,” I discussed a double murder in 2012 by an Afghan “asylum-seeker” called Ahmad Otak, who killed two young White women in an exceptionally violent and sadistic way. It was a textbook case of toxic “male entitlement,” but it was “now long forgotten by the BBC and the Guardian.”

Or so I said. I was wrong. Mr Otak turned up in the Guardian in February this year. Even more surprisingly, he was accompanied by another vibrant offender, a Bangladeshi called Adbul Kadir. These two enrichers were the first of three “case studies” of male violence against women:.........

The article was about feminists who are campaigning to make the government “take action to stem the rise of violence against women by keeping a database of every woman who is killed by a man.” The same feminists will, of course, be firmly in favour of mass immigration by Muslims and other non-Whites. But are even liberals at the Guardian starting to glimpse the truth about ethnic enrichment?.........

I don’t think the Guardian is turning into a White nationalist newspaper, but something interesting has happened to its reality filter. The truth about ethnic enrichment is occasionally slipping through. And when liberals start admitting the truth about race, who knows where it will end?
Now why would The Guardian tell the truth? Have they noticed that the streets are getting darker, more dangerous.? Is it because taxes are going up to pay Third World parasites to laze around and buy Narcotics? Or could it be that they are growing up, learning about responsibility? It's highly unlikely but just worth a mention.
PS The Graun even shows us the colour of the perpetrators. Now that is [ an occasional ] commitment to truth.

Ex Do they look vicious, worthless, evil, prime candidates for the gallows? Or is it just me?


The Guardian Alleges That Republican House Speaker Is A Paedophile Pervert [ 10 April 2016 ]
[ Editor’s Note: The elephant in the room that no one is asking about is with Hastert having to shell out all this cash to his abuse victims what other compromises did he make to get this money where the American people were added to his list of abuse victims.

And so far we have not heard a word about Hastert only being the tip of the iceberg, and the failure of law enforcement to stop the widespread child abuse that is well known in high political, business and even military circles… Jim W. Dean ]__________

Dennis Hastert, the former US house speaker, molested four boys while working as a high school wrestling coach, prosecutors have said. Hastert agreed to pay one of his victims, who was aged 14 at the time of the abuse, $3.5m, court filings show. He was not charged with abuse because statutes of limitation had expired.
The Guardian tells us about Dennis Hastert because he is a White Man but The Guardian eagerly ignores Paedophile perversion when Jews are the perpetrators because The Guardian is a corrupt Propaganda machine run by Marxists and Zionist crazies. Which Jews are perverts? Have a look at the hundreds of known kiddie fiddlers supplied by the Failed Messiah, a Jew who realized just how vicious they are behind the sales talk.


The Guardian Loses £52 Million  [ 14 May 2016 ]
It only has £743 million left. Never buying it is my contribution as well as commenting on their lies.


Donald Trump, Peter Thiel And The Death Of Democracy - The Guardian Suffers From Sour Grapes  [ 23 July 2016 ]
The problem with traditional conservatives is that they’re too anti-government to fulfill Thiel’s vision. Fortunately for him, Trump is no traditional conservative. Trump gives Thiel a way to fulfill his long-held ambition of saving capitalism from democracy.
The Guardian at its occasional best tells the truth well. This time it is lying in its teeth, hoping that anyone fool enough to pay money for it will swallow the Party Line & does not know what Democracy is. Vox Populi, Vox Dei [ The voice of the people is the voice of God ] was a phrase used Alcuin in 739 AD telling Charlemagne to resist dangerous democratic ideas.


Blacks Want Guns To Fight Us With Claims The Guardian  [ 30 July 2016 ]
It lies in its teeth.


The Guardian Lost £173 Million This Year  [ 8 August 2016 ]
This is an improvement on last year's loss, a mere £17.6 million. Their cash and endowment fund is also down, to £765 million from £838.3 million. They are burning through their assets quite briskly. The working-class Manchester and Salford Advertiser called the Manchester Guardian "the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners". The Guardian is run by Lenin's Useful Idiots.


Donald Trump Hated By The Guardian [ 13 August 2016 ]
They ran two pieces knocking Don. All lefties hates him thus proving that he is getting something right. Don isn't going to war with Russia. That thieving slut Clinton is threatening them, a very bad idea. Fred explains -  Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia - The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington. Fred understands tank war.


Guardian Obit Proves Its Marxist Bias
Sir Antony Jay, the co-writer of the political satires Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, has died at the age of 86. He was surrounded by his wife and family when he died peacefully on Sunday evening after a long illness.

Born in London, Jay started his career at the BBC’s current affairs and documentary department, where he was a founder member of Tonight, the groundbreaking current affairs programme, becoming its editor in 1962............

Sir Antony became an outspoken detractor of his former employer the BBC in his later years........... He has also criticised it for being “biased” on climate change, and accused staff of being “anti-industry” and “anti-monarchy”.
The "Guardian" complains about ""bias"" as distinct from "bias" or just bias. Does it know better? Hint: NO! Was Anthony Jay wrong? No. The message is that there is something wrong with people who do not think that the BBC is a mirror of integrity, that it does not regurgitate the Party Line fed to it by Guardian Marxists.


The Guardian Alleges That A British Woman Got Five Years In Iran [ 10 September 2016 ]
The Guardian, that "foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners" is playing fast and loose with the truth about an Iranian woman. It eagerly suppressed the truth when Joe Stalin was murdering millions, or was it only thousands(?) in the Ukraine by starvation even though their reporter was there. More on an ugly reality at Winter in Moscow by Malcolm Muggeridge.


Gun Nation - The Guardian Feeds Us More Propaganda [  20 September 2016 ]
The Guardian says guns are nasty, dangerous things. The Guardian ignores the fact that most armed criminals are Blacks or Hispanics. The Guardian hates the idea that the Armed Citizen can protect himself against criminals and corrupt governments.


The Guardian Explains How To Destroy Brexit  [ 2 December 2016 ]
The Guardian is a Propaganda machine run by Marxists and supercilious rogues who think they know how to run our lives better than we do; Traitors to boot of course. They do admit that nobody will be fool enough to believe Blair.
PS It claims that Donald Trump will hurt the people who voted for him. See Many of us in rural, poor America supported Trump. But he will hurt us. Believe them? Not me! Do they even know any of Don's voters?


Major Cut In EU Migrants Risks Long-Term Damage To UK Economy Alleges The Guardian [ 8 December 2016 ]
The Guardian, that foul prostitute pandering to the worst of the mill owners is lying again but then it is run by Capitalist Swine manipulating Socialists. It keeps very quiet about the Criminal Charities actively smuggling in hundreds of thousands of Illegal Immigrants


Defending ‘White Interests’ Can Never Be Right Says Fat, Ugly Jew [ 16 March 2017 ]
Let’s talk about whites. Readers of other colours are welcome to listen in, but this is really about us and our legitimate white self-interests, which are not at all the same thing as racism.............

Broadly speaking, Kaufmann takes the view that liberals have got it all wrong. Wanting your neighbourhood to reflect your ethnic character, he says, is not racist. Feeling “discomfort” when your group “no longer sets the tone in a neighbourhood” may be inward-looking, Goodhart adds, but “labelling that feeling racist risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, driving white resentment”. Both men cite the work of an American Muslim academic, Shadi Hamid, who has also written about supposedly non-racist “racial self-interest”........

 And it is also true that fear of being labelled racist has inhibited weak-minded public officials from doing their jobs, from the Victoria Climbié case to the British-Asian grooming gangs. Furthermore, as over The Satanic Verses, I support a robust defence of democratic values and rights — rights that have been hard won.......

 I’m not racist. I have nothing against them. I’m just acknowledging my racial self-interest. Which is that I’m white [ The Jew lies - Editor ]. So give me the job.
This Propaganda piece comes from the front page of The Times. It was written, not just by a fat, ugly Marxist Jew but a liar to boot. Aaronovitch's grandparents got to England on the run from vengeance after they wore out their welcome in the Russian empire along with many other places. Now they have infiltrated the Main Stream Media to market hate & Racism, anti-English racism but racism none the less. It is crime when Englishmen do it but Jews get a pass, just like most Third World aliens.


Islamic Was Born In England So He Was Not A Terrorist Until He Was Radicalised - Allegedly  [ 10 April 2017 ]
As we now know, the attacker, Khalid Masood, was British [ sic ], born in Kent and brought up as Adrian Russell Elms. His story is one of radicalisation, the question being when and how he embraced extremist Islamist ideology: the path that led him to an act of murderous violence has nothing to do with immigration.
The Guardian does not usually lie that bluntly, that plainly. This time it did. It is where the BBC, another bunch of Marxist traitors finds the Party Line.


Guardian Suppresses Truth About African Policeman Murdering White Woman  [ 22 July 2017 ]
The chief of police in Minneapolis has resigned at the request of the city’s mayor, Betsy Hodges, after Hodges said she had “lost the confidence of the people”. 

Janeé Harteau has faced criticism for her handling of the shooting of unarmed Australian woman Justine Damond, as well as previous killings going back to 2013.
The Guardian is a Propaganda machine of Left Wingers, a bunch of anti-white Racists, suppressing the fact that the perpetrator is a trigger happy African being paid as a police man. See e.g. Somali Policeman In Minneapolis Murders White Woman - Media Blacks It Out. There is no mention of the fact that the police chief is a woman and a Lesbian at that.


Sweden Exporting Illegal Immigrants To A Safe Country - The Guardian Lying About It [ 26 December 2017 ]
.............In a neighbouring room, a dozen or so boys sit on the floor around dishes and several steaming teapots. The chatter is jovial enough, a mix of Dari, Swedish and English. The teenagers are all Afghans living in a camp for minors in Floda, 25 miles east of Gothenburg. But for how much longer?

“We left Afghanistan because we were in danger,” said Mostafa, 17, several friends nodding in agreement. “Things would be even worse if we returned..........

This nightmare scenario is edging closer for the Afghan boys. The country that welcomed them along with 35,000 other unaccompanied minors from across the globe during the extraordinary year of 2015, has had a change of heart.
The Guardian [ of lies ] tells that they are boys. At 17 they are men, young, fit, active, plenty old enough to rape and murder. They do just that; it is how they turned Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. The point of importing millions of Third World parasites is to destroy Western Civilization. The Guardian is marketing Western Guilt as part of their current Legitimising Ideology, as inciters of the Lunatic Fringe.
PS The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees exports thousands to Afghanistan because it is a safe country. For more and better detail see Deporting Illegal Immigrants; a reality the Grauniad duly skates over.


The Guardian Protects Paedophile Perverts In The Charity Industry [ 11 March 2018 ] 
The Guardian sat on stories from charity sex abuse victims, according to claims made by an industry insider. An ‘overseas aid expert’ writing under a pseudonym told the Open Democracy website:

“Why didn’t the complainants go to somewhere like the Guardian? They did.............

“Almost all of the complainants went to the Guardian first. Different Guardian journalists were contacted, but all went quiet. One told me: “I just wanted to say I haven’t forgotten about this. Unfortunately the decision to work on the story or not is above my station, so I’m just waiting for a decision either way…”.............

The writer then claims the whistleblowers turned to the right-leaning press: “When the Guardian sat on the story a subsection of the whistleblowers went to the Mail and the Telegraph, who ran it with many fewer sources.” The importance of a plural media…

UPDATE: Priti Patel tells the Sun:

“The Guardian and Save the Children should be apologising to the victims of these horrendous acts who have been let down by their appalling conduct and the subsequent cover-up. They have shown a callous lack of responsibility and a complete betrayal of the victims.”

Be aware that Patel has some apologising of her own to do. Being a Third World alien means knowing a lot about bribery and corruption.


MPs Attack Free Speech Says Guardian  [ 28 July 2018 ]  
Democracy is at risk unless the government and regulators take urgent action to combat a growing crisis of data manipulation, disinformation and so-called fake news, a parliamentary committee is expected to say.

In damning conclusions to a report leaked by former Vote Leave campaign strategist Dominic Cummings before its official publication on Sunday, the digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) committee adds to the growing calls for tougher government regulation of social media companies. It accuses them of profiting from misleading material and raises concerns about Russian involvement in British politics.

The report is expected to say that the “relentless targeting of hyper-partisan views, which play to the fears and prejudices of people, in order to influence their voting plans and their behaviour” posed a greater threat to democracy than more familiar forms of so-called fake news, raising particular concerns about the way online data could be manipulated to impact elections.
Free Speech sounds good until people dislike it. Free speech means freedom to offend. Try going into a  group of BBC front men and saying Nigger. They will pretend it is grossly offensive. It is the same with their political biases. NB The Guardian is the newspaper that concealed the truth about Joe Stalin's massacre even though their reporter was there feeding them the story. He published it later as a book, Winter in Moscow. It's not murder that matters but whom.


The Guardian Markets Fraudulent Propaganda  [ 28 July 2018 ]  
As a chilling new Netflix series about the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 is released, its directors discuss the historic case that sparked an urgent debate about racism in the US
Mr takes a position knowing the truth and ignoring it. Trayvon Martin was a black thief that came unstuck when he attacked a Hispanic. The story was run as a major propaganda operation by the Main Stream Media to incite Black Hate and get votes for Obama. They succeeded.


Guardian Markets Jews' Anti-Labour Propaganda
John McDonnell a decade ago praised the founding of a controversial anti-Zionist network which has been accused of Anti-Semitism, saying it had given a voice to Jews who condemned Israel’s “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians.

The shadow chancellor was lead signatory of a Commons early day motion written in 2008, also signed by Tory MP Peter Bottomley, that welcomed the launch of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network  (IJAN) and its founding charter............

Corbyn also came under fire after it emerged he had likened Israel’s treatment of Gaza to Nazi sieges of the second world war. He told a rally outside parliament in 2010: “I was in Gaza three months ago. I saw ... the psychological damage to a whole generation, who’ve been imprisoned for as long as the siege of Leningrad and Stalingrad took place.”
Jews whine about being hated but keep very quiet about why.


Appendix to Huddersfield Horror Show The Observer Obfuscates  [
The Observer is the Sunday edition of the Guardian. It published an editorial on the Huddersfield Horrorshow stating that the “victims of the horrific events in Huddersfield and other cities are not best served by a polarised debate on race.” It then proceeded to obfuscate in typical lying liberal fashion (“obfuscate” is from the Latin obfuscare, meaning “to make dark”). Here is some of what the Observer said, with my responses:

No words can do justice to the horrific abuse perpetrated by a gang of 20 men in Huddersfield, believed to be Britain’s single biggest grooming prosecution. The men plied vulnerable girls as young as 11, including those in care and with learning disabilities, with alcohol and drugs in order to sexually abuse them. The abuse included men raping intoxicated girls while others watched, sexual abuse with a drinks bottle and gang rape by men using plastic bags as condoms.

There is an understandable urge to react out of raw anger. Yet the most important question we can ask as a society — calmly, rationally — is how to prevent this sort of abuse from happening again. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs, 21st October 2018)

In fact, the most important question for the Observer is how to conceal the truth and how to evade responsibility for its own role in these horrors. The Observer is still using the euphemistic term “child-grooming gangs” when the proper term is “child-rape gangs.” And it’s impossible to “prevent this sort of abuse from happening again,” because Britain contains millions of non-White men steeped in “the Patriarchy” that reigns supreme in Third-World bastions of “rape-culture” like Pakistan. The Observer has fully supported mass immigration and wants millions more non-Whites to enrich Britain with their rape-culture and misogyny.
The truth is unwelcome at The Guardian, "the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners".


Black Thief Stole £138 Thousand From The Guardian  [ 10 August 2019 ]
An accounts clerk for the Guardian newspaper was jailed for 20 months today after siphoning off £138,000 to pay for his luxury wedding and honeymoon. Adeyinka Laryea-Adekimi also showered his new wife with gifts using the stolen cash but she knew nothing about his campaign of fraud, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Laryea-Adekimi, 34, was employed by the Guardian Media Group  [GMG] - owners of the Guardian and Observer newspapers - to pay freelance journalists for their work.

But after getting the accounts job in August 2017 he started sending the cash to his own account instead. The £138,000 he stole bankrolled his wedding in Portugal and the 5-star honeymoon that followed in Thailand.
As any West Indian will tell you, Africans are liars. The Guardian has its very own track record of perverting the truth for left wing causes. Mass murder by our little mate, Joe Stalin; just one of those things. All broke up about it? Not me.


Guardian Attacks Epstein Conspiracy Theories  [ 15 August 2019 ]
In two different opinion pieces The Guardian has made its position on the alleged death of Jeffrey Epstein clear – he “probably” committed suicide.

The first, titled Epstein conspiracy theories are farfetched – but can you blame people?, takes the position that although “conspiracy theories” about Epstein’s apparent suicide are “understandable”, there’s no evidence to support them.

Rather, the author endorses the slowly coalescing official narrative. Namely that of complete, systemic incompetence:............ 

All this serves to demonstrate – for about the millionth time – the entire purpose of outrage culture and identity politics. Fear of being offensive used to control a conversation and dictate narrative: Don’t talk about Epstein being murdered, don’t even think about it. If you do, you’re a misogynist.
The Guardian of Lies is another Propaganda machine with an agenda. Is it, like the BBC, marketing Homosexuality and protecting Paedophiles such as Jimmy Savile?


The Guardian Supported Slavery  [ 11 June 2020 ]
Guardian columnists are revelling in the destruction of imperfect historical figures, perhaps unaware their employer’s past is one rooted in being on the side of the US Confederacy and opposition to Abraham Lincoln. Will Black Lives Matter protestors begin marching towards 90 York Way?

Back in the 1860s, The Manchester Guardian gave unqualified support to the confederacy during the American civil war; even reprinting confederate propaganda against the slaves’ liberator Abraham Lincoln.

“it was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States”

–  Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862

Upon the news of President Lincoln’s assassination, the Guardian described the president’s time in office as “abhorrent”, specifically the Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”

Perhaps the opposition to emancipation of slaves was driven by the views of their founder, John Edward Taylor, who made his money in the cotton trade – an industry that prospered on the backs of cotton-picking slaves. After the death of their founder in 1844, the paper continued its relationship with its cotton merchant advertisers, going as far as demanding Manchester’s cotton workers, who refused to touch cotton picked by US slaves, should be forced back into work. Guido’s proud that his heritage is rooted in a history of toiling to end the despotic rule of oppressive leaders… 
Taylor looks like a deeply unpleasant thug but then he made his money out of Cotton, which was grown by slaves & picked by slaves. Would he have Let His Daughter Marry A Cotton Picking Nigger? I fancy not. But the current bunch of self-righteous rogues running the Grauniad care nothing about the daughters of Working Class Englishmen being Raped by the Pakistani Perverts they imported as cheap labour, to infest Rotherham, Bradford, Middlesbrough, Peterborough, Rochdale etc. sad little northern towns.


The Guardian Supported Slavery - It Should Pay Reparations
Pressure is mounting on The Guardian to address and redress its dark history after Guido first brought to light the company’s complicity in profiting from slavery in the past last week. Since then both the Mail and the Sun have helped highlight the paper’s pro-Confederacy views, and a petition calling for the paper to be “shut down” has now hit 17,000 signatures. Meanwhile, Guardian op-eds supporting Black Lives Matter continue being published daily…

This morning The Telegraph splashed on big companies such as Greene King and Lloyd’s of London apologising for their slavery links and pledging payments to BAME groups; Barclays also hinted they will pay reparations over their historic role. Greene King explained:

It is inexcusable that one of our founders profited from slavery and argued against its abolition in the 1800s… [we will make a] substantial investment to benefit the BAME community and support our race diversity in the business as we increase our focus on targeted work in this area.”

The Guardian, which has grown from its founding first owner John Edward Taylor's investment of his cotton trade profits – made off the back of the slave trade – to now having £1 billion in reserves in the bank, has no excuse not to follow suit. Will the paper apologise and pay up?
Pay up? I don't think so. The Editor has a life style to support. Foreign holidays don't come cheap. Public schools cost big time. But of course the Guardian is happy to take on a pair of black interns, unpaid of course - see Guardian Won't Pay Ethnic Minority Interns. Isn't this like Slavery?


The Spectator Backed Freedom For Slaves While The Guardian Wanted Oppression   [ 22 June 2020 ]
In her article about the point of protest, Tali Fraser mentions the support of Manchester in the 1860s for the North against the slave-owning South in the US Civil War. At the time, this was an unpopular cause among the British elite. Of all the publications still around today, only one backed Abraham Lincoln then: The Spectator. The magazine almost went bust as a result. I remarked a few days ago that what sets us apart from other long-running magazines is that our values have not changed much since we were founded in 1828 – or, indeed, since The Spectator appeared in its original form in 1711. That aroused some teasing: surely, some asked, a magazine needs to change with the times? But the values I refer to – cherishing diversity of opinion, being unafraid to go against the grain – don’t age. I’ve written before about the ways in which the values of the 1711 Spectator inspire us today (including the name of this blog, Coffee House). But our position on the US Civil War is a good example of how The Spectator is unafraid to find itself in a minority of one.

When Abraham Lincoln was elected in November 1860, he was dismissed by the British press as a country bumpkin with naïve and dangerous ideals. At the time, much of the UK economy relied on cheap cotton made in America’s slave-owning states. The grown-up way of seeing things, it was argued, was to leave things as they were and enjoy the fruits of the plantations. And trust that slavery would fall away in its own good time...............

 The Guardian backed the South. An editorial in the Times remarked that Lincoln and his fellow abolitionists...

preach with the Bible in their hands but in that book there is not one single text that can be perverted to prove Slavery unlawful, though there is much which naturally tends to its mitigation... If it be said that Slavery is at variance with the Spirit of the Gospel, so also are a good many things: purple and fine linen, wealth, ecclesiastical titles, unmarried clergy.

This spoke for the rest of the British press: yes, slavery in principle is bad. But let’s be adults! The world is complicated. Abolish slavery immediately, as Lincoln et al. want to do, and chaos will ensue. Innocent women and children will be slaughtered by rampaging blacks. And wasn’t it better for the black slave to stay put, and enjoy the protection of dutiful slave owners?................

As The Spectator went ever more strongly against the tide, sales fell below 1,000 for the first time since its 1828 launch. Joseph Dalton Hooker complained to Charles Darwin ‘we have no paper like the old Spectator in Rintoul’s time’. A daft thing to say: R.S. Rintoul set up The Spectator to fight for popular freedom, and battled hard for the 1832 Reform Act (whose birthday, incidentally, was yesterday). In arguing for popular freedom in America, The Spectator was being true to its principles, even if they ran very much against the mood of the time. Subscribers steadily fell away, as readers turned to other publications that put British financial interests ahead of the fate of black Americans overseas............

After Lincoln’s assassination, the Times revised its opinion. The Guardian was still implacably hostile, saying: 'Of his rule we can never speak except as a series of acts abhorrent to every true tuition of constitutional right and human liberty.'  Like much of the UK press, the Guardian was nervous about the notion of universal franchise stirring in America (it said many doubt that 'the working classes are sufficiently instructed to be fit to exercise a supreme control ever the interests of their own body, to say nothing of those of the nation'). As has been observed, the Manchester Guardian (as then was) saw few gleams of good in anything American. In seeing an inspirational struggle, and a hero in Lincoln, The Spectator was pretty isolated among the British press.
Is The Spectator quite so charmed in the year 2000, by black criminals and the Lunatic Fringe using the George Floyd nausea to riot? Probably not. Are they saying who set it all up? No.


The Guardian Wants Illegal Immigration So Do Other Marxists  [ 12 August 2020 ]
Britain’s television news broadcasters have been criticised by opposition MPs and campaigners over their coverage of migrants crossing the Channel, with claims that some of their reports dehumanise those taking the risk to make the journey.

Footage of Sky News and BBC Breakfast teams approaching and filming small boats trying to navigate the busy waters of the Dover strait was widely [ sic ] condemned on social media. The Labour MP Zarah Sultana said: “We should ensure people don’t drown crossing the Channel, not film them as if it were some grotesque reality TV show.”

The SNP’s Mhairi Black said it was “just horrific”, while Stephen Farry, the deputy leader of Northern Ireland’s Alliance party, said it was not ethical journalism. “It is voyeurism and capitalising on misery. Media should be seeking to hold [the Home Office] to account, and the dark forces fuelling this anti-people agenda.”

On Tuesday a Sky News team broadcast live from the sea as they approached a group of 10 people nearing the UK shoreline on a small dinghy. With a reporter leaning over the side of the boat to ask where they were from, one individual could be heard shouting “please no camera” while others answered “Iran”.

“We’re very close to the white cliffs of Dover, our boat driver is just calling the coastguard now, so we’ll stay with this boat and make sure it’s safe as it comes into shore,” said the reporter, Ali Fortescue. She emphasised the “very, very dangerous journey” across the Channel and the fact charities were urging the government to spare migrants the need to make it.
Various Quasi-Intellectuals are pursuing their latest Legitimising Ideology, the idea that Blacks are victims of the nasty White Man. They are being used, manipulated by the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies.

But that is different, it won't do, not for God's Chosen People. They have Concentration Camps In Israel to deal with blacks.


The Guardian Betrayed Comrade Corbyn And The Last Traces Of British Democracy   [ 16 August 2020 ]
It is simply astonishing that the first attempt by the Guardian – the only major British newspaper styling itself as on the liberal-left – to properly examine the contents of a devastating internal Labour party report leaked in April is taking place nearly four months after the 860-page report first came to light.

If you are a Labour party member, the Guardian is the only “serious”, big-circulation paper claiming to represent your values and concerns.

One might therefore have assumed that anything that touches deeply on Labour party affairs – on issues of transparency and probity, on the subversion of the party’s democratic structures, on abuses or fraud by its officials – would be of endless interest to the paper. One might have assumed it would wish both to dedicate significant resources to investigating such matters for itself and to air all sides of the ensuing debate to weigh their respective merits.

Not a bit of it. For months, the leaked report and its implications have barely registered in the Guardian’s pages. When they have, the coverage has been superficial and largely one-sided – the side that is deeply hostile to its former leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

That very much fits a pattern of coverage of the Corbyn years by the paper, as I have tried to document. It echoes the paper’s treatment of an earlier scandal, back in early 2017, when an undercover Al-Jazeera reporter filmed pro-Israel Labour activists working with the Israeli embassy to damage Corbyn from within. A series of shocking reports by Al-Jazeera merited minimal coverage from the Guardian at the time they were aired and then immediately sank without trace, as though they were of no relevance to later developments – most especially, of course, the claims by these same groups of a supposed “anti-Semitism crisis” in Labour.
Jonathan Cook writes. He was a senior reporter with The Guardian so he understands it but now he does not like it. Read him at Jonathan Cook Tells The Truth About Jews And Evil and decide whether he is telling it like it is. NB The Labour Party is now run by Keir Starmer, a tool of the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies; he is married to one.


Guardian Journalist Resigns After Being Censored  [ 26 November 2020 ]
It is March 2020. For several months now I have been trying to write something — anything — about the so-called “trans debate” in my Guardian column. But if I ever slip a line in about female experience belonging to people with female bodies, and the significance of this, it is always subbed out. It is disappeared. Somehow, this very idea is being blocked, not explicitly, but it certainly isn’t being published. My editors say things like: “It didn’t really add to the argument”, or it is a “distraction” from the argument...........

Even though I’d been writing for them for decades, editors consistently try to steer me towards “lifestyle” subjects for my column. One even suggests that I shouldn’t touch politics at all. And yet I won the Orwell Prize for political journalism the year before. This was for articles on Brexit and war remembrance, among other things...................

But, then, journalism has been in a strange place lately, unsure of itself and what it should be doing and giving itself away for free. A case of low self-esteem one might say, but not in my paper which makes journalists redundant even as it pays moderators to delete comments calling me a cunt under one of my columns about Scottish independence. Have I got issues? More than enough to go round.
Suzanne Moore whines about her problems. The Guardian is bored by her wittering about sexual freaks, their kind of people. Is she writing this rubbish as propaganda for the Transgender lobby? Pass but she definitely is old, fat, ugly, foul mouthed and mutton dressed as lamb.


Guardian Perverted Quotes From A Newspaper To Protect Merkel  [ 20 February 2021 ]
Back in July the Guardian published a deep dive piece about German tabloid Bild and its attitude to Angela Merkel and the culture wars. It prominently featured an interview with Bild’s editor Julian Reichelt. Yet curiously, the version originally published (and helpfully  archived here) does not match the version currently online. The amended article claims it has been altered to fix “mis-transcriptions“. Curious how the edit led to criticism of Angela Merkel mysteriously disappearing, along with a watering down of strong support for the US and Israel…....................

Original quote:

“You must understand that Bild was right about the three major questions of post-war German life,” Reichelt said. “We backed Israel to the hilt, which you can hardly say for the international left. We backed the USA to the hilt, which the student protesters didn’t want.”

Amended quote:

“You must understand that Bild was right about the three major questions of postwar German life,” Reichelt said. “We backed Israel … , which you can hardly say for the international left. We backed the USA … , which the student protesters didn’t want.”

Guido is told the way interviews take place in Germany is very different to what goes on in the UK. Journalists in the UK tend to interview their subject, then go away and write up a piece and publish it. In Germany there is a third step, where standard practice dictates the interviewee looks over the copy and approve it before publication. Now it’s gone back and significantly watered down the words. Guido suspects what went on here was beyond innocent mis-transcription…
The Guardian was doing a smear job on Bild, a splendid German newspaper, the top selling paper in Europe because it is not run by Hard Left liars. It produced these fraudulent quotes because it is QUOTE the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners UNQUOTE; Capitalist Swine to a man. They market Homosexuality & Paedophilia. See Paedophile Propaganda for the evidence. Fun Fact: The Manchester Guardian was set up John Edward Taylor, a rogue using cotton trade profits, by exploiting black Slaves in the Deep South. See The Guardian Supported Slavery on the point.


The Guardian Protects Paedophile Perverts   [ 2 March 2021 ]
Why did the Guardian take down an online obituary to the sociologist Brian Taylor, without telling readers?

In November 2016, the Guardian published a celebratory obituary, online, of the Sussex University sociologist Brian Taylor, who had died aged 66. In May 2017 the newspaper took it down, but did not explain the decision to readers. They were left in the dark.

My intervention in February 2017 led to the decision to delete the obituary. I did not ask for deletion. I asked the paper to add important information that was missing. Censorship was not a satisfactory response to the problem with the obituary. 

During the 1970s and 1980s, Brian Taylor played a major part in the attempt to decriminalise sexual relations between adults and minors, in other words legalising child sexual abuse. He published academic research on the subject of paedophilia, but did not disclose his membership of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) lobbying group. In articles such as ‘Motives for guilt-free pederasty: some literary considerations’ (1977), plus in his editorship, and lengthy introduction to, Perspectives on Paedophilia (1982), Taylor attempted to ‘normalise’ child-adult sexual contact.
The BBC is just like The Guardian, inciting Homosexuals and Paedophiles. They have got
The Paedophile Rights Project Underway. You doubt it? Then look at Paedophiles Need Help, Not Condemnation - I Should Know - BBC or To stop paedophiles, we need to help them. But no one wants to hear that Deborah Orr Opinion ex The Guardian.


The Guardian Protects Third World Rapists  [ 10 June 2021 ]
Like most human things, the Guardian is at its funniest when it doesn’t mean to be. For example, it’s currently celebrating its bicentenary under this slogan: “200 years of chasing the truth.” Which is a very good joke. Maybe the paper was honest in its early days, but it has spent most of the last hundred years fleeing the truth about key aspects of the world like racial and sexual difference.

That’s perfectly understandable. The truth about racial and sexual difference doesn’t fit leftism or feed the narcissism of leftists. And so the Guardian routinely suppresses essential but inconvenient facts. For example, who are the aggressors in what the Guardian calls a “disturbing surge in physical attacks and harassment” against Asians in the US? It’s Blacks, of course, but the Guardian flees this truth, makes no reference to Blacks, and falsely blames the violence on “racist rhetoric” by the now-departed Donald Trump. The Guardian knows perfectly well – and often approvingly reported – that Trump gets almost no support from Blacks. But it’s a leftist newspaper and refuses to let reality get in the way of ideology.................

Brazen celebration of rape-culture
That’s why Guardianistas must have shaken their heads in sorrow when they saw right-wing newspapers like the Daily Mail prudishly using “f***” with asterisks in a recent story about misogynistic men brazenly celebrating rape-culture in London. Worse still, from the Guardian’s point of view, the misogynistic men were specifically targeting women and girls in a vulnerable ethnic minority. Those right-wing papers should have printed the full truth and exposed rape-culture to merciless scrutiny – just as the Guardian surely did................

One of its pet minorities was behaving badly, so it fled the truth instead. Cuckservative commentators like Mark Steyn will claim that this was yet another example of how poor Jews are not valued or protected by the anti-Semitic left. But that isn’t true: the Guardian censored the story because the aggressors were non-White Muslims, not because the targets were Jewish. If White Christian men had done the same thing in a Jewish district of London, there would have been an explosion of outrage not just from the Guardian and other leftists in Britain, but right around the world. Sadly for the Guardian and other leftists, White Christian men aren’t encouraged by their religion to celebrate rape in public. Or indeed in private.

But brown-skinned Muslim men definitely are. There is a genuine and highly pernicious rape-culture in Islam stretching right back to the Prophet Muhammad, who permitted his followers to take sex-slaves and who committed statutory rape with his nine-year-old wife Aisha. The slogans “Rape their daughters!” and “Fuck their mothers!” are authentic Islam, which is why the Guardian refused to report them.
The Guardian hates the truth. So do Feminists when English women and girls are being Raped in Rotherham and elsewhere when it is Pakistani Perverts doing the crime. This is part of the perversion, the official corruption of the de facto ruling class. It also helps  politicians & police protect them.


Bullies rule the roost in Guardian Land [ 23 March 2021 ]
This is a critique of Woke fools & lenient sentencing rather than "that foul prostitute".


The Guardian Aborts Its Person Of The Year Award To Stop JK Rowling Winning     [ 8 January 2022 ]
At all events their poll has aborted and they are not saying why. It will be because J.K. Rowling, the runaway winner is persona non grata with Hard Left loud mouths after refusing to pander to the Transgender crazies even though she is another leftie.

You might recall that The Guardian suppressed the truth about the Holocaust in the USSR, that killed millions because it was caused by Joe Stalin, their favourite mass murderer. He used starvation as a weapon; it's cheaper than shooting. The paper knew because Malcolm Muggeridge, their reporter told them all about it. But he beat them in the end by writing Winter in Moscow.


The Guardian Abuses Tucker Carlson For Telling The Truth About The Great Replacement, About Anti-White Genocide   [ 18 May 2022 ]
It has much less to say about the Jews carrying out Genocide in Palestine, the Stolen Land that the Puppet Masters call Israel.


The Guardian, Self-Righteous Voice Of The Hard Left Was Founded By Slavery  [ 27 January 2023 ]
For decades it has been the holier-than-thou voice of the sanctimonious   Left.

But now the ever-woke Guardian finds itself at the centre of a race row.

A planned podcast by the newspaper about its historic connections to the slave trade has led to a race complaint from three producers involved in the series, it was reported. The paper is said to have been working on the podcast as part of a wider editorial project about its founder John Edward Taylor's links to slavery.

But according to entertainment industry website Deadline, managers at the media company were last year informed by three producers on the show that they had concerns.

The Guardian has been accused by the three people of 'institutional racism, editorial whiteness and ignorance'. The concerns of the producers were circulated to other members of the UK audio industry on Monday in an email ontained [ sic ] and published by Deadline.

In the message, they suggest the company was trying to 'whitewash history' on the podcast and accused The Guardian of lacking the 'desire' to 'face and interrogate its own historic role'. They said their concerns had been 'dismissed as 'trauma' and 'baggage' rather than informed expertise and analysis' and that their formal complaint was 'ignored' and 'minimised'.

They added: 'The institution is now looking for other producers to finish our work...The outcome of this project is a huge indictment of the paper. The irony of dealing with institutional racism, editorial whiteness and ignorance on a project about the legacies of slavery hasn't been lost on us.'
Yes, The Guardian is out there pandering to the Hard Left, inciting hatred, marketing Pathological Altruism to Quasi-Intellectuals who swallowed the Propaganda pumped out by the Learned Elders Of Oxford. I wrote this up long before the Mail got there.


The Guardian Alleges That Most Paedophile Perverts Are Not Pakistani   [ 10 May 2023 ]
The majority of child sexual abuse gangs are made up of white men under the age of 30, an official paper has said.

The report, which covers England, Scotland and Wales and summarises a range of studies on the issue of group-based child sexual exploitation (CSE), also known as grooming gangs, said there was not enough evidence to conclude that child sexual abuse gangs were disproportionately made up of Asian offenders.

High-profile cases including in Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford have involved groups of men of mainly Pakistani ethnicity, fuelling a perception that it is an “Asian problem”.

As a result “Asian grooming gangs” have become a cause celebre for the far right, with a number of high-profile figures mounting campaigns across the country.

The Home Office paper into the “characteristics” of such gangs, first promised by the former home secretary Sajid Javid in 2018, says while some studies show a possible overrepresentation of black and Asian offenders, it is not possible to conclude this is representative of all grooming gangs.........

It said: “Research has found that group-based child sexual exploitation offenders are most commonly white. Some studies suggest an overrepresentation of black and Asian offenders relative to the demographics of national populations. However, it is not possible to conclude that this is representative of all group-based CSE offending. [ It lied - Editor ]
As the wonderful people at The Guardian don't say, it was government policy to protect Pakistani Perverts and to import millions, or is only thousands more? The Guardian is also, like the BBC in the business of protecting Paedophiles and inciting Paedophile Perversion.


The leader of a sex gang that targeted 100 girls as young as 13 has been released from jail after serving just eight years of a 26-year sentence. Ahdel Ali, 32, and his brother Mubarak lead the gang of seven men, which operated in Telford, Shropshire
We don't need no evidence; we believe what we want. Where are these Englishmen that The Guardian is telling us about? I don't know either. The Wiki tells us about Child Sexual Abuse In The United Kingdom but doesn't seem to have noticed the official paper mentioned by the Guardian.


Ten Pakistanis In Court Charged With 100 Paedophile Crimes In Rotherham   [ 10 May 2023 ]
There are eight [ 8 ] others in the pipeline - the dock was getting crowded. One more of them has done a runner.


Jews Mount Propaganda Attacks On The Hard Left In England  [ 11 May 2023 ]
The Guardian found itself last weekend at the centre of an Anti-Semitism controversy. Its cartoonist Martin Rowson was accused of using anti-Jewish “tropes” as he depicted a Conservative government mired in corruption, including in its ties to the outgoing BBC chairman, Richard Sharp.

There was a certain Schadenfreude in watching the Guardian squirm as it was accused of anti-Semitism by a wide range of Jewish establishment bodies and its media rivals. After all, it was the Guardian that was the most eager and effective media organisation in cheerleading evidence-free claims – promoted by those same Jewish groups – that the Labour party was “plagued” by anti-Semitism under its previous leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

As a paper supposedly representing the left, the corporate Guardian’s attacks on Corbyn injected unwarranted credibility into smears from the wider, billionaire-owned media that might otherwise have appeared too transparently to have been the establishment’s handiwork. Corbyn was reviled because he was the first politician in living memory to challenge the neoliberal consensus at home, one that keeps a tiny elite enriched, and to reject the West’s endless resource wars against the Global South.

It was the sustained campaign against him – one that largely hinged on conflating anti-Semitism with trenchant criticism of Israel – that ultimately led to Cobyn’s suspension from the parliamentary Labour party. He has been replaced by the all-too establishment-friendly Sir Keir Starmer.
Starmer, as a lawyer told the story he was paid to tell. As a politician  he tells the story that he thinks he can get away with. Jonathan Cook, who wrote this is a reporter living in Nazareth so he knows a lot about Jews, their atrocities, harassment, Genocide etc. ad nauseam. But he complains about the "Hard  Right" abusing scapegoat groups  like Jews, Roma & Communists rather than a depraved, parasitic ruling class, which is to say Jews like George Soros, Penny Pritzker, Strauss-Kahn etc.