David Cameron

David Cameron was Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications for seven years. George Walden, who was an MP says the man is a shit. I say that he is an Enemy Of The People. At Carlton he promised uplift then gave degradation. See Time to Emigrate? at pp. 200-1; he 'already enjoyed a reputation for total absence of principle', 'sweet talk about decency and moral values', 'lightweight, upper crust spiv'. He is a wrong 'un
PS George was a Tory too.
PPS Cameron is a member of Unite Against Fascism [ UAF ], which is to say an Antifascist; the word is code for  Communist. So was Ted Heath, the Paedophile pervert with an unwholesome interest in choirboys and brown envelopes.

Privy Council Appointment of David Cameron MP | Number10.gov.uk
Cameron is sworn of the Privy Council. His Privy Council Oath was inter alia:-
You will to your uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance to the Queen’s Majesty; and will assist and defend all civil and temporal Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates.   And generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true Servant ought to do to Her Majesty.

That means upholding the Queen and Her Realms against the European Union. He is a Traitor. He is also a UAF Supporter which is adequate proof that he is a Marxist enemy of England.


Race Traitor 2016
I have nominated Cameron as this year's Enemy Of The People, as race traitor of  the year.


Cameron Ran Project Fear To Prevent Brexit

Cameron lied SOP [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_operating_procedure ].


Cameron Tells Jews About His Absolute Loyalty To Israel
Grounds for a Treason prosecution? Sounds right to me but Cameron gave the Director of Public Prosecutions his job; a quid pro quo? Are they ALL bent? 


Attacking Syria
Cameron chose to attack Syria in 2015. Why? Pass. I asked the Cabinet Office why. They refuse to answer.
PS After complaining to the Information Commissioner they came across; alleging that Cameron claimed that attacking a faction in Syria was self defence. That was much like the Soviet excuse for invading the USSR.


Cameron Lies Grossly, Deliberately, Blatantly
Cameron addressed the issue of Muslim extremism: "This was not just an attack on Britain and on our British way of life. It was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act."

CNN chose to allege that it thought that it might seem that the perpetrators could just possibly be considered to be suggesting that they were thinking  a jihadist agenda.


Cameron Says 'Islam is a Religion of Peace'
Cameron lies. Cameron says he is going to carry on killing ISIS wallahs. Cameron is a murderous rogue.


THE Referendum That Cameron Alleged He Was Going To Hold
And didn't because he is a liar.


Cameron Alleged That He Would Hold A Referendum On The Lisbon Treaty


Cameron Lied About Lisbon Treaty Referendum
Cameron alleges that the Lisbon Treaty is no longer a Treaty; it is something else. Cameron is a shameless, treacherous, lying Traitor.


Cameron Is Big Brother
Another politician, another liar driven by a greed and a lust for power.


Cameron Lied About Jews Murdering People In Gaza
Any mention of their respect for human life has to be corrupt.


Jews Control Cameron
Jews of the Conservative Friends of Israel finance Tories. Cameron ignores murder when Jews are at it in Gaza. William Hague, another member of the CFI said some of their actions there were disproportionate. He has not had a cheque from a Jew since.


Cameron Claims He Is Part Jew
Your Excellency, Chief Rabbi, Rabbonim, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen....... Since becoming Leader of the Conservative Party I’ve spoken at the Norwood dinner in London, the Community Security Trust in Manchester, and the British Board of Deputies’ annual event........ Now I can claim some Jewish ancestry. My great-grandfather was a Levita – who came to Britain in the 19th century......... Of course, I did seven years working at Carlton Communications for [ the Jew ] Michael Green......

As some of you know in my speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel last week, I quoted the famous phrase of Rabbi Hillel, summarising Judaism in one sentence:

“What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow [ which does NOT mean Palestinians ]: this is the whole Law; the rest is the explanation; go and learn”
Cameron does not accuse his old woman of being one.


Cameron Ignores Murder When Jews Are The Perpetrators 
Actually the truth is worse. He praises Jews for avoiding murder. He is an Enemy Of The People. He is also a Kleptocrat.


Cameron's Budget Explained 
Cameron is less obnoxious than Brown but just as dangerous. He has no intention of cutting the gross waste that is government spending.

Cameron Destroying Tories [ 19 February 2010 ]
Tories' secret plan to kill off party dinosaurs - A confidential blueprint for David Cameron's controversial bid to impose more women, gays and ethnic candidates on reluctant party activists has come to light. The explosive six-page document proposes the use of subterfuge to end the white, male and middle-class image of the Conservative Party. It emerged on the eve of another grassroots revolt over the modernization of the party........ And the language in the document will further exacerbate tensions between the Tory high command and its army of hard working volunteers. The document suggests using 'stealth' and stresses the importance of keeping 'quiet' over the plans to ensure more women, ethnic and gay candidates. 'Like a conjuror, we'll get more applause if the audience cannot see exactly how the trick is performed,' the document says.
Destroying the Conservative Party means that Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes is near total success. Doing it by treachery means that Cameron is our enemy and knows it; further that Cameron is an enemy of England. He is part of the Invisible Dictatorship.  Wearing a tie [ sometimes ] means he is cunning,  masquerading as a civilized human being just like Mugabe - the masquerading that is. Cameron also supports the UAF [ Unite Against Fascism ], a left wing, single issue front. Vote Tory again? Not me, not ever.


Cameron Creating Totalitarian State [ 5 April 2012 ]
David Cameron has defended plans to create a new generation of secret courts and to extend powers to monitor the public's emails, phone calls and social media communications, saying the government needed to take every step to keep the country safe........

"We need to stand back and look at the big picture … government, prime ministers, have a responsibility for national security. We should take every step that is necessary to keep our country safe. We should not put our civil liberties at risk by doing so. But where there are gaps that need to be plugged, we need to plug those gaps. We should do that with consultation, with understanding, with respect to our long traditions for liberty in this country. But, nevertheless, those gaps have to be dealt with. That's my responsibility. And it's one that I intend to fulfill."
If Cameron cared about our civil liberties and our security he would not be importing millions of enemy Islamics and freeloaders. He is a traitor.


Cameron Pandering To Third World Ethnics To Buy Votes [ 1 January 2013 ]
The Prime Minister has told colleagues that he regards building support among voters from immigrant backgrounds as the biggest challenge facing the Tories in their quest to "detoxify" their image among large sections of the community.

Senior party figures are pointing to last month's defeat for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney – who was largely shunned by black and Hispanic voters – in the US presidential election as a warning of the costs of ignoring Britain's rapid demographic shifts.
If Cameron goes along with this drivel he is a fool or a rogue. My view is that he is a foreign infiltrator betraying England with malice aforethought. This is not to say that Blair is any less corrupt. He betrayed the honest working man; using Big Business for finance and Illegal Immigrants for illegal votes.


Cameron Pandering To Homosexuals To Buy Votes [ 1 January 2013 ]
David Cameron has put the U.K. on course to legalize same-sex marriage. Alex Massie on the conservative roots of his policy—and why the GOP should follow suit............ Consequently David Cameron's government has announced a consultation on introducing legislation legalizing same-sex marriages before the next general election, scheduled for 2015. Crucially, the consultation is not a matter of "whether" to welcome gay couples into the marital fold but "how" to do so. It is a welcome [ to whom? ] development.
Cameron went to Eton so he knows all about Homosexuality. If he is fool enough to think they are worth votes he should consult his psychiatrist.


Cameron Makes Nigel Farage Look Good [ 1 January 2013 ]
The leader of the UK Independence Party offered the Tories a deal over Europe yesterday – and made it clear he wants to do business with Boris Johnson not David Cameron. UKIP leader Nigel Farage said the Eurosceptic Mayor of London was the kind of Conservative his party can support, saying: ‘He’s the only leading Conservative who stands up and says things many UKIP members agree with.’

Mr. Farage told his party’s annual conference in Birmingham a referendum on Britain’s relationship with the European Union is now ‘inevitable’. And he said his party, which wants to withdraw from the EU, would be prepared to enter negotiations over electoral tactics with any Tory leader who offered the public an  in-out nationwide vote.
The Daily Mail chooses to sneer at Nigel Farage & UKIP. I choose not to buy the Daily Mail. It is a quid pro quo. I suspect that they need me more than I need them.


Cameron Claims Woolwich Murder Betrays Islam, Cameron Lies In His Teeth [ 31 May 2013 ]
David Cameron has said the brutal attack on a British soldier in Woolwich on Wednesday was a "betrayal of Islam", as he urged people to go about their normal lives and not make any "knee-jerk" reactions.

Speaking in Downing Street on Thursday morning, the prime minister said there was "absolutely no justification" for the murder which is believed to have been carried out by Islamist extremists.........

"This view is shared by every community in our country. This was not just an attack on Britain and the British way of life, it was a betrayal of Islam and the Muslim communities. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act."
Cameron is lying about Islam. Cameron is an enemy of England. Cameron is a Traitor, treating his Oath of Loyalty with contemptuous indifference.


Cameron Pretends He Is Against Third World Immigration [ 12 June 2013 ]
David Cameron today attacked Labour for dismissing people worried about immigration and the over-bearing power of Brussels as 'Little Englanders'. The Prime Minister used a major speech on Britain's place in the world to condemn the other 'wrongheaded approach' of people who embrace globalisation 'so enthusiastically that they lose sight of the national interest'.......

'We saw mass, uncontrolled immigration changing communities in a way people didn’t feel comfortable with, putting huge pressure on public services [ and carried on inciting it - Editor ].
Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied. Otto von Bismarck said it - maybe. Cameron proves it. The Tories import 'cheap' labour because they are greedy and stupid. The Labour Party imports 'cheap' labour because they are greedy and malicious. The overriding reason for importing Third World aliens is the destruction of England because the Jews, the Puppet Masters hate and fear us.


Cameron Claims That He Knows We Don't Want A Flood Of Third World Foreigners [27 November 2013 ]
He will even pretend to do something about it because he wants our votes. Will he get rid of the millions of Third World undesirables imported by Treason? Not a chance.


Cameron Pretends He Cannot Stop Immigrants But He Can Stop Dieudonné [  5 February 2014 ]
barred Dieudonné from England with an Exclusion Order because Dieudonné exercises his right to Free Speech, thereby annoying Jews. They are the Puppet Masters who control the Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ] which is Her Majesty's Government.
PS Gilad Atzmon comments - Welcome To The United King Doom. Mr. Atzmon is an honest Jew. This is not always a contradiction in terms.

Would our wonderful politicians take bribes from Jews? Do they do anything else? See Parliament Special & know.


Cameron Lets In Twice As Many Foreign Parasites As France [ 19 February 2014 ]
There were over half a million in 2011. Those are just the known ones. Bribing them to come is one problem. Hanging is one solution.


Cameron Sneers At Brits While Snivelling To Third World Aliens [ 1 March 2014 ]
Did he apologize to Sikhs because one SAS officer advised the local army how NOT to kill, or was it to buy votes in Birmingham? Try the latter. Of course in England he Pretends He Is Against Third World Immigration, pushing Multiculturalism with a different audience.  In the anniversary commemorations for the Great War the British government are planning to downplay the role of White soldiers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa [ the ANZACs ]. Cameron is corrupted by a lust for power. That is if he wasn't bent before running for office. Blair did these phony apologies too. Do they work? Third World chancers know corruption when they see it. They use it then vote ethnic.

He gets to wear the silly hat, not a proper turban.


Cameron Pretends He Might Cut Tax Later To Buy Votes [ 26 March 2014 ]
That would mean voting him into power first. He lied about giving us a referendum on Europe. Now he is doing it again.


Cameron Threatening Russia  [ 31 March 2014 ]
Is Cameron stupid, vicious or both? Sabre rattling makes sense sometimes, IF you have what it takes, if you have an army big enough. Cameron is destroying the British Army by the simple expedient of disbanding it. Now he is setting it up to be broken faster by the Red Army, a much bigger outfit.


Cameron Declares His Undying Loyalty To Israel [ 31 March 2014 ]
He helps Jews beat EU sanctions against the bandits running Israel. But he betrays England by reneging on his promise to give us a referendum. He also betrays his Privy Council Oath to uphold the Queen's Realm against foreign princes, powers and potentates. That means the EU among others. He wants votes and will tell any lie to get them. He is allowing Her Majesty's Government to collude with Jews in spying on honest Englishmen.


Nigel Farage Versus Clegg In EU Debate  [ 31 March 2014 ]
Nige beat the other one handsomely in the YouGov poll of 1003, scoring 57% versus 36% for Clegg with 7% undecided. This tells us a lot about why politicians hate Democracy. Vote UKIP, if only to annoy the Traitors. See the debate in glorious Technicolor® at http://www.lbc.co.uk/watch-lbc-leaders-debate-live---26th-march-87667
PS Cameron was invited, just like Miliband. They both bottled out. Clegg didn't; he lost instead.


Cameron Lies About The Nigel Farage Versus Clegg Debate After He Bottled Out  [ 3 April 2014 ]
He was invited to join, to tell people what he wants to do to us.  He bottled out because he is evil. Cameron quote already enjoyed a reputation for total absence of principle', 'sweet talk about decency and moral values', 'lightweight, upper crust spiv' unquote. A smarmy rogue and a Traitor to boot.
PS See for yourself, think for yourself, decide for yourself - it's inglorious Technicolor® at http://www.lbc.co.uk/watch-lbc-leaders-debate-live---26th-march-87667


Cameron Panders To Pakistanis [ 11 April 2014  ]
Cameron promotes Pakistanis. Cameron wants Pakistanis. Tories want cheap labour. Tories are stupid, greedy Capitalist Swine. But Labour is different. They want Pakistanis because they are vicious and greedy. They want Third World aliens. They want Vote Rigging to get power, because they are Subversives who want to be Capitalist Swine with cheap servants.


Cameron Appoints Pakistani As Minister   [ 14 April 2014 ]
panders to Jews. Cameron panders to Pakistanis. Cameron panders to women. Cameron panders to anyone with votes or money.


Cameron Appoints Jew As Minister   [ 14 April 2014 ]
Cameron panders to Jews. Cameron panders to Pakistanis. Cameron panders to women. Cameron panders to anyone with votes or money.


Cameron Uses RAF Typhoons To Threaten Russia  [ 13 April 2014 ]
Cameron is a trigger happy rogue; one who never served but puts better men's lives at risk. He is another War Monger like Blair.


Cameron Alleges He Is Not An Enemy Of England [  22 May 2014 ]
Cameron did not say he is going to get a grip of Third World aliens. That would be the lie direct. Capitalist Swine want cheap labour. Capitalist Swine bribe Tories; sorry make give political donations. Capitalist Swine bribe the other lot. Labour apparatchiks want cheap servants & power via Vote Rigging, which is why they bribe aforesaid alien free loaders with council houses, dole, free medicine, education, whatever they can steal.
PS Vote for Nigel Farage.


Cameron Blocks EU Referendum Again  [27 May 2014 ]
is a liar who never had the slightest intention of holding a Referendum. He promised it to defraud honest voters.


Cameron Pretends He Will Get A Grip Of Illegal Immigrants - He Is Lying To Get Votes [   29 July 2014 ]
The general election is getting nearer. Cameron wants power so that he can abuse it.

Cameron Let 800 Thousand Foreigners In [ 11 September 2014 ]
Those are just the ones Cameron is admitting to. They let thousands of illegals in as well. They are incite them the way they encourage Pakistani rapists. Ignoring crime is itself crime - and policy. Illegal Aliens Cost Billions


Cameron Pretends He Will Cut Immigration To Buy Votes   [ 19 October 2014 ]
is not talking about keeping blacks out, just Europeans, which is illegal under European Union law but that is a detail for War Criminals like him. Votes mean power, being in office, being able to screw us, to betray England. That is what he cares about.


Nationalist Party In Hungary Does Well After Jews Massacre People In Gaza [  24 October 2014  ]
They would quite like to register all Jews. That is precisely what Jews do to Arabs in the Stolen Land, which thieves call Israel. The Israel National News tells us that Jobbik came second in 18 out of 19 counties, ahead of the Socialists, as in the May European elections. Marxists hate Nationalism, another point in its favour.


Islamics Will Make Rape Legal When They Conquer Europe  [   24 October 2014  ]
Islamics have been imported into Sweden by a government of Traitors & made it into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. Are they mad, bad, vicious or stupid? They are using the story of Western Guilt to destroy Western Civilization. Of course Her Majesty's Government is letting Pakistanis do it in Bolton, Derby, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Rotherham & even Oxford, which really does count as civilization.

What do Feminists have to say about rape? Not a lot because they are Marxists, part of the Enemy Within.


European Union Demand £1.7 Billion Extra [  25 October 2014 ]
told them to fornicate elsewhere. Cameron can't afford to let them get away with it until after the election. Vote UKIP because there is no way that Nigel Farage will let them have our money.


Cameron Alleges That Invading Afghanistan Makes England Safer [ 10 November 2014 ]
Believe Cameron if you want. I do not.


Cameron Wants England Run By A Pakistani [ 11 November 2014 ]
Can there be a clearer statement of Treasonous intent? Cameron is sworn of the Privy Council; sworn to his uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance to the Queen’s Majesty; to assist and defend all civil and temporal Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates. 
That means not letting the country be run by Pakistanis or Brussels.


Cameron Pleads For Votes Against UKIP [ 12 November 2014 ]
wants votes because Cameron wants power. Cameron is an Enemy Of The People because  Cameron Wants England Run By A Pakistani, because Cameron wants more Immigrants, because Cameron lied to us about the Referendum.
PS UKIP's lead has fallen. Now it is only 12%, enough to produce a convincing majority.


Cameron Imports 47 Thousand More Bulgarians This Year [ 30 December 2014 ]
Just how many cheap servants does Cameron need? More to the point how many come to live on the dole, costing us Billions, getting free medicine, importing Diseases, robbing raping, stealing.
PS you might have noticed that the Rotherham rape epidemic is being quietly forgotten. 1,400 English girls were raped by Pakistani Perverts but the BBC eagerly hides the truth because it wants England overrun with Third World criminals.


Cameron Bribing Oldies To Vote Tory [ 14 December 2014 ]
Pensioners who have seen their savings hit by low interest rates have been offered a bribe lifeline by the Government. It announced yesterday that it is to offer over-65s a new account with bumper interest rates........

 The Treasury, which estimates the scheme will cost the taxpayer £325million, will issue up to £10billion-worth of bonds through the State-owned investment [ sic ] organisation NS&I.
 Cameron will pay some £325 million but then it is only tax payers' money not his. The Labour Party is different. It incites Vote Rigging by Illegal Immigrants through Illegal Immigrant Housing, which is superior to anything an Englishman might get.


Cameron Trying To Buy Votes Alleges Guardian [ 14 December 2014 ]
is trying buy the election. Isn't it awful? No, just corruption, business as usual. The Guardian does not complain about Labour bribing Pakistanis or their Vote Rigging but then The Guardian is run by
Capitalist Swine, just like Labour, just like the Tories, just like Cameron.


Cameron Setting Up War Against Russia [ 10 February 2015  ]
Britain has confirmed it will make available 1,000 troops to a rapid-reaction force in the Baltic as NATO defence ministers gathered in Brussels to discuss the looming threat of Russia.

The creation of a Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) to bolster the security of the alliance's eastern flanks was agreed when its leaders met for a summit in Wales last year......

Earleir [ sic ] today, it was announced that French and German leaders will make new proposals for peace [ i.e. threats of criminal war - Editor ] in Ukraine in a join -visit to Kiev today and Moscow  tomorrow.......

The RAF will also continue the deployment of four RAF Typhoon jets to upgraded airspace patrols over Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.
Threatening to invade the Ukraine, to start World War III is a blatant contravention of the Nuremberg Principles; a Crime Against Peace; in particular (i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).
Our wonderful politicians decided to invade Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan & Iraq because....... ? Pass. This time they are going to make war to protect peace or something of the sort.

Cameron Hates Free Speech - Cameron Wants To Make It Illegal [ But only for the benefit of Jews. The rest of us get screwed. ]


Cameron Offers £7.5 Billion Bribe To Oldies  [ 23 February 2015 ]
wants votes. Cameron wants power. Cameron is a Traitor. Vote UKIP.
PPS He is not going to give us anything; he will just refrain from taking it then rob Peter to pay Paul.


Cameron Threatening World War III [ 25 February 2015  ]
Is Cameron a murderous loon, a psychopath? He is certainly another politician who has never  heard a shot fired in anger or even served. He is the  War Criminal who sent the Royal Air Force to attack Libya because............ pass. To please his vicious friends in Tel Aviv perhaps.
PS War Crimes include Crimes Against Peace: such as (i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances. Cameron is also importing Third World  criminals as the foot soldiers of the Invisible Enemy in an act of Genocide against
England but that is Treason, a different crime.


Cameron Let In 300 Thousand Immigrants In Spite Of His Claims [ 27 February 2015 ]
claimed that he was going to cut immigration, in order to buy votes. Did he have slightest intention of trying? He lied about giving us a Referendum too. Of course these are merely the known incomers. The illegals make it much higher. They come because Cameron bribes them with council houses, free medicine et cetera.


Cameron Pretends That He Will Jail Racist Criminals Who Pander To Pakistani Rapists  [ 3 March 2015 ]
Council chiefs, social workers and teachers who fail to act upon suspicions of child abuse face five years in prison to help "eradicate the culture of denial", David Cameron will announce...........

Mr. Cameron will on Tuesday tell a Downing Street summit: “We have all been appalled at the abuse suffered by so many young girls in Rotherham and elsewhere across the country.
Cameron has found a voice for England now that he wants our votes. Cameron is just one of the Enemy Within. The police and government officials who chose to ignore major crime are guilty of Perverting The Course Of Justice as well as Misconduct In Public Office. They will be allowed to get away with because that is government policy.


Cameron Panders To Jews And Islamics By Allowing Kosher Cruelty [ 7 March 2015 ]
The controversy surrounds legal exemptions for religious purposes such as Muslim halal and Jewish shechita - which Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to uphold in a speech last year to the Israeli parliament.

Opponents say they respect the various faith traditions but insist animal welfare must take priority - with scientific evidence clear that those that are killed without stunning feel pain.
Cameron does not care about blatant cruelty of Kosher Slaughter. Jews matter more. Jews give bribes money. Jews control the Main Stream Media so Jews bring in votes. So do Islamics - by the sack load - by Vote Rigging; it's easy peasy. Labour loves them. So does Blair while Cameron is the rogue fool that lets them.


Cameron Will Get A Grip Of Pakistani Terrorists - Allegedly  [ 8 March 2015 ]
The Government is planning a series of tough new measures to combat the growing threat from Islamist extremists. A leaked draft of the Home Office’s new counter-extremism strategy, seen by The Telegraph, targets Sharia courts and calls for a ban on radicals working unsupervised with children over fears the young could be brainwashed........

The crackdown is part of a new “get tough” strategy to deal with the perceived growing threat to the UK from Islamist extremists.
Is Cameron trying to prevent terrorism? No! He still importing millions of Third World deadbeats? Is he going to deport known criminals? No! What about hanging them? Not a chance. He has made sure that the Rotherham rapists will get away with and the officials who allowed them to do it will also stay out of prison - see Cameron Letting Rotherham Perpetrators Walk Free. That is how Cameron is dealing with the "perceived growing threat". Is the threat imaginary? Does The Telegraph know better or is playing propaganda games?
PS See policemen upholding the law with total impartiality:-

Murder threats are crime unless Islamics are the perpetrators. That is why the filth are hiding their faces and numbers.


Cameron's Candidate Is A Pakistani Racist Inciting Crime To Win Votes [ 22 March 2015 ]
A key Tory Election candidate was suspended last night after plotting with far-Right extremists to stir up racial hatred in a cynical bid to win votes. Afzal Amin hatched a scheme to persuade the English Defence League to announce an inflammatory march against a new £18million ‘mega-mosque’. But – as he revealed in secretly filmed footage obtained by The Mail on Sunday – the plan was that the demonstration would never actually go ahead.

And when the phoney [ sic ] rally was called off, the fiercely ambitious Amin, a Muslim, intended to take credit for defusing the situation – winning over voters, and police, in the marginal seat of Dudley North. 
Amin has a decent background, a captain in the British Army, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. but he reverted to type. Recall that Cameron wants England Run By A Pakistani also that Cameron Alleges He Is Not An Enemy Of England. Believe him if you want.
PS You might feel inclined to ask Captain Amin what the score is by emailing afzal@dudleyconservatives.com.
PPS He was part of Muslim Success On Show At Harrow Mosque with others who haven't been caught yet.
PPPS  Yahoo News has more and better details.


Cameron Setting Up Pakistani As The Next Prime Minister [ 5 April 2015 ]
Muslim communities in parts of Britain have a 'cultural problem' where they view women as commodities to be abused, according to the Culture Secretary. Sajid Javid declared some values prevalent in certain Asian communities were 'totally unacceptable in British society'.

His comments come after inquiries into the sexual abuse of vulnerable girls targeted by Asian [ Pakistani in fact - Editor ] men in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford found that the authorities had failed to protect them. 

Mr. Javid told the Daily Telegraph a 'misplaced sense of political correctness' prevented police and social workers from properly investigating claims of abuse.
The 'misplaced sense' translated into a determination to Pervert The Course Of Justice for the benefit of
Third World criminals. It was also anti-English Racism & Misconduct In Public Office. Recall that Cameron wants England Run By A Pakistani. In Cameron's case it is also Treason, a blatant breach of his Oath of loyalty.
PS His other candidate is out of the running - see Cameron's Candidate Is A Pakistani Racist Inciting Crime To Win Votes


Labour Will Import Millions More Says Cameron [ 24 April 2015 ]
David Cameron today makes a passionate plea to UKIP voters not to risk letting in a Labour government that will allow ‘a return to uncontrolled immigration’.....

‘Do you honestly think Ed Miliband cares about controlling immigration? No. He was there the last time, remember, when net immigration increased fivefold,’ he says.
'Do you honestly think Cameron cares about controlling immigration? Not a chance. He has no intention of sorting out Third World aliens who want to live off us. He got immigration up threefold while saying he would cut it. He doesn't have any intention of stopping them. Stop bribing them with dole money, free medicine, free housing, free everything. Then it will slow down. Cameron lied to us about the Referendum. He is lying now. Cameron has blatantly breached his Oath of Loyalty to England. Cameron is a Traitor.
PS Take the point that the Conservative Party chairmen, 'Lord' Feldman and Grant Shapps are both Jews, which is to say enemy aliens. Whence the Ethnic Fouling Of England.


Cameron Flooding Us With Third World Parasites [ 22 May 2015 ]
David Cameron’s immigration pledge is in tatters after net migration rose 50% in 2014 to a record 318,000. It is the biggest total in a calendar year since records began 40 years ago......

But Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said last night: “David Cameron is taking people for fools.”.
Cameron is a liar pandering to Capitalist Swine who want cheap labour and to the Labour Party who want Third World criminals for their Vote Rigging. Corrupt police go along with it by allowing Pakistani Perverts to Rape English girls in Derby, Halifax, Rochdale and even Oxford.
PS Notice that it is always 'net' immigration to make it sound less disastrous by subtracting people leaving in disgust or whatever.


Islamic Murders 38 Brits And Others In Tunisia [ 1 July 2015 ]
This is very bad.


Cameron Murders Islamics [ 1 July 2015 ]
This is very good. How many did Cameron murder? Pass. Dozens, hundreds or thousands? No one knows. No one cares.
PS Cameron sent the Royal Air Force to murder people in Libya because.............? Don't know but see Operation Unified Protector. The real reason as distinct from the lies Propaganda is probably Oil. Foreigners died. Who cares? Not Cameron for starters. Nor Blair - he murdered more.


Cameron Reprieves RAF Until It Has Finished Murdering Foreigners [ 4 August 2015 ]
The Ministry of Defence has granted another reprieve to ageing RAF Tornado jets because of a shortage of aircraft needed to bomb Islamic State targets.

12 (Bomber) Squadron currently leading strike missions in northern Iraq had been due to disband in March 2016, but will now be kept flying for another year so the RAF can maintain operations over Iraq.

RAF chiefs have warned they are stretched to the limit carrying out operations in the Middle East and Baltic, while the UK’s fighter fleet shrinks to the smallest in its history by the end of the decade.

The announcement is the second time a Tornado squadron has been temporarily saved to fight Islamic State in Iraq and Levant, also called Isil or Daesh. It came as the Government is soon expected to try to widen Britain’s air war against the militants by seeking Parliament’s permission for strikes inside Syria.
is destroying the Royal Air Force but not until he had them murder more Arabs, creating more enemies to be imported in order to destroy England. He is a Traitor.


Cameron Pretends That He Will Sort Out Illegal Immigrants While Making Sure They Can Carry On [ 31 July 2015 ]
Prime Minister promises more sniffer dogs and fencing for France and confirms MoD land will help ease Operation Stack chaos "When an unaccompanied child arrives in the UK, it is the council area where they arrive that is responsible for all costs associated with that child up until the age of 25.
Feeding & clothing criminals until they are twenty-five [ 25 ] is Pathological Altruism & bad law. Cameron could stop that if he wanted. He doesn't.


Over Eight Million Foreigners In Britain - Cameron Pretends To Try To Slow Immigration [ 25 August 2015 ]
Britain's foreign-born population has risen above eight million for the first time, University of Oxford experts said today. The independent Migration Observatory said official figures set to be released on Thursday would almost certainly confirm the landmark figure had been surpassed. It also warned that net migration into Britain may have hit a record high last year, despite David Cameron's set-piece election pledge to slash the number of foreign workers moving to Britain.

Ahead of the 2010 general election Mr Cameron pledged to reduce net migration 'from the hundreds of thousands to then tens of thousands'. Despite coming nowhere near meeting the pledge, the Prime Minister reiterated his 'goal' to slash net migration at the last election...........

Up to 5,000 migrants are thought to be camped around Calais trying to make their way into the UK on lorries
Cameron uses the Big Lie again. Adolf Hitler explained it; it works, that is the point.

Of course this ignores the millions of Third World aliens that were born here, inflicted on us with malice aforethought by Her Majesty's Government.


Cameron Betraying England Again By Importing Third World Criminals [ 4 September 2015 ]
Britain [ i.e. Cameron ] will accept thousands more Syrian asylum seekers in response to the migration crisis engulfing Europe, David Cameron will announce in the coming days. In a marked shift in tone, the Government is preparing plans to resettle the refugees fleeing Isil jihadists and conflict in the region in an attempt to fulfill its “moral obligation”.
UNQUOTE Cameron is a corrupt politician with a Moral obligation to England & the rest of Great Britain; he swore loyalty with the Oath Of Allegiance Sworn By MPs and further with his Oath of Office on becoming Her Majesty's Prime Minister. He has betrayed the Queen and us. Now he is doing it again.


Cameron Let 330 Thousand Criminals In  [ 28 August 2015 ]
That is just the ones that our wonderful government admits to. Then there are the rest. With friends like Cameron who needs enemies?


Cameron Caused The Rise Of The Islamic State [ 30 August 2015 ]
The former head of Britain’s Armed Forces has blamed David Cameron for the rise of Islamic State, saying he lacked ‘the balls’ to crush them militarily when they first emerged as a threat.

In a scathing attack on Cameron’s record on Libya and Syria, General Sir David Richards, ex-chief of the defence staff, said the Prime Minister was more interested in pursuing a ‘Notting Hill liberal agenda’ than showing serious ‘statecraft’. Richards was backed by Britain’s spy chief, who delivered an astonishing personal slap-down to Cameron in a bitter Downing Street clash over Libya.
Cameron decided to attack Libya, which makes him a mass murderer and War Criminal. Now they are shipping hundreds of thousands of Illegal Immigrants to England. We lost.


Cameron Betraying England Again By Importing Third World Criminals [ 4 September 2015 ]
Britain will accept thousands more Syrian asylum seekers in response to the migration crisis engulfing Europe, David Cameron will announce in the coming days. In a marked shift in tone, the Government is preparing plans to resettle the refugees fleeing Isil jihadists and conflict in the region in an attempt to fulfill its “moral obligation”.
UNQUOTE Cameron is a corrupt politician with a Moral obligation to England & the rest of Great Britain; he swore loyalty with the Oath Of Allegiance Sworn By MPs and further with his Oath of Office on becoming Her Majesty's Prime Minister. He has betrayed the Queen and us. Now he is doing it again.


Cameron Murdered 330 Islamics In Syria [ 18 September 2015 ]
A meeting of senior members of the National Security Council, chaired by David Cameron earlier this year, received advice from the Attorney General that drone attacks would be legal on grounds of self-defence.
Some lawyers will claim anything if they are paid enough. American lawyers even alleged that torture was legal. It is why the sine come here - to get their own back while living off the dole.


Cameron Let 330 Thousand Criminals In  [ 18 September 2015 ]
Those are just the ones that our wonderful government admits to. Then there are the rest. With friends like Cameron who needs enemies?


MI5 Watching 3 Thousand Enemy Aliens Imported By Cameron Et Al [ 18 September 2015 ]
MI5 should be watching Cameron & prosecuting him for Treason, i.e. pandering to the Queen's enemies.


Cameron Imports Over 500 Thousand third World Aliens [ 23 September 2015 ]
How many cheap servants does Cameron want? This is not just Ethnic Fouling; it is Genocide, it is intentional.


Cameron Attacks Syria - This Is Good  [ 1 October 2015 ]
Cameron even killed two alleged Brits, Reyaad Khan & Ruhul Amin. Cameron is going to import 20,000 more vicious enemy aliens from Syria. Who is Cameron working for? He is not serving British interests; he works for a bunch of psychopathic thugs who like making war using other countries' armed forces. Its head office is in Tel Aviv but its most important is in the White House.


Vladimir Putin Attacks Syria - This Is Bad [ 1 October 2015 ]
Vladimir Putin attacked a different bunch of bad tempered hooligans. That is very naughty apparently.


Nasty, Rough Russians Attack Syrians - Cameron Complains [ 4 October 2015 ]
Isn't it awful? Well spoken Dave.


Nasty, Rough Brits Kill 200 In Afghanistan - Cameron Keeps His Mouth Shut [ 4 October 2015 ]
To be fair they are only foreigners, aren't they  Dave? You don't care, do you? The Americans shot up a hospital killing dozens. They are only collateral damage. Heigh ho.


Cameron Bids To Keep Prime Minister's Job [ 8 October 2015 ]
It would mean being able to keep murdering people in Syria; all good fun for psychopaths; it pleases the Puppet Masters as well. Will his pay off be as big as  Blair's? I fancy not but it will be very adequate. What is he promising? He is too cunning to make any real commitment but he says he will make it easier for Third World chancers.


Cameron Sending Army To Poland Because Russia Is Bombarding Syria [ 9 October 2015 ]
British troops will be sent to Baltic states to bolster NATO forces responding to Russian aggression, Michael Fallon has announced.

The Defence Secretary has said British troops will be involved in training, evaluation and capacity-building mission in Poland and the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Mr Fallon had said Russia's decision to launch air strikes in Syria is making the situation "more dangerous" and said British troops "will be part of a more persistent presence by NATO forces."
Are these politicians mad, bad or both? Given that Cameron sent the Royal Air Force to bombard Syria  [ See e.g. RAF Kills 330 In Syria ] you just might think he is a power crazed psychopath.
PS How many of Her Majesty's Government have ever heard a shot fired in anger or even worn uniform? Not very many is the answer.


Cameron Alleges That He Will Stop Islamic Extremists Infiltrating The NHS, Civil Service Etcetera [ 20 October 2015 ]
Cameron is inciting Islamic invaders. Cameron is importing hundreds of thousands of them. Cameron is bribing them. Cameron promised us a Referendum. He lied. Cameron alleged that Islam Is A Religion of Peace. Cameron lied about that as well.


Cameron Attacking Free Speech [ 25 October 2015 ]
The long anticipated British government Counter-Extremism Strategy document has been unveiled — and it looks to [ be ] aimed at unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech, movement and association..........

The Counter Extremism strategy document was nominally inspired by the upsurge of Muslim militancy from the “Trojan Horse” Islamic takeover of state schools to the fear of returning Jihadists, but somewhere along the line it seems to have been decided that it is the threat of White violence that also needs to be talked up.

It hardly needs to be said that there is no equivalence at all.  No Whites have ever carried out suicide bomb attacks on underground railway stations or airports nor have they hacked servicemen to death on the streets, nor do their menfolk engage in ethnically-motivated mass rapes against vulnerable female children [ in Rotherham or anywhere else ]............

Nevertheless it is in the interests of the government, and the organised Jewish community in particular, to pretend that this non-existent threat is real. The Jewish community goes to great lengths to obscure the fact that the overwhelming majority of so-called “anti-Semitic incidents” are by Muslims. For them, the smearing of Whites as potentially violent, overrides all other considerations............

We need to be thinking hard about an awful possibility —  a future without the internet and without outlets like the Occidental Observer. We desperately need to be looking at other ways of linking up with each other and if this pushes us away from our keyboards and out onto the streets it may be no bad thing.
Any connection with the United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights regarding Free Speech is treated with contemptuous indifference. The issue that is being addressed here is Third World aliens imported by Blair, Brown, Cameron & other Traitors. This alleged solution is bound to fail, which is why it being advocated by Her Majesty's Government, by the Enemy Within. Deporting all foreign criminals would be a worthwhile step. Not bribing 'refugees' to flood into England would pay off big time because Illegal Aliens Cost Billions. That is before considering the crimes they commit.
PS This Counter-Extremism Strategy document tells us in Chapter 6 about Building Cohesive Communities. This is after Her Majesty's Government has been busy destroying cohesion by importing millions of Third World aliens as a matter of policy and of Treason.
PS Cameron knows perfectly well that he is destroying cohesion. He was told by his own - see by the Home Secretary Says Immigration Destroys England's Cohesion. That is the point.


Cameron Attacking Free Speech [ 5 November 2015 ]
The long anticipated British government Counter-Extremism Strategy document has been unveiled — and it looks to [ be ] aimed at unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech, movement and association..........

The Counter Extremism strategy document was nominally inspired by the upsurge of Muslim militancy from the “Trojan Horse” Islamic takeover of state schools to the fear of returning Jihadists, but somewhere along the line it seems to have been decided that it is the threat of White violence that also needs to be talked up.
Cameron imports enemy aliens by hundreds of thousands then pretends he cares about our security, our welfare. Cameron lies.


Cameron Boasts About Murdering Foreign Thug [ 14 November 2015 ]
is importing thousands more like him, inciting murderous hooligans as weapons, as a Trojan Horse to attack & destroy England.
MI5 is on high alert amid fears that ISIL fanatics are already plotting revenge attacks for the reported killing of Jihadi John in a drone strike in Raqqa, Syria.

The communications of known sympathisers are being monitored closely as surveillance is stepped up to prevent a terrorist outrage in revenge for the operation which is now widely acknowledged to have resulted in the death of Mohammed Emwazi– who as Jihadi John – earned global notoriety.........

David Cameron, made clear that he viewed the operation as a justified act of self defence. "He was Isil's lead executioner, and let us never forget that he killed many, many Muslims too [ but not nearly as many as Cameron ].... "And he was intent on murdering many more people.” [ So is Cameron ].
Do we need foreign crazies making war when we have our very own psychopath in No. 10?


Cameron Increases Immigration Flood With A Record High Of 336 Thousand [ 26 November 2015 ]
That is incomers minus leavers giving 336,000 net. Add in the Illegals & you get half a million if not worse. Cameron alleges that he is trying cut Immigration. He lies. Stop bribing them to get rid of thousands. Hang a few hundred & get them going even faster.


Cameron Imported 636 Thousand Aliens This Year [ 27 November 2015 ]
The Sun told the truth; the rest lied by giving the net figure to hide the appalling reality of Ethnic Fouling & Genocide. They are like cuckoos stealing our sustenance.


Britain Must Attack Syria Alleges War Monger [ 27 November 2015 ]
Cameron is another bent politician who has never worn uniform or intended to. But he is willing to send better men to attack Syrians because.......... something or other. He makes excuses. He lies. The Puppet Masters run Palestine, the Stolen Land; they are the thieves who stole it by fraud. It was a quid pro quo for getting America into the First World War, in 1917 when it was going badly. Now they are using our Air Force to bully Arabs. It is a power play. Then they whine about being hated.
PS The Church Of England Favours War. NB  Cantab Is  A Jew while York is a black foreigner. Is the Church of England English? Is it a church? It certainly full of Homosexual heretics.


Cameron Is A Puppet Of Jews & The White House Says ISIS [ 21 January 2016 ]
An Islamic State video showing a young boy in military fatigues and an older masked militant who both spoke with British accents is "desperate" propaganda from an organisation that is losing ground, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday..........

"This is a message to David Cameron, O slave of the White House, O mule of the Jews," the man said in the 10-minute video released on Sunday.
ISIS speaks, ISIS tells the truth. It is nice to know that someone can and will.



Cameron Sneered At 'Red Card' Story [ 4 February 2016 ]
This clip from 2008 shows Cameron and Osborne smirking and laughing at the idea of a ‘red card’ for EU legislation, as William Hague mocks such a plan in a withering speech at the despatch box:

“It doesn’t take much of a political analyst to work out that the chances of this mechanism being employed on any regular basis are vanishingly small… You only have to consider this for a moment to begin to laugh about it…”

Eight years later, Dave and George claim unconvincingly that their red card is reason enough to vote to Remain…
That was then; this is now. That bit of truth is supposed to have disappeared down the Memory Hole.


Cameron Tells MPs To Ignore Constituents' Views  [ 4 February 2016 ]
David Cameron has prompted anger by telling his MPs to ignore the views of eurosceptic grassroots members and Conservative associations ahead of the Referendum.
Cameron is an arrogant oaf who despises honest voters; he hates Democracy too. Then there are the lies he told to block the Referendum.


Cameron Refuses To State His Legal Authority For Attacking Syria [ 5 February 2016 ]
Cameron chose to attack people in Syria for some reason. Which of the many factions was he trying to beat? I don't know; does he? Did it make sense in the first place? No........

I asked whether Cameron was authorised by the United Nations & what was his legal justification for invading. Now Cameron is holding out on me. He is a war criminal just as much as Blair, Brown, Bush, Obama & Netanyahu.
How many of our current crop of War Criminals ever served, heard a shot fired in anger or even wore uniform? Recall that naughty Adolf was not just a sensitive little chap, an artist, very successful author & political philosopher; he was also a war hero.


Cameron Alleges That Attacking ISIS Is Justified And Legal  [ 2 March 2016 ]
Mr Speaker, let me turn to the question of legality....... But the document I have published today shows in some detail the clear legal basis for military action against ISIL in Syria. It is founded on the right of self-defence as recognised in Article 51 of the UN Charter. The right of self-defence may be exercised individually where it is necessary to the UK’s own defence and of course collectively in the defence of our friends and allies. Mr Speaker, the main basis of the Global Coalition’s actions against ISIL in Syria is the collective self-defence of Iraq.
Believe him if you want. Translate the word Iraq into Oil to make some slight sense of the reality.


Cameron Is Just As Keen On Tax Evasion As Any Reasonable Human Being 10 April 2016 ]
But Cameron makes the rules. Cameron should live by them. Cameron knows that the Tax billions that come his way are very largely stolen or wasted. That is why Cameron wanted to be Her Majesty's prime minister; so that he could do the wasting e.g. throwing millions at this grotesque barrel of lard:-

Recall that the Kids Company Boss Is Fat, Ugly & Light Fingered


Rentamob Moans About Cameron's Light Fingers [ 10 April 2016 ]
Rent A Mob keeps very quiet about Blair's multimegabuck bungs, the  post-dated Bribes well earned payments for services rendered to Zionist crazies. To be fair they were not amused by his War Crimes. Nor were his thousands of victims.


Cameron Importing 20 Thousand Bogus Refugees [ 29 April 2016 ]
The European Union has started “redistributing” nonwhite invaders plucked from Turkey to Member States around the continent—including at least one Visegrad nation, the Czech Republic. Norway will get 218 “Syrians” every month, France will get 148, Italy will get 118, and Germany 100 per month—while other EU states will be allocated smaller numbers.

So far, only Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have refused outright to take any invaders, while the Czech Republic caved in and accepted a small number.................

In the UK, plans are afoot to “resettle” invaders in Wales and in Northern Ireland. According to the BBC, “Syrians” will be settled in the remote Welsh village of Ystradgynlais (population 8,092), and in the larger town of Newtown.

In Northern Ireland, 57 “Syrians” arrived this week to as part of a 20,000-strong invasion force of bogus refugees which the UK has agreed to “take in” in terms of the “redistribution” plan.
How many rocket scientists do you see among that lot? Not many is my answer. Sturdy beggars, idle rogues, chancers on the make, men of fighting age but no victims. They are Fake Refugees. But Cameron is an Enemy Of The People, filling that Trojan Horse to overflowing. Letting Illegal Immigrants get away with crime is policy and practice, which is why 2,000 English girls got Raped by Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham alone.


Cameron Has No Shares Offshore Allegedly  [ 8 April 2016 ]
David Cameron said he has “no shares, no offshore trusts, no offshore funds,” after questions were raised about his family’s tax affairs following the Panama papers data leak.

Labour has demanded an independent investigation into the tax affairs of those implicated by the records, which includes details about the prime minister’s late father, Ian Cameron.

During a visit to Birmingham, Mr Cameron said the information should be used to ensure that companies and individuals are paying the correct amount of tax, but sidestepped calls for a probe.

He said: “In terms of my own financial affairs, I own no shares.
Cameron says/states/claims/alleges that he has nothing offshore but says nothing about owning them through onshore cutouts. Cameron lied to us about the Referendum. Believe Cameron? Not me.


Cameron Proves That He Is A Liar With An Agenda [ 31 May 2016 ]
“Let sunshine win the day,” he told the excited, cheering Tory conference as he swept his opponents aside.

But, with the crucial EU referendum weeks away, Cameron is trying to envelop Britain in a blanket of fear and gloom. That is because he made a fateful choice about our future in Europe. Instead of seeking to regain our independence, he decided to back our continued subjugation to the Brussels regime.

Therefore, in order to help the pro-EU cause, he continually has to denigrate Britain and intimidate the public with lurid scare stories. Once he promised the sunlit uplands. Now he wants to keep us in a dark place. In the process he has betrayed his office, his party and his country.............

A slick former public relations man, he will say whatever is convenient to advance whatever is the favoured cause of the moment. So he poses as a Conservative, using the party as a vehicle to gain power, yet he trumpets every metropolitan progressive orthodoxy from climate change to cultural diversity.
Cameron promised us a Referendum years ago to buy votes. He lied deliberately & with malice aforethought. Now he has been pushed into doing it he is making sure it will fail.


Cameron Waged War On Syria For Zionist Crazies In Israel 

This is one of Clinton's emails declassified by the FBI then released into the wild by Wikileaks.


Cameron Lied About Immigration - Cameron Has No Intention Of Stopping It [ 21 June 2016 ]


Cameron Will Resign Later [ 24 June 2016  ]
Delaying will give him the chance to inflict more damage on England.


Why Cameron Gave Us The Referendum That He Promised Years Ago [ 24 June 2016 ]
David Cameron:
He had been walking a tightrope as the Europhile leader of a Eurosceptic party who hoped to finesse [ defraud/cheat ] the issue of Europe indefinitely. In order to fend off UKIP and a Tory rebellion, he promised a referendum, hoping that his coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, would nix it in the next coalition. But he won an outright majority and had to keep the promise. Then, wanting the referendum out of the way, he held quick talks with the EU, asked for little, got less, and returned to London boasting of trivial concessions. Finally, he fought a tough campaign against half of his own party and lost it. It turned out that his Eurosceptic Tory opponents had a better sense of the Tory faithful (and U.K. voters generally) than he did. He fell off the tightrope with dignity, however, and will resign to allow a Eurosceptic to be elected Tory leader and prime minister who can conduct Brexit negotiations more plausibly than a Europhile.


Cameron Pretended To Be Against Third World Immigration - Cameron Lied [ 24 July 216 ]
David Cameron made a last ditch appeal to  Angela Merkel to limit the free movement of people if Britain voted to remain in the European Union, it has been reported.

The former prime minister called the German chancellor in the days before the referendum vote last month as opinion polls showed voters moving towards Leave after the Government again missed its target for cutting net migration, according BBC2's Newsnight.
Cameron 'appealed' to Merkel knowing that she would ignore him. It was strictly for home consumption, to deceive the peasant masses. The Telegraph does say obliquely that the Remain propagandists are unscrupulous liars determined to inflict Third World aliens on us knowing that we don't want them.


Cameron's Treason Carries On [ 29 June 2016 ]
As the dust settles on the EU referendum battleground, some 33 million voters await with bated breath to see what the victors will do now that the nation has spoken to leave............

David Cameron's decision to resign before enacting Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which sets out how a country could leave the EU, may have much bigger implications for Conservative hopefuls eyeing up the Prime Minister's seat than they bargained for...................

Perhaps many Brexiters do not realise it yet, but they have actually lost, and it is all down to one man: David Cameron.

With one fell swoop yesterday at 9:15 am, Cameron effectively annulled the referendum result, and simultaneously destroyed the political careers of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and leading Brexiters who cost him so much anguish, not to mention his premiership....

Throughout the campaign, Cameron had repeatedly said that a vote for leave would lead to triggering Article 50 straight away.

The comment, which was picked up on Twitter, has been shared thousands of times. If true, that is some parting gift [ to the enemies of England ].
Cameron is hanging on to power to make sure that our exit happens in the worst possible way, if at all. This article come from the Independent,, a hostile source, being written by someone with the fine old English name of Narjas Zatat
[ femaloid(?) ]


Cameron Wanted To Import 20 Thousand More Vicious Syrians [ 4 August 2016 ]
Will Theresa May let him get away with it? Quite possibly.


Cameron Will Get His Thirty Pieces Of Silver [ 14 September 2016 ]
But he will not  hang himself any more than Blair would. It is what Judas Iscariot did after betraying Jesus and taking the pay off.  Judas was different; he had a conscience. The modern day equivalent of the dirty money is several million.


Cameron Is A War Monger Who Helped ISIS Says Parliament [ 14 September 2016 ]
But only after he took the money and ran. There is no mention of pandering to the Puppet Masters, the thugs who want power in the Middle East.


Cameron, Treason & The Lisbon Treaty  [ 25 January 2019 ]
A list of what will actually happen if we stay in the EU, and what has already been agreed. Twitter Thread from Lesley Miller Very good twitter thread HERE, explaining what remaining would actually lead to. If a second referendum happens, by highlighting what continued membership would cost, us Brexiteers will walk it. Have broken down the thread below but for more information, you will have to scroll through the actual tweets.
If you actually and really know all of these terms of the Lisbon treaty, signed on our behalf [ by Cameron ] without our approval, and knowing this you still believe we should remain, I feel sorry for your love of country.
“What will actually happen if we stay in the EU” is a question no remainer will ever answer but here it is warts and all.
Check it out if you wish ——>>
1: The UK along with all existing members of the EU lose their abstention veto in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty when the system changes to that of majority acceptance with no abstentions or veto’s being allowed.
2: All member nations will become states of the new federal nation of the EU by 2022 as clearly laid out in the Lisbon treaty with no exceptions or vetoes.
Slavery under the New World Order is the plan, Treason too of course.


Cameron Gets Secretive  [ 16 April 2020 ]
Guido spotted some shenanigans going on at The Office of David Cameron this morning. He has re-registered the limited company as an unlimited company. Unlimited companies are rarely used because they have unlimited liability which defeats the main objective for anyone setting up a limited company, which Cameron did in 2016 immediately after quitting as PM. The former PM who championed transparency in office can only be doing this for one reason, to remove the requirement to file public accounts…

To be sure he won’t have enjoyed the coverage of the £836,000 profit he banked in 2019 from media and speaking appearances. He’s been well advised, unlike Tony Blair he didn’t go down the controversial offshore route and will therefore pay UK taxes in full on his earnings. We just won’t be able to follow the money he pockets now he is in the very private sector…
Do as I say, not as I do.  Cameron is a shit on the make but Blair, the well known property developer is greedier.


David Cameron Snivels To Indians & Proves Our Ignorance Of History   [ 30 June 2021 ]
It is 5.15pm on Sunday, April 13, 1919, in the Sikh holy city of Amritsar in the Punjab. An open-topped motorcar pulls up near the Jallianwala Bagh, a seven-acre area of waste ground, and Brigadier Reginald ‘Rex’ Dyer steps out.

He then attempts to bring an armoured car, with its machine gun, into the area, but is foiled because the street is too narrow. No matter, he orders his force of Indian and Gurkha troops to open fire into a peaceful crowd of local men, women and children who are listening to Gandhian speeches about non-violence.

The shooting continues until the ammunition runs out and, in the words of the memorial there, the ground is ‘saturated with the blood of about 2,000 Indian patriots’. Then he calmly goes back to his headquarters, triumphantly successful in his premeditated plan to murder innocents in the name of the British Raj.

That is the popular view of the Amritsar Massacre, sedulously promoted by the 1982 movie Gandhi and the one taught in India and in British schools today..................

Yet the true story of what happened that day in Amritsar is far more nuanced and David Cameron, at the end of his trip to India last week, was quite right not to make a formal apology for it, merely reiterating what Winston Churchill correctly said at the time, that it was ‘monstrous’. For everything stated in my opening paragraphs above is either completely wrong or was certainly not what it seemed............

Three days before the massacre, a mob had gone on a rampage in the city and three bank officials were lynched in their offices, their corpses burnt in the street. Two other officials were murdered, and an elderly female  missionary, Miss Sherwood, was hauled off her bicycle, beaten to the ground and left for dead......................

A deputation of Indian merchants and shopkeepers soon after the massacre actually thanked Dyer for preventing looting, and he received many other such tokens of gratitude; the guardians of the Golden Temple invested him there as an honorary Sikh. If one wants to find examples of large-scale killing going on in Amritsar in the 20th Century, one might also look at Indira Gandhi’s 1984 storming of the Golden Temple, in which as many as 1,000 died. 
What was Cameron doing out there? Touting for business perhaps. Pandering to Third World aliens was part of it. He oversaw the fun that Punjabis had when they raped 1,400 English girls in Rotherham but that's water under the bridge, isn't it?

As George Orwell told us: Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. Yes, history books are written by liars with agendas. That goes double for anything written after circa 1960. Recall that QUOTE only a million died when India and Pakistan separated. UNQUOTE.


Cameron Did Not Take £7 Million Bribe From Greensill - Allegedly  [ 11 August 2021 ]
How much did you earn then Dave? Ex-PM Cameron DENIES BBC Panorama claim he made more than £7million from Greensill Capital job - but won't reveal 'real' figure - as minister Gavin Williamson refuses to criticise his former boss......

Cameron is under pressure to reveal how much money he made from finance firm Greensill Capital after he denied claims he cashed in more than £7million.

The former Prime Minister was last night accused of raking in a seven-figure figure from his 25-days-per-year role at a company which later collapsed, putting thousands of public sector jobs in jeopardy.

The BBC's Panorama programme claimed to have discovered documents showing he made £3.25 million after cashing in shares from the company in 2019, and a salary of roughly £700,000 a year for work as a part-time adviser..............

He approached senior ministers, civil servants and Bank of England officials on Greensill's behalf to try to get it involved in Covid business relief schemes..............

Greensill provided so-called supply chain finance to businesses, which meant the finance firm would pay a company's invoice immediately after it was sent, cutting out the usual delay which can restrict companies' cash flows.
Greensill was a bunch of parasites on the make, producing nothing, just shuffling bits of paper around. The idea is: Private Profit - Public Loss. Good when it works but taxpayers get screwed when the government helps after their bets go wrong. 



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