Feminism is a subversive boondoggle which is designed to destroy the family and make women unhappy. All of this applies if they are English, American or white. It is a system promoted by communists who are largely Jews. They are de facto followers of Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communists in Italy. Marx tried to destroy society from the bottom up. Gramsci is doing it from the top down. Feminism and the Long March Through The Institutions are all part of the same massive attack on civilization and Christendom that is Cultural Marxism. Do they care about women? They incite them to fornicate but when they get raped by blacks all goes quiet. The trouble makers have succeeded. Rape is a feminist issue until Third World aliens do it to girls in Scandinavia. Fun isn't it? No! It is Cultural Genocide & Ethnic Fouling which blends seamlessly into Genocide.

The key insight of the perpetrators, our Invisible Enemy, the Puppet Masters is the idea of Divide and Conquer.  It was summarised by Hegel as "thesis, antithesis, synthesis". It is the main thrust in the Culture War being waged against us.

Is a new invention of Feminists but ones way out on the far edge of the Lunatic Fringe. The Wiki explains. I think it is serious about it, not a parody.


Fred Explains Bat Brained Feminist Viragos          
They keep VERY quiet about Female Genital Mutilation because the perpetrators are Islamics, often Black. They avoid blacks like the plague but ignore foul .netrap lyrics mouthed.net by blacks, mainly because they are marketed by Jews


The Sisterhood and a Profound Weariness Unbiased Analysis
Fred explains all so very well.


Kara Hultgren - A Victim Of Feminism
The United States Navy was ordered to produce a woman "qualified" as a fighter pilot; they did. She seems to have been decidedly abnormal; 6 foot tall and bench pressing 200lb. Flying a F-14 Tomcat means doing carrier landings. They are demanding. She proved that she wasn't up to it by writing one off. They come in at $38 million a time, a sad waste. But her Number 2 got out in time. He was the one who initiated the eject sequence. She is a victim who, presumably believed the feminist cant. She was passed as fit to fly the Tomcat in Summer 1994 and pranged in October 1994, lasting about three months. She can't have done many sorties before pilot error caught up with her.
PS The Wikipedia is evasive about her shortcomings.


Feminism and Rape
Feminists care deeply about Rape, don't they? No, it depends on who the perpetrator is. Third World thugs in malmo and in Sweden generally do most of the rapes but no one on the Hard Left cares.


Fred Tells Us What Feminism Does To A Gal
It ain't good. You don't have to believe Fred. After all he is a bloke but decide what he got wrong first.


Fred Explains Women Who Meddle
Fred is sensible. Fred is right.


The Rotherham rape epidemic happened. Pakistani Perverts raped 1,400 English and feminists went quiet, very quiet. Do they care? NO! They are enemy.


Susan Sontag Hates Civilization
Sontag was a Racist Jew inciting hate. Her face fitted among Jews who hate Western Civilization.


The Power of Sexual Surrender
You can see from the title that feminists are going to hate this little book, which pretty well proves it is right.


Can the Traditional Family Survive Feminism?
Quite possibly not. It is certainly in decline and Jews are at it. Destroying the basic building block of civilization is their objective - except in Israel, the Stolen Land of course.


Betty Friedan - Jew And Subversive
Look at the mug shot and wonder whether she was good; good as in caring and wanting to make the world a better place. There is only one answer; for me at all events. But look for yourself; think for yourself and decide for yourself.


List of Feminist Jews in America - there are lots more there

This list is from the Wikipedia which was set up with an agenda. Inclusion is highly likely to be right. Exclusion means rather less. Jews have been highly influential in getting the feminism racket going. Friedan was very much a founder of its modern and virulent form. They left out Susan Sontag  one of the most conspicuous and vicious of them. She was known for her statement that  "The white race is the cancer of history." The media establishment applauded her for saying it.
The males procreated by these sexually liberated females, males exploited in feminist propaganda as illustrating male anti-sociality, could better be used as illustrations of female socialization. A survey of l08 rapists undertaken by Raymond A. Knight and Robert A. Prentky, revealed that 60 percent came from female-headed homes, that 70 percent of those describable as "violent" came from female-headed homes, that 80 percent of those motivated by "displaced anger" came from female-headed homes.
from The once and future matriarchy - the stone age, the ghetto, and the promiscuity principle

"If women were really people," wrote Ms. Friedan in l973, "-- no more, no less--then all the things that kept them from being full people in our society would have to be changed." "Full" means something like "without sex-role socialization." Along with the abandoning of this socialization for girls, there has been a complementary abandoning of the sex role socialization of boys. The results can be witnessed by anyone who takes a stroll across one of today's high school campuses. Such a stroll reveals that a majority of girls have become shallow, sassy tarts, a majority of boys little better than slobs with little self-discipline, little frustration-tolerance, little character, little inner-direction. Back in l963, when Ms. Friedan unleashed feminism upon us with her book The Feminine Mystique, she said that her ideas "may disturb the experts and women alike, for they imply social change." The change has gone on long enough to permit an evaluation. Are women happier? Are men? Are children better mannered, better socialized? Is there more premarital sexual activity? More venereal disease? More single motherhood? More shacking-up? More adultery? Is the family more stable? Is educational performance superior to what it was in the early l960s? (Remember that the original "new life plan for women" was a program of education.) Are there fewer school dropouts? Is the level of public debate more civilized, more mature? Are better young people choosing teaching as a career and providing youth with better instruction and better role models? Are the streets safer? Do the media reflect a growing refinement of taste and morality? Are more or fewer women living in poverty? In substance abuse? Are the relationships between the sexes more refined and civilized or more cynical, trivial.


Feminists And Rape
What drives feminists? Concern for women or concern for themselves? Thirst for truth and justice or hunger for power and money? The answers were supplied by a recent crime in London. A sixteen-year-old girl was dragged into an empty house, beaten and gang-raped by “five youths”, who then poured caustic soda on her body, trying to destroy DNA evidence. Caustic soda isn’t an acid, as some newspapers have reported, but it has similar effects: it dissolves flesh and causes excruciating pain. So that was the package dumped on feminists’ doorstep: extreme male brutality and callousness towards a defenceless female. Shrieks of horror and outrage duly rang out at... Well, not at The Guardian. The feminists there were washing their hair or something. Nor at The Independent. Maybe the sisterhood were too busy painting their nails. Nor at the BBC. I guess the Woman’s Hour gang were all darning their husbands’ socks. Bestial male violence – sound of feminist silence, that’s how it went.
The drivers of the feminism racket, Friedan, Sontag et al are Jews who hate England, America and any one who is white. Importing blacks and inciting blacks are major objectives. The rape of an English girl who has been injured for life matters not to them - except as a success. How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam

Didn't feminists always claim that the world would be a better place with women in the driver’s seat, because they wouldn’t sacrifice their own children? Well, isn’t that exactly what they are doing now? Smiling and voting for parties that keep the doors open to Muslim immigration, the same Muslims who will be attacking their children tomorrow? Another possibility is that Western feminists fail to confront Muslim immigration for ideological reasons. Many of them are silent on Islamic oppression of women because they have also embraced “Third-Worldism” and anti-Western sentiments. I see some evidence in support of this thesis.
Vote for feminism. Vote for rape.

Rape is fun for perpetrators.

Susie Orbach - Jew
The Wiki does not admit that Orbach is a Jew but then it was set up with an agenda. Other sources are not in the business of covering up the truth about her. See Susie Orbach - Why fat is still a feminist issue, Anti-Israel Jewish Voices Speak Louder, Independent Jewish Voices She wrote Fat Is a Feminist Issue but she has little enough to say about Rape Is A Feminist Issue.


Gloria Steinem Fingered As A CIA Agent


Jews Oppress Women
Oppression is awful, according to some; often the propagandists rather than the victims.


Radical Feminism Versus Liberal Feminism
Sean Gabb
explains rather well. The two sorts hate each other big time. Of course they keep very quiet about Rape when Third World aliens are at it.


Intersectionality ex Wiki         
, also called intersectional feminism, is a branch of feminism asserting that all aspects of social and political identities (gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.) discrimination overlap (or "intersect"). For example, race with gender in the case of a black woman. Intersectionality aims to separate itself from white feminism by acknowledging the fact that all women have different experiences and identities.[1] It is a qualitative analytic framework that identifies how interlocking systems of power affect those who are most marginalized in society. The term was coined by black feminist scholar Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw in 1989. There are various forms of social stratification such as class, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, disability, and gender, which are included in the consideration of intersectional feminism and its social and cultural effects. The purpose of intersectionality as a theory is to identify how overlapping categories of identity impact individuals and institutions, and take these relationships into account when working to promote social and political equity.[1] While the theory began as an exploration of the oppression of women of color within society, today the analysis has expanded to include many more aspects of social identity. Intersectionality may also be related to the term triple oppression, which engages with similar themes.

Intersectionality has been critiqued as being ambiguous and open-ended. As it is based in standpoint theory, critics say the focus on subjective experiences can lead to contradictions and the inability to identify common causes of oppression.




Feminism In Action [ 27 March 2006 ]
A lesbian couple murdered the four year old boy they had because he refused to call one Daddy. The boy got it right,  a good kicking, a broken skull et cetera. The mother didn't protect him so she is in the frame too.


In Praise of Sexism [ 18 March 2007 ]
Feminists would be outraged if they knew they were being hoodwinked by the corporate elite. They think they are fighting the 'patriarchy' but in fact they are victims of a plot to bring down the birth rate by spreading sexual chaos among men and women.
Sexism is very awful. We all know that, don't we? Racism is even worse, isn't it? Perhaps. Ask yourself who invented these ideas and who pushes them. Then you will start to understand whose agenda is being served.


Feminism And Perversion Of The Truth  [ 2 April 2008 ]
When professor Suzanne Steinmetz published the results of her survey on domestic violence, no one had prepared her for the firestorm that would ensue. You see, feminists take it as an article of faith that only husbands abuse their wives. So when Steinmetz revealed that women are often as violent as their husbands, the fem-fascists started a whispering campaign designed to block her promotion at the University of Delaware. When that didn’t work, they phoned in a bomb threat at her daughter’s wedding. Cowed by the threats, Steinmetz soon suspended her pioneering research...........

Erin Pizzey of England had impeccable credentials – she was the founder of the first abuse shelter for women. So a few years later she published Prone to Violence, a book that revealed these women are often as physically aggressive as their mates.

That provoked threats of violence by the women who said women can never be violent. Pizzey was forced to seek police protection as she travelled around to promote her book. She was met by jeering protesters with placards that read, “All men are bastards.”
Feminists have an agenda- destroying the family. This is part of it.


Date Rape Drink Spiking Is An Urban Myth And An Excuse [ 27 October 2009 ]
A study of more than 200 students revealed many wrongly blamed the effects of a "bad night out" on date-rape drugs, when they had just drunk excessively. Many are in "active denial" that drinking large amounts of alcohol can leave them "incoherent and incapacitated", the Kent University researchers concluded. Young women's fears about date-rape drugs are so ingrained that students mistakenly think it is a more important factor in sexual assault than being drunk, taking drugs or walking alone at night. ............ Nick Ross, chair of the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, commented: "There is no evidence of widespread use of hypnotics in sexual assault, let alone Rohypnol, despite many attempts to prove the contrary.... "As Dr Burgess observes, it is not scientific evidence which keeps the drug rape myth alive but the fact that it serves so many useful functions [ like a way to finger the lad who thought he got lucky - Editor ]."
Feminists find the fear of rape useful for destroying healthy relationships. Their objective is destroying families as part of the Marxist agenda. It is Cultural Genocide.


Two Women Cry Rape, They Perverted The Course Of Justice And Got Twenty Months [ 28 August 2011]
Two friends who falsely claimed they were raped were jailed yesterday because the suspect had photos of them all having a threesome. Jennifer France, 24, and Kelly Weston, a 27-year-old mother, posed for saucy snaps on Enes Gozalan's bed after meeting him in a pub. A court heard they later made the false allegations because both had long-term boyfriends and were ashamed of what they had done. Their 30-year-old victim was arrested and kept in custody for 18 hours because the pair claimed they had been raped multiple times.
Crying rape is easy, very easy. Women do it out of malice or for the fun of the thing. With faces like that they should have been grateful that the Turk demeaned his willy in them.


Pussy Riot Expose [ 4 October 2012 ]
Pussy Riot did their blasphemous performance in a cathedral, got arrested, tried, sentenced to prison and lots of publicity in the West. The Main Steam Media fed us the big sob story about the innocent victims of the brutal Russian dictator. The story stank. They don't like Vladimir Putin, who is claimed by actual Russians to be the best ruler they have had since Peter the Great. How many Brits would say that about slimy rogues like Blair, that malevolent weirdo Brown, Cameron or Clegg.


Guardian Goosestep - Feminist Whines About Lecherous Pakistanis  [ 11 April 2014  ]
OMG, Third World aliens on motorbikes lust after white woman. Disgusting, isn't it? You might think that Laura Bates, a Feminist & front humanoid might object to Rape, the crime against women, that she would object to the Third World criminals who have been imported into Western Civilization turning Malmö into the Rape Capital of Scandinavia. She does not of course. Feminism is another single issue political attack, a branch of Cultural Marxism just like its most important line, Racism, the excuse used for flooding Western Civilization with alien savages. It is Ethnic Fouling, being followed by Genocide.

Third World Lechers
PS We are not supposed to have noticed that the alleged perpetrators are enemy aliens.


Feminists Hate Rapists - Unless They Are Pakistani  [ 5 September 2014 ]
Feminists care deeply about women, don't they? NO! Feminism is a single issue Propaganda operation, just like Homosexuality & Immigration - if it is the Third World sort. They are all causes run by Marxists and Lenin's Useful Idiots. Feminists keep very quiet about Rape - unless an Englishman is accused. Mrs. Wente writes about Rotherham. It is the same in Derby, Oxford & Rochdale that we know about.


Feminists Help Sex Criminals Like The Rotherham Rapists9 September 2014 ]
care about women, don't they? NO! Feminists are against Rape, aren't they? NO - not when the victims are English girls or even just white girls. Feminists are single issue Subversives working in concert with the Immigration lobby. Inciting a flood of Third World immigrants to get away with murder is their aim. They are helping destroy Western Civilization systematically, with malice aforethought. They made Malmö into the rape capital of Scandinavia.

Here is one of their victims. Lie back and think of Sweden? Perhaps not.


Home Office Ignored Rape In Rotherham - Home Office Is Corrupt Too
They eagerly pretend that they didn't know that Pakistani Perverts were Raping girls in Rotherham because they are Traitors. They are Enemies Of The People. They Perverted The Course Of Justice. They still have. It is Misconduct In Public Office.


Jews Fight Israeli Army
Haredi Jews, the ones with silly hats hate the Israeli army. Jews refuse to join. Jews stay behind to study the Torah. They won't work either. They use the Torah rather than idleness as an excuse for sponging off other Jews. 


Pakistanis Raped 14 Hundred English Girls - Feminists Go Very Quiet  [ 25 October 2014 ]
Rape is a Feminist issue - unless the perpetrators are English. When it is Third World criminals they somehow lose interest. Feminists do not care about women. Feminists are Racists, anti-English Racists but Racists none the less for that. They know that Racism is a Marxist construct. That is why they don't care about English girls in Rotherham or anywhere else.


No Means No Say Feminists Unless Pakistanis Are The Perpetrators [ 4 July 2015 ]
We know that Fat Is A Feminist Issue, just like Rape- unless it happens in Rochdale, Rotherham et cetera. They do not care when Pakistani Perverts do it because Feminists are Marxists, part of the Enemy Within intent on destroying Western Civilization.


#PissForEquality Feminists Fall For 4Chan Troll Campaign by Peeing Themselves  [ 10 October 2015 ]
4Chan does good things from time to time. Making Feminists look like fools is rather fun, rather clever, rather worthwhile.
PS Do these stupid women care about women's rights? NO! Not when Pakistani Perverts are Raping girls in Rotherham. They are, at best Useful Idiots being used by Zionist crazies to destroy Western Civilization.


27 Ways To Be A Modern Man - According To The NY Times [ 10 October 2015 ]
Men of the British Army are seriously unimpressed by this bunch of woofters.


Third World Rapists Have Fun In Cologne - Feminists Refuse To Talk About It [30 January 2017 ]
Regardless of the background of the men who carried out the attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve, it is a pretty horrific story. A series of sexual attacks took place in the city centre by a group of around 1,000 men. More than 150 women have filed criminal complaints, three-quarters of them for sexual assault. Two cases of rape have been reported. It is the kind of story that should make headlines � and should provide ample fodder for writers who like to tackle feminist topics head on. After all, surely this is the very definition of �rape culture�? And if the actual attacks aren't enough to merit a reaction, then how about the suggestion by Cologne's female mayor that women should adopt a �code of conduct� to prevent future assault. Is that not the very definition of �victim blaming�?
Feminism is used by Marxists to make trouble among our womenfolk. Racism is another of their single issue causes; an excuse for importing millions of Third World parasites to cause Ethnic Fouling, to cause crime, to destroy Western Civilization. So one lot of trouble makers leaves other issues alone. Is this an aberration? No, it is normal practice - see e.g. Feminism and Rape.


Sex Dolls - The Way Of The Future? [ 12 May 2017 ]
They are available. They don't argue, sue for divorce but they look great. Feminists hate them, another point in their favour. Fred explains all. They aren't cheap but wait a while then the price will come down.


Feminists Approve Of Rape If The Perpetrators Are Pakistanis [ 29 August 2017 ]
The Feminists are not friends of women; they never were; being a single issue branch of Cultural Marxism, just like antifa. They are the Silent Sisterhood who collude in Rape and Murder, if the perpetrators are Blacks, Pakistani Perverts or other Third World undesirables.


Feminists In Sweden Want Third World Immigrants As Sex Toys  [ 10 December 2017 ]
If she has a face like the back of a bus, the option starts to make sense. Lots of Feminists look well rough anyway.


'How We Get Free' Lessons of Radical Black Feminism in the Age of Trump  [ 1 January 2018 ]
Forty years ago, a group of radical Black feminists who named themselves the Combahee River Collective released a statement defining their politics and describing their political work. The Combahee River Collective Statement has endured as a powerful document that clearly named the multiple oppressions that Black women faced due to their race, sex, class and sexual orientation; developed the idea of identity politics; and provided a key roadmap of the political work and organizing necessary to uproot all oppression.

Professor and author Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor has provided us with a moving commemoration.
Inciting hatred is what
Subversives do. They are succeeding. The poor are victims with smart phones, who have never done honest work in their lives, do not go hungry but they are oppressed - in their own minds. The Puppet Masters manipulate them using Socialist agitators like this one. Do these victims know who the oppressors are? Probably not. Many of the seriously rich are Jews, just like those puppet masters, the Zionist crazies who use the Concentration Camps In Israel to imprison black before Deporting them to Africa.


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