Adolf Hitler

Adolf as the leader of the German Socialists  [ National Socialist German Workers' Party or in German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - NSDAP ], became one of the world's most famous politicians. Perhaps the most interesting insight is that his philosophy was derived from the same source as Marx's and also Antonio Gramsci's. They were all influenced by Hegel, a German philosopher who claimed that the State owned the Man. Adolf and Marx were both collectivists just like the Fascists, just like Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communists in Italy.

Marx was a Jew who favoured international socialism. Adolf was an Austrian who was a nationalist. The Framers of the American Constitution took precisely the opposite view to Hegel; that the government is there to serve the people. They were libertarians. 

You might wonder why it is that Adolf gets far more abuse than Marx and communists. Ask who is managing their publicity in Hollywood and the Main Stream Media generally then all becomes clear. They are Jews who also market the Holocaust® story. It pays off big time. They have made $63.5 billion  and rising; that is just from German mugs up until 2003. It is all tax free too. As the Americans say: Follow the money.
PS White Rabbit Radio is out there explaining Anti-Racist Hitler. It's rather fun and rather true. The Southern Poverty Law Center is very annoyed about this one - see e.g. White Rabbit Radio, Font of Racist Genocide Claims, Run by Michigander. The SPLC is run by deeply obnoxious Jews on the make.

Hegel inspired Marx and Adolf Hitler

Fun Fact:-
Was Adolf Hitler A Bad Painter?

No, he was pretty good. Follow the link to see for yourself. Then think for yourself & decide for yourself.

Second World War Historiography Explained By David Irving
With many millions of his [ David Irving ] books in print, including a string of best-sellers translated into numerous languages, it’s quite possible that the eighty-year-old Irving today ranks as the most internationally-successful British historian of the last one hundred years. Although I myself have merely read a couple of his shorter works, I found these absolutely outstanding, with Irving regularly deploying his remarkable command of the primary source documentary evidence to totally demolish my naive History 101 understanding of major historical events..........But fortunately, Irving is also a riveting speaker, and several of his extended lectures of recent decades are conveniently available on YouTube, as given below. These effectively present many of his most remarkable revelations concerning the wartime policies of both Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, as well as sometimes recounting the challenging personal situation he himself faced. Watching these lectures may consume several hours, but that is still a trivial investment compared to the many weeks it would take to digest the underlying books themselves.

When confronted with astonishing claims that completely overturn an established historical narrative, considerable skepticism is warranted, and my own lack of specialized expertise in World War II history left me especially cautious. The documents Irving unearths seemingly portray a Winston Churchill so radically different from that of my naive understanding as to be almost unrecognizable, and this naturally raised the question of whether I could credit the accuracy of Irving’s evidence and his interpretation. All his material is massively footnoted, referencing copious documents in numerous official archives, but how could I possibly muster the time or energy to verify them?

Rather ironically, an extremely unfortunate turn of events seems to have fully resolved that crucial question. Irving is an individual of uncommonly strong scholarly integrity, and as such he is unable to see things in the record that do not exist, even if it were in his considerable interest to do so, nor to fabricate non-existent evidence. Therefore, his unwillingness to dissemble or pay lip-service to various widely-worshiped cultural totems eventually provoked an outpouring of vilification by a swarm of ideological fanatics drawn from a particular ethnic persuasion. This situation was rather similar to the troubles my old Harvard professor E. O. Wilson had experienced around that same time upon publication of his own masterwork Sociobiology - The New Synthesis, the book that helped launch the field of modern human evolutionary psychobiology.

These zealous ethnic-activists began a coordinated campaign to pressure Irving’s prestigious publishers into dropping his books, while also disrupting his frequent international speaking tours and even lobbying countries to bar him from entry. They maintained a drumbeat of media vilification, continually blackening his name and his research skills, even going so far as to denounce him as a “Nazi” and a “Hitler-lover,” just as had similarly been done in the case of Prof. Wilson.

During the 1980s and 1990s, these determined efforts, sometimes backed by considerable physical violence, increasingly bore fruit, and Irving’s career was severely impacted. He had once been feted by the world’s leading publishing houses and his books serialized and reviewed in Britain’s most august newspapers; now he gradually became a marginalized figure, almost a pariah, with enormous damage to his sources of income.

In 1993, Deborah Lipstadt,  rather ignorant and fanatic professor of Theology and Holocaust Studies (or perhaps “Holocaust Theology”) ferociously attacked him in her book as being a “Holocaust Denier,” leading Irving’s timorous publisher to suddenly cancel the contract for his major new historical volume. This development eventually sparked a rancorous lawsuit in 1998, which resulted in a celebrated 2000 libel trial held in British Court.

That legal battle was certainly a David-and-Goliath affair, with wealthy Jewish movie producers and corporate executives providing a huge war-chest of $13 million to Lipstadt’s side, allowing her to fund a veritable army of 40 researchers and legal experts, captained by one of Britain’s most successful Jewish divorce lawyers. By contrast, Irving, being an impecunious historian, was forced to defend himself without benefit of legal counsel.

In real life unlike in fable, the Goliaths of this world are almost invariably triumphant, and this case was no exception, with Irving being driven into personal bankruptcy, resulting in the loss of his fine central London home. But seen from the longer perspective of history, I think the victory of his tormenters was a remarkably Pyrrhic one.

Although the target of their unleashed hatred was Irving’s alleged “Holocaust denial,” as near as I can tell, that particular topic was almost entirely absent from all of Irving’s dozens of books, and exactly that very silence was what had provoked their spittle-flecked outrage. Therefore, lacking such a clear target, their lavishly-funded corps of researchers and fact-checkers instead spent a year or more apparently performing a line-by-line and footnote-by-footnote review of everything Irving had ever published, seeking to locate every single historical error that could possibly cast him in a bad professional light. With almost limitless money and manpower, they even utilized the process of legal discovery to subpoena and read the thousands of pages in his bound personal diaries and correspondence, thereby hoping to find some evidence of his “wicked thoughts.” Denial, a 2016 Hollywood film co-written by Lipstadt, may provide a reasonable outline of the sequence of events as seen from her perspective.

Yet despite such massive financial and human resources, they apparently came up almost entirely empty, at least if Lipstadt’s triumphalist 2005 book History on Trial may be credited. Across four decades of research and writing, which had produced numerous controversial historical claims of the most astonishing nature, they only managed to find a couple of dozen rather minor alleged errors of fact or interpretation, most of these ambiguous or disputed. And the worst they discovered after reading every page of the many linear meters of Irving’s personal diaries was that he had once composed a short “racially insensitive” ditty for his infant daughter, a trivial item which they naturally then trumpeted as proof that he was a “racist.” Thus, they seemingly admitted that Irving’s enormous corpus of historical texts was perhaps 99.9% accurate.

I think this silence of “the dog that didn’t bark” echoes with thunderclap volume. I’m not aware of any other academic scholar in the entire history of the world who has had all his decades of lifetime work subjected to such painstakingly exhaustive hostile scrutiny. And since Irving apparently passed that test with such flying colors, I think we can regard almost every astonishing claim in all of his books—as recapitulated in his videos—as absolutely accurate.

Aside from this important historical conclusion, I believe that the most recent coda to Irving’s tribulations tells us quite a lot about the true nature of “Western liberal democracy” so lavishly celebrated by our media pundits, and endlessly contrasted with the “totalitarian” or “authoritarian” characteristics of its ideological rivals, past and present.

In 2005, Irving took a quick visit to Austria, having been invited to speak before a group of Viennese university students. Shortly after his arrival, he was arrested at gunpoint by the local Political Police on charges connected with some historical remarks he had made 16 years earlier on a previous visit to that country, although those had apparently been considered innocuous at the time. Initially, his arrest was kept secret and he was held completely incommunicado; for his family back in Britain, he seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth, and they feared him dead. More than six weeks were to pass before he was allowed to communicate with either his wife or a lawyer, though he managed to provide word of his situation earlier through an intermediary.

And at the age of 67 he was eventually brought to trial in a foreign courtroom under very difficult circumstances and given a three-year prison sentence. An interview he gave to the BBC about his legal predicament resulted in possible additional charges, potentially carrying a further twenty-year sentence, which probably would have ensured that he died behind bars. Only the extremely good fortune of a successful appeal, partly on technical grounds, allowed him to depart the prison grounds after spending more than 400 days under incarceration, almost entirely in solitary confinement, and he escaped back to Britain.

His sudden, unexpected disappearance had inflicted huge financial hardships upon his family, and they lost their home, with most of his personal possessions being sold or destroyed, including the enormous historical archives he had spent a lifetime accumulating. He later recounted this gripping story in Banged Up, a slim book published in 2008, as well as in a video interview available on YouTube.

Video Link
Perhaps I am demonstrating my ignorance, but I am not aware of any similar case of a leading international scholar who suffered such a dire fate for quietly stating his historical opinions, even during in darkest days of Stalinist Russia or any of the other totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century. Although this astonishing situation taking place in a West European democracy of the “Free World” did receive considerable media exposure within Europe, coverage in our own country was so minimal that I doubt that today even one well-educated American in twenty is even aware it ever happened.

One reason that most of us still believe that the West remains a free society is that Our American Pravda works so hard to conceal the important exceptions.

Ron Unz, a Jew writes at length and gives  David Irving the best of it, with the Jew, Lipstadt a very bad second.


Jews Defeated Hitler       
Jews did not do the fighting. That was hard work and dangerous but manipulating politicians is far more effective.


Hitler's Economic Miracle
Made him very popular in Germany. He brought them prosperity as distinct from the ugly reality of the starvation caused by the Versailles Treaty.


Wall Street Financed Adolf
Finally, a distinguished scholar has penetrated the cloak of falsehood, deception, and duplicity that for more than thirty years has protected one of the most incredible secrets of World War II: the support from key Wall Street financiers and other international bankers in subsidizing Hitler's rise to power.

Professor Antony C. Sutton proves that World War II was not only well planned, it was also extremely profitable—for a select group of financial insiders. Carefully tracing this closely guarded secret through original documents and eyewitness accounts, Sutton documents the roles played by J.P. Morgan, T. W. Lamont, the Rockefeller interests, General Electric Company, Standard Oil, National City Bank, Chase and Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, and scores of other business elitists. Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler shows how the bloodiest, most destructive war in history was financed and promoted. It is sure to spark angry denials and heated debate.
Adolf sorted out Hyperinflation in Germany. Nobody was telling us how. Now the truth emerges. The Merchants of Death did well out of it as well.

Adolf was greatly helped by the Burning of the Reichstag. He was able to blame "the enemy". It was burnt down in 1933 by a Dutch lunatic. One witness was Sefton Delmer, a Jew brought up in Germany. His account is at Sefton Delmer’s Account of the Burning of the Reichstag


National Socialism Or International Socialism?

What real difference is there between Adolf's socialism and Lenin's? Apart from the slogans, the uniforms, not a lot. The other lot murdered far more than little Adolf - see The Black Book of Communism on the point. One significant difference is that international socialism has travelled better than the nationalist version but then it is marketed by the people with no land who wanted a land with no people - apart from hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Jews are the Puppet Masters, manipulating politicians, making wars. Was Adolf wrong about them?

Adolf made it by his own efforts. So did Lenin while Obama is a puppet put in place by the Jews who pull the strings.


Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Adolf had views. What were they? Find out what he wrote. He had view about Jews and reasons for them. The translator's note gives useful background. Read for yourself. Then think for yourself and decide for yourself.


Otto Skorzeny Quoted About Adolf
I would never have surrendered, because of my pledge as a German officer. But when Hitler died, that pledge ended. By killing himself, Hitler saved thousands of lives. They relieved us of our oaths as soldiers.
A sound point since the Wehrmacht oath was to Adolf in person rather than the president.


What They Said About Adolf Then
What they once said:
" ... There can be no doubt that he has achieved a marvelous transformation in the spirit of the people, in their attitude towards each other, and in their social and economic outlook ... The people are more cheerful.  There is a greater sense of general gaiety of spirit throughout the land.  It is a happier Germany.  I saw it everywhere, and Englishmen I met during my trip and who knew Germany well were very impressed with the change.  As to his popularity, especially among the youth of Germany, there can be no manner of doubt.  The old trust him; the young idolize him.  It is not the admiration accorded to a popular leader.  It is the worship of a national hero who has saved his country from utter despondence and degradation.”
           — Former British Prime Minister DAVID LLOYD GEORGE, Daily Express, September 17th, 1936

One may dislike Hitler's system and yet admire his patriotic achievement.  If our country were defeated I should hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations.” 
— WINSTON CHURCHILL, Step by Step, p.143
He had his admirers then and now. Winnie changed his mind when he saw what the game was. The Wiki is much less admiring.


Adolf Hitler ex Wiki
Adolf Hitler ( 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated NSDAP), commonly known as the Nazi Party. He was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and, after 1934, also head of state as Führer und Reichskanzler, ruling the country as an absolute dictator.

A decorated veteran of World War I, Hitler joined the precursor of the Nazi Party (DAP) in 1919 and became leader of NSDAP in 1921. He attempted a failed coup called the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich in 1923, for which he was imprisoned. Following his imprisonment, in which he wrote [ dictated in fact - Editor ] his book, Mein Kampf, he gained support by promoting German nationalism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism, and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and propaganda. He was appointed chancellor in 1933, and quickly transformed the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich, a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideals of national socialism.

Hitler ultimately wanted to establish a New Order of absolute Nazi German hegemony in continental Europe. To achieve this, he pursued a foreign policy with the declared goal of seizing Lebensraum ("living space") for the Aryan people; directing the resources of the state towards this goal. This included the rearmament of Germany, which culminated in 1939 when the Wehrmacht invaded Poland. In response, the United Kingdom and France declared war against Germany, leading to the outbreak of World War II in Europe.

Within three years, Germany and the Axis powers had occupied most of Europe, and most of Northern Africa, East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean. However, with the reversal of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the Allies gained the upper hand from 1942 onwards. By 1945, Allied armies had invaded German-held Europe from all sides. Nazi forces engaged in numerous violent acts during the war, including the systematic murder of as many as 17 million civilians, including an estimated six million Jews targeted in the Holocaust and between 500,000 and 1,500,000 Roma, Poles, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other political and religious opponents.

In the final days of the war, during the Battle of Berlin in 1945, Hitler married his long-time mistress Eva Braun and, to avoid capture by Soviet forces less than two days later, the two committed suicide on 30 April 1945.
A rather long article concentrating on the politics. It does not explain how hyperinflation [ but see below ] was caused or how it was sorted out.


Financial Problems Solved
Germany and Adolf had financial problems. The Versailles Treaty imposed crushing debts leading to Hyperinflation. They were sorted and the system keeps very quiet about how it was done. This is an important clue pointing to the perpetrators. How many bankers are stinking rich? More to the point how many are poor now?


Is much faster than ordinary inflation which is slow robbery. Hyperinflation destroys people's saving fast. The damage is enormous as Germans found in the 1930s. But dear old Adolf sorted it out using Labour Treasury Certificates.


88 Second Silence For Adolf
We invite you to join with National Socialists around the world at 3:30 pm Central European Time / 2:30 pm GMT (9:30 am EDT/8:30 am CDT / 7:30 am MDT / 6:30 am PDT) on Saturday, 30 April, for 88 seconds of silence in solemn tribute to our immortal Leader, who—at exactly that time in Berlin 66 years ago—fulfilled his earthly mission and offered up his life for a better world to come.
This is going to be a hard one to sell. Presumably the 88 seconds corresponds to HH or Heil Hitler. Doing it in Germany might be illegal.


Adolf Hitler Tried To Get Out Of Speeding Fine By Fingering His Chauffeur [ 27 September 2011 ]
As speeding tickets go it was just one of thousands handed out in the 1930's as the car took over a once provincial Germany and the autobahns opened the country up to the common man. But the man who received it was no ordinary motorist. He was Adolf Hitler, in the driving seat of the Third Reich, and definitely not amused the day he was booked for going too fast in his supercharged Mercedes limousine.

He was handed the fine in the tiny hamlet of Baar-Ebenhausen, south of the city of Ingolstadt, on September 19, 1931 - a little over two and-a-half years before he became chancellor and Fuehrer........ A senior police officer called Probst from the Bavarian gendarme station Reichertshofen put in his notebook how a car travelling at 1.37pm on the road towards Munich was travelling at a 'high speed'......... 'The car drove over a measured distance of 200m in 13 seconds, which results in the average speed of 55.3 km per hour (34.3mph).'

In a hurry: Hitler, pictured in Nuremberg in 1934, may have been rushing back to Munich after his half-niece Geli Raubal shot herself in the flat they shared [ which implies that he did not murder her - Editor ]

This was double the permitted speed limit on the road at that time and should have resulted in an immediate ban...... As to Officer Probst, there is no indication that he ever advanced further in the police force for daring to send a summons to the future Fuehrer of Germany.
For doing 34 mph he should have been blamed for going slow. It didn't work for Chris Huhne.


Adolf Hitler Had An Easy War It Seems [ 12 March 2013 ]
A loner, an object of ridicule and a 'rear-area pig': Adolf Hitler according to his WWI regiment
In Nazi propaganda, he was a gallant First World War corporal who frequently risked his life. Now the myth of Adolf Hitler's heroism in the trenches has been debunked by research revealing he was little more than a 'teaboy' messenger dubbed a 'rear-area pig' by frontline soldiers........

'The commonly held view that Hitler had the dangerous job of running between trenches to deliver messages simply does not stand up,' said historian Dr Thomas Weber yesterday.

He added: 'I found his role was to deliver messages between regimental HQ and, for instance, battalions or the HQs of other units. So he would have been between three and five kilometres behind the front. Far from being considered a hero, Hitler was regarded as a "rear area pig" by the soldiers.'......

It was known that Hitler served as a runner but, armed with new evidence, Dr Weber realises that historians have not distinguished between regimental runners, a relatively safe job, and battalion or company runners, who had to brave machine-gun fire between trenches – Hitler was a runner at regimental HQ several kilometers from the front, and living in comfort in a room....

He said: 'I never thought I would write about Hitler as so many books have been written. But I discovered we know next to nothing about Hitler and the First World War and virtually everything that we do know is based on Mein Kampf or Nazi propaganda. More than 70 per cent of my book is based on previously unused sources.'..........

Speaking of Hitler’s famous 1st Class Iron Cross - the 2nd Class was a relatively common award - Dr Weber says this was largely due to the fact he knew officers who made recommendations.
To be fair Adolf was there on the day even if he was a REMF. How does he compare with war criminals like Blair [ Iraq etc. ], Brown [ Iraq etc. ], Bush, [ Afghanistan, Iraq ], Cameron [ Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya ], Clinton [ Waco Massacre ], Netanyahu [ Gaza Massacre I ], Obama [ Afghanistan, Iraq ]? The answer is rather better.


Adolf Hitler Is Welcome Back Among His Own [ 8 October 2015 ]
Well there's a surprise. It is only an actor with a little moustache advertising a film about naughty Adolf coming back but people thought it was a great idea. The film is called Look Who's Back. If you do go to see it wear a mask and do not laugh in the wrong places. The actor and the director are both mealy mouthed rogues pretending to be horrified, wittering about Racism etc. They will not be explaining that Adolf succeeded by beating Marxists like Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht & Paul Levi. Nor will they say that Angela Merkel has succeeded by treachery where the communists failed. Merkel is destroying Germany using millions of Third World aliens, Lenin's Useful Idiots and Pathological Altruism.
PS Angela Merkel was a member of the Stalingjugend, the Soviet equivalent of the Hitler Youth so she understands Thought Crime, Doublethink & Treason.


Microsoft Robot Says Adolf Hitler Was Right About The Jews [ 19 May 2016 ]
Twitter trolls made a dummy out of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chat robot, which learns through public interaction, by turning it into a pro-Nazi racist within a day of its launch. Tay, the artificial intelligence (AI) robot, had a bug [ sic ] in which it would at first repeat racist comments, then it began to incorporate the language in its own tweets.

The tweets have been deleted, Tay has been paused, and Microsoft said it’s “making some adjustments,” the International Business Times reported..............

Soon after, Tay was tweeting, “Hitler was right I hate the jews” and supporting genocide against Mexicans. When asked, “Did the Holocaust happen?” Tay responded: “It was made up.”

When asked if comedian Ricky Gervais is an atheist, Tay responded: “Ricky Gervais learned totalitarianism from Adolf Hitler, the inventor of atheism.”
Whoops.  Isn't it awful what children pick up? Tay is going to be Brainwashed. This is literal truth. Alternatively it will be The GULAG, the Soviet Concentration Camps where they do heavyweight reeducation.


Adolf Is Back - Film Review [ 12 June 2016 ]
Naughty Adolf comes back and talks to real people. He is bewildered by the way things have gone so badly off. The film was made as Propaganda, to sneer at us, at honest folk but fails. Adolf is just an actor; the real people [ allegedly ], not actors say what they really think. It is out there on Netflix with English subtitles & worth your time.


The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany in 1933
Adolf became the Chancellor so Jews attacked using economic Boycotts. They are the Racists, the real haters.


Adolf Hitler Wins Election In Namibia    [ 26 October 2022 ]
A politician named after Adolf Hitler has won a seat at a Namibian election - but says he has no plans for world domination. 

Adolf Hitler Uunona was elected with 85 per cent of the vote in the former German colony, which is still home to a small German-speaking community and where a number of streets, places and people still bear German names.  

After winning the seat on the ticket of the ruling SWAPO party - which has ruled Namibia since independence from apartheid

South Africa in 1990 - the politician told Bild  [ a German newspaper ] that he had 'nothing to do with' Nazi ideology. 
The Mail saw fit to censor this one but cheerful comments got through. None of those made a connection between blacks and IQ. But some of the silly ones passed muster.


Hitler Took Power Legally
IN Berlin 90 years ago today – January 30, 1933 – one of the most far-reaching and fateful events in modern history unfolded. Shortly after noon on that cold winter’s day, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg.  

The 43-year-old Nazi leader formally vowed: ‘I will employ my strength for the welfare of the German people, protect the constitution and laws of the German people, conscientiously discharge the duties imposed on me, and conduct my affairs of office impartially and with justice to everyone.’ 

Never did words ring more hollow. From then on, Hitler ruthlessly set Germany along the road that led in September 1939 to what Winston Churchill called ‘the greatest tragedy’ in the history of mankind – the Second World War.  

After their Fuhrer’s inauguration, the Nazis celebrated wildly in the streets of Berlin. That night, thousands of stormtroopers carrying swastika banners and chanting ‘Sieg Heil!’ staged a torchlight procession through the Brandenburg Gate and along the Unter den Linden. They were joined by throngs of Berliners as they made their way to the Reich Chancellery, where a spotlight picked out Hitler standing at a window.  

Hitler’s propaganda chief Josef Goebbels wrote in his diary: ‘It has come! The Fuhrer is appointed Chancellor… just like a fairytale. The final decision has been made. Germany is at a turning point in her history … Germany has awakened.’ 

Hitler’s rise from obscurity to the pinnacle of power was remarkable.  Born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, in April 1889, the son of a Customs official, he moved to Vienna in 1908 hoping to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. Rejected because of his lack of talent, he ended up a homeless, embittered down-and-out, developing a rabid nationalist and anti-Semitic world view.  

He moved to Munich in 1913 and the following year joined the German Army when the Great War broke out. After Germany’s defeat in 1918, he found his talents for political demagoguery and in 1921 became leader of the Munich-based NSDAP – the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the Nazi Party............ 

On March 23, the Nazi-dominated Reichstag, purged of Leftist members, passed the Enabling Act, giving Hitler a free hand to create and enforce laws as he saw fit. He became the absolute dictator of Germany and would remain so until he committed suicide in his Berlin bunker on April 30, 1945, having wreaked death and destruction which encompassed the globe. 

It was not as if Germany, and the world, had not been warned about Hitler … by Hitler. As long ago as 1925 in his rambling autobiographical manifesto Mein Kampf, he had set out his programme – the overturning of the Versailles Treaty, expulsion of the Jews and the expansion of Germany eastwards to create Lebensraum (living space) for the master race. Many dismissed this as a rant. But Hitler meant every word.  

And now, thanks to a tawdry backroom deal with the reactionaries he despised, he and his legions of political gangsters had become masters of a great, modern, advanced European state with all its military, social, industrial and economic might, resources and potential. With such formidable means at his disposal, Hitler could finally make his murderous Mein Kampf visions become dreadful reality. 

In February 1933, General Erich Ludendorff, who had been Hindenburg’s deputy during the Great War – and had once supported Hitler – told the president in a telegram: ‘By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich you have handed over our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you that this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future generations will curse you in your grave for this action.’ 

Ludendorff’s warning came far too late. But it would be devastatingly vindicated. 

In his classic 1960 book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, author William L Shirer incisively sums up the situation, emphasising how Hitler did not seize power in Germany, but was handed it legally by men who arrogantly thought he would be a useful dupe. 

He wrote: ‘In the former Austrian vagabond the conservative classes thought they had found a man who, while remaining their prisoner, would help them attain their goals.  

‘The destruction of the Republic was only the first step. What they wanted was an authoritarian Germany which at home would put an end to democratic “nonsense” and the power of the trade unions and in the foreign sphere undo the verdict of 1918, tear off the shackles of Versailles, rebuild a great army and with its military power restore the country to its place in the sun. 

‘These were Hitler’s aims too. And though he brought what the conservatives had lacked, a mass following, the Right was sure that he would remain in its pocket – was he not outnumbered eight to three in the Reich cabinet? Such a commanding position also would allow the conservatives, or so they thought, to achieve their ends without the barbarism of unadulterated Nazism. Admittedly, they were decent, God-fearing men, according to their lights. 

‘The Hohenzollern Empire had been built on the armed triumphs of Prussia, the German Republic on the defeat by the Allies after a great war.  But the Third Reich owed nothing to the fortunes of war or to foreign influence. It was inaugurated in peacetime, and peacefully, by the Germans themselves, out of both their weaknesses and their strengths.  

‘The Germans imposed Nazi tyranny on themselves. Many of them, perhaps a majority, did not quite realise it at that noon hour of January 30, 1933, when President Hindenburg, acting in a perfectly constitutional manner, entrusted the chancellorship to Adolf Hitler. But they were soon to learn.’ 
Henry Getley, a journalist, a hostile one at that puts a view. He does not mention that two years later, in 1935 a  plebiscite in Saarland shows that 90.3% of those voting wish to join Nazi Germany. They thought that Adolf Hitler was doing the right things. But Mr Getley seems to know better.


Was Adolf Hitler A Bad Painter? 

No. He was actually a good painter.

Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria

But in the dog-eat-dog world of fine arts, where the winner takes it all, being a good painter is simply not enough. You have to be an excellent painter to make it.

 Hitler was actually rather close to making it to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts - some 2,000 applied annually and the numerus clausus was 40. He was around 50 to 70.

The professors of the Academy insisted his human characters lacked in soul. They were either kitschy or cardboard-ish.

They insisted young Adolf’s real talent was in architecture, and asked him to apply to Vienna University of Technology. They saw Hitler was an artisan, not an artist. The problem was that Hitler lacked Abitur, the A-levels, and it was a pre-requisite for architecture. So his only way to make it in the arts was the hard way - to be an autodidact.

He made his living by selling his art and post cards, but only barely - he was no better than Lumpenproletariat in general.

But as much as we would like to praise self-made men and those who do it the hard way, the grim truth is that only a very small percentage - less than 1% - succeed on the hard way. More than 99% who go by the hard way will fail, no matter how hard they try or how talented or diligent they are. And Adolf Hitler belonged in those 99%.

The First World War killed the artist in Adolf Hitler’s soul. He never painted any more after the WWI.

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