The Labour Party

The Labour Party was established in England to further the interests of the Working Man and his family. That is the theory. The practice is not the same. The name is an advertising prospectus which got them into Parliament and into power. Their record is not admirable; far from it. The current policies are driven by a hatred of England and essentially unlimited greed. They no longer do anything for the working man apart from taxing him to pay for their evil schemes. They are happy to throw money at illegal immigrants and make it easy for them to vote illegally. Buying votes keeps Labour in power and keeps their snouts in the trough. They have a flood of gold that they can spend on whatever they want. Civil servants connive at humungous waste. They like the idleness, the job security and gold plated pensions.

Better yet, they retire and join the firms they gave the contracts to. It is a double pension scheme. Here are some of the blots on Labour's record.
PS The current [ 2015 ] propaganda chief is Seumas Milne, a Stalinist. It is run by its National Executive Committee.
PPS Do they go in for tax evasion? Believe it or look at the Paradise Papers in re the Labour Party

Labour Party Assessed By Comrade Lenin
Vladimir Lenin understood them well - His remarks are in full at Marxism and the British Labour Party:-
"Regarded from this, the only correct, point of view, the Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeois party, because, although made up of workers, it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the  bourgeosie. It is an organisation of the bourgeoisie, which exists to systematically dupe the workers with the aid of the British Noskes and  Scheidemanns."[ See ]


“Vote for Us, You Miserable Scum” Mammon, Marx and Miliband
Labour Party politicians do not say it but they think it. The game was given away, again by Emily Thornberry, a fat ugly lump who has never done an honest day's work in her life. Blair thought that people had nobody else to vote for. Then the British National Party gave working men a choice; that is why they are hated.


New Labour
Was Blair's marketing machine, one that took over real Labour and corrupted it.


British Government 2010
Sean Gabb explains the sincere nastiness of the Tories and the far worse evil of Blair & Brown.


Labour Party Assessed
Tommy Macpherson MC, a Scottish businessman who knew them tells all.


History Of The Labour Party
Labour explains Labour; it is the party line. Believe it if you will.


The Labour Party ex Wiki 27 February 1900 - the present day
In the 1906 election, the LRC won 29 seats—helped by a secret 1903 pact between Ramsay MacDonald and Liberal Chief Whip Herbert Gladstone that aimed to avoid splitting the opposition vote between Labour and Liberal candidates in the interest of removing the Conservatives from office.

In their first meeting after the election the group's Members of Parliament decided to adopt the name "The Labour Party" formally (15 February 1906). Keir Hardie, who had taken a leading role in getting the party established, was elected as Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party (in effect, the Leader), although only by one vote over David Shackleton after several ballots. In the party's early years the Independent Labour Party (ILP) provided much of its activist base as the party did not have individual membership until 1918 but operated as a conglomerate of affiliated bodies. The Fabian Society provided much of the intellectual stimulus for the party............

One of the most notable early critics of Labour's claim to be socialist was the Marxist theorist and leader of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, who, after examining the actions and political positions of its leaders, came to the conclusion that "the only correct point of view [is that] the Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeoisie party, because, although made up of workers, it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the bourgeoisie, which exists to systematically dupe the workers."
Labour is the party of the honest working man? That was the theory back in 1900 when it was formed. The reality has been rather different. Dear old Vlad [ Lenin, not The Impaler ] got them bang to rights, bourgeois swine screwing the honest working man.

Labour Lechery     [ 17 November 2017  ]
Worth reminding everyone that sexual harassment is not a party political issue – it happens in all parties at Westminster with no exception. Labour has so far succeeded in preventing the names of any of its alleged sex pests from coming out. This is the astonishingly dark litany of abuse claims against Labour MPs and officials made over the last few days:


Not that the Tories are any better of course.

A rose by any other name would smell as foul. Labourism = Fascism.


13 Years Of Hard Labour
It was soft enough for them with all of the job offers from the firms they gave our money too. It is the rest of us who got screwed.


Charles Clarke is another Hard Left apparatchik - the Russian word is very appropriate in his case.


The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Between 30 March and 15 May 1948, i.e. before any Arab government intervened, Israeli forces seized 200 villages and expelled 250,000 Palestinians. The Israeli leadership stated, "The principal objective of the operation is the destruction of Arab villages ... the eviction of the villagers." On 9 April, Israeli forces massacred 93 people, including 30 babies, at Deir Yassin. In Haifa, the Israeli commander ordered, "Kill any Arab you encounter."

This all happened under British rule in Palestine, where Britain had 75,000 troops: Britain's Mandate did not end until 14 May. The Labour government connived at the Israeli onslaught, although the British state was legally obliged as the occupier (and also by UN resolution 181) to uphold law and order. Yet the Labour government announced that it would no longer be responsible for law and order and it withdrew all the British policemen. It also forbade the presence of any UN bodies, again breaching the terms of the UN resolution. The government ordered British forces to disarm the few Palestinians who had weapons, promising to protect them from Israeli attacks, then immediately reneged on this promise.

On 24 May 1948, Ben Gurion wrote, "We will establish a Christian state in Lebanon, the southern border of which will be the Litani River. We will break Transjordan, bomb Amman and destroy its army, and then Syria falls, and if Egypt will still continue to fight - we will bombard Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo. This will be in revenge for what they (the Egyptians, the Aramis and Assyrians) did to our forefathers during Biblical times." These ravings of an insane warmonger hardly betrayed any genuine fear of a `second holocaust'. The Palestinians were suffering massive expulsion, not trying to destroy the Jewish community. 
Conniving at murder and ethnic cleansing is not the sort of thing that politicians like to admit. They do have shame or cunning; the latter probably.


Is a trouble making rat bag who cheats. And that is just the Wikipedia says about her.


A Christian gentleman? Not a chance. A communist apparatchik and an enemy of civilization is more the mark. And an enthusiasm for getting rich.


Reid was a loud mouthed drunkard and hard line communist who married money and a Jew. He doubtless claims that he has principles.


Labour And Thieving
The arrogance of thieves with power is what galls people and when it comes to arrogance noveau rich swine like Smith are experts.


Labour Explained By Kaufman
Kaufman is one of theirs but not entirely bad, being fairly sound on Jews and mass murder.


Labour Politicians
Here are some of the perpetrators.


Labour Friends of Israel
Names 37 Labour wallahs. It does not include David Miliband, the grandson of a Jew, traitor and murderer.


Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East
The Committee
Mark McDonald, Treasurer
Martin Linton MP, Chair
Richard Burden MP, Chair of Policy Committee
Sara Apps, Secretary of LFPME
Simon Danczuk PPC, Membership officer
Ben Folley, Campaigns officer
Dr Phyllis Starkey MP, Vice-Chair
There are not many of them and they are not big names. Not pandering to Jews pretty well guarantees that.


Labour Was For Ethnic Cleansing In Palestine In 1944
Recalling the "success" (Churchill) of the Greek-Turkish compulsory transfer, the Allies at the Potsdam Conference (1945) authorized the expulsion of some 13 million Germans from Central and Eastern Europe (around 2 million perished in the course of this horrendous uprooting).  Even the left-wing British Labor Party advocated in its 1944 platform that the "Arabs be encouraged to move out" of Palestine, as did the humanist philosopher Bertrand Russell, to make way for Zionist settlement. (16)  
Power is an ugly thing, open to abuse by canting rogues as much as any one else.


Israel Friendship Associations
Names other groups with similar names. Some are foreign. The Nazis did something similar before the war. One of them, American Israel Public Affairs Committee has two men on trial now [ November 2007 ] for espionage against America.


Spin Doctors, Media and the Left
Tells us about the in depth evil of Labour people in Hackney which is near Islington where Blair lived and Hodge will also have been privy to.


Seumas Milne ex Wiki
Seumas Milne
(born 1958) is a British journalist and political aide. In October 2015, Milne was appointed as the Labour Party's Executive Director of Strategy and Communications.

Before taking up this post, Milne was a columnist and associate editor at The Guardian newspaper, known for his left-wing views. He is the author of a book about the 1984–5 British miners' strike, The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners, which focuses on the role of MI5 and Special Branch in the dispute.

Milne's journalism and Labour Party appointment were the subject of much negative media comment in October 2015. Peter Preston, Milne's former editor at The Guardian, commented on the ethical challenges faced by journalists turned political advisers and concluded about Milne's change of career path: "Houston, we have a challenge: let’s see if we have a problem."[8]

The younger son of the former BBC Director General Alasdair Milne, Milne attended Winchester College and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford, and Economics at Birkbeck College, London University. His sister, Kirsty, who died in July 2013, was an academic and former journalist

After graduating from Oxford University, Milne was the business manager of Straight Left, a monthly publication of the faction within the Communist Party of Great Britain which wanted the CP, according to Michael Mosbacher, to remain "on a solidly Stalinist path".


Seumas Milne II
Jeremy Corbyn’s new spin-doctor has strange views on foreign affairs — he usually backs Britain’s enemies.
Seumas Milne believes the referendum in the Falklands, or ‘Malvinas’ as he calls it, was “dodgy” and says we should negotiate with Argentina.

Ironic then that as a schoolboy he was at the same posh Winchester boarding house as the man who is now the Governor of the Falklands, Colin Roberts. The pair know each other well and were not averse to sharing the occasional ciggie behind the bike shed.

Young Seumas wore a Chairman Mao lapel badge and kept a copy of the Chinese dictator’s famous Little Red Book on his desk. He studied Russian for A-level and went on to become a fan of Stalin. No wonder he likes Corbyn.


Censored Government Paper Proves Their Political Objective - Cultural Genocide [ 18 February 2010 ]
The Migrationwatch think tank has just released a copy of the uncensored Home Office Economics and Resources Analysis Unit and the Cabinet Office Performance and Innovation Unit document which proves that mass immigration to Britain is a political tool used by the Labour Party to socially engineer society for its own ends. This document was given restricted circulation in October 2000 and was obtained by Migrationwatch UK under a Freedom of Information Act request to the Cabinet Office. “The massive increase in immigration under Labour was a deliberate policy undertaken for ‘social’ as well as economic reasons,” said Migrationwatch............

According to Migrationwatch, Mr Neather went on to describe a Government policy document which he had helped to write in 2000. He said that “drafts were handed out in summer 2000 only with extreme reluctance: there was paranoia about it reaching the media.”
Vote Labour, vote treason. Cultural Genocide is a crime against humanity when the Chinese do it to Tibet but when Labour do it to England it is different - according to them.


Labour Imports Islamics With Malice Aforethought [ 1 November 2009 ]
Let me spell this out again very slowly. The neo-Nazi British National Party now has two MEPs, one million votes and a claim to a place in the legitimate political life of Britain principally because a very significant proportion of the electorate believe that Britain’s culture and identity are being steadily transformed by mass immigration............

There could scarcely be a more profound abuse of the democratic process than to set out to destroy a nation’s demographic and cultural identity through a conscious deception of the people of that nation. There could hardly be a more worthy issue for the Conservative party to leap upon. Yet the Tories’ reaction so far has been muted........ Condemned out of its own mouth, it is New Labour that is responsible for the rise of the BNP — by an act of unalloyed treachery to the entire nation.
It takes Philips, a Jew to tell us that Labour are traitors and that the Tories are worse than useless. NB that she has nothing to say about the problems caused by Jews, their take over of the media, universities, political parties et cetera.


Labour Caused Mass Immigration To Destroy England And Annoy The Tories [ 30 October 2009 ]
The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett. He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote"..........

Some 2.3 million migrants have been added to the population since then, according to Whitehall estimates quietly slipped out last month. On Question Time on Thursday, Mr Straw was repeatedly quizzed about whether Labour's immigration policies had left the door open for the BNP.
Destroying England as an act of malice against the Conservatives sounds plausible and shows that various Labour apparatchiks are traitors. It is de facto Labour policy to encourage electoral fraud by making easy for illegal immigrants to enroll as voters and bribe them with dole money.
PS That means Labour is racist as well as treasonous.
PPS See also 'Dishonest' Blair and Straw accused over secret plan


Labour MP Pays Half Minimum Wage [ 25 February 2014 ]
Cunningham is an unpleasant rogue, a hypocrite who campaigns for everyone getting the same minimum wage. He is a greed driven Scot just like Blair, a greed driven traitor and Brown, a greed driven malevolent weirdo.


UKIP Hit ‘Unacceptable Low’ with Rotherham Child Abuse Poster Campaign [ 31 October 2014 ]
UKIP have been accused of exploiting the trauma felt by victims of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal to help their campaign in winning an upcoming police commissioner election.......

The election was called following the resignation of Shaun Wright, the former head of child services in Rotherham from 2005 to 2010, who finally stepped down following a damming report detailing how 1,400 children were abused in the town for years......

Speaking at the unveiling of the campaign, Clarkson said: "It is a sad fact that the people have been let down by the Labour Party across South Yorkshire. Politicians, both at the town halls and in uniform for years were more worried about fashionable ideas than about protecting our young in their own towns and streets".
The Labour Party betrayed English children. It betrayed the Working Class. It even betrays its own party workers. The head office has its snout in the trough. The rest are mugs. UKIP tells the truth. Labour whines.
PS The Labour Party does protect Paedophiles if they are not Pakistani Perverts. At all events they looked after Greville Janner but then he is a Jew.
PPS The Tories are just as bent.

Lest we forget; 1,400 English girls were raped by Pakistani Perverts with the collusion by Her Majesty's Government.


Labour Keeping Very Quiet About Their Plan To Import Millions More Third World Undesirables [ 15 December 2014 ]
That isn't quite what they said. It is what they mean.
Labour MPs have been ordered to avoid campaigning on immigration, according to a leaked election strategy document on how to fight the threat from UKIP...........

MPs should shift the topic to the NHS, housing, or other areas in which Labour polls higher than the other parties.
Be a politician, be a liar, be a Traitor.


Labour Party Says Its Voters Are Its Enemy [ 30 August 2015 ]
There’s an easy way to find genuine Labour supporters – they boasted about voting Green in this election and kept quiet about voting Lib Dem in the last. Naturally, what Labour fears is not Tory entryism, but the horror of infiltration by the sort of people Labour is supposed to represent.
The Guardian tells the truth sometimes. Perhaps this one is an accident. Recall that the Labour Party was formed by trade unions for the honest working man. That does not mean Chardonnay drinking Marxist homosexuals living in Hampstead, wanting cheap servants.


Labour Suspends Three Pakistanis For Saying Things About Jews  [ 8 April 2016 ]
9:30am: Guido reveals Labour councillor Ilyas Aziz’s anti-Semitic Facebook posts.
Aziz suspended by Labour.

12:54pm: Guido reveals Labour councillor Salim Mulla writing “Zionist Jews are a disgrace to humanity”.
Mulla suspended by Labour.

4:23pm: Guido finds Labour councillor Shah Hussain comparing an Israeli footballer to Hitler.
Hussain suspended by Labour.
Does the Labour Party allege that the Pakistanis are wrong, or that Jews are exempt from civilized standards? Running Concentration Camps In Israel, murdering en masse in Gaza Massacre et cetera sounds much like an action replay of naughty Adolf's fun and games.


Labour Shadow Minister Is An Anti-English Racist [ 2 June 2016  ]
Top Labour MP accused of 'disdain' for voters after branding older white men a 'problem'
LABOUR’s shadow Europe minister Pat Glass has come under fire after branding older white men a “problem”........under fire from UKIP's Paul Nuttall.............

In comments reported by the Express & Star newspaper, Ms Glass said women and young voters were key to the Remain camp’s chances, adding: “Go and speak to your mother, your grandmother. “Don't speak to your grandfather, we know the problem are older white men.”...........

Ms Glass’s comments at the event on Monday were made less than two weeks after she was forced to issue a grovelling apology for describing a voter who expressed concerns about immigration as a “horrible racist”.

Mr Nuttall, MEP for North West England, told “Once again Pat Glass provides us with a window into the true soul of the Labour Party.
Glass is a fat ugly woman with an ugly mind, a Racist of course but an anti-English Racist, a typical Labour Party politician.

Labour Party Considers Anti-Semitism [ 1 July 2016 ]
It’s a measure of how intense the last week has been that the Anti-Semitism controversy that engulfed the Labour party in the spring seems a long time ago. Thursday’s publication of Shami Chakrabarti’s inquiry into anti-Semitism in the party seems in some ways to be a jarring voice from the past. Inevitably though, given the civil war in the party, some will try to use the report as a tool in this conflict............

Jews should not be held responsible for the actions of the state of Israel. Other points are simply good sense: Jews and other minority communities are not monoliths; “insensitive and incendiary” language over Israel-Palestine is at the very least unhelpful; people should not be automatically damned for platforms they have appeared on.
Jonathan Freedland, a Jew naturally enough albeit he does not mention the fact, says "My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority". I would say treat them the same as you would any other minority that happens to be composed of vicious mass murderers actively destroying Western Civilization. Alternatively treat them the way that Jews treat their victims in Gaza.


The Fraudulent Anti-Semitism Crisis Destroying The Labour Party [ 1 October 2016 ]
In order to comprehend the civil war in one of the West’s oldest centre-left parties you have to know two things that must never be openly admitted.  The first is that the entire row has been over an  anti-Semitism crisis that was clearly manufactured.

The second point is that the real reason for the dispute; the party’s future as a vehicle for Jewish political power in Britain and reliable friend of Israel, must never be openly discussed at all. 

It is an unfathomable tale featuring as bizarre a menagerie as ever gathered around the Mad Hatter’s table. There are Trotskyists, Feminists, Islamists, Blairites, Israel-firsters, corporate mouthpieces, hedge fund managers, trade union barons, cynical careerists and dyed-in-the wool true believers. All of these people are bickering furiously over the slowly expiring carcass of a party set up a century ago to defend the poor and working class — proof that what begins as a noble cause, turns into a business and then degenerates into a racket, abandoning its White working class constituency in favour of important a new clientele of immigrants.
Blair used the Jews for money and Third World parasites for the Vote Rigging. The Working Classes are just mug punters to be screwed.


Ethnopolitics And The Death Of The Labour Party [ 28 September 2016 ]
The Labour Party was created to help the honest Working Man. That is the theory. The current reality is betrayal. Where its legitimacy came from people's votes and its money came from unions it has changed. Blair preferred being financed by Jews, by Zionist crazies, by the Puppet Masters, by the likes of Michael Foster who is one of the Israel Lobby. He was, in an ugly turn of phrase in the hands of the Jews.


Parliament Complains About Anti-Semitism In The Labour Party [ 16 October 2016 ]
Apparently Anti-Semitism is very bad. But anti-Palestinianism is a matter of indifference. Zionist crazies murder people in Gaza when they aren't starving them while Parliament looks at issues that really matter e.g. stopping people from telling the truth about Jews.


Labour Apparatchik Misses Zionist Event For Mass Murderer's Funeral [ 1 December 2016 ]
Emily Thornberry has pulled out of an event on Britain’s relationship with Israel in order to attend Fidel Castro’s funeral, Guido can reveal. Thornberry was due to speak at today’s conference hosted by BICOM and the Jewish News discussing terrorism and “cooperation” between Britain and Israel. Guido understands she is now in Cuba.  Labour’s foreign policy priorities summed up…
Thornberry is a fat, ugly lump, a ratbag on the make; it's why she joined The Labour Party. She despises the honest English Working Man knowing that the rogues who run the party do too; that they are just as treasonous & greedy as her. That is why she panders to the likes of Poju Zabludowicz, the Zionist crazy who runs BICOM, a branch of the Puppet Masters that exist to destroy England & Western Civilization while using our resources to make war against Arabs in the Middle East. That is why BICOM bribes politicians like Cameron. She is one of the Fidel Castro Fan Club, just like Comrade Corbyn, Livingstone, Galloway, Gerry Adams & other murderous rogues. Zabludowicz is just as vicious but he does his dirty work at second hand. There is no blood on his hands.
PS Thornberry is a lawyer specializing in human rights but not for Palestinians living in Gaza being brutalized by Jews.

I say again, fat & ugly.


Labour Party Champagne Reception With Tickets At £95 A Head [ 8 February 2018 ]
It is being run by Lady Nugee, better known as Emily Thornberry, a fat, ugly lump of lard, famous for despising the Forgotten Man, the honest Worker. She joined Labour because she was on the make, just like  Blair. See something on her track record at Labour Apparatchik Misses Zionist Event For Mass Murderers Funeral.


Labour Announce Their Plan To Open Immigration & Destroy England   [ 25 February 2018 ] 
Labour have announced that they will scrap any preventative measures to hold back the hordes of Third World migrants clamouring to invade the British Isles.

During a speech by ‘Britain’s most racist woman’, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott announced plans to permit ‘child’ migrants to ship over their entire families to “end family break-up through the immigration system.”

Labour’s sudden interest in keeping families together is an interesting one. The Labour Party is the biggest advocate of the government welfare state which rewards the breakup of families by actively sponsoring single-motherhood and rendering fathers redundant.

Given that family links are vastly extensive, Labour’s plans are guaranteed to kick-start start large-scale chain migration. Ignoring the fact that such legislation will provide another “dangerous incentive” for Third World economic migrants to abandon their countries, undertake the hazardous journey to reap the benefits of Soft-Touch Britain, Abbott went further by announcing Labour plans to scrap any such cap on numbers.

According to a leaked draft of proposals, Labour also intends to scrap existing government policy preventing low-waged Muslims from importing wives from Pakistan.
Pakistan is where the Rapists come from.


Marxist Pressure Group Taking Over Labour Party   [ 28 February 2018 ] 
Founder of grassroots movement [ sic ] likely to stand as general secretary to counter union grip on post

Momentum is expected to go head-to-head with Labour’s biggest trade union backer in the battle for the party’s next general secretary, after a late-night conference call failed to persuade the grassroots group to rally around the Unite candidate.

Jon Lansman, the founder of Momentum, has told friends he is considering a bid to replace Iain McNicol, who is standing down, and is expected to announce his intentions on Tuesday.

Senior sources at the leftwing group, which has been a key backer of Jeremy Corbyn, said there was dissatisfaction that unions could in effect decide between themselves who would secure the position.
Momentum was set up by Jon Lansman, a Jew to take over the Labour Party using Comrade Corbyn as their front man, their Useful Idiot. The fundamental techniques of Entryism were worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communist party. Why did another one, Michael Foster, a rich Jew join Labour? Was it to get political power? Foster was a friend and colleague of Cameron, ex leader of the Tories. Foster is keen on human rights for all except Palestinians who inconvenience Jews in the Stolen Land of Israel. See more at Jews Fight For The Soul Of The Labour Party.
PS This is what Sir Winston Churchill called Trotskyite deviation to the left.


Marxists Taking Over Labour Party [ 11 March 2018 ] 
A senior Momentum official has called for Labour to cut its links to trade unions. Christine Shawcroft, a member of Labour’s national executive committee, accused the unions of “sticking it” to rank-and-file supporters of the party, which should belong to its members.

The comments on her Facebook page were part of a statement endorsing Jon Lansman, the Momentum founder, for the role of general secretary. He is a frontrunner for the top job alongside Jennie Formby, a Unite official, in a heated contest that insiders see as a battle for the future of the party.
Shawcroft backed Lutfur Rahman, the corrupt Pakistani mayor of Tower Hamlets & Comrade Corbyn. Now she is for Jon Lansman, the Jew who set up Momentum to take over Labour. Cutting out the unions would end any pretence that it is the People's Party.


Pakistani Home Secretary Abused By Labour Racists   [ 3 May 2018 ]
Sajid Javid's appointment as the first BAME [ That means black or some such - Editor ] holder of a Great Office of State has been met with a torrent of vitriol from Labour activists, members and pro-Corbyn social media fanboys. Here is a selection of the racially-charged abuse Saj has been receiving…

Tariq Mahmood, a prominent Labour activist who is out campaigning for the local elections in Peterborough this week, called him a “coconut”:...........

Jack Johnson, a former Labour councillor of 10 years, called Saj an “uncle Tom” and “scum”:.......

X Factor’s Steve Brookstein [ A Jew? The Times of Israel seems to think so - Ed. ], who has repeatedly tweeted in support of Corbyn and Labour, called him an “uncle Tom”:.........

Suna Miah, who ran the audio-visual for Corbyn’s speech at the Muslim Council of Britain leadership dinner two weeks ago, called Saj a “brown coconut”:............

Omar Qureshi, a Labour member in Birmingham who is pictured wearing a Corbyn t-shirt in his Twitter profile picture, said:........

Labour activist Salman Khan, a self-proclaimed Corbyn supporter with a “Jeremy Corbyn for PM” graphic in his Twitter picture, tweeted that Saj is a “literal coconut”:........... 

The @LabourUnite account, which has 35,000 followers including John McDonnell, Angela Rayner, Chris Williamson and a host of other Labour MPs, called Saj an “uncle Tom” too:.............

Kinder, gentler. politics. Will Corbyn even lift a finger to stop this?
Various Race Relations Acts make inciting racial hatred a crime. Of course it only applies to Englishmen unless they are BBC wallahs, Homosexuals, Marxists or other undesirables. The Main Stream Media, especially the Beeb will suppress the truth - again. NB a fair few of these criminals are also Third World parasites.


'Lord' Hain Hated Apartheid - Now He Takes The Bungs, Doucers, Sweeteners, Brown Envelopes, Whatever  [ 9 August 2018 ]   
There’s no bigger draw in London right now than Prince Harry and his new bride Meghan, so the duo’s official visit to the Southbank Centre to celebrate the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth last month was the hottest ticket in town................................

 At their side throughout was Lord Hain, the Blair-era Cabinet minister who cut his political teeth as a militant anti-apartheid campaigner in the Seventies and Eighties and later developed an affectionate friendship with Mandela................. Guests included a doughty selection of Hain’s fellow travellers in the anti-apartheid struggle, along with some of Mandela’s nearest and dearest, such as Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela, his granddaughter, Andrew Mlangeni, a fellow inmate in the Robben Island prison where Mandela spent 18 years, and Thembi Thambo, South Africa’s High Commissioner to the UK whose father Oliver was a famous African National Congress politician.

Yet also in the room (but strangely absent from the list of attendees circulated to journalists) was an altogether more curious — not to mention contentious — addition to the hallowed guest list. His name was Zunaid Moti. And despite being entirely unknown to the vast majority of attendees, he turns out to be one of South Africa’s most colourful businessmen.............

Moti has, over the past 15 years, turned a low-profile family car firm into a global business empire, with interests in such seemingly unrelated industries as property, mining, agriculture and security.

Like many a self-made tycoon, he has also, over the course of this remarkable journey, shown himself to be as adept at generating messy scandals as he is at making fast money.

Last summer, for example, it emerged that Interpol had put out a warrant for Moti’s arrest over an alleged fraud connected to a business deal involving a Russian financier and a pink diamond worth 500 million South African rand (£29 million).

Meanwhile, a few years ago, to cite another episode, he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder following a violent attack on a businessman, Naeem Cassim............

But first, a question: why was this rich but highly controversial entrepreneur of Indian extraction, who boasts no obvious connection with either Nelson Mandela or the anti-apartheid struggle, rubbing shoulders with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at last month’s bash?

Or, to, to put things another way: how did a man with his somewhat controversial track record find himself basking in the reflected glory of not just the British Royal Family, but also the most revered statesman in Africa’s history?

The answer, it turns out, is very straightforward: Zunaid Moti just happens to be paying large amounts of cash to the aforementioned Labour peer, Lord Hain.
Zunaid Moti is "colourful". This is code for bent but stayed out of prison so far. Hain, of course is just like Blair, a shit on the make.


Jews Lose To Hard Left In Labour Party Selection Battle  [ 8 September 2018 ]
A leading Labour moderate [ sic ] is battling to hold on to her political career after she lost a crucial party vote as the hard-left try to oust her as an MP. Joan Ryan, a leading critic of Jeremy Corbyn's failure to tackle the anti-Semitism crisis, lost the confidence motion by just two votes at a party meeting in Enfield, north London.

Ms Ryan, the chair of Labour Friends of Israel, blamed the bid to deselect her on 'Trots, Stalinists, Communists and assorted hard left'. But she vowed to stay on as the local MP, telling her Twitter followers 'I am Labour through and through' and she will not be quitting. 

And Gavin Shuker, Labour MP for Luton South, who also lost a no confidence vote last night, pledged to stay on in Parliament. Quizzed about the votes while on a visit to a museum in Leicestershire today, Mr Corbyn defended them - saying local parties have a right to challenge their MPs.
The Labour Party is corrupt, a gang of politicians lying and cheating their way to power over the levers of the regime; it has nothing to do with the honest Working Man. As Comrade Lenin told us many years ago it is a thoroughly bourgeois party led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the  bourgeosie. It is an organisation of the bourgeoisie, which exists to systematically dupe the workers. It has long since fallen victim to Entryism, infiltrated by Marxists & by Jews. The Mail is duping us too. It favours the Zionist crazies.
PS Shuker looks like a real thicko but he worked out that pandering to Jews was the way to go.


Jews Take Back Control Of The Labour Party By Using Anti-Semitism Allegations  [ 7 September 2018 ]
Britain’s Labour Party has finally been brought back under control by that country’s Jewish lobby and been forced to accept a “definition” of anti-Semitism which outlaws criticism of Israel—no matter how racially-based that country’s laws are, and no matter how viciously it oppresses Palestinians—an obvious reversal and negation of the Labour party’s claimed “anti-racist” principles.

The “anti-Semitism” allegations which have swirled around Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn only exist because he has dared to expect the Jews to be “non-racist” toward the Palestinians in the same way that they demand white Gentiles to be “non-racist” in Europe and America.

Corbyn was forced to back down at his party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) in London yesterday, and could not even manage to persuade the Zionist faction and their puppets in that body to adopt a motion stating that it is not “anti-Semitic to describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist.”

Instead, the NEC adopted the full “definition of anti-Semitism” as laid down by the “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance” (IHRA), another Jewish Lobby pressure group which specializes in guilt-blackmailing Gentiles with Holocaust propaganda. The IHRA’s definition of “anti-Semitism” includes the statement that someone is “anti-Semitic” by “Deny[ing] the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”

Israel clearly is a racially-based state
Comrade Corbyn held out against the Racist bullies, the Zionist crazies, the murderous thugs who run Palestine, the Stolen Land. I thought better of the man for acting honestly. Now he is broken. NB The Tories weren't getting abused. They are under control. Theresa May panders to them; it is why she went to see the head rabbi before she went to the Queen. Boris Johnson is another of their puppets. NB this attack was run by Foster, a rich Jew who tried to break Brexit. See Jews Fight for Soul of Labour Party & The Jewish Millionaire Trying to Oust Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn on the point.


Labour MP Is A Racist, An Anti-English Racist Pandering To Zionist Crazies  [ 29 October 2018 ]
From the Jewish press we learn that Britain’s House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has summoned executives from Google, Twitter and Facebook for a hearing in order to slam the social media giants for failing to block ‘hate speech’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ content from their platforms. It seems that Labour MP Yvette Cooper took issue with the refusal of YouTube to remove a video in which David Duke accused Jewish people of “organizing white genocide” and Zionists of conducting ethnic cleansing. I’m left wondering, what it is that motivates British MPs to launch a war against freedom of speech?

Can MP Yvette Cooper or any other British MP for that matter, tell us, once and for all, what exactly are the boundaries of our freedom of expression? Is calling Israel an ethnic cleanser a crime in the UK? But what if Israel is an ethnic cleanser? Is truth not a valid legal defence in modern Britain?

Astonishingly, it was, of all people, Stephen Pollard, Britain’s arch-Zionist and editor of the Jewish Chronicle who stood up for Duke’s elementary freedoms. In The Telegraph Pollard wrote. “It’s clear that the video is indeed antisemitic. In it, Mr Duke says: ‘The Zionists have already ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, why not do the same thing to Europeans and Americans as well? No group on earth fights harder for its interests than do the Jews. By dividing a society they can weaken it and control it.’ So there’s no debate that this is Jew hate in all its traditional poison.”.............

I’m left wondering whether George Orwell was, in fact,  the last of the prophets. After all, he did foresee British Labour transitioning into a tyrannical institution..........

But one question remains. What led Yvette Cooper to operate so openly in the service of one particular Lobby group.  [ Bribery, promotion, blackmail, whatever - Editor ]

 I guess that veteran Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky may have an answer to offer.
Colonel Ostrovsky was in Mossad. He knows of what he speaks.


Labour Candidate Married Into The Aristocracy  [ 16 November 2019 ]
Labour's candidate for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland has a noble family surname linked to the Queen of Belgium, it has emerged. The woman standing in next month's General Election is well-known to constituents as Lauren Dingsdale.

But the official election notice has her down as Lauren Louise De Thibault de Boesinghe (Commonly known as Lauren Dingsdale). De Thibault de Boesinghe is a noble European family complete with a coat of arms and links to Belgian aristocracy............

"I got married in June, that's where it comes from," said Ms Dingsdale, who was chosen as Labour's candidate in April , before her marriage.
Perhaps we can forgive her for marrying above her station in life. After all she looks rather nice but will Labour voters see it that way?


Fat, Ugly Snob Despises Labour Voters And Denies It   [ 16 December 2019 ]
Emily Thornberry angrily denied accusations she branded northern Brexit voters 'stupid' today as Labour tore itself to pieces over the election disaster.  

As the battle for the soul of the party turned nasty, Mrs Thornberry is understood to be consulting lawyers after ex-minister Caroline Flint claimed she made the dismissive jibe to a colleague.

The bitter spat came as senior figures raged that Jeremy Corbyn is 'in denial' for arguing that his hard-Left platform was not to blame for Labour's worst performance since the 1930s. Instead he said media attacks and Brexit were responsible for the rout and 80-strong Tory majority.

In a brutal verdict on her former colleagues this morning, Ms Flint - who was ousted from her Don Valley seat - warned that the next leader cannot be 'Corbyn without a beard'.
Lady Nugee, otherwise called Emily Thornberry, is a fat ugly lump of lard who despises the honest English Working Man. She even said, in effect “Vote for Us, You Miserable Scum” That is Labour Party policy. Blair thought we had no one else to vote for then the British National Party gave us a choice; that is why they are hated. Nugee has never done an honest day's work in her life but she panders to the likes of Poju Zabludowicz, a Zionist crazy. NB Nugee is a lawyer specializing in human rights but not for Palestinians living in Gaza being brutalized by Jews.

The Mail's readers are not amused by her. Caroline Flint does not look that gross.


Labour MPs Blame Comrade Corbyn         [ 19 December 2019 ]
They chose him. They got him. They wanted to screw England. They still do. How were they doing it? Read the next pair for examples. They use Ethnic Fouling In England; it leads inevitably to Genocide. That is the point, that is Treason. They collude with Capitalist Swine, i.e. the Tories.


    [ 21 December 2019 ]
Most Labour activists believe English people are 'knuckle dragging Neo Nazis', a former Cabinet minister has warned. John Denham, who served in government under Gordon Brown, delivered a withering assessment of his party's failure to connect with normal working-class voters.

He said elements of the Left believed there was nothing to be 'proud' of about England's history, because the 'only thing' that mattered was 'slavery and imperialism'.

The damning critique came as Labour descended into all-out civil war in the wake of the election thrashing at the hands of the Tories. Jeremy Corbyn oversaw the worst performance since 1935 - even worse than his hapless hero Michael Foot in 1983 - as Boris Johnson racked up a majority of 80. 

Labour's so-called 'Red Wall' of Leave-leaning seats in the north, Midlands and Wales was smashed as its traditional core voters deserted the party.  
Mr Denham did Chemistry at university so he was not indoctrinated by the usual Marxist rogues who infest the Humanities. He was not force fed the White Guilt stories. He might even know that the Atlantic Slave Trade was run by Jews. Louis Farrakhan would have been delighted to explain; that is why Theresa May refused him a visa to come here. But it is all in his book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. BTW the Labour Party uses wholesale Vote Rigging by Pakistani Perverts to hold power but this time honest Working Men wanted Brexit more than Labour's treachery.


The Labour Partly [ sic ]   [ 16 January 2020 ]
Historically, a popular coup against an opposition party is rare.  In the last General Election Corbyn’s Labour provided us with just such an exceptional spectacle.

Labour managed to alienate its voters. Its leader turned his back on its strongest allies including, among others,  Ken Livingstone and Chris Williamson. For some reason Corbyn’s Labour turned itself into an Orwellian authoritarian apparatus; it even dug into its members’ social media accounts picking out ‘dirt’ (human right’s concerns) in order to appease one distinctive foreign lobby.

The Brits saw it all, how dangerous the party became. Many former ardent Labour supporters angrily rejected their political home. They may never return. The conduct of the contenders for Labour’s leadership in the last few days reveals that the Brits were spot on in humiliating their opposition party. 

At the moment, Labour’s leadership candidates are, without exception, competing amongst themselves to see who goes the lowest in pledging allegiance to a Lobby associated with a foreign state that is currently under investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC)  for committing crimes against humanity.

Leadership contender Emily Thornberry is apparently on her “hands and knees…asking  for forgiveness.” And she is not the only one. The Zionist Times of Israel’s headlines yesterday revealed that the top candidates for Labour leadership have all vowed to lead the fight against anti-Semitism. "Keir Starmer backs automatic expulsion for offenders; Rebecca Long-Bailey: Corbyn bears personal responsibility for crisis; Jess Phillips suspends aide over anti-Semitic tweets.”............

The new Labour leader is expected to support the bizarre idea that the Zionist Jewish Labour Movement will grant the kosher certificate for its “anti racism education program.” I thought to myself that if the Jewish Labour Movement is so good in ‘anti racism education,’ maybe, and before anything else, it should contribute towards the cleansing of racism in Israel.
The Board of Deputies of British Jews [ BOD ] is run by and for the most dangerous of England's Enemies Within. It may well be that they financed the Conquest of England by William the Bastard. He certainly gave them their pound of flesh when he used them to tax us. While Zionist crazies have been abusing Comrade Corbyn with allegations of Anti-Semitism they said nothing about the Tories or their little mate, Boris. They are traitors, the Conservative Friends of Israel.

Labour Party Deserted By Working Men  [ 4 March 2020 ]
Labour could face another abject humiliation at the hands of voters in May's local elections, a damning leaked document reveals today. The rudderless party could lose 315 councillors and control of heartland cities including Sheffield under the worst-case scenario laid out for the May 7 poll.

It comes after the party suffered its worst general election defeat since the 1930s in December. Leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would step down after that embarrassment but the protracted race to succeed him will not be completed until the start of next month. It means the new leader will not have much time to get his or her feet under the table before voters had to the polls. The documents, leaked to the BBC, warned that the party is facing 'one of its worst' results.  

Ian Murray, who is running to be Labour's deputy leader, said: 'This report should be an urgent wake-up call for the party.
The Labour Party deserted the Working Class. Now it is the other way round. The quasi-intellectuals of the Hard Left betrayed us by using Illegal Immigration & their flood of alien filth in Rotherham, in Rochdale et cetera ad nauseam. Democracy is bringing them payback time.
Labour was the party of the working class once
Recall that the BBC is a Left Wing propaganda machine that protects Paedophile Poofters. NB Nicholas van Hoogstraten, a career criminal beat a Malicious Prosecution after calling a copper a poof.


Labour Party Abuses Former EHRC Boss  [ 9 March 2020 ]
A former head of the country's equalities watchdog has been suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of Islamophobia. Trevor Phillips, an anti-racism campaigner who previously chaired the Equality and Human Rights Commission, faces an investigation and could be expelled from the party.

He was among a group of 24 public figures who last year declared their refusal to vote for the Labour Party because of its association with anti-Semitism.

However, The Times reported that he is now being investigated over past comments, some of which date back years, including remarks on Pakistani Muslim men sexually abusing children in northern British towns.
The Labour Party is keen on suppressing the truth about Pakistani Perverts who were carrying out thousands of Rapes of English girls in Rotherham and other sad little towns. Sarah Champion broke ranks briefly and got slapped down sharpish.

 Labour politicians used rape as a tool, as Bribes to buy the wholesale Vote Rigging they need to hold power up North. As they know; Rape is Fun - for the perpetrators.
Vote rigging

Phillips made lotsa money by pandering to anti-White Subversives. Now he has changed. The quasi-intellectuals of the Left Wing, like Karl Marx said they were for the Working Class. Now they are helping Third World parasites & inciting Illegal Immigrants.


Labour Party Leader Panders To Zionist Crazies  [ 8 April 2020 ]
The Jewish community praised new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for making a clean break from the Corbyn era today as they held talks online.

Sir Keir was hailed for having 'achieved more in four days more than his predecessor in four years' after he unveiled steps to tackle vile [ sic ] abuse in the party. In a Skype call, Sir Keir - who romped to victory in the contest to replace Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday - told senior figures that the handling of the issue up to now had been a 'disgrace'.  

Joined by newly-elected deputy leader Angela Rayner, Sir Keir said he had demanded that all the outstanding anti-Semitism cases be 'on my desk at the end of the week', while also vowing to set up an independent complaints process. The issue dogged Labour after Mr Corbyn's election as leader in 2015, and leadership hopefuls were regularly asked how they would tackle it.
The Jewish community praised Pontius Pilate for crucifying Jesus. Recall too that the Bolsheviks, led by Jews set up the October Revolution, took over Russia and murdered millions. Further the Head Jew Is A 'Committed Ally of Muslims' [ allegedly ] and a committed enemy of England.


Pakistani MP Says English Girls Raped By Pakistani Criminals Should Keep Quiet About It  [ 12 April 2020 ]
The Labour Party’s new leader has appointed an MP who shared a tweet stating “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity” as Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion.

Naseem 'Naz' Shah, the British-Pakistani Labour MP for Bradford West, sparked outrage when she shared the tweet — which she said was “a genuine accident”, although she also “liked” it — in 2017, with tens of thousands of people signing a petition demanding her resignation.

She did not resign — indeed, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn actually promoted her to a frontbench role as Shadow Minister of State for Women and Equalities in his Shadow Cabinet t the following year.

Now Corbyn’s successor Sir Keir Starmer, the devoted anti-Brexiteer hailed by many left-liberals as a “moderate” who can drag Labour back to the so-called “centre ground” of British politics, has also shown favour to Shah, appointing her to the newly created post of Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion.
Shah's mother is a murderer. She has to pretend that she does not hate Zionist crazies. Why did Starmer give her a job? The Labour Party politicians need Pakistanis because they want power. Therefore they need Vote Rigging; that means Pakistanis. The quid pro quo is a free licence to Rape English girls in Bradford, Rotherham and other sad little northern towns.

The Labour Party is betraying the English Working Man; importing Third World parasites drives wages down. Capitalist Swine like it that way.


Labour Was 'Rejected By Communities They Were Founded To Represent' [ 20 June 2020 ]
Jeremy Corbyn's disastrous leadership has left Labour with a 'mountain to climb' if it is to win the next general election after it was 'unprepared' for the 2019 campaign while hampered by the party's toxic culture and flip-flopping over Brexit. Labour Together, a group including MPs Ed Miliband and Lucy Powell, party members, union leaders and media figures, has investigated a crushing defeat it said was 'a long time coming' as they were 'rejected by many of the communities we were founded to represent'.

The group's no-holds-barred report sets out the 'political, organisational and digital' failures which helped catapult Labour to its worst result since 1935, and while attempting to chart a path back to power, it grimly said the party 'has a mountain to climb' to win the next election.
The Labour Party was founded to represent the Working Class. It does not; it has not since  BlairBrown if not earlier. It betrays them instead.  The politicians get their finance from Jews, largely Zionist crazies, as bribes to do it their way. The Votes Are Rigged by Pakistani Perverts. The pay off for them is freedom to Rape and defile English girls in Rotherham and other sad little towns up north. Compare this internal position paper with an outside view, Jews Run Major Propaganda Attack on Jeremy Corbyn

Labour voters couldn't vote Tory but they did vote for Brexit; they knew they were being screwed big time.


Labour Politicians Hate White Working Men   [ 14 July 2020 ]
Andrew Twentyman makes the best pizza in Leigh in Greater Manchester. But he’s a working man who doesn’t like Jeremy Corbyn. And for that he had to be destroyed. 

‘Can you imagine what state we’d be in if Jeremy Corbyn had been in charge of all this?’ the former Labour supporter told The Guardian newspaper on Wednesday, in the wake of Rishi Sunak’s coronavirus rescue package. Within a few hours, reviews of his pizza parlour had to be suspended on TripAdvisor after it was flooded with malicious ‘one-star’ ratings. ‘Disappointing food and toxic, rude and racist management’ was a typical example of the benign Left’s ‘customer feedback’........................

Last month a group of Labour MPs, led by Ed Miliband, published their report into the collapse of the party’s Red Wall in the last Election. They identified a number of reasons. The toxicity of Corbyn. The chaotic position on Brexit. The Generation Game conveyor-belt of implausible promises that constituted Labour’s manifesto. But they ignored another significant factor. The liberal Left now view white, British working men and women as their enemy. And they hate their enemy with a loathing that is visceral................

But I thought that once he and his tin-pot Marxist army were routed, a process of re-engagement would begin. Labour would instinctively reach out to its lost heartlands.

But it’s clear from the past week that it won’t. It can’t. Because its instinct is not to go near the working classes unless it’s with a barge-pole – one that only sees the light of day at Election time............

We’ve had Emily Thornberry’s denunciation of White Van Man. [ See also Labour Apparatchik Misses Zionist Event For Mass Murderer's Funeral ].........................

Where, among the new intake of Labour MPs, are the outspoken advocates of the traditional ‘Blue Labour’ wing? Where, come to that, are the advocates of labour at all? Distaste for the workers is now in Labour’s DNA.

And one of the most grotesquely blatant examples has been the attempt to neuter and sideline the trade unions, and replace them with pliant political groupies from organisations such as Momentum and the People’s Assembly.

As one trade union official said to me a few months ago: ‘I never thought I’d see the day when one of our members would stand up at Labour conference and plead for jobs to be a priority alongside the environment, and get booed.’
The Labour Party hates the Working Class. It gets the votes from Pakistani Perverts, the expert Vote Riggers and the Bribes financing from Jews, from Zionist crazies. The Mail does not mention that detail.


Labour Wants One Candidate For Election Selection Stitch Up  [ 21 May 2021 ]
It looks like Labour is once again building a shortlist of one for an upcoming by-election, with Kim Leadbeater currently the only person in the running for Labour’s candidacy in the Batley & Spen contest later this summer. Clearly learning the wrong lessons from their attempted coronation of Dr. Paul in Hartlepool...

Leadbeater – who only became a member of the party a few weeks ago – claims she has ‘never really seen [herself] as a political animal’,, yet has nonetheless been thrust to the front of the pack, with councillors Shabir Pandor and Salma Arif both ruling themselves out following Leadbeater’s announcement. Nominations only opened yesterday, and close at 5pm this afternoon.

LabourList’s Sienna Rodgers also claims that Labour is expected to ‘waive the membership issue‘ to allow Leadbeater to stand despite her recent entry to the party, with members casting their votes on Sunday. Labour knows what it’s doing here: running the sister of Jo Cox in her own former seat is no accident, though rushing her into the candidacy so openly might raise some eyebrows...
The Labour Party is putting Jo Cox's sister up front in her old constituency. Tommy Mair sorted Cox out; he's a rather nice
sort of chap. Cox was a ratbag on the make just like her old man, a keen fornicator.


Thornberry's 10-Point Plan to Undermine Britain's Vaccine Drive  [ 22 May 2021 ]
Today Emily Thornberry published an open letter to Liz Truss in which she outlined Labour’s 10-point plan to ‘win the battle against Covid-19’. Essentially, it amounts to signing up to a load of global bodies with binding powers over their member states, and a pooling of vaccine supply resources for ‘maximum efficiency and output‘. Has Labour not been paying attention to Europe’s rollout for the last six months?

Of course, this isn’t the first time both Thornberry and Starmer have advocated moves which would have botched the UK’s agile vaccine drive. First, they campaigned to keep the country within the European Medicines Agency post-Brexit (despite Starmer later claiming he hadn’t). Then they pushed the government to ignore scientific advice and vaccinate teachers ahead of the clinically vulnerable – a policy which was later debunked by the ONSEvery day is Groundhog Day.
Thornberry is a fat, ugly lump of lard who loathes White Van Man, the typical honest working man but she joined the Labour Party, the workers' party though she has never worked in her life. The Forgotten Man is going to stay that way. But she did go to Fidel Castro's State Funeral. She had to miss another opportunity to snivel to the Puppet Masters - see Labour Apparatchik Misses Zionist Event For Mass Murderers Funeral. She cares about power, she wants to run our lives her way. She hates Democracy.


Labour Was The Real Villain Of Paedophile Perversions  [ 2 August 2021 ]
The wheels of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse grind exceeding slow. 

A few days ago — six years after it began its work — the IICSA disgorged the text of its first significant report. [ Children in the care of Lambeth Council Investigation Report IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse ]. This was an investigation into the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in the care of Lambeth Council, starting in the 1970s and lasting for well over a decade............

 The value of this report lies, in part, in its setting of the political context. The head of Lambeth Council from 1978 to 1986 was Ted Knight (pictured) — universally known as 'Red Ted'

As the report pointed out, he and his colleagues were so focused on their political opposition to the Thatcher government (which led them to refuse to set a council tax rate) that 'children in care became pawns in a toxic power game' within the council.

Although 33 Lambeth councillors were removed from their positions for refusing to set a rate, the real losers were the children under their statutory care (705 of them from three children's homes are described as 'known victims').

The IICSA concluded that Lambeth council 'treated children in their care as if they were worthless' and showed 'callous disregard' by 'putting vulnerable children in the path of sex offenders' who infiltrated those institutions.

As the report noted: 'Many councillors and staff purported to hold principled beliefs about tackling racism and promoting equality, but in reality they failed to apply these principles to children in their care.'

The former leader of Islington Council, Margaret Hodge, who dismissed the claims of one of those abused as coming from 'an extremely disturbed person' and who pressured the BBC not to report his accusations, was subsequently, with no sense of irony, made Minister for Children by Tony Blair. She is pictured in 2003, while holding that position

This was not unique within London councils dominated by the hard Left. There was also Islington, during the many years, it so happens, that Jeremy Corbyn was a councillor (he later became the local MP).

One Labour MP did 'weaponise' the issue of child sex abuse: this was the then deputy leader of the party, Tom Watson (pictured)

'The Labour-run council,' he wrote, 'had both facilitated the abuse by employing known paedophiles and brazenly attempted to cover it up, shredding crucial documents [ destroying evidence in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice? ] and dismissing subsequent media reports about the scandal as 'gutter journalism'.'

The former leader of Islington Council, Margaret Hodge, who dismissed the claims of one of those abused as coming from 'an extremely disturbed person' and who pressured the BBC not to report his accusations, was subsequently, with no sense of irony, made Minister for Children by Tony Blair....................

But what was the origin of the spurious claims against the blameless Brittan? It turns out to have been a concoction of a former London Labour councillor called Chris Fay, who also invented the hoax that child abuse by leading Tories took place at the Elm Guest House.
Dominic Lawson puts a party political view but be aware that he is Jew. He still fingers Hodge, a rich Jew. The full report is at I am personally aware of one fraud perpetrated by Lambeth Council worth some £5 to £10 million so this article is totally unsurprising. Similar considerations apply to corrupt politicians in Rotherham etc. Tom Watson is the only one to emerge with any credit.


Labour MP Charged With Seven Fraud Raps  [ 20 August 2021 ]
The CPS has announced that Jared O’Mara has  been charged with seven counts of fraud by false representation. The South Yorkshire Police released a statement this afternoon saying both O’Mara and his former chief of staff, Gareth Arnold, had been summonsed to court in connection to a series of alleged fraud offences. The charge relates to a number of “allegedly fraudulent expenses claims” submitted to IPSA between October 2018 and February 2020…

While O’Mara’s charges sum to seven counts of fraud, his former chief of staff is charged with six. Jared is also charged jointly with John Woodliff for “an offence of entering into an arrangement to facilitate the acquisition of criminal property”. All three will appear at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on 24 September
The Wiki makes O'Mara sound thoroughly unreliable. The Guardian also takes a position - Ex-Labour MP charged with making fraudulent invoices to Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.


Jews Buy Tories, Jews Buy Labour   [ 18 October 2021 ]
Buy both sides to guarantee a win. It works for Jews. Perhaps we should too.


Fat, Ugly Labour Party Infiltrator Questioned About £600,000 Bribe   [ 15 January 2022 ]
LABOUR MP Emily Thornberry squirmed with embarrassment when questioned over a £600,000 donation to her party from a suspected Chinese operative.

Ms Thornberry sat down with Nick Ferrari on to answer questions about the money Labour have received from the suspected spy, Christina Lee. The shadow Attorney-General stated the allegations of breaches showed how bad Westminster security is, and how easy it is "to wheedle your way into" the seat of British power. The  MP explained how the accused spy had managed to get close to former Ministers and cosy up for photos with the likes of David Cameron and Theresa May, as she was left squirming over a £600,000 donation her own party accepted.
To be fair the Tories don't come so cheap. They took £2 million from Ehud Sheleg, a Jew & expert on dodgy accounting.  They even made him their treasurer; he's their kind of people. To be fair, he has stayed out of prison so far, just like his brother. But back to p Thornberry; I said fat & fat I meant.

NB Fancy waking up next to her in the morning. She has priorities - see Labour Apparatchik Misses Zionist Event For Mass Murderers Funeral. She was a fan of Fidel Castro.


Labour Party Betrays White Working Class But Wants Their Votes  [ 24 November 2022 ]
The current leader of the Labour party is Ed Miliband, son of the Marxist academic Ralph Miliband, who preferred East Germany to Britain and may have been a KGB agent. Marxists pretend concern for the working-class while working hard to immiserate and enslave them. So Ralph would have been very proud of his son’s work for New Labour:

Miliband ally attacks Labour migration ‘lies’ over 2.2m they let in Britain

A close ally of Ed Miliband has attacked Labour for ‘lying’ about immigration. Lord Glasman – a leading academic and personal friend of the Labour leader – said that the previous Labour government had used mass immigration to control wages.

In an article for Progress magazine, the Labour peer wrote: ‘Labour lied to people about the extent of immigration … and there’s been a massive rupture of trust.’ Labour let in 2.2million migrants during its 13 years in power – more than twice the population of Birmingham. Lord Glasman, 49, had already told BBC Radio 4 recently [in 2011]: ‘What you have with immigration is the idea that people should travel all over the world in search of higher-paying jobs, often to undercut existing workforces, and somehow in the Labour Party we got into a position that that was a good thing. Now obviously it undermines solidarity, it undermines relationships, and in the scale that it’s been going on in England, it can undermine the possibility of politics entirely.’.......................

A recent letter from 7 Labour MPs to Miliband shows some anxiety in the ranks that this hostility to the White working class will by a disaster for Labour:......................

As Lord Glasman notes, the Labour Party remains “hostile to the English working class.” But it’s greedy for their votes too. And so it pretends that it cares about them. In a Labour leaflet for the recent Euro-elections, you can see a White family looking concerned about the “Cost-of-Living crisis” and a classroom containing three White children and a White teacher. There is not a single ethnic enricher in these two images, which is very unusual in modern Western advertising.
This comes from the archives, from history. It was true then; it is true now. His Majesty's Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition is run by Traitors just like His Majesty's Government.


How Britain’s Labour Party Became a Criminal Conspiracy Against Its Members  [ 29 November 2022 ]
For many years, former Labour leader Comrade Jeremy Corbyn's supporters have claimed that he, and they, were targeted in a coordinated attack from the right of the party, comprising a majority of Labour MPs as well as senior party staff. The aim was to sabotage Corbyn’s chances of taking power.

Those allegations were dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory by the British media. But the first independent verification came as early as April 2020, shortly after Corbyn stepped down as leader, with the leak of a cache of internal Labour Party documents. They showed that Labour bureaucrats, responsible to the party’s general secretary Iain McNicol rather than to Corbyn, plotted to bring about their leader’s downfall, even prioritizing his destruction over winning the closely fought 2017 general election...............

Now, over the past few days, Al Jazeera has aired a shocking three-part investigation, “The Labour Files”. Running close to four hours in its online format, it is based on even more leaked documents, and reveals the complete sabotage of the party’s democratic processes by the Labour right, including by many of its senior MPs. Those processes were hijacked to carry out purges of the party’s left based in most cases on false accusations, fabrications, misrepresentations and smears.
Yes, they are bent. Recall that Ken Livingstone got into power using corrupt shenanigans long ago.


UK Labour Says Israel Has The Right To Starve Gaza Children  [ 12 December 2023 ]
As Britain this week announced that its military could actively participate in Israel’s genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, the main opposition party also loudly advertised its complicity in the starvation of 2.3 million people.

“Israel does have that right,” said Labour leader Keir Starmer  when asked by LBC Radio if he thinks “siege is appropriate? Cutting off power, cutting off water?” He repeated the false Israeli talking point pushed by most Western governments that “Israel has a right to defend herself.”

The rest of Labour’s leadership have also expressed their full support for Israel’s genocide.

On the BBC’s Newsnight program, Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry repeatedly refused to answer when asked if the “cutting off [of] food, water and electricity is within international law.” She instead waffled about Israel’s purported “right to defend itself,” and tried as hard as possible to change the subject.

Meanwhile, Labour’s general secretary David Evans sent an email on Saturday morning issuing “strong advice” against lawmakers and other party officials attending Palestine solidarity demonstrations this weekend in “the interests of our members’ safety,” he claimed. “In the event that individual members are in attendance at these protests and demonstrations, I ask that no Labour Party banners are taken along,” he added.
The Labour Party, established for the working man and his wife has been perverted. It is now the Enemy Of The People. Be aware that Keir Starmer is a human rights lawyer married to a Jew, allowing his children to be brought up that way. He is also a Moral Cretin on the make. In that he is just like Emily Thornberry, another lawyer who despises the Working Class. She Missed A Zionist Event For Mass Murderer's Funeral; that was Fidel Castro. Is she fat, ugly and corrupt? Answers on a postcard please.

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How Britain’s Labour Party Became A Criminal Conspiracy Against Its Members, by Jonathan Cook  [ 4 May 2023 ]
New Al Jazeera documentary reveals a covert alliance between the Labour right and hardline pro-Israel activists to purge the left as anti-Semites

For many years, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters have claimed that he, and they, were targeted in a coordinated attack from the right of the party, comprising a majority of Labour MPs as well as senior party staff. The aim was to sabotage Corbyn’s chances of taking power.

Those allegations were dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory by the British media. But the first independent verification came as early as April 2020, shortly after Corbyn stepped down as leader, with the leak of a cache of internal Labour Party documents. They showed that Labour bureaucrats, responsible to the party’s general secretary Iain McNicol rather than to Corbyn, plotted to bring about their leader’s downfall, even prioritizing his destruction over winning the closely fought 2017 general election.
Jonathan Cook, lately of the Guardian is a journalist living in Occupied Palestine. He says that the BBC is bent; he's spot on there. Of course Zionist crazies have infiltrated the mainstream media even when they don't outright own it. Jews from the Israeli embassy are attacking the media. See The Lobby. It accuses the Israel lobby in the United Kingdom and the Israel lobby in the United States and their relationship to the BDS movement. It also accuses the National Union of Students, Jewish Labour Movement, Union of Jewish Students, Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel and other UK based subversive mobs. Additionally, the series explores claims of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Two infiltrators Shai Masot & Ella Rose are named  - see Jewish Labour Movement worked with Israeli embassy spy.


Keir Starmer Snivels After Losing Rochdale Election Big Time  [ 2 March 2024 ]
Keir Starmer issued a grovelling apology to voters today after George Galloway stormed home in the Rochdale by-election. The Labour leader voiced 'regret' after the pro-Palestinian firebrand emerged victorious in the normally-safe seat after one of the most divisive and chaotic contests in recent history.

Mr Galloway immediately vowed to use the platform to torment Sir Keir over his stance towards Israel in the wake of the October 7 terror attacks by Hamas..........

But surfacing to face questions this afternoon, Sir Keir argued that Mr Galloway only won because Labour had to disown its candidate Azhar Ali over remarks condemned as anti-Semitic.
The Labour Party ran Rochdale for years. It allowed Pakistani Perverts to Rape and degrade thousands of English girls. But that was not good enough when the Jews running Occupied Palestine, the Stolen Land decided to destroy Gaza in  Massacre VI, to commit Genocidal mass murder. Labour even used a Pakistani candidate. See the mug shot and ask if you would ever trust him. Their vote went down by an impressive 43.9%. The Tories only lost 19.2%. Reform UK dropped a modest 1.9%. They will have got most decent English voters. George Galloway got a convincing 39.7%. Of course the Pakistanis are well known experts on Vote Rigging.

See Rochdale by-election for the full details. The runner up was  David Tully, an actual local and an Englishman to boot.

The Mail didn't bother to tell us that Starmer is a tool of Zionist crazies, one Married To A Foul Mouthed Jew & allowing his children to be brought up that way. But then The Mail is also pandering to our favourite Genocidal mass murderers.


Keir Starmer Is A Major War Criminal Helping Jews Commit Genocide  [ 3 March 2024 ]
Under cover of fear for MPs’ safety, Labour leader Keir Starmer has helped the ruling Tories paint as villains anyone opposed to Israel’s slaughter of children

For the best part of a decade now, the British establishment has been weaponising Anti-Semitism against critics of Israel, claiming as its biggest scalp the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He lost the 2019 general election – and stepped down as leader – amid a barrage of smears that he had indulged, if not stoked, anti-Semitism in the party’s wider ranks.

Corbyn is the only major British party leader to have prioritised the rights of Palestinians over Israel’s oppression of them. He was finally drummed out of the parliamentary party by his successor, Keir Starmer, in 2020 for pointing out that anti-Semitism in Labour had been “dramatically overstated for political reasons”...........

The inciting cause is a parliamentary crisis precipitated last week by Starmer’s refusal to identify Israel’s slaughter and starvation of the 2.3 million people of Gaza as “collective punishment” – a war crime........

According to a recent survey, two-thirds of Britons support a ceasefire in Gaza – with many of them blaming Israel for killing and maiming at least 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza and imposing an aid blockade that is gradually starving the rest of the population...........

Britain is supplying Israel with arms, giving it diplomatic cover at the United Nations, and has effectively joined Israel in its aid blockade. The UK has frozen funds to the UN’s main aid agency, Unrwa, a last lifeline to the enclave.............

During the Corbyn years, opposition to Israel’s oppression of Palestinians was denounced as anti-Semitism.

And in just the same way, reality is being turned on its head once again. Now, the call for an end to Israel’s slaughter of children is being variously denounced as extremism, an attack on democracy, and the stifling of free speech.

Senior journalists are sticking their oars in too.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg [ Father is a Jew - Editor ] claimed the dangers extended beyond politicians to journalists like herself.. The current crisis, she suggested, could be traced back to Corbyn’s supporters, who were wont to “boo and jeer” as she and the rest of the media promoted evidence-free claims that Labour was beset by anti-Semitism............

The political and media establishment now whipping up fears for the safety of MPs – so they can continue ignoring Israel’s genocide – is the same establishment that endlessly vilified Corbyn for highlighting Israel’s ugly rule over the Palestinians.
, lately a journalist with The Guardian tells us, in essence that the Establishment has been utterly corrupted by Jews, that it applauds the ongoing Genocidal mass murder in Gaza.




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