Priti Patel

 Priti Patel is a Third World undesirable whose face fits, one who is currently, in January 2017 the Secretary of State for International Development. This while Theresa May is the prime minister. Being an Indian means that Patel has the in depth understanding of Bribery and corruption that go with the genes.

British Government Gives Another £5 Million To Black Pop Group [ 19 December 2016 ]
UK taxpayers have picked up a new £5.2million bill to fund a talk show for Ethiopia's own Spice Girls. Yegna, a five-strong pop group, has been awarded a contract to develop its 'branded media platform', which also includes a radio drama and music. The foreign aid cash - which will keep the band going until at least 2018 - comes despite officials warning it may be a waste of money...........

In 2013 a Mail investigation from Ethiopia, which is one of the biggest recipients of British aid, revealed a UK-funded project named Girl Hub had provided £4million to help fund the group.

Ethiopian critics at the time said it was enough money to run the Yegna initiative for 154 years [ Only 154? - Editor ].

Then last year the Independent Commission on Aid Impact watchdog warned ministers to halt the project unless managers could show it was working..........

But following the report, the Department for International Development (Dfid), gave the go-ahead and injected a further £5.2million in the Yegna brand alone, it can be revealed..............

Plans to pour new money into the project has never been publicly announced by the government.
It is only taxpayers' money so nobody cares apart from the vultures picking our bones clean. How much of it gets to the young women, not that they need it in the first place. Would you believe the light fingered greed driven opportunists like Miliband & Helle Thorning-Schmidt - she of Save the Children, a criminal organisation?

Patel - a cunning looking chancer.


Foreign Aid Racketeers To Be Leaned On Slightly [ 26 December 2016 ]
Priti Patel, the International Development Secretary, has written to all her department's suppliers, demanding that they in future "deliver value for money" for taxpayers.................... Ms Patel has come under growing pressure in recent weeks following a series of revelations about wasted spending by her department................

David Miliband, the former Labour MP [ & Marxist Jew on the make ] who is now president of the US-based International Rescue Committee, receives £530,922. His charity has been given £3.6m in British aid.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the former Danish Prime Minister who is now head of Save The Children [ a criminal organisation that smuggles thousands of Illegal Immigrants ], receives a pay and pension package worth £246,750 a year. The organisation was last year given aid contracts worth £104million by Dfid. In recent days it has also emerged that Britain gave £1.3billion in foreign aid to help people in the 20 most corrupt countries in the world in 2015, research claims.
All too often Charities are businesses with tax breaks. Every movement begins as a cause, becomes a business then a racket. That is why Miliband is there. Ditto for Thorning-Schmidt, another politician. Her Majesty's Government should not give charities any money because they are bypassing Altruism in favour of who knows whom, the quid pro quo, in fine Bribery.


Third World Parasites Paid Directly By Her Majesty's Government [ 5 January 2017 ]
The U.K. Government’s “foreign aid” program has handed out over £1 billion (US $1.23 billion) in cash, paid directly into personal bank accounts, of at least 9.1 million people in 14 countries, including Pakistan, the Yemen, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe since 2010, an investigation by the Daily Mail has revealed.

The cash handouts work through state-administered welfare systems in the 14 Third World states, where recipients are given debit cards and can draw cash at will from auto banks in their countries—with no control at all over what it is spent on.

The Daily Mail report went on to reveal that Pakistan—which has three nuclear power plants, its own nuclear weapons, a $6 billion space program which has three satellites in orbit, and which has a Gross Domestic Product of US$271 billion (the 41st largest in the world and second largest in South Asia), is the main beneficiary of this astonishing U.K. taxpayer-funded cash handout.............

The Daily Mail revealed that currently around 235,000 families are given the cash through the “Benazir Income Support Programme” (BISP), a government-run welfare department, which is a beneficiary of the U.K.’s Department for International Development (DFID)..........

The cash handout budget has soared from £53 million in 2005 to an annual average of £219 million in the period 2011 to 2015, in a program which Nigel Evans, a Conservative Party MP, described as nothing less than “exporting the dole.”

While 90 percent of the recipients get their cash handouts through bank cards, fully 10 percent are given the money in cash in envelopes at their local post offices, the Daily Mail went on to report.

In addition, the newspaper found evidence of wide scale corruption in the program’s implementation, with many of the recipients only being given their bank card after they had paid “kickbacks to officials.”

Furthermore, Pakistani newspapers reported last year that a nationwide probe had been launched after a “growing number of complaints about fake accounts and alleged corruption from project staff. Seven employees have been suspended on corruption charges and 125,714 suspicious accounts have been suspended.”
Deeply corrupt or allegedly deeply corrupt? To ask the question is to know the answer or be willfully blind. NB the Secretary of State for International Development is Priti Patel, a loud mouthed insolent Third World undesirable with the in depth understanding of brown envelopes, introduction commissions, fraud etc. that go with being Indian. She would doubtless allege that she is not guilty of Fraud, in particular Fraud by abuse of position. In reality she is part of the New Corruption & above the law.
PS Patel pretends to care about helping the poor. See e.g. Priti Patel warns taxpayers' money being wasted or Priti Patel sets out new vision to stop international aid budget being stolen. Who gets the bungs? People who vote in English elections? Is it Bribery to pay for Vote Rigging in Tower Hamlets & other ethnic enclaves.


Patel Stops Wasting Foreign Aid On Ethiopian Pop Group  [ 7 January 2017 ]
Britain scraps £9 million foreign aid for Ethiopia's Spice Girls after Mail revealed 'blood boiling' waste of taxpayers' money
Pop group Yegna received £4m as part of project to empower women in Ethiopia Despite warnings of public money being wasted a further £5.2m was promised  However ministers pulled the plug on the band last in face of public opposition A Daily Mail campaign has highlighted waste in the £12billion foreign aid budget 

Admitting foreign aid could be spent better elsewhere, ministers pulled the plug on the five-strong girl band last night. The pop group Yegna initially received £4million as part of a wider programme aimed at empowering women [ sic ] in Ethiopia.

Despite warnings of public money being squandered a further £5.2million followed in 2015 for an initiative expected to run until at least 2018. MPs hailed the ‘common sense’ decision by International Development Secretary Priti Patel...........

A total of £38.9 million was earmarked for the entire Girl Effect project – of which £27.1million had been spent by the end of 2015.
Patel has now got more money to waste so she will do just that. In fact she already is, by giving the dole to worthless parasites; they are Third World freeloaders of course. See e.g. Third World Parasites Paid Directly By Her Majesty's Government. Helping foreigners to help themselves sounds worthy. It is how poor people in rich countries get robbed by rich people in poor countries. Recall how Foreign Aid Money Gets Stolen Says Pakistani


Aid Minister Conspired With Israeli Criminals [ 4 November 2017 ]
Priti Patel met politicians and officials in Israel without telling the Foreign Office, it was claimed yesterday.

The International Development Secretary, who had travelled to Israel on holiday, met the leader of a political party [ Yesh Atid ] and visited several organisations where official business was allegedly discussed.

She was accompanied by an influential pro-Israeli Conservative lobbyist, the BBC reported.
Patel is a Third World alien with the genetic disposition to corruption. Taking a private holiday [ sic ] with 'Lord' Polak, another politician is the story. Believe it if you want. Are they friends of England or Enemy Infiltrators? Polak ran the Conservative Friends of Israel. Patel is good at wasting our money on blatant parasites. NB Yesh Atid colludes with Benjamin Netanyahu, the well known mass murderer.


Priti Patel Colluded With Alien Criminals [ 8 November 2017 ]
Priti Patel could be sacked after it emerged she attended two further secret meetings with Israeli officials on top of the 12 that had already been revealed. Senior Tories said she would be axed as International Development Secretary in the next reshuffle.

It follows revelations that she also suggested British aid money should be given to the Israeli army.

Theresa May, who only learned about the initial 12 meetings when they were reported in the media on Friday – the day after she hosted Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in London – demanded an apology from Miss Patel on Monday and formally reprimanded her.
Patel is a light fingered chancer keen on wasting our money on Third World dead beats and now, it seems, on the murderous Psychopaths of the Jews' war machine. She is one of the Enemy Within but then so is Theresa May; see e.g. Theresa May Panders To Zionist Crazies


Third World Politician Turns Nasty After Her Treachery Was Exposed [ 10  November 2017 ]
Allies of Priti Patel believe the Foreign Office leaked details of her clandestine meetings in Israel to damage her.

The former international development secretary was forced to resign following fresh revelations about her secret dealings with the Israeli government in August.

Miss Patel acknowledged she was wrong to hold a string of meetings with foreign politicians, including Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu without officials present...............
Patel chose to negotiate with enemy aliens. She is no loss.


BBC & Her Majesty's Government Pander To Zionist Crazies  [ 13 November 2017 ]
What the Priti Patel scandal tells us about the dark operations of UK’s powerful Israel Lobby. The scandal surrounding Priti Patel, who was forced to resign as Britain’s international aid minister last week after secret meetings with Israeli officials during a “family holiday”, offers a small, opaque window on the UK’s powerful Israel lobby.

Ms Patel’s off-the-books meetings with 12 Israelis, including prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, were organised by a British lobbyist [ a Jew in fact ] in violation of government rules requiring careful documentation of official meetings. That is to prevent conflicts of interest and illicit lobbying by foreign powers.................

Afterwards, Ms Patel pressed for the Israeli army, one of the most powerful in the world, to receive a chunk of Britain’s overseas aid. Meanwhile, she has sought to cut aid to the Palestinians, including to vital projects in Gaza. A clue as to how she reached such absurd “humanitarian” priorities is provided in the figure of [ the Jew  ] Stuart Polak, mentor on her Israel “holiday”.

The honorary president of Conservative Friends of Israel, Lord Polak has recruited four-fifths of Conservative MPs, and almost every government minister, to a group whose explicit goal is to advance Israeli interests in Britain. The prime minister, Theresa May, is regarded as one of Israel’s most fervent supporters in Europe.

Another window on Israel’s meddling opened briefly last week. The BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, took to Twitter to relay a damning comment from an unnamed “senior” member of Ms Patel’s party. In a clear reference to Israel, the source observed: “The entire apparatus has turned a blind eye to a corrupt relationship that allows a country to buy access”. A short time later, presumably under pressure, Ms Kuenssberg deleted the tweet.

 The BBC has not reported the comment elsewhere and the senior Conservative has not dared go public. Such, it seems, is the intimidating and corrupting influence of the lobby...........

There is growing hysteria about foreign interference in US and European politics. Is it not time for western states to show as much concern about the malign influence of Israel’s lobbyists as they do about Russian hackers?
The Puppet Masters are at it again; they always were. It is how they got Palestine, the Stolen Land & the opportunity to carry out Ethnic Cleansing of the Arabs, the people they robbed. Zionist crazies are Psychopaths who whine about Anti-Semitism after they rob, torture, murder etc. Patel is bent but then she is a Third World infiltrator. She worked out that pandering to Jews was the way forward among Tories. But they are worrying about the Internet weakening their power, bypassing the Main Stream Media. Whence the propaganda assault; see e.g. God Only Knows What Facebook Is Doing To Our Children's Brains


Hindu Politician On The Make Panders To Puppet Masters, To Jews  [ 17 November 2017 ]
The Hindu in question is Priti Patel, albeit pretty ugly.
Lord Polak, as Stu became thanks to David Cameron, is currently receiving some unwelcome attention in the British media. For such a small minority, Jews certainly get involved in a lot of scandals, don’t they? However, Lord Polak hasn’t been molesting women [ like the Jew, Harvey Weinstein ] or, as might seem more likely, molesting children [ like the Jew, 'Lord' Janner ] and small animals.

Vibrant Vacation
The scandal he’s now in goes like this. In August this year, he was present at unauthorized and unrecorded meetings held between Israeli officials and the International Development Secretary Priti Patel, a high-testosterone female politician who had taken her prime-ministerial ambitions on [ an allegedly family ] holiday to Israel. Among others, she met the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yuval Rotem of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and Gilad Erdan, Minister for Public Security, Information and Strategic Affairs...................

Of Mice and Ministers
But her scheming has come undone. What she got up to in Israel should have been enough for her to be removed from office, but Theresa May is a weak prime minister and would have allowed her to stay. However, Patel has now resigned for failing to disclose even more meetings with Israeli officials: on 7th September, she met Gilad Erdan again, this time in London, and on 18th September she met Yuval Rotem again, this time in New York. She has apparently had a great deal to discuss with representatives of a foreign power and Lord Polak was present “at 13 out of a total of 14 meetings.” But no White Briton seems to have been there: only Jews and Patel herself, a British-born Indian Hindu.

This is an extraordinary situation. I would call it a clear case of treasonous conspiracy, but somehow that doesn’t seem appropriate. Despite being born here, Patel clearly isn’t British. This country is merely the base for her career. From a Jewish point of view, she’s an ideal servant: a highly ambitious and unprincipled Hindu who has no concern either for British Whites or for the Muslim Palestinians displaced and mistreated by Israel........

Shameless Shabbos-Shiksa
But what do intelligence and competence matter in British politics? Theresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair got the top job not by exhibiting those qualities, but by diligently following the golden rule: Serve the Tribe. The repulsive Alastair Campbell, Blair’s thuggish and unprincipled press secretary, has said recently in the Jewish Chronicle that Blair “was conscious of the need to have very, very good relations” with “the Jewish community,” which wields enormous financial and media power despite its tiny size.

Patel is conscious of the same thing as Blair and she might easily have got away with her outreach to Israel. Indeed, it’s likely that this outreach has lasted far longer and involved far more than she has now been forced to disclose. Patel is a shabbos-shiksa: she serves Jewish interests in return for funding and friendly media coverage.
Pandering to the Zionist crazies, to the Puppet Masters is how to get on in politics. It worked for Theresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair. Just why did Blair get to be a multimillionaire as well as a War Criminal? The techniques the Jews are using include Entryism, which is to say infiltration. It was all worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communist party. It is the Long March Through The Institutions.


Bent Pakistani Accuses Remainers Of Corruption [
Ex-cabinet minister Priti Patel has accused the Remain campaign of working together to flout election spending rules. The leading Brexiteer has written to the elections watchdog calling on them to probe Remainers' 'blatantly flouting of the rules to feed the British people their propaganda'.

She claims there is 'significant evidence' Britain Stronger in Europe's partnership with the Labour Party, Conservative IN and the Liberal Democrats was tantamount to breaking regulation.

The Witham MP also attacked David Cameron's decision to spend £9million of taxpayers' money on a pro-EU campaign leaflet - claiming it 'broke the normal rules of fair play of our democratic system'.
We are all supposed to have forgotten that Patel was sacked for lavishing our money on foreign parasites and murderous Jews - see e.g. Patel Stops Wasting Foreign Aid On Ethiopian Pop Group & Hindu Politician On The Make Panders To Puppet Masters, To Jews


Pakistani Home Secretary Tells Immigrants To Go Up North
Welcome to Britain, but we'd like you to live up North: Home Secretary Priti Patel's migrant points plan will help boost northern economy by tempting talent away from the capital
Living up North pays off big time for Pakistani Perverts. Being allowed to prostitute English girls has significant advantages, e.g. fun & staying out of prison. The tax position is useful too. They don't have to pay it. The quid pro quo for the Rape et cetera is contributing to public life, using their skills in wholesale Vote Rigging. It keeps Labour in power. That is why they are wanted and needed in Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, sad towns up past the Watford Gap, but, importantly nowhere near little Miss Patel. Of course it all pays off for the Capitalist Swine who want The Tories to drive down wages for the honest Working Class using Illegal Immigrants. NB Patel has managed  to stay out of prison so far. Her face fits.


Priti Patel Backs Vulture Fund Screwing Nigerian Government      
Our wonderful Home Secretary is backing a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, one that is trying to take Nigeria for $6.6 billion plus interest of $1 million per day. The story is messy but it is safe to say that there are no good guys involved. Lotsa money will go to lawyers and other crooks while the people of that benighted land stay poor. The charge is being led by Richard Deitz, the Jew that set up VR Capital Group; it owns 25% of Process & Industrial Development (P&ID), an offshore company. It contracted to build a gas conversion plant but never even broke the soil. The company was originated by Mick Quinn, an Irish chancer hoping to make one last big score. This was a change from managing Daddy Cool and being a Merchant of Death. More detail is in Private Eye 1505/38. Asset Stripping beats honest work every time. Patel has a track record of pandering to Jews.
PS Mick Quinn looks quite a nice chap but then con men do, don't they?


Patel's Promise, Patel's Betrayal   [ 13 July 2020 ]
The Home Secretary’s promise to crack down on foreign criminals dodging deportation has been thrown into doubt by farcical new failures to secure the removal of offenders.

The Mail on Sunday has unearthed two cases that demonstrate the urgent need for the new fast-track deportation legislation promised last month by Priti Patel................

The cases highlight the legal hurdles faced by the authorities when trying to deport serious foreign criminals. 

Three weeks ago, Ms Patel told the Commons: ‘The Government’s position is, if you abuse our hospitality and commit crimes in the UK, we will do everything in our power to remove you.’
If Patel  wanted to deport them she could. One useful technique is to put Illegal Immigrants in Concentration Camps until are they got rid of. It is what Jews do to blacks in Palestine, the Stolen Land they call Israel. There are a number of these camps including Saharonim & Keziot. The Jews didn't need to learn from the Nazis; they understand evil too well.


Private Eye Says Priti Patel Fancies Herself As An Orator - She Ain't    [ 29 July 2020 ]
Patel occupies one of the four Great Offices of State and barely speaks English, causing problems for Hansard's people. Perhaps she is more fluent in Urdu, Swahili or whatever. Why is she Home Secretary? Because Johnson is lecherous and treacherous. He wants someone with no compunction about systematically importing thousands of Third World parasites. That is what she does. See PE-1425/25
PS At least three of those offices are held by aliens.


Priti Patel Accuses Facebook Of Protecting Paedophiles  [ 12 October 2020 ]
Priti Patel Blasted Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg today over his plans to block police around the world from begin able to access Facebook messages, saying they would allow child sex crimes and terrorism to go unchecked. The Home Secretary lashed out at the social media giant's intention to introduce end-to-end encryption in a bid to combat hacking and misuse by rogue states. Ms Patel said that Facebook's justifications for the change were 'overblown'............. End-to-end encryption [ if it is good ] would mean only the sender and recipient of a message on the Messenger app could read or modify what has been sent in a conversation...........

'In all of these countries, people prefer end-to-end encrypted messaging on various apps because it keeps their messages safe from hackers, criminals, and foreign interference.
Priti Patel objects to Encryption because it protects people from government spies. Does Patel care about Paedophile Perverts? No. She is allowing lawyers running the 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry sit around shuffling paper and doing nothing for 1,400 English girls raped by Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham but getting richer. She is also letting police and politicians walk free but then she is a Pakistani too.

She is also in charge of the Border Patrol operations importing thousands of Illegal Immigrants, putting them in four star hotels, giving them legal aid but not Deporting them. She is colluding with Boris Johnson in the Ethnic Fouling Of England. Their point is to cause Genocide.

That's not how it works in England, sad to say.


Boris Johnson Claims That Patel Is Not A Foul Mouthed Bully  [ 21 November 2020 ]
Boris Johnson drove his own ethics adviser to quit on Friday as he ripped up the rulebook by refusing to sack Priti Patel despite a formal investigation finding evidence that she bullied civil servants. After a Cabinet Office inquiry, Sir Alex Allan said the home secretary’s conduct “amounted to behaviour that can be described as bullying” – noting instances of shouting and swearing, and finding that she had breached the ministerial code, even if unintentionally.............

Dave Penman, the general secretary of the FDA union for senior civil servants, said Johnson’s decision to ignore the report’s findings meant “no civil servant will now have confidence that any complaint raised about ministerial behaviour will be dealt with fairly or impartially”...............

Patel later apologised, saying in a broadcast interview on Friday evening: “I’m sorry that my behaviour has upset people and I have never intentionally set out to upset anyone. I work with thousands of brilliant civil servants every single day and we work together, day in day out, to deliver on the agenda of this government and I’m absolutely sorry for anyone that I have upset.”
Naturally The Guardian does not mention that Johnson has filled the four Great Offices Of State with aliens of various sorts [ two Third World incomers and a Jew ]. But then the Grauniad is suppressing the truth because it is run by Racists; they are Anti-White Racists. Nor does it mention that Cameron Wants England Run By A Pakistani. They are Enemies Of The People.


Priti Patel's Mate Getting £28 Million Bung?  [ 29 May 2021 ]
Priti Patel was last night facing fresh questions over whether she breached the Ministerial Code by lobbying to help her former adviser land multimillion pound PPE deals. Leaked documents now show the Home Secretary pressed ministers and officials intervened to give a previously unreported £28.8million contract to a firm represented by Samir Jassal.

Her second intervention to help Mr Jassal came days after she tried to secure a separate £20million deal for the same firm, Pharmaceuticals Direct Limited (PDL) in an alleged 'glaring and flagrant' breach of the Code. The Daily Mail's report this month of that earlier deal led Labour to refer Miss Patel to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case.
Patel is a foul mouthed bully or not as the case maybe - see e.g. Johnson Claims That Patel Is Not A Foul Mouthed Bully so she got away with it. She talked, off the record to vicious enemy aliens - see Patel Colluded With Alien Criminals. Of course Third World aliens learn about corruption with their mothers' milk. The Mail is censoring comments again. The readers aren't deceived by it or her.


Patel Pretends She Is Trying To Stop Illegal Immigration  [ 21 July 2021 ]
MPs voted by 366 to 265 to adopt the Nationality and Borders Bill at its second reading. The Home Secretary believes the new legislation will help put a stop to migrants making the dangerous crossing across the English Channel from France on a daily basis.

Yesterday at least 430 people, including women and young children, made the journey, a new record for a single day.

More than 8,000 migrants are thought to have succeeded in crossing the Channel so far in 2021. Migrants crossing the Channel this year has already nearly surpassed the total for the whole of 2020.

The Nationality and Borders Bill aims to make it fairer and easier for genuine asylum seekers to make applications abroad, crack down on criminal human trafficking networks and remove those from the UK with no right to be here.
You are entitled to believe that Johnson & Patel are not using Border Force to encourage Illegal Immigration. In which case you should consult a good Psychiatrist, if such an animal exists. "Genuine asylum seekers" are just liars with better sob stories or using corrupt lawyers.


Patel Appoints Clandestine Channel Threat Commander  [ 25 July 2021 ]
U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel has appointed a Clandestine Channel Threat Commander – a new role leading the response to tackling illegal attempts to reach the U.K. The number of migrants attempting to reach the U.K. by small boat across the English Channel continues to rise, with a daily record of 235 on August 6.

Together with the Home Secretary and Minister for Immigration Compliance, the new Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, Dan O’Mahoney, will have the primary responsibility of making the Channel route unviable for small boat crossings.

He will collaborate closely with the French to build on the joint work already underway, urgently exploring tougher action in France, including stronger enforcement measures and adopting interceptions at sea and the direct return of boats............

Prior to the Civil Service, O’Mahoney served in the Royal Marines, including operational deployments in Kosovo and Iraq. He is also a trustee of a military charity concerned with mental health support and resettlement into civilian life which has raised close to three quarters of a million pounds since 2013.

O’Mahoney’s appointment comes as the Home Office makes a request to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to deploy navy vessels to support the efforts to counter these illegal immigration attempts. As of August 10, the MoD has said only that it is considering how to most effectively assist [ but not actually doing it - Editor ]...........
This makes it look as though Patel is trying reduce Illegal Immigration; that is the point. It also gives her someone to blame when it fails and fail it has utterly. Dan said My job is to end illegal Channel crossings — and that’s what I will do. Dan talks the talk. Does he walk the walk? See Record 430 migrants cross English Channel in a single day then ask is Dan even trying? He has the background. He has Border Force ships. Mounting machine guns would be simple, cheap and effective. Building Concentration Camps is easy; they need barbed wire and that is about it.

The real problem is that he is not allowed to do the job. He is just there for show, to help Her Majesty's Government produce Ethnic Fouling In England. It leads inexorably to Genocide. That is the point, that is undeclared Public Policy, it is Treason.


Patel Threatens To Cut Off    [ 8 September 2021 ]
France hit back at the Home Secretary last night over her threat to withhold £54million promised to help end a surge in migrant Channel crossings.

The Ministry of the Interior told Priti Patel that going back on the pledge would seriously damage efforts to limit the illegal trips.

And it warned that attempting to send would-be refugees straight back to France would be dangerous and break international law [ a lie of course - Editor ], after Tory MPs urged her to take the dramatic step to discourage others from taking the same route.

Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin is travelling to London today and is set to have a showdown with Miss Patel about how best to tackle the record number of illegal crossings. More than 13,000 have arrived in the UK by boat this year.
Of course if Johnson & Patel really wanted to block Illegal Immigrants they wouldn't be using Border Force & the RNLI to run a taxi service for them.  Mounting a machine gun on each patrol boat would be very effective. When the smugglers can advertise on Facebook you know that our wonderful politicians want us invaded, that they want Ethnic Fouling. Be aware that when it happens to England it is Public Policy established by Jews, e.g. Frank Soskice, Harry Cohen, Anthony Lester.


 Patel Writes To An MP
She talks the talk. Does she walk the walk? NO! She told him that keeping Illegal Immigrants out was difficult but said nothing about de facto public policy, Government Policy, bribing them to come. It is their Ethnic Fouling of England, causing Genocide. Eliminating the pull factors, the four star hotels etc. is easy & effective. It also saves lotsa money.


  [ 17 November 2021 ]
The Home Secretary last night vowed to stop '100 per cent' of migrant crossings after online crisis talks with her French counterparts. Priti Patel was due to meet Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin in person on Tuesday amid a war of words between London and Paris following a recent surge of migrant crossings.

But the Home Secretary cancelled the planned trip to France following a suicide bombing outside Liverpool Women's Hospital on Remembrance Sunday.............

'Both the Home Secretary and Interior Minister agreed to strengthen operational cooperation further. More must be done to stop the [ allegedly ]dangerous crossings. They agreed to accelerate the delivery of the commitments made in the joint agreement of July 2021 to deliver on their joint determination to prevent 100 per cent of crossings and make this deadly route unviable.'..........

Emmanuel Macron's government had accused the UK of treating France like a 'punch ball' as 1,185 migrants crossed the Channel last Thursday - eclipsing the previous daily high of 853.

London has long accused Paris of failing to do enough to stop the crossings and threatened to withhold a £54million payment agreed earlier this year. France has insisted that the money would allow them to step up coastal patrols and intercept crossings. 
Patel claims that she is trying to stop Illegal Immigrants; she has been telling the same lie for too long but she is doing what Johnson wants. Capitalist Swine & Tories want cheap labour. The Labour Party want Pakistanis in particular to be used for Vote Rigging. Clearly the would be murderer pretended to be a Christian to get away with deportation. He is far too comfortable here. Illegals should be in Concentration Camps pending export. It works for the Jews running Israel - see Concentration Camps In Israel.


  [ 18 August 2022 ]
Priti Patel today hailed a deal to send 'foreign criminals and immigration offenders' back to Pakistan from the UK.

The Home Secretary formally signed the reciprocal agreement with counterpart Yousaf Naseem Khokhar. Both countries have committed to accepting the return of citizens who violate laws in the others' territory. It is the fifth such pact struck by the UK government over the past 15 months, following understandings with Albania, India, Serbia and Nigeria.

Ms Patel said she was acting because the public have had 'enough of people abusing our laws'. 'I make no apology for removing dangerous foreign criminals and immigration offenders who have no right to remain in the UK,' she said. 
Why is Patel doing something worthwhile? Is she hoping for preferment from our next Prime Minister? The conspiracy to get rid of Johnson was set up by another ghastly Third World alien. They thought that real people in the Conservative Party were sufficiently indoctrinated to vote for one of them. It looks as though we will have to settle for a woman. Feminists hate women prime ministers; a minor consolation. The Mail is censoring this, which is why there are only six comments. People are not stupid enough to believe Patel.
PS The Irish Savant, a very sound man has a solution to the likes of Patel AND the alien scum being inflicted on us after Boris Johnson was pushed out. As he says For Every Seemingly Intractable Problem........... But read for yourself. When Tory Party HQ imposes these ghastly candidates on us stay at home or even vote for the other lot.



Priti Patel ex Wiki
Priti Sushil Patel
[1] PC MP (born 29 March 1972) is a British politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Witham constituency in Essex since 2010. She is currently Secretary of State for International Development. Appointed Minister of State for Employment attending Cabinet on 11 May 2015, and previously a member of the Public Administration Select Committee.[2] A member of the Conservative Party, she is regarded as being ideologically on the party's right-wing and has been described as a Thatcherite.

Patel was born in London to a Ugandan Indian migrant family. Educated at Keele University and the University of Essex, she was initially involved with the Referendum Party before switching allegiance to the Conservatives. She contested Nottingham North unsuccessfully at the 2005 general election before, under David Cameron's leadership, being recommended for the Party's "A-List" of prospective candidates; she was elected Conservative MP for the seat of Witham at the 2010 general election.

A sometimes outspoken figure, Patel has been criticised by political opponents for defending the tobacco and alcohol industries; and for suggesting in an economic treatise that British workers are lazy.