Sharon the Jew, Murderer, Politician and Thief

Ariel Sharon was a general in the Israeli Army who did his jumps and led from the front. He was prone to disobey orders and push on. It worked when he did it. As prime minister of the Israeli state he was much the same and the Jews were prone to vote for him then leave him to do their dirty work for them and dirty it was. Now he is finished as far as politics are concerned. He is in line for a new career in Hell. One can imagine him trying to take over from Satan. This would not make it a nicer place.

Ariel Sharon's eulogists ignore the blood on his hands  [ 11 January 2006 ]
Various politicians are telling us that Sharon was a man of peace. They are lying. Consider:-
August 1953,  El-Bureig Massacre led by Sharon.
October 1953, Qibya Massacre got 69 kills under Sharon's command.
1982 Invasion of Lebanon, planned by Sharon, led by Sharon. It achieved 18,000 kills.
1982 Shatila and Sabra Massacres caused by Sharon got 2,000 kills and  a slap on the wrist.
September 2000. Sharon visited the Temple Mount with 200 armed guards in order to incite war. He succeeded by causing the  al-Aqsa intifada. There were Jewish casualties too.
Unilateral "disengagement" from Gaza was a  tactical withdrawal, no more. When he wasn't murdering Arabs he was thieving. His prosecution for  political campaign fraud  being beaten by death, a tactical withdrawal. Maxwell did that too.


Ariel Sharon  [ 7 January 2006 ]
To be fair about Sharon he is a murderer, thief and liar but he had the bottle to get his hands bloody, unlike Bush, Cheney, Blair, Wolfowitz, Perle, Frum, Wurmser and other warmongering swine. Maxwell did too before he was murdered and beat the theft rap. Sharon is going to get away with thieving too but it was only $3 million is his case. When it comes to money Jews think big. For some truth see The REAL Legacy of Ariel Sharon but it is not pretty. Sick bag at the ready.


Sharon Took A Bribe Of $3 Million Or Not As The Case May Be   [ 4 January 2006 ]
Channel 10 reported Tuesday that police have evidence that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's family allegedly received $3 million in bribes from Austrian businessman Martin Schlaff, part of a complicated case involving illegal campaign contributions.
Sharon has not been charged but his son pleaded guilty to  falsifying corporate documents, perjury and violating party funding laws. They let him off the fraud rap. See also Sharon is most corrupt Israeli politician


Sharon is most corrupt Israeli politician  [ 3 December 2005 ]
The most corrupt according to one Yossi Sarid, a member of the Knesset. That in a very strong field is a big distinction. I would have thought that he was vicious rather than corrupt.


The Assassination of Elie Hobeika (January 2002)
Hobeika was the commander on the spot at the Sabra and Shatila massacres. Sharon was the comedian who set them up. He got off with a slap on the wrist from his own people. Just before  Hobeika was going to give evidence against Sharon in January 2002 he was murdered. Dead men tell no tales. The Middle East Intelligence Bulletin feel that Israelis are not the prime suspects.


Police recommend indicting Sharon brothers for fraud
Police recommend indicting Sharon brothers for fraud Omri and Gilad Sharon, sons of former PM Ariel Sharon, allegedly brokered $3 million in bribes transferred to their father.
Like father, like son.


Jew Saw Ariel Sharon Murder 2 Palestinian Toddlers In Lebanon [ 25 February 2013 ]
The claim first appeared in the Volkskrant, the third largest paper in the Netherlands, in an interview with the well-known Dutch-Jewish director George Sluizer. According to Sluizer, 78, he witnessed Sharon killing two Palestinian toddlers with a pistol in 1982 near the refugee camp Sabra-Shatilla while filming a documentary there. “I met Sharon and saw him kill two children before my eyes,” said Sluizer, who lives in Amsterdam. Sluizer has made several documentaries about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but is best known for directing The Vanishing with Jeff Bridges and Kiefer Sutherland in 1992.

Sluizer repeated the accusation in an interview for Vrij Nederland, an intellectual magazine, published on November 13 ahead of a screening of his film at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. “Sharon shot two children like you shoot rabbits, in front of my eyes,” he said.

The children, according to Sluizer, “were toddlers, two or three years old. He shot them from a distance of 10 meters with a pistol that he carried. I was very close to him.” Sluizer added he thought this happened in November, when Sharon was Israel’s minister of defence, but he was not sure of the month........

Sharon’s successor as defence minister, Moshe Arens, said Sluizer’s account was “a lie.” According to Arens, “Sharon would never shoot a child and he was not in Lebanon in November of 1982. Thirdly, protocol prohibits ministers from wearing weapons. As civilians they are not allowed to carry firearms.”............

Yossef Levy, senior spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called Sluizer's account a "crude and disgraceful lie. It is hard to believe that any reasonable person would take seriously this kind of modern blood libel, which is not supported by a single shred of evidence."
Sharon the Jew is evil, deeply and sincerely vicious. To be fair about the swine he had the bottle to do his own murdering, to get blood on his hands unlike War Criminals such as Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Clinton, Netanyahu, Obama, Straw etcetera.


Sharon and a Nobel Prize for Nonsense [ 15 January 2014 ]
The Great Evil is dead; politicians are lying about him. Cameron is just one.


Sharon Is No Mandela  [ 15 January 2014 ]
All of those 'statesmen' [ read politicians ] went to Mandela's funeral. Not one was stupid enough to go near Sharon's. Sharon was a Racist mass murderer, just the sort liked by Manis Friedman, a Racist rabbi. See the next one.


Sharon Is Dead, His Crimes Live On
Sharon was evil. Jews liked him. What does that tell us about Jews? That they are a Light Unto Nations, or God's Chosen People perhaps? NO! Try evil.


Jews Lie In Their Teeth About Thieving Mass Murderer - Their Kind Of Free Speech [ 18 January 2014 ]
, once the prime minister of Israel probably murdered his wife when he wasn't thieving or murdering Palestinians. See e.g. Sabra and Shatila Massacres. The Main Stream Media skate over these matters because he is one of theirs.

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